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World Complete

Software is Mexican Summer's more electronic offshoot run by the Oneohtrix Point Never dude. This 12” is by Harmonizer, two guys from Vermont and one of them has a beard. One of them is also Greg Davis who has hit fame with his various guitar twiddlings over the years. There's a murk...view item »
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Blanck Mass
White Math

Sorry to be a party pooper but I don’t particularly care for Benjamin John Power’s Fuck Buttons stuff, however the Blanck Mass record on Rock action was a little more up my street. This is the latest offering from the man seeing light of day on Mexican Summer complete with download code. ‘White Math’ is a well executed sl...view item »
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Carlos Giffoni

Giffoni is back, and this time he's brought along his friend and bona fide synth pal Laurel Halo to help the party along. On the A side of this 12” the two of them embark on an eig...view item »
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Thug Entrancer

With his previous release on Software Thug Entrancer introduced us to his abstract blend of Techno and footwork and with Arcology he’s extrapolated it to the Nth degree. There are joyous Squarepusher esque uplifting chord sequences, 303 squelches, and FM burbs atop of a bed of footwork shuffles. T...view item »

Co La
No No

Co La is the creative music project of experimental artists Matt Papich, from Baltimore’s underground club music scene. Following 2013’s ‘Moody Coup’, ‘No No’ comprises tracks inspired by the melo drama/horror of American news feeds, reflecting on the emotional aspects of human life on earth with a dark, detac...view item »
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Ben Zimmerman
The Baltika Years

The Baltika Years documents a decade of Ben Zimmerman’s work using primarily a single computer, the Tandy DeskMate. Working on that kind of scale, and with that close a level of engagement, Zimmerman gets in really deep, into both his own soul and that of the computer. Double LP on Software Record...view item »


White double 12” vinyl LP presented in a UV matte finish!?! Gabrielle Herst, having composed operas and for chamber orchestras wanted to focus on shorter vocal looping productions, with a perfect producer for the job in Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) her GABI alias...view item »

Tairiq & Garfield
Childhood Swing

The debut release from twin brothers Tairiq & Garfield is a big production seemingly always in flux. Children to an R&B group father and a rapping mother they’ve got quite the headstart. Childhood Swing is not unlike a slow motion Squarepusher at his most sci-fi. Out on 12” vinyl from Software Record...view item »


A fresh reissue from Louisiana-based producer Suicideyear. Initially self-released in 2013, Japan gets a new lease of life from Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software label. Featuring a handful of reworkings, Japan takes an alternate approach with a wide, spatial mix and a Carpenter-esque take on dystopian dub. Out on 1...view item »

Stills Lit Through

'Stills Lit Through' is audio-visual artist Tallesen's first significant collection of music, and brings together the sounds of downtrodden IDM with a tribute to the artist's homely natural environment in New York. The project attempts to document the intense and inseparable connection shared between music and those places, events and people we ...view item »


Remembrance is the Software Recording Co. debut from Baton Rouge's Suicideyear (born James Prudhomme). Written and produced between Florida and Louisiana during the summer and fall of 2013, Remembrance recalls those southern U.S. landscapes and Prudhomme’s experiences across eight songs equally intimate, intoxicati...view item »

Tropa Macaca

Software venture deep into experimental purism with the co-release of the fourth rekkid from ambient noise makers and all round good lads Tropo Macaca. ‘Ectoplasm’’s opening fifteen minute opus flirts with post-techno concepts and presents an ever evolving looped based experimental wig-out in the vein of early ...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Drawn And Quartered

More of an atmospheric mood than an album, styled as a library record (check for Bruton styles) this really fits the bill if you're looking to get lost in slightly sinister ambientish electronica. This isn't going to get the party started, but is a lovely way to close your eyes, stick the headphones on and drift away whilst imagining made up mov...view item »


LA based youth genius Napolian (a.k.a Ian Evans) follows his killer debut EP ‘Rejoice’ (still in stock slow lads) with an epic full length LP for Daniel Lopatin’s Software label and, to be honest, I’m fucking stoked. Napolian’ p...view item »

