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Richard Dawson

The new album from Richard Dawson is a notable new epic from the Tyneside master, featuring more guest musicians than ever before. Peasant’s songs are all set in the pre-medieval north-east, with each title naming a figure: ‘Weaver’, ‘Herald’, ‘Beggar’. It’s the most fully...view item »

Wilma Archer

Formerly known as Slime, this is the first solo work from Wilma Archer since his 2015 album 'Company'. He's been busy elsewhere though, writing for the likes of Jessie Ware,  and Jeramiah Jae but now he's back on his own with music described as daring, virtuoso and rob...view item »


The natural environment has long been a source of inspiration for all kinds of composers and producers. Xenoula sits firmly in this sphere, coaxing atmosphere from her surroundings and incorporating them into her mysterious, electronic pop tunes. Sounding like Lamb and early Aphex with a modern twist, it's pretty lush....view item »

Alex Izenberg

Quaint, upbeat and starkly sparse is the 11-track record Harlequin, crafted by Los Angeles' Alex Izenberg - including the jittery plinky-plonk piano led lead single To Move On, which boasts a composition stripped back to the bone alongside chirpy falsetto. Izenberg immerses hims...view item »

Soft Hair
Soft Hair

This is the duo of Connan Mockasin and Sam Dust (LA Priest/Late of the Pier) in collaboration. They simply can't be serious these two (just look at that sleeve) but both have form when it comes to making slinky Prince-like soft pop.  Check out the video for 'Lying Has to St...view item »

How To Dress Well

How to Dress Well's Tom Krell has done a good job of lurching from murky chillwave wannabe to clean and sophisticated boyband wannabe in the space of just three albums. This latest album has been mixed by Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, fun.) and has the download chart-ready hi-end production values ...view item »

The End Of Comedy

Nowhere near as psychedelic as their moniker might suggest, Drugdealer are in fact a collaboration between LA-based artist Michael Collins (Salvia Plath / Run DMT) and Natalie Mering from Weyes Blood and and Ariel Pink. Travel-inspired whimsy which explores spaghetti westerns, perceptions of social media and Jean Baudrillard....view item »

Richard Dawson
The Magic Bridge

Richard Dawson is said to be a bit of a legend in his home town of Newcastle, and he certainly seems to be revered by our office Business Lady, so it’s of great interest to me what this mere human has been doing to warrant such adulation. At first glance it doesn’t seem too remark...view item »

Richard Dawson
The Glass Trunk

Richard Dawson has changed in the many years since I heard a kind of singer-songwriter type album by him. He was probably about 12 at the time but has now grown to become a noted folk musician based out of his (and my) native North East. This is a double album (the packaging is, of course, utterly tre...view item »

Personal Computer

Personal Computer is the fine new record from Kody Nielson's project Silicon. This has to be the funkiest album to come out of New Zealand in years, mixing the textures and the compositional feel of disco and electo-pop with full-fledged songs. On Weird World, as a CD, an LP, and a deluxe LP ...view item »


Slime is the project of Newcastle solo artist Will Archer, who presents his debut with this here album Company. Slinky slow jams refracted through modern indie-electronica production tactics seem to be the order of the day here. Available as standard record or CD, or as independents-only white vinyl wit...view item »

Jaakko Eino Kalevi
Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Jaakko Eino Kalevi is a Finnish producer / singer-songwriter whose self-titled record shows off a smooth neo-R&B kind of sound. The album is out on Weird World as CD, LP, or special indies-exclusive LP edition with a bonus 7” and a comic that delves into Jaakko’s mythical personal history! You kn...view item »

My Company

My Company is the new single from Slime, released in advance of an album in the not-too-distant-future. Two tracks that slide around through melancholy territory, shifting significantly between toy-box xylophone, faded diva vocals and funk-bass, with a shuffling rhythm holding it all down. Very nice. Fake white label 12...view item »

