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Public Service Broadcasting
People Will Always Need Coal

One of the more popular experimental rock/pop groups of the last decade, Public Service Broadcasting have found a rich seam of creativity in poignant, plummy-voiced samples from public information films that are then backed by krautrock and funk-flavoured jams. The third track, 'People Will Always Need Coal', from their third album, 'Every Valley', has been given a single release, coupled with a few remixes from Flamingods, Vessels, Plaid, Nabihah Iqbal, and Dark Sky.
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Bohren & Der Club Of Gore
Sunset Mission

Vintage dark-ambient-noir-jazz-doom from the German masters of the field, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore. Sunset Mission is their 2000 album, the first in which saxophone appears. No lively jaunts here though: smooth black darkness is the way of Bohren. This moody work is reissued on CD and on gatefold-housed double vinyl by Play It Again Sam.

Róisín Murphy
Take Her Up To Monto

She's quirky and she's popular on 6 Music. Roisin Murphy was formerly in trip hop group Moloko but now makes oddball solo albums that have an electronic oddness about them that contrasts with her dramatic, breathy vocal delivery. This is her latest and follows up the very successful and Mercury Prize nominated 'Hairless Toys'.  


Twenty years into a career as topsy turvy as their music Danish prog-poppers Mew unleash their seventh album hot on the heels of 2015's '+ -'. 'Visuals' suggests a band keen on writing in a spontaneous manner using all the bleakness they encountered in 2016 to add a darkness to their '80s influenced progressive music.  

Dark Days + Canapés

Actually can I stop playing the previous Ghostpoet album 'Shedding Skin'? The answer is a big fat 'no'. I loved his more guitar driven sound on that album and if the press release is to be believed this forth opus delves further into that style. His thoughtful if slightly paranoid delivery could be the perfect voice for these troubled times.  

Keaton Henson

Singer / songwriter-turned-composer Keaton Henson has returned to his roots as a singer / songwriter with Monument. His gentle voice sings lyrics about grief and how to deal with it, whilst sparse electronic backing is fleshed out with a full band and, at one point, a full orchestra. Philip Selway of Radiohead, guitarist Leo Abrahams and composer and musician Charlotte Harding all lend a helping hand.
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Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel  - a lady with a piano as Phil accurately surmises in his review of this her second album. This time she is joined by a small gaggle of players including Nils Frahm violinist Anne Muller and Timber Timbre's Mika Posen on a darkly bewitching set of songs that are full of beauty and gentle sonics which bring her songs to life perfectly. 

I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep

Just at the point that we need a sombre yet spirited soundtrack for dark times ahead, Obaro Ejimiwe announces his fifth Ghostpoet album. Presented as a meditation on anxiety and where society is headed, I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep was written, recorded and produced by Ejimiwe himself, and features guest vox from Art School Girlfriend and Delilah Holiday. 

Orlando Weeks
A Quickening

Inspired by becoming a father for the first time 18 months ago, former Maccabees frontman Orlando Weeks presents his debut solo album A Quickening. A delicate, ethereal album recalling the likes of Talk Talk and Kate Bush, it’s full of the thrills and anxieties of a completely new type of responsibility.

Some Say I So I Say Light

Two years on from his debut LP ‘Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam’, Ghostpoet delivers his moody, murky follow-up ‘Some Say I So I Say Light’. The artist's core sing-speak style remains - think a midpoint between Roots Manuva, Mike Skinner and Patti Smith - and across the album this is wed to a collection of pensive instrumentals. Mind you, while ‘Some Say I So I Say Light’ may have a unified emotional aesthetic the music here is pretty wide-ranging - Afrobeat, glitching electronics, low-lit synthetic soul and two-step are just a few of the influences one can discern across the record.

Your Hero Is Not Dead

After some promising singles and lots of hot tipping it's time for London songwriter Westerman to drop the big one. His well crafted electronic pop and soulful rock moves have been compared to the likes of Arthur Russell and Peter Gabriel  - so that place where the slightly experimental meets the mainstream. All bodes well...hopes are high for this one. 

Other Lives
For Their Love

Five years on from their beloved Rituals album, Oklahoman indie-rockers Other Lives give us their fourth studio effort, For Their Love. Consisting of ten tracks put down at their own Cooper Mountain Studios, it’s rooted in the blissful moments that made Rituals such a success yet still takes their sound in a new, darker direction. 

