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Richard Dawson

“A dank and dreary song”. This is how Richard Dawson describes “Hob”, a tail-end track on new record ‘Peasant’, and he isn’t totally wrong. Picks meet strums like someone shaking at their shackles, the song eventually marrying a droning string morgue to a misty, never-ending verse of shimmering gloom. It...view item »

Wilma Archer

Formerly known as Slime, this is the first solo work from Wilma Archer since his 2015 album 'Company'. He's been busy elsewhere though, writing for the likes of Jessie Ware,  and Jeramiah Jae but now he's back on his own with music described as daring, virtuoso and rob...view item »

******** [The Drink]
The Drink [********]

Front room-fi, gallows humour pop from the sparse, search engine-confounding duo ******** (Ailie Ornston and someone known only as 'Ω'). Weir...view item »


Romy Xeno has made this here lushly beautiful album -- with producer Sam Dust -- as Xenoula. Romy has called her record ‘Xenoula’, in fact. It’s a delicate record of childlike vocal melodies amidst sparkling electronic sounds. The rhythms on the album reflect Xeno’s love of nature and the affinity with the habitat, plants...view item »

Alex Izenberg

Who is this man?  I dunno but I suspect he's been listening to a lot of Robert Wyatt and a lot of Plush from the sounds of the opening tracks here. He blends a quivering reedy voice with hesitant orchestral compositions that disarm through their very fragility. 'Grace' b...view item »

Soft Hair
Soft Hair

Soft Hair is a new grouping of smirking freakster Connan Mockasin and Prince worshipper LA Priest, yep, I’m already quaking in my boots. A customer just came in to buy this and told me that it’s got that tongue-in-cheek sexy music feel of Mo...view item »

How To Dress Well

[INTERIOR: IN AN ELABORATE BATHROOM, TOM KRELL IS ENJOYING A BATH WHILE NORMAN EDITOR CLINTON, OFF CAMERA, IS ON THE TOILET READING A COPY OF THE WIRE (Indie Pop Edition)]   KRELL: Got a new album, m.   CLINTON: Ahh.   KRELL: Oo hoo hooo hoo hooo oooo hoooooo, yeaaaaiiii yea...view item »

The End Of Comedy

The curse of the modern American Indie musicians obsessions with '70s pop rock continues throughout 'The End of Comedy',  the debut from serial name changer Michael Collins (Run DMT, Salvia Plath). Collins has drafted in some fellow Pitchfork-approved acts such as...view item »

Personal Computer

Kody Neilson is a crazy figure, a point that the media has insisted on making, this heralded as his ‘maturation’ compared to past monkey antics. Well sure, this isn’t as hi-NRG as The Mint Chicks, but that’s a band, and this is one person. I was about to remark about how this ...view item »


Having listened to this record this morning with fresh ears I branded it merely "ok” but after the tosh those same ears have been subjected to this afternoon it’s now sounding more of a world beater. Still, let’s not get carried away. It’s another record of squelshy beats, soulful vocals presented in a blurred, cut up man...view item »

Jaakko Eino Kalevi
Jaakko Eino Kalevi

I should have just cut and pasted my reviews this week..."slick ‘80’s vibes, sophisticated pop." That would have saved me some time. Its the bloody War on Drugs isn’t it  - those blighters. And I’m sure Wild Beasts are not completely blameless ...view item »

My Company

With a name like Slime, I expected the most German necrotechno filth, not a dusty laid back downtempo groover. You can’t exactly get chilled-out slime, or jazzy slime can you? Ah well, don’t judge a book etc etc. Just covering my mistake for not having heard of this guy before. Will Archer, the man behind the mask, is a sort ...view item »

Jib Kidder
Teaspoon To The Ocean

I'm not in the ideal physical (nor mental to be honest) place for reviewing music. A could draughty warehouse with a computer dating from sometime in the late '90's. The least ideal place in fact to pick at Domino's latest signing  Jib Kidder. That name won't mean much to you but this US based multi instrumentalist comes up with an unusua...view item »

The Hum

It was only three short years ago that Hookworms' debut EP kick-started the band's inexorable rise to prominence; first a limited cassette on Sun Ark and then the 12" on Gringo, causing Norman dictator Phil to proclaim that if he still put out records, he'd want to put out theirs. He's clearly not the only one because since then they've had a pr...view item »

Peaking Lights

Well our Ant wrote a bleedin' thesis on their last excursion. I'm not gonna attempt anything like that for 936's successor especially when this laptop I'm using/cursing is being such an utter spiteful bastard. I saw them in the alternately tattooed and slinky flesh the other d...view item »

Peaking Lights
Cosmic Logic

A cursory glance at the press around 'Cosmic Logic', the newest record from Peaking Lights, will betray about a hundred different influences on the band's sound: the standard-bearer of dub, a smattering of krautrock, an affection for dancehall, a nod to house and a newfound appreciation for Italo. This is no surprise, considering the duo have al...view item »

How To Dress Well
What Is This Heart?

Tom "How To Dress Well" Krell is back this week with a new album of his understated neo-soul crooning. 'What Is This Heart' is a softly grooving collection where his silky voice often rings out over the most fragile and wispy of backings, only occasionally bursting into life in moments of triumphant alien synth-funk, as he does in the final mo...view item »

Washed Out

After the genre-defining ‘Life of Leisure’ EP  it was difficult to know where Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene) was going to go. Sadly the answer as provided by debut album ‘Within and Without’ was largely “unimpressive one-dimensional limpness”. The sort of record that jus...view item »

Salvia Plath
The Bardo Story

Salvia Plath is Michael Collins, who has previously recorded under the name Run DMT, and on this album he’s making some deeply psychedelic pop with a pastoral folk twist. By the looks of the cover he’s got quite an expansive band together for this but for the most part they’re quite restrai...view item »

Melody's Echo Chamber
Melody's Echo Chamber

Tame Impala are everywhere at the moment. The Guardian last week told me they were the best band I’d never heard. But I had heard them and so had loads of other people. Don’t tell me what I have and haven’t heard. ...view item »

Peaking Lights

Dear Mister Record Purchasing Addiction Counselor, I've been doing great recently and not been blowing all of my wages on records... But this new plate came up and I need it so much in my life you wouldn't believe > You need it too. I played this record five times already on promo, it is more addictive than c...view item »

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