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To My Boy
Model/ Messages

Christ what have I given myself to review this week. I do like to give myself a hard time. To My Boy have a single out called Model. The best thing I can say about these guys is they sound like a more indie version of Erasure. That is clearly not a good thing in my book. Sometimes by Erasure was just the most annoying thing ever (a chuffing classic...view item »

To My Boy
Fear of Fragility / Type 1 > Type 2

To My Boy with 'Fear of Fragility' on 2x7" (one being a picture disc) on Abeano. Ant says it sounds like a retard doing a Pulp cover .. which kind of says it... think 'Common People' without the humour....Over affected vocals lead this electro guitar clash of sounds. B-sides include an acoustic version of the single....view item »

Vampire Weekend
Mansard Roof

Vampire Weekend release their debut 7" called 'Mansard Roof'. This is a quirky little 7" that I couldn't possibly start to describe. It's one of the oddest records I've heard in ages which can only stand in its favour. It's great actually! I'm not gonna say anything else about it for 2 reasons. 1) I don't want to spoil the surprise.....view item »

Damn Shames
Fear of Assault

Damn Shames have a right noisy racket of a 7" out on Abeano, 'Fear of Assault' is a cool little 7" actually. It's very now sounding.... What I like is that it sounds like it's almost falling over itself to play the next note. Very stuttery, jerky sounding repetitive decent modern indie gear which is somewhere inbetween Foals and Ikara Col...view item »

I Was A Cub Scout
Our Smallest Adventures

I was a Cub Scout are here with Our Smallest Adventures. The tune starts with a nice organ and sythns sound sitting behind Todd Marriott's vocals which sound like a poor mans Guillemots. Not as bas as there previous work and has a sing-along chorus that would cut through the rain on some damp festival day. All very familiar though I'm quite diggin'...view item »

I Was A Cub Scout
I Hate Nightclubs

Now I WAS A CUB SCOUT with I Hate Nightclubs. I'm struggling to summon up some inspiration to write anything for this. Great name....... songs sound so ..... .... just cant do it... like being repeatedly prodded in the head by a shitty finger ......view item »

To My Boy
The Grid

On 7" and CD the new single from TO MY BOY on Abeano music. A cracking Duo these two with a really modern/retro??? sound mixing angry guitar and cheeky electro pop. Vocals are a bit pompous at times and the lads reckon he sounds like Feargal Sharkey but in the end you forgive the Jerky front man for his fast awkward ...view item »