Alice Boman
Dream On

Following a couple of acclaimed EPs that now date from more than half a decade ago, 'Dream On' is the long-awaited debut album from Swedish singer-songwriter Alice Boman. Her music has also recently been on ‘13 Reasons Why’ and ‘Wanderlust’, but 'Dream On' opens up a new avenue of collaboration, mainly with producer Patrik Berger.

Baxter Dury
It's A Pleasure

Baxter Dury will be releasing his new album 'It's a Pleasure' on October 20th through PIAS. The album was produced by Baxter, Dan Carey (Franz Ferdinand, Tame Impala & Bat For Lashes) and mixed by Craig Silver (Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire & The Horrors).A few words from Baxter Dury about the album:'This album was hard work to make but now I like it lots. Male inadequacy is a hard subject to repackage in the form of skeletal Berliner music but here I've proved that's possible. Making this album I worked in New York, Brussels, Paris but you can't hear a trace of any of them, only the faint cries of Chiswick. It could be the soundtrack to a film about a doomed submarine.' You could also say this  - it sounds an awful lot like Jona Lewie. 

Minor Victories
Orchestral Variations

Minor Victories, the Mogwai / Slowdive / Editors supergroup, released their debut album together to great acclaim in 2016. This new release shows off the breadth of scope and vision that the group possesses, being a full-length suite of Orchestral Variations on the whole album. A different side to Minor Victories. Out on Play It Again Sam.

Minor Victories
Minor Victories

Minor Victories is a new group, perhaps even a supergroup: it comprises members of Editors, Slowdive and Mogwai. Although the original intention was all-out noise, what seems to have arisen is an album of dramatic, vocal-led songcraft. This self-titled debut album is out on Play It Again Sam: white vinyl only available from indie stores!

In Dream

This is The Editors fifth studio album, ‘In Dream’ and their second release featuring the ‘new’ line up of the band with founding members Tom Smith, Russell Leetch and Ed Lay being joined by Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams. Following two years of intensive world tours, the five piece has taken a step away from the straighter, rock aesthetic of albums like ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ and has moved towards a more electro pop inspired sound, reminiscent of their third album ‘In This Light And On This Evening’. Slowdive's Rachel Goswell guests. 


Beautiful Austrian language singing, heartrending grand piano, and experimental textures - what's not to love? 'Narrow' is Soap&Skin's second album. A deeply personal album, it deals with the death of Anja Plaschg's father. It's stark and severe, occasionally heavenly, and always exquisite. 'Narrow' represents the best that experimental neoclassical music has to offer.

Anna Of The North
Dream Girl

Anna Of The North is Norwegian singer Anna Lotterud. Her music tends to be rooted in the worlds of dream pop / electropop but she is no stranger to experimentation and working with a variety of artists. She has collaborated with Tyler The Creator, Rejjiie Snow, HONNE and Anderson Paak, among others. Dream Girls is her sophomore album and follows 2017’s Lovers.

Black Gold: Best of Editors

Editors need no introduction. They have sold several million albums and play big shows all over the place. It should be no surprise then, that a band such as this release a greatest hits album. Black Gold: Best of Editors contains 13 singles and 3 brand new tracks, one of which is called Black Gold and I’m pretty sure it’s NOT a cover of the Soul Asylum song of the same name. Deluxe CD version includes 8 stripped down versions of some of their most loved songs.

The Wedding Present
George Best

The ever-prolific pioneers of UK indie, The Wedding Present, are embarking on an extensive reissue campaign, releasing five albums, two compilations and an EP from the band’s ‘80s and 90’s output, all of which are expanded multi-disc sets crammed with bonus material, extensive sleeve notes, art work and general Weddos emphemera. Most synonymous for their familiar depiction of relationships using acerbic wit, frontman David Gedge is a virtuoso when it comes to the bittersweet love song. Originally released in 1987, ‘George Best’ was the anticipated debut album by The Wedding Present, and saw the band do what they do best: create perfectly primitive, high-energy guitar-pop music about love and heartbreak. Lyrically some of Gedge’s most simple but much-loved songs; ‘George Best’ helped to create the Wedding Present’s definitive nuanced sound, and maintained their status as pillars of jangle pop. 

