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Half Moon Run
A Blemish In The Great Light

A Blemish In The Great Light is the third album by Canadian band, Half Moon Run. They hit the bullseye when two tracks from their first album, Dark Eyes, were playlisted on BBC Radio 1. Constant touring and hard work has seen the Montreal band, who’ve been described as indie-rock, alt-folk and alt-pop, grow in stature.
  • Vinyl LP (GLS-0273-01)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Learn To Let Go / Body Love

Guess it's been a while since you needed physical records to become the next big thing. Two-girls-from-North-London duo IDER have been causing digital ripples on the interblogs since they released Sorry way back in 2016. Now they've decided to join the cult of actual vinyl with their first ever physical release, featuring smooth and gentle electronic singles Learn To Let Go and Body Love, as well as two accompanying remixes.
  • Vinyl 10" (GLS023910)
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  • Limited edition

Emotional Education

There’s been a buzz about Ider for a while now. Their debut album, Emotional Education, arrives amongst great anticipation. The electro pop duo are flatmates Lily Sommerville and Megan Markwick from London. Their album, as you might guess from the title, explores different aspects of our emotions whilst asking a few questions as well as coming up with a few answers.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Phoenix’s Lisztomania was the sound of the summer in 2009; the poppy, indie, feel-good track just perfect for having a right good dance to. The album is a treat for anyone hoping for a lesson in alternative rock joy. This French band really know how to hit all the right buttons, and even better, the right notes.
  • Vinyl LP (0825646266500)
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Jade Bird
Something American

Vinyl edition of Jade Bird's 2017 debut EP, Something American. Together with a band formed of members of The B-52's, Mystery Jets, and St. Vincent, Bird digs into challenges of relationship. This Londoner has an uncanny ability to capture the yearning in Americana to express exactly what she needs.

Jade Bird
Jade Bird

Jade Bird was born in 1997, which makes this particular blurbist* feel quite old. She hails from Hexham near Newcastle, but was lucky enough to record her debut EP, Something American in Upstate New York. She has now made her self-titled debut album, no doubt buoyed by the inclusion in her band of Jeff Buckley drummer Matt Johnson and Mystery Jets guitarist Will Rees and support slots with First Aid Kit and London Grammar. Legendary producer Tony Visconti has also praised her talent. LP and CD on Glassnote. *One who writes short product descriptions for Norman Records.


Coming to the B-list of a commercial radio station near you! Shadowboxer is the debut album of Sydney based stadium-indie rock band Mansionair. Incredibly slick songs with huge catchy choruses and a looming atmosphere made of whooshing synths. Ideal music to drive home or cook a nice dinner for you and your family to.
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  • Glassnote

Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear
The Radio Winners

A mother-and-son duo here, which isn’t something you see every day. Mama Bear - the mum of the duo, if that wasn’t obvious enough - strums a nice guitar while her handsome son Madisen Ward intones in a manner similar to Ray LaMontagne and Iron & Wine. New EP The Radio Winners is embellished with strings and drums and various other Baroque niceties. There’s a lot of whistling on it, but you can skip those bits. The rest is pretty good.
  • Vinyl 12" (GLS023401)
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Man Of The World

Baio, aka Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend, presents his second solo album, which, from its sleeve art presentation to its songwriting and production, dives straight into the shiny-sheened aesthetics of the 1980’s. Baio is obviously having fun here, with bright and lovely melodies backed up with pastel-coloured keyboards, guitar licks and multi-tracked vocals. Out on Glassnote.

Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White
Gentlewoman Ruby Man

Two of modern indie’s more genteel crooners come together for a bunch of covers old and new. James Blake, Frank Ocean, Frankie Valli and other disparate forces are rounded up for some Carolling here. The sonic palette is lush and pleasant - The Mamas and the Papas come to mind, though that might be something to do with White’s hair. Anyway, this is a very nice piece with which to stave off January blues.

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
I Had A Dream That You Were Mine

This titanic super-duo of indie pop feelings-havers contains one Walkmen frontman and one Vampire Weekend songwriter -- Hamilton Leithauser is the former and Rostam Batmanglij the latter. With Leithhauser's band dissolving as Batmanglij quit his, the duo got together to write songs in grandiose baroque stylings, much in the mould of Leithauser's recent solo material. I Had a Dream That You Were Mine is a serene collection of newly-styled old fashioned, with "A 1000 Times", its lead single, a pulpy love song romp.

The Names

It’s the season of solo projects here at Norman Records. Known as the bass-player for upbeat rockers Vampire Weekend, Baio has released a few catchy EPs. Now he’s treating us to a proper full-length album, which navigates the outskirts of poppy electronics. The Names combines those explorations to create a satisfying and accessible listening experience.

Flo Morrissey
Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful

Flo Morrissey’s press release boasts that she is “causing a stir amongst the hip and cool press”, but don’t let that put you off. Her debut album Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful is convincingly led by her potent voice, suggesting mystery and weighty emotional engagement. Ten tracks, on the Glassnote label.