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Julien Boulier
A Film Not Yet Made

Julien Boulier’s new album is a fittingly-titled piece of highly-cinematic romantic grandiose miniatures: captivating stuff. A Film Not Yet Made is available in regular CD and LP editions, as well as a box...view item »

Kira Kira
Alchemy & Friends

Icelandic ‘audio/visual prankster’ Kira Kira presents a lavish release on Time Released Sound (Porya Hatami, Ghostwriter). It’s the usual Reykjavik sort of thing from Kira Kira here, though Alchemy & Friends does stand out from the Ola...view item »


Time Released Sound present some lovely editions of the latest album by Italian ambient musician Fallen (you may also know them by the name The Child Of A Creek). ast is a record full of pretty drones, found sounds, loops and touches of piano with just a hint of unease lurking at its co...view item »

Swoop And Cross
Stories Of Disintegration

Time Released Sound finally get round to releasing some vinyl. Their CDs looked nice enough so just imagine what they'll do with the bigger format. Their first release is by London based Portuguese composer Ruben Vale who has produced an album of soothing music with dreamy piano motifs and a cinematic air.  ...view item »

Giulio Aldinucci
Spazio Sacro

‘Spazio Sacro’ (“sacred space”) comprises of seven tracks that are characterized by field recordings taken in various sacred places as a study of how the artifacts and traditions of human spirituality and ritual such as processions or the architecture of religious buildings can influence the definition of specific soundsc...view item »

Leo Takami
The Tree Of Life

Time Released Sound rounds off a year of relatively tense, thick music with something much more stripped-down and relaxing from Leo Takami. The Tree of Life is a lengthy collection of highly understated, layered piano and electronic compositions. Mature and beautiful work, right at home on this label of preposterously l...view item »

Francesco Maria Narcisi & Giacomo Fidanza
The Accordion Sessions

Giacomo Fidanza is a master at taking that most interesting of instruments, the accordion, into more experimental territory than usual. Here on The Accordion Sessions his rich droning playing is processed and mixed with field recordings by Francesco Maria Narcisi, leaving us with a gorgeous suite of sou...view item »

Francesco Maria Narcisi & Giacomo Fidanza
The Accordion Sessions

For their latest super-limited digipack cd, Time Released Sound offer us Francesco Maria Narcisi & Giacomo Fidanza, The Accordion Sessions. Fidanza gets on the lush accordion-drone tip as Francesco works and processes away, interpolating his field recordings and making a thick, potent soup of sounds. Unrelentin...view item »

Monolyth & Cobalt

Those lovely people at Time Released Sound have another offering for us this week with the usual normal/nice packaging dilemma. They've really outdone themselves with the fancy version this time around, combining my twin passions of film canisters and polar exploration into a bespoke listening item that even I am struggling to resist. Th...view item »

Morgen Wurde
Assassinous Act

Wolfgang Röttger (Pyrococcus) returns to Time Released Sound as Morgen Wurde with a soundtrack to a fictitious murder and imagined film noir. Dark ambient movements that play out like Ulver’s Svidd Neger, with hints of Julianna Barwick and ...view item »

Collected Machine Music

Plinth makes music using old victorian music boxes, calliopes and all manner of wheezing things. Beautifully constructed and atmospheric, this re-issue contains all the tracks on the original Time Released Sound CD issue with new artwork in a reverse board sleeve. Limited to 250 that are completely exclusive to us! ...view item »

Master Generator

Important!! To open this package use a sharp blade or a small sharp pair of scissors and gently cut through the three, white surgical taped sides, while NOT cutting through the sewn left side! It will then fold open and all shall be revealed! Proceeds go to the Creston J. Walker Foundation - a Children With Canc...view item »


Sergio Calzoni’s Orghanon project crafts beautiful and personal ambient worlds. Drones cast a shadow over stings and heavily effected piano motifs. Comes as a very limited CD or deluxe version with a framed picture, and a mysterious antique 78RPM 5”. Play this at the wrong speed and you fall into a b...view item »