The Wedding Present

The ever-prolific pioneers of UK indie, The Wedding Present, are embarking on an extensive reissue campaign, releasing five albums, two compilations and an EP from the band’s ‘80s and 90’s output, all of which are expanded multi-disc sets crammed with bonus material, extensive sleeve notes, art work and general Weddos ephemera. Most synonymous for their familiar depiction of relationships using acerbic wit, frontman David Gedge is a virtuoso when it comes to the bittersweet love song. Originally released in 1988, 'Tommy' is a compilation that gathers the first four singles of The Wedding Present, a long with their B-sides and selected tracks from two early radio sessions, providing a comprehensive overview of the band's familiarly fast-paced, lo-fi output prior to their debut LP 'George Best' in 1987.
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Joan As Police Woman
Real Life

Joan Wasser had already lived quite the life by the time she came to make her first solo LP as Joan As Policewoman. She'd been in rather good jangle pop crew the Dambuilders, collaborated with Antony & the Johnsons and dated doomed crooner Jeff Buckley. It features a collaboration with the aforementioned Antony/Anohni and received plaudits for its gentle and understated melodies. Now re-issued on clear vinyl courtesy of Play It Again Sam. 

Joan As Police Woman
To Survive

To Survive was the second album by Joan As Policewoman and is a cathartic record inspired by her mother's death from cancer. It features two super guest stars in David Sylvian and Rufus Wainwright and is here presented as a luxury re-issue in gatefold sleeve and on what is described as sun/gold coloured vinyl.  

Joan As Police Woman
The Deep Field

Joan As Police Woman keeps trying to fool us into thinking that she’s law enforcement, but we’re onto her. We’re not sure how we know - maybe it’s the lack of a badge, the fact that we've never seen her eat a doughnut, or all the LPs she releases - but we're just sure that the one born Joan Wasser ain’t working for the man. Fourth full-length The Deep Field isn’t a copper’s record either. With its chunky soul-rock grooves and Wasser’s Cat Power-esque songwriting turns, The Deep Field is more Lou Reed than Eddie & Lou.

Public Service Broadcasting
White Star Liner

40,000 copies sold of their last album.... selling out the Albert Hall? Well our favourite 'putting-bits-of-old-commentary-over-second-rate-post-rock' lot are back with a 4 track EP which you could have got for free by taping off 6 Music when it was broadcast. This time they have turned their attention to that time the Titanic went down. Whatever half remembered nostalgic subject will they latch onto next?  

Joan As Police Woman

I wish I was called Joan….and a had a recording contract so I could call an album Joanthology. I guess it doesn’t matter because Ms. Joan Wasser, AKA Joan As Police Woman has already done it. This is a career-spanning retrospective picking the best moments from her 15 years in the biz. It includes two brand new tracks - one of which is a cover of Prince’s Kiss - along with classics featuring high quality guest artists: Rufus Wainwright, Antony and David Sylvian.

Lisa Hannigan and s t a r g a z e
Live In Dublin

A Lisa Hannigan live album that sees her backed by the contemporary-classical ensemble s t a r g a z e? Should be nice. And you know what, Live In Dublin is just that. A tasteful blend of electronics, acoustic instruments and backing singers provide a platform for Hannigan’s wistful, slightly folksy musings here. Think Jens Lekman and Hannigan’s old pal Damien Rice.

Joan As Police Woman
Live At The BBC

That's a really small bath. Was that bath at the BBC? It looks only about big enough to bathe Paul Daniels in. Anyway this is a collection of songs Joan As Policewoman songs recorded at the hallowed halls of Auntie for various shows on 6 Music. Shows off Joan Wasser's smooth but knotty dance pop tracks at their best.

The Blanck Mass Sessions

During the creation of 2018’s top 10 LP Violence the Brummie group enlisted the help of Fuck Buttons’ Ben Power aka Blanck Mass to help them shape the record. The final release still bore Power’s mark, but there was a more Mass-ive take on the tracklisting still left in the studio. Now seven of these versions are seeing light of day on The Blanck Mass Sessions. Also included is ‘Barricades’, a new collaborative tune between the two groups.

Into Red

The hotly-tipped FEWS return with their sophomore LP. Much like their buzz-building 2016 debut Means, Into Red contains a string of powerful post-punk tracks that also draw plenty of influence from noise-rock. Motorik grooves backbone tracks such as ‘Business Man’. It all adds up to something not dissimilar to Iceage.


