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Drug Cult
Drug Cult

Debut outing from members of Sun Of Man and Megaritual under their new guise - Drug Cult. Hazy and very very heavy indeed, this is a huge dose of psychedelics through an Electric Wizard filter. Fuzzed riffs that is a must for fans of Baba Naga and the likes...view item »

Thought and Existence

Bong are back baby, presenting two side-long slabs of deep space power. In the three years since they last graced our stereos, Bong have augmented their strategy of crushing riffs and momentous drum rhythms with extra lashings vibes cosmic energy. The second track, for instance, with its superbly portentous ...view item »

Stoner Rock

To be so audacious as to name it 'Stoner Rock' you know that Bong mean business with this new album, and indeed this latest from the prolific stoner-doom ritualists is indeed a dense and powerful concoction, with its two tracks spanning a mammoth 70 minutes of slow, pummelling dirge-riffing and sludgy dronebuzz atmospherics. Opener 'Polaris' ess...view item »

We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been

‘We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been’ continues irregular tonal experimentalist Bong’s disturbingly solemn delivery of prolonged, mesmerising drone. The record comprises of two twenty minute journeys into the sonic wasteland that is Bong’s melting glacial world as the listener is swept away through the power of residual...view item »

Possessed By The Rise Of Magik

Ramesses mixes up a effervescent slab of sludge death/doom with their third full-length, Possessed by the Rise of Magik. This is the sort of heavy metal that can take the calm air in a room and immediately suck the life from it in short time. A few seconds into “Invisible Ritual”, and it does just that and from that point on, there's...view item »

Horse Latitudes
Primal Gnosis

Horse Latitudes are a band who do darkness like only those Finns can, casting a pitch black veil over the listener. Even when they leave a little space in the mix, the effect remains: it sometimes sounds like vocalist Harri is howling at you from the other side of a c...view item »

Of Ruin

Ghold are heavy rock duo comprised of Paul Antony and Aleks Wilson. There is an alchemy between this bass and drums duo that merges the two instruments together into an indistinguishable, gritty violence. ‘Of Ruin’ is a fusion of heavy rock, doom and power violence with rhythmic chanting vocals....view item »

Stealing Fire From Heaven

Some brooding psychedelia full of detours into scratchy guitar riffs and some doom metal style vocals. Stealing Fire From Heaven is a dark place to be full of menacing drums, swirling delay and brooding guitar. 11PARANOIAS create an underworld of angst which grasps you tight and won’t let go.   ...view item »

Misanthropic Alchemy

Ramesses' 1st full length expands the occult doom of their earlier EP's to include more dynamics and textures without sacrificing any grit. This is a great Heavy Doom Album, full of evil menacing guitar riffs and fantastic death like vocals mixed in with some clean as well. I really loved Electric Wizards early work with the original members who...view item »


Newcastle doom bastards Bong have done us all a favour and reissued their self-titled debut LP on CD with an extra bonus jam for those of you who already got the album. For those of you unfamiliar with their music, it’s punishingly slow ritualistic weed rock with sitar drones, vocal dron...view item »


Well, this is about as doomy as they come, as you might imagine from a band called Bong. If this wasn't slow music made by people who smoke a shitload of weed then you would be disappointed and want your money back, right? W...view item »

Take The Curse

I first heard of Ramesses after asking a friend of mine who loves sludge and doom metal for recommendations on the genres. The first band he said was Ramesses, followed by Acid Witch. I can say that Ramesses was a great addition to the music I listen to. This new record just proves that they can do so much with their music and it's an amazing th...view item »

Beyond Ancient Space

Slow stoners who fall asleep more than they play music, Bong are known for their riff-oriented doom, which knocks on the grinning evil of Electric Wizard, Queen Elephantine and the rest of the genre's suspenseful slayers. Beyond Ancient Space continues to show o...view item »

Chrome Pineal

In a dark corner of the shire of Dorset, something truly wicked stirs. From a goblet of blood and a shrine of dead crows a beast has been awoken after a thousand years. Its name is Ramesses. It has lain dormant for centuries and been summoned by the worshipers at the altar into this cold and callous world. Its o...view item »

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