Masaya Kato
Trace Of Voices

Masaya Kato's music is gently tethered by barely played piano notes, found sounds and rural ambient fluttering. Trace Of Voices comes together sounding the way minimal music should, each instrument filling a different corner of the room that respects the composition as a whole, while feeling only just a part o...view item »

Maurizio Abate & Matteo Uggeri
Beyond Time

Guitars, field recordings and electronic fragments are brought together by Maurizio Abate and Matteo Uggeri for their latest release, a pleasing melodic sound-drift. Beyond Time is available either as a straightforward digipack CD edition, or as a super-fancy elaborate CD edition housed in a vintage wal...view item »

Jessica Curry
Fields Were the Essence of the Song

Exciting rumblings in the Time Released Sound world: their latest release comes from none other than Jessica Curry, a unique neo-classical voice who gave the post-apocalyptic pastures of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture their shine. Since working on the music and actual development of that game, ...view item »

So Beast

So Beast is a Croatian-Italian duo working primarily with the interesting combination of prepared piano and processed guitar, with occasional look-ins for drum machines and other such bits and pieces. Kira is full of manic-sounding songs, often with actual vocals! You get good value for money too, as Kira is a ...view item »


After a long two month stretch without any Time Released Sound in our lives, the label gets Autumnal and sneezes out the sound art excursions of K’an, better known as Paolo Bellipanni. His previous and even more niche record for Ōnyūdō took place in a glitched out netherworld where abstractions were the new classical, and this record ha...view item »

Porya Hatami & Arovane

Strange, delicate experimental songcraft from Porya Hatami and Arovane. Kaziwa features lots of stately piano, creeping around in an uncanny atmosphere of electronics. Everything feels an intimate ritual, observed from a distance. Kaziwa is available in a regular Digipak CD edition or a...view item »

The Limbic System

This is a very special release from Sonmi451 aka Bernard Zwijzen. ‘The Limbic System’ is calmly pouring instantly uplifting and beautiful sounds all over you and its running down your back like warm syrup. As if that’s not enough, the packaging is a medical inspired masterpiece of concept art with endless attention to detail....view item »

Morgen Wurde
Brach Auf

Morgen Wurde would like to invite you to drift through empty fields with abandoned farms, huge barns casting long shadows on overgrown fields. Their new release Brach Auf is filled with haunting ambient pads interlaced with vocals so dreamy that you’re not even sure they're real. And the packaging is equally ...view item »

Nhung Nguyen and Cinchel
Movement Of An Old Soul

Nhung Nguyen and Cinchel poured guitar drones, treated piano and old music box twinklings into Movement Of An Old Soul, resulting in luscious atmospheres. Available as a regular digipak CD, or as an elaborate construction of antique board, photo collage, player piano roll paper, vintage envelopes and old metal music box...view item »

Mark Lyken and Emma Dove
Mirror Lands

Mirror Lands is an audio-visual project by Mark Lyken and Emma Dove. Deeply concerned with people and place, the audio presented here is an ambient tide of piano, field recordings, and subtle electronics. The packaging of the deluxe edition is something to behold: the CD is contained inside a reel-to-re...view item »

Olga Wojciechowska
Maps And Mazes

Maps And Mazes collects 11 luscious-sounding modern classical works by Olga Wojciechowska. The deluxe edition of this album is something to behold, lovingly wrapping the CD with a hand-sewn booklet of maps and mazes (see what they did there?), then contained within an old educational chart. My my. 65 copies of the bespo...view item »

Marta Mist

Marta Mist are an experimental ambient trio from leeds, creating expansive live ambient works. With previous releases on Heat Death and Hibernate records, they always make the releases interesting and tactile, with self-released Tonnes/Years released on reclaimed USB sticks. The deluxe version of Scavengers com...view item »

The Star Pillow

The Star Pillow is the long-form drone project of Italian Paolo Monti, and Time Released Sound have packaged his Above album in the most stunning way. The special edition is limited to only 55 because it is a handmade item; it comes in a vintage Kodak film case, with custom art ...view item »