Jinte Deprez and Maarten Devoldere, the energy and creativity behind Belgian indie pop rockers Balthazar, went their separate ways after their third album. Now, reinvigorated, they’re back with album number 4, Fever. Their hiatus seems to have some good, clearing out the cobwebs or whatever they got up to, as this album is their most consistent to date, looser, happier, but they've still got the hooks. 180g vinyl and CD on Play It Again Sam.

In This Light And On This Evening

The third album from this highly derivative yet universally popular group. In This Light And On This Evening showed the band start to shake off the Joy Division-on-an-off-day vibe of their first records and start to introduce electronics into their dark sonic stew. Features the 'classic' ‘Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool’. 

The End Has A Start

The End Has A Start is the sophomore LP from Joy Division revivalists Editors. After the underground success of 2005’s The Back Room, this is the record on which the Brummie band made a play for the big leagues. They put meat on the bones of their sinewy post-punk style with the anthemic tones of Echo & The Bunnymen and Bloc Party. It worked, too - The End Has A Start hit number 1 in the album chart and produced the top 10 single ‘Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’. This new edition features a bonus track on the CD.

Beauty Already Beautiful

The first thing you’ll notice about the sound of Spookyland is likely to be the unusual vocals of Marcus Gordon: an accent from australia via some alien region. He fully inhabits the world of his voice and songwriting though: Beauty Already Beautiful is a bold and dramatic debut album and no mistake. Out on Play It Again Sam.


+- is the new album by Danish art-rockers, Mew. Their sixth studio album was produced by Michael Beinhorn.This is an album of  pop hooks set against a sweeping backdrop of prog-ish indie rock. The band source their influences from far and wide. There is also a guest appearance from Bloc Party’s guitarist, Russell Lissack.


This debut release from FEWS borrows the structures and experiments of post-punk, but replaces any brooding seriousness with a playful melodic sensibility. Means, on the Play It Again Sam label, is ten tracks of bold, exuberant and psychedelic guitar music made for both dancing and headphone appreciation.

Melanie de Biasio
No Deal

Originally from Charleroi and currently based in Brussels, De Biasio is a classically trained flautist and the possessor of an extraordinary voice - she has been called the Belgian Billie Holiday. The minimalist, semi-improvised 'No Deal' should appeal to fans of late-period Talk Talk: Mark Hollis is a huge figure for De Biasio. She also cites Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd as formative influences, plus Nina Simone and Abbey Lincoln, two icons of the civic rights fight and spokeswomen of an aggressive jazz stripped of any affectation. 'No Deal' comes in at 33 and a third minutes and contains just seven songs, through which De Biasio’s voice drifts gracefully, at times disappearing altogether. With Pascal Paulus on keyboards, Pascal Mohy on piano, and Dre Pallemaerts on drums, De Biasio has streamlined everything to give more space to her extraordinary vocals. 

Agnes Obel
Citizen Of Glass

Agnes Obel is quite talent: she’s got classical piano chops, a powerful voice, and a skill for folk-inflected songwriting. Of course, the important thing is that she brings it all together into a satisfying whole. Citizen Of Glass uses lots of strings and harpsichord, and occasionally performs the old Fever Ray trick of splitting and shifting Obel’s vocals so that she sounds both male and female. Out on Play It Again Sam.

Joan As Police Woman
Damned Devotion

Damned Devotion is the 5th album proper album by Joan As Policewoman. It sees the Connecticut-born singer/songwriter returning to the emotionally charged music of her earlier releases, such as 2006’s Real Life. Damned Devotion has lyrics tinged with regret about her previous mistakes in love and life.


English glumsters Editors release their 6th album 'Violence' the follow up to the moribund 'In Dream'. Lead track 'Magazine' showcases a vibrant if poshly produced sound that is sure to bother alternative playlists everywhere. Less of the Interpol these days and more of the Killers widescreen rock I suppose.   

Desolation Sounds

After being in the business of recording and touring for ten years, hardcore favourites, Gallows release their fourth studio album, Desolation Sounds. The album takes it’s inspiration from cult TV shows such as Twin Peaks and True Detective. Fans will be treated to something a little different this time as Desolation Sounds is a transient journey through heavy rock.