Membrane Pop

Daniel Lopatin’s Software label is a strange beast. At first it looked to be an outlet for dance music primarily but as it’s matured the label has naturally veered toward Sound Art territory with Sculpture being a primary example of the shift. Sculpture’s music is a difficult one to decipher let alone dissect and transl...view item »

Thug Entrancer
Death After Life

Thug Entrancer's 'Death After Life' is an eight-part suite of thumping techno which the press release says "re-frames elements of Chicago Juke and house in long-form design". What this means for you is a lengthy trip down bleepy lane, with modular synths galore pumping out rapidly cycling little patterns while a bass drum pumps persistently away...view item »

C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee and Lasse Marhaug
Wake Up Awesome

I have never, ever in my entire life woken up awesome. Instead I usually wake up grim, hollering at the alarm clock for having the bare faced cheek to wake me up. The only positive being that I’ve survived another night, something I rarely think possible when attempting to actually get to sleep. If my alarm clock woke me to this cacophony ...view item »

Pete Swanson
Punk Authority

Pete Yellow Swanson is back again making some more weird noises, and this time he’s on Mexican Summer. He’s making some distorted electronic sounds, lots of farty blown ...view item »
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David Kanaga
DYAD (Original Game Soundtrack)

We don’t often get computer game soundtracks here at Norman, but here’s one which won an Indiecade Best Audio Design award for the ‘Child Of Eden’-esque cosmic shootout ‘DYAD’. The music is composed in such a way that it changes with the gameplay and so there is no definitive version, but this LP captures 26 h...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
The Fall Into Time

Plunderplonics artist Oneohtrix Point Never gets plundered himself: The Fall Into Time compiles a bunch of disparate works from different releases and oddities, including some tracks from a split with Caboladies, some work with Catholic Tapes and some radio exclusives. A variabl...view item »

Huerco S.
Colonial Patterns

Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford’s Software Recording Co. score the debut full length from Huerco S. A chap who’s been making...view item »
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Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin
Instrumental Tourist

It was quite an unexpected discovery to find that these two chaps had collaborated on an album, but hey far stranger things have occurred. From the off you very much get the sense that things have been improvised, apparently mimicking the techniques of Jazz improvisation with little preparation. It certainly feels very loose and free ...view item »


This is a very curious sounding record indeed. Megafortress, aka Bill Gillim, opens this four-song offering with the ethereal 'My Favourite Girl', which consists of a falsetto vocal line that's been chopped up and processed and delayed until it's an instrument all of its own, and apart fr...view item »
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Soft Control

More booty from the Software label, this time from Moscow born, Brooklyn based Slava (a.k.a Slava Balsanov). Slava's had stuff out on a bunch of labels but this is the first of his releases I've heard so excuse my ignorance. 'Soft Control' is a strange beast that tinkers with the constr...view item »
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Oneohtrix Point Never

I really really love OPN but I tried and tried with his last album 'Returnal' and found hardly anything on there that affected me in the same way his astonishing career overview 'Rifts' did. I realise I'm probably in a minority with that one, but who cares as after the comforting, lan...view item »

City Vs Mountains / Rotating Cloud

The age old debate - city versus mountains. I still can't decide - they both have their own benefits. What about a City in the mountains - is that possible? Anyway this sounds like a cross between Toro Y Moi remixing Hall and Oates and the type of thumping pulsating music that would blast...view item »

Ford And Lopatin
Channel Pressure

Very much excited about the arrival of this album. Ford & Lopatin (formally GAMES before the lawyers stepped in) are a MIDI obsessed, synth pop generating duo consisting of Joel Ford (formally of Tigercity) and Daniel Lopatin...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Zones Without People

What on earth is an analog polysynth? Ah! That's what  Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin employs to constuct his brooding astral landscapes and isolationist new-age pieces. That thing makes a really fabulous unique sound, kind of like an android choral singing but it can switch between what Brett terms "water garden" music to some of t...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Betrayed in the Octagon

Oneohtrix Point Never took us by surprise the other day. I stuck it on thinking it sounded pretty intriguing from the label's description (often a dangerous thing to trust as I'm sure you all know) and it blew us all right away, sugars. Opening up with a long, droney hum that sounds as if it might be emanating from some far-flung radioactive ...view item »
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