Time Woke Up In Darkness excerpts Vol 2

Vektormusik are a Danish duo who recently composed some soundtrack pieces for a theatre production. Time Woke Up In Darkness excerpts Vol 2 presents several of these pieces, all rather pretty and minimal. 2 CD editions are available, a regular digipack version and an astonish...view item »

Gypsy Eyes

Gypsy Eyes produces slightly tense semi-ambient music, his full-length album Nefelibata creeping through an audio landscape that feels very real. Much of the sound here is sourced electronically, but there are crackles and rustles that hint at physical presence. Edition of 100 digipack CD copies, on Time Released Sound....view item »

The Doubling Riders

The Doubling Riders originally released Garama in 1991. The album is a strange beast: for the most part it is more or less ambient music, composed out of quiet, leisurely synths and some distant vocal samples. The inspiration is apparently the ancient kingdom from which the record takes its name. Reissued by Time Releas...view item »

Night Shift
Trespassers Guide To Nowhere

We have two versions of this CD - a ”faux-rigami” pop up book of sorts, each hand-bound with unique antique book covers, and including hand printed/typed inserts, and pop-up pages made from the oversized sheets from a 100 year old handwritten ledger…all encased in a handmade...view item »

David Newlyn

Everytime I saw this CD I thought it was the new Ruins CD and I'd say to myself “Oh, Ruins have a new CD out' (as it just says 'Ruins' on the front of it). Then I'd pick it up and realise it was by David Ne...view item »

Rezo Glonti
The Diary of The Second Officer

Time Released Sound’s ‘Chocolate Box’ series continues with the debut release from Georgian sound artist Rezo Glonti whose limited CD ‘The Diary Of A Second Officer’ is the imagined audio diary of a ...view item »

con_cetta vs MonoLogue

New on Time Released Sound is this split LP between Con_Cetta (Giuseppe Cordaro) and Monologue (Marie e le Rose), the tracks alternate between the two artists throughout the album giving it an almost mixed feel to it, the music is based on an imaginary soundtrack to the Virginia Woolf biography ‘Orlando’. Both artists give a differen...view item »

Christophe Bailleau and Julien Demoulin
Outshining Memories

Ooh this thing sounds promising. Two guys from the experimental floaty underworld joining forces to create some unique scapeyspheres whilst holding hands (hopefully). I loved the last Christophe Baillieu album on ...view item »

Drawing Virtual Gardens
Six Weeks Were Too Long To Wait

Six Weeks Were Too Long To Wait is the debut album from American, David Gutman, released under the wonderfully named, Drawing Virtual Gardens. The album was recorded while waiting for his wife to give birth and the subsequent weeks his baby was kept at the hospital. It is tense, sprawling ambiance which sways to...view item »

The Field Journal

Zachary Corsa aka Pines releases an 8 track EP on deluxe 3” CD on Time Released Sounds. Blending electronic with instrumentation, this accompaniment to a long drive through his native North Carolina evokes dead fields and frosted over windows, empty old barns and bare trees. Comes with hand coloured fold out print....view item »

Ghostwriter & Michael Paine

Mark Brend, better known under his spooky alias of Ghostwriter, is joined by collaborator Michael Paine on a collection of compositions that evoke empty English houses where people once used to live but have since evacuated; sentimental piano is at the fore, along with flourishes of guitar, xyloph...view item »

Francesco Giannico

A calming broth of ambience being fed to you by Francesco Giannico. If you haven't guessed, he's Italian and the compositions on Metrophony are based on urban field recordings of the Italian metro. He's added other instruments and post-production bits to give each piece a luscious harmonic substance. It's very swirly, f...view item »

Porya Hatami
Arrivals And Departures

Porya Hatami is an Iranian artist who finds, takes and manipulates sounds, integrating both organic noise and self-made electronic works into one palette. The result is a wavering ambient sound that washes over, while small flourishes of nature appear to actualise the landscape. 'Arrivals and Departures' is both still and constantly moving, for ...view item »