Shedding Skin

In football terms Ghostpoet has gone from mid-table Championship to nailed on Champions League place with this, his third record. In short: he's really upped his game. Where previous records were interesting but a little niche, Ghostpoet has now made a record everyone can enjoy. It's bold, it's bright, it's tuneful. With a background in UK hip hop, this album uses those influences and marries them to the best bits of forward thinking indie (say, Radiohead, TV on the Radio). Looking forward to it.   

Lord Huron
Strange Trails

No, Lord Huron is not an aristocrat turned musician. It’s a band from Los Angeles who here present their second album Strange Trails. With country music really kicking off again in the US, the timing of this MOR post-Bruce Springsteen record couldn’t be better. Think The War On Drugs minus the drenched reverb. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Play It Again Sam.

Melanie De Biasio

We loved Melanie De Biasio's recent Blackened Cities release but here she drops the big one on her third full length album. Her sound is something like Nina Simone channelling Bark Psychosis as she sings the blues over spectral spooky jazz with a post rock sense of ambition. Looking forward to it.  

Oscar And The Wolf

Oscar And The Wolf returns to Play It Again Sam for his second full length album. Electrified and diverse synth pop that jumps from up beat electro soul, R’n’B and disco to vibrant pop and darker introverted Purple-esque moments. Inspiration ranges from falling in love with a vampire to the urge to make people want to burst into dance.

Enter Shikari
The Spark

If their latest single release is anything to go by, then The Spark is going to be a big fat political statement, once again. Rou and the lads in Enter Shikari have become increasingly involved in writing about society and the future of the entire planet- especially with Trump sitting in office. This latest release is available on silver vinyl LP and on CD. 

Enter Shikari
Live at Alexandra Palace

Enter Shikari release the sixth edition in their ‘bootleg’ series of live documents, with what must surely be the largest to date: Live At Alexandra Palace. Pretty much the whole show is here, spread across 2 CDs or 2 splatter-coloured LPs, depending on consumer preference. Relive the experience of February 2016 in its full shouty glory. On Play It Again Sam.

Arcane Roots
Left Fire

Left Fire is the first EP from UK based math-rock trio Arcane Roots. A cracking dive into the complex, and sometimes crowded, progressive metal and maths rock scene. Released on ‘Play It Again Sam’, who are known for producing high quality records, the boys from Kingston will only get bigger. Available on CD.

J. Bernardt
Wicked Streets / On Fire

Big belter from Belgian songwriter Jinte Deprez who helps steer the big indie rock ship that is Balthzar. He's made a brass-booming, piano-slamming anthem in "Wicked Streets", where his soft and reliable voice slots in amidst a furious and keening band arrangement. It's cataclysmic pop music with a steady hand at its centre. 

Zulu Winter
Silver Tongue

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A new studio album from Soulwax, renowned by dancers the world over for their electro-dance-rock good times. From DEEWEE was, impressively, apparently recorded in one single take, with their touring live band locking into the grooves and getting the twelve songs on tape. It’s a double LP (or single CD) release, out on Play It Again Sam.

Crystal Fighters
Everything Is My Family

All the bands with ‘Crystal’ in their name always make me think of hazy fuzz-guitars, but Crystal Fighters have more than that up their sleeve on this new album (their third). Everything Is My Family is born out of the band members’ various gap-yearish global travels, and they all came back with a new understanding of ‘world’ musics and ‘world’ life. Released by Play It Again Sam.

Lisa Hannigan

After a successful stint as Damien Rice's vocal partner, Lisa Hannigan set out to prove herself as not just a singer but a multi-instrumentalist folk songwriter. 2011's Passenger, Hannigan's sophomore release, showcased her true talents as an all-rounder, and is now available on vinyl for the first time. Expect profound folk tales, delivered by sweet Irish vocals and accompanied by rustic guitars. Released as Vinyl LP and CD on the Play It Again Sam label.

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

In 2005, noire-doom-jazz ensemble Bohren & Der Club Of Gore decided to get even slower and sparser than they had been previously (which was already pretty slow and sparse). Geisterfaust is a one hour span of beautiful crawl for long dark nights. Reissued on CD and, for the first time, on vinyl. From Play It Again Sam.

Martha Wainwright
Goodnight City

Martha Wainwright’s new album Goodnight City features an even split between songs written by Wainwright and songs written for her by friends. Impressive friends too, including Beth Orton, Glenn Hansard and Merril Garbus of Tune-Yards. Oh, and one from brother Rufus too! Out on Play It Again Sam.