Jib Kidder
Teaspoon To The Ocean

First album from Jib Kidder for Weird World/ Domino Records. Coming from a myriad of disparate inspirations including Arthur Russell, Lindsay Buckingham, Meat Puppets and Gary Numan as well as the spangling of Vietnamese slide guitar, the New York-based multimed...view item »

Richard Dawson
Nothing Important

'Nothing Important' is the new record from Newcastle's great warped folkie, Richard Dawson. You never know what you're going to get with this maverick -- huge, boisterous vocal chanting or ornate guitar compositions -- but this record sees him stretch out into the long-form, offering a rare few tracks that document vignettes about life in sixtee...view item »

The Hum

Third album from Leeds-based psychedelic noise band Hookworms. With a new drummer on board, this is a more confident, leaner and meaner offering from the band Julian Cope described as a "...sub-Zabriskie Point ambient road-movie heat haze-o...view item »

Peaking Lights

Well our Ant wrote a bleedin' thesis on their last excursion. I'm not gonna attempt anything like that for 936's successor especially when this laptop I'm using/cursing is being such an utter spiteful bastard. I saw them in the alternately tattooed and slinky flesh the other d...view item »

Peaking Lights
Cosmic Logic

The lush dub pop of Peaking Lights returns for another round with the dutifully titled 'Cosmic Logic', offering up more squeaky electronics, flat-lining beats and eerie good times. They last appeared with 'Lucifer', but 'Entity' makes the synth pop more overt, keeping the minimalist approach but upping the playfulness. ...view item »

How To Dress Well
What Is This Heart?

Tom "How To Dress Well" Krell is back this week with a new album of his understated neo-soul crooning. 'What Is This Heart' is a softly grooving collection where his silky voice often rings out over the most fragile and wispy of backings, only occasionally bursting into life in moments of triumphant alien synth-funk, as he does in the final mo...view item »

Washed Out

After the genre-defining ‘Life of Leisure’ EP  it was difficult to know where Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene) was going to go. Sadly the answer as provided by debut album ‘Within and Without’ was largely “unimpressive one-dimensional limpness”. The sort of record that jus...view item »

Salvia Plath
The Bardo Story

Salvia Plath is Michael Collins, who has previously recorded under the name Run DMT, and on this album he’s making some deeply psychedelic pop with a pastoral folk twist. By the looks of the cover he’s got quite an expansive band together for this but for the most part they’re quite restrai...view item »

Melody's Echo Chamber
Melody's Echo Chamber

Tame Impala are everywhere at the moment. The Guardian last week told me they were the best band I’d never heard. But I had heard them and so had loads of other people. Don’t tell me what I have and haven’t heard. ...view item »

How To Dress Well
Total Loss

Future soul/R'n'B star Tom Krell returns with this lovingly sculpted and classically metered follow-up to his Lefse/Tri Angle debut that set hearts and minds alight a couple of years ago...view item »

Peaking Lights

Dear Mister Record Purchasing Addiction Counselor, I've been doing great recently and not been blowing all of my wages on records... But this new plate came up and I need it so much in my life you wouldn't believe > You need it too. I played this record five times already on promo, it is more addictive than c...view item »

Washed Out
Eyes Be Closed

I adored Washed Out's 'Life of Leisure' debut of last year and have pretty much worn out my copy with repeated plays. It seemed to nail the whole retro 80's influenced 'chillwave' sounds with six tracks of utter summery perfection. Early thoughts on his new album 'Within and Without' are that it is extremely disappointing. I'll leave the dis...view item »

Peaking Lights

This EP of remixes from indie-dance's current best hopes comes packaged with a totally amazing looking embroidered patch which I shall attempt to describe. It's got a lion's face with a crown on top and wings coming out of the sides, and “BASS HIGHRIDER / BADNESS / RADNESS” aro...view item »

Washed Out
Amor Fati

I wasn't mad keen on the last Washed Out album. I really liked that debut five track EP and the rest has left me a little cold. I thought I'd check out his new single 'Amor Fati' and as soon as it started I thought ''Oh, it's that one, the one that sounds like Howard Jones'. So there you ...view item »