Few Bits
Big Sparks

Berlin band Few Bits move to [Pias] for their sophomore album of doped up and hazed out jangly, shoe-focused, indie pop. On songs like Anyone Else there’s a 90s teen flick nostalgia going on here, there’s angst but it’s all a bit soft focused, while Summer Sun sits back more and offers more dreamy atmospheres.


Swing and sway to your heart’s content with this one. Layers and layers of guitars, sweetly understated distant vocals all blocked together as a soothing harmonious duvet for you to wrap up in. Big and satisfying chords with the tones of Smashing Pumpkins, a bit of My Bloody Valentine, and The Cure.

Keaton Henson
Kindly Now

Here is a new album from the London based visual artist and singer songwriter. It's full of bleakly emotive songs with piano and quivering voice, like a depressed Passenger. It has a modern day production sheen like the most downbeat episode of the X Factor ever. The limited edition version contains art prints personalised by the man himself.  

We Fucked A Flame Into Being

Maarten Devoldere is one of the frontmen in Balthazar, but he is also Warhaus. This project is all about late-night songwriting, in the vein of previous moody artistes like Leonard Cohen. The guitars and synth-sounds of We Fucked A Flame Into Being are a perfect fit with Devoldere’s deep showman’s voice. Out on Play It Again Sam.

Lisa Hannigan
At Swim

Folkie Lisa Hannigan has made two solo records of sparse musings and has previously worked on improving the works of Damien Rice. Her new one, At Swim, has both the lightness and dramatics that characterise her work, and Aaron Dessner respects her sound by producing the record with a thinking space homeliness.


The time has come for Brodka, a big deal within Poland, to spread her sound further afield with a full international release of her album Clashes. Her music is legit pop, but it is also unafraid to experiment with texture and tone. Bonus booklet with the CD edition, and a set of postcards with the vinyl. On Play It Again Sound.

The Zoo

Swedish/American combo FEWS came to the attention of most people with their debut single Ill, which was released on Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground label. They also wowed the crowds at the Speedy Wunderground festival. Now signed to Play It Again Sam, their new single The Zoo mixes post-punk’s angles with a motorik beat.

Violent Femmes
We Can Do Anything

We Can Do Anything is the ninth album from The Violent Femmes and the first new material from the dauntless three-piece in 15 years. The album finds the band in an alluring and exuberant mood mixing their own takes on folk, jazz, blues, punk and rock ‘n’ roll which stretch from the minimal to the cosmic. Gordon Gano plundered his stash of unreleased and unfinished songs searching for the perfect blend for this album, unearthing some gems in the process.

Good Grief

Good Grief is the second album by Brooklyn band Lucius. It is the follow up to their impressive debut Wildewoman, The band’s sound is built around the vocal talents of Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig. The album was recorded after returning home following two years of touring and reflects the emotions the band went through - loneliness, sadness, exhaustion, excitement, fulfilment and sheer joy. Good Grief was produced by Shawn Everett (Weezer, Alabama Shakes) along with the band and legendary producer Bob Ezrin.

Enter Shikari
Slipshod (Urbandawn Remix)

Slipshod (Urbandawn Remix) is an accompaniment tp the Hospitalised version of Enter Shikari’s Mindsweep record, in which the Hospital Records roster of esteemed Drum & Bass producers rework the Shikari originals. So Urbandawn grafts the Shikari howls onto some professional beats. Orange single-sided 10” vinyl.

Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep: Hospitalised

This is the Hospitalised version of Enter Shikari’s Mindsweep record, in which the Hospital Records roster of esteemed Drum & Bass producers rework the Shikari originals. So we have the likes of Danny Byrd and London Elektricity pumping up tunes for the dance. 180g orange double LP on Play It Again Sam.

Elliot Moss

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but Elliot Moss, with his slow and deep electronic music, is more of a rumbler. His voice cuts through clever instrumentation, with a subtle jazz influences drawing you in further. Highspeeds is the 21-year-old’s debut album, and invites comparisons to Chet Faker and James Blake. 

Other Lives

Other Lives started life in Oklahoma before moving their operation to the hip and happening city of Portland. The effect of moving to a new place has had on them is shown in their third album, Rituals with themes of travel and isolation. The album was produced by the band with the help of Joey Waronker who has worked with Eels and Beck, among others. Rituals will fit nicely into the record collections of people who already own albums by the likes of Interpol, War On Drugs and Grizzly Bear.

Thin Walls

Drawing on indie rock peers known for their ornateness and on others for the lack of word mincing -- from Grizzly Bear to the Arctic Monkeys -- Balthazar make sure they reference their influences' penchant for writing melodies and choruses, creating heart-throb pop music that recalls a verifiable golden era. Thin Walls was recorded with studied professional Ben Hillier, who has worked with Blur, and his production articulates articulation.


Straight outta the Isle of Wight, meet CHAMPS, a duo with slightly odd voices. Vamala is their second album of odd-pop, and is released by Play It Again Sam. The track titles include a shout-out to Brutalist masterwork The Balfron Tower, which is always appreciated. Includes the single ‘Desire’, and available on either LP or CD.

Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

It's the skramz kids! Enter Shikari's deeply sighed post-hardcore emotions are on display agaiin, presented ecstatically on 'The Mindsweep', which continues to see the band swing wildly between the punky fury of the Blood Brothers, the obnoxious EDM of Skrilly, the prog metal of System of a Down and infectuous indie melodies that recall early Bloc Party. One for the danceflo-- uh, see you in the pi-- umm. I don't even know.


Punk trio Purple have named their first ever record '(409)' after the area code they're confined to out in Texas. Sonically, it recalls a history lesson in stripped down punk rock as well as shades of newer, quirkier acts who incorporate punk into their spontaneous indie rock (think Cage the Elephant style quirks).

Concrete Love

Here is a new album by The Courteeners. Big in Manchester aren't they? But not many other places. Just taken a listen and its not as lad rock as I expected. Pretty tuneful laid back and pretty indie-rock. They are on sunday brunch on channel 4 so find out for yourselves. Just played another track and its brasher and a bit Interpol-y. Deluxe CD comes with bonus CD of a live concert.  


Wildewoman is the debut album from New York five-piece, Lucius. The band feature the vocal talents of Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe, who sing dual lead vocals. Lucius have been wowing crowds across the United States, playing in sold out venues. Wildewoman is available on indies only limited edition white vinyl with a bonus 7”, standard vinyl LP and CD.

Joan As Policewoman
The Classic

Nothing like calling your album The Classic to get attention but Joan As Policewoman's fifth album deserves any plaudits that come its way. It married her big lunged Any Winehouse-ish delivery with some whip smart soul pop influenced by Motown and Muscle Shoals. After a few false starts earlier in her career it was probably the album where Joan Wasser truly came of age.    

The Jim Jones Revue
The Savage Heart

The Jim Jones Revue clank into town with their third LP. The Savage Heart is another blues-rock knees-up from a band who have spent their career channelling the early rock ‘n’ roll sound of Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis et al. Cuts like ‘It’s Gotta Be About Me’ also have a bit of a hard glam thing going on.

Following Sea

'Following Sea' is Belgian rock group dEUS's second album. It's a propulsve post-punk (try saying that five times fast) record that recalls The Smiths and Coldplay's first LP. There are downcast spoken words fragments, lolloping rhythms, and the odd twinkle of synthesizer - lovely. Out on PIAS!

Young Guns

The second record from Buckinghamshire based band Young Guns. All Our Kings Are Dead was obviously going to be a tough cookie to follow due to the commercial success it achieved. However, Bones is a much more mature record and is a great second release. Here we have the record available on CD from Play It Again Sam.

Other Lives
Tamer Animals

'Tamer Animals' is the second album from Oklahoma indie types Other Lives. Regarded as their breakthrough release, their second outing saw them shape a record of widescreen baroque rock, influenced by post-rock and orchestral music just as much as indie. They cite Sigur Ros, Godspeed You Black Emperor and Ennio Morricone as their main influences on the record, but sounds more similar to the ornately crafted rock of it's era like Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes.

Lisa Hannigan & s t a r g a z e
Live In Dublin

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Bohren & Der Club Of Gore
Black Earth

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Bohren & Der Club Of Gore
Bohren For Beginners

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Belgica (Original Soundtrack)

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Agnes Obel
The Curse

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Lisa Hannigan
Sea Sew

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Melanie de Biasio
Blackened Cities

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