Wolf Hall

Middlemarch is a collaboration between pianist Dimitris Avramidis and ambient soundscaping fellow Ross Baker. Like Grouper melting her guitar into atmospherics, or the grandiose gestures thrown off in the middle of A Winged Victory For The Sullen's ambient passages, 'Wolf Hall' offers a droning representation of a traditional composition. A...view item »


A really nice CD here from Russian duo Daydreamer, titled in tribute to our favourite French writer, thinker (and erstwhile goalie). I'd like to say he was an existentialist but he would have vigorously denied such a thing. Is this an existentialist album? No. It's certainly an excellent collection of thoughtful cinematic ambience, tentative pos...view item »

Colors In The Dark

Time Released Sound have, as we've come to expect, put together a gobsmackingly beautiful but wallet-denting handmade package (check out the press release for details) and a more reasonably priced digipak version of this latest offering by Monochromie, the alias of Marseilles-based composer Wilson Trouv&...view item »

The Angling Loser
Author Of The Twilight

It’s Time Released Sound time again, this time they’ve gone all out with a massive 2CD offering with an album by The Angling Loser (Lee Anthony Norris and buddies) on the first disc and blissful reinterpretations of that material from characters like Ishq, Solipsism, Shambala Networks, ...view item »

Richard Moult & David Colohan

As usual with Time Released Sound you get two versions of this. A digipack retailing at under a tenner and a limited edition at over £30.  At just 75 copies and composed of original pages from a 100 year old book on the work of the obscure 15th century printer and illustrator, Anton Sorg its probably pretentious enough to provoke inte...view item »

Lyndsie Alguire
Clair Obscur

A cute little package from Canadian piano tinkler Lyndsie Alguire, this comes in a tiny little envelope with 8 Polaroid photos of the lady herself and a hand stamped mini disc, on the musical side this is four tracks of dreamy electronica with Alguire's lush layers of piano and the occasional flouris...view item »


Lots of found sounds and field recordings on this latest disc from Time Released Sound. It has that frail Japanese prettiness all over it combining the crunching sound of leaves, the sea, faraway traffic with semi-random piano prettiness and distant violins. The whole thing is akin to listening to someone play the piano in some rural Japanese en...view item »

Maps & Diagrams
In Circles

Cork. Like it or loathe it, it's here to stay. Limited copies of the new Maps and Diagrams album came in a kind of cork cover with bits of paper and stuff in there (actually a 75 year old text). But that's almost sold out so you might have to make do with the normal digipack version which has a scan of som...view item »

The Ashes Of Piemonte
Winter's Fire

Time Released Sound’s packages just seem to get fancier and fancier. This one here comes in a wax-sealed envelope with a padlock and stuff so I can’t take a closer look but here’s what the press release says is within: “The deluxe version of ‘Winter’s Fire’...view item »

Mikael Lind
Unsettled Beings

This is the latest album from Swedish composer of electronic and classical music Mikael Lind, released on the Time Released Sound Label and mixed by Alex Somers (of Parachutes and Jonsi and Alex fame), ‘Unsettled Beings’ is a nice mix of classical and folk...view item »

Birch And Meadow
Butterflies And Graves

Here’s the latest from Time Released Sound, with Library Tapes’ David Wenngren this time teaming up with Swedish singer/songwriter Sara Forslund. As usual with TRS you’ve got the choice of paying loads for a painst...view item »

Yoshito Murakami
Mu To Eien

Time Released Sound, you’ve really done it now. This is the most preposterously packaged CD I’ve seen in quite some time. For your thirty-odd quid you get handworked, stamped, assembled and sewn, 6" square booklet of antique Japanese paper ephemera, old fold out tissue maps of Japanese locales, Meiji-era apothecary ledger pages, and ...view item »

The Inventors Of Aircraft
Where The Light Stops

Comes in two versions. For £33 or so you get the super deluxe insanely packaged version, comes in a hand sewn, 5.5″ x 14″ folding wallet type sleeve…fronted with a numbered, 100 year old stock certificate from the now defunct Time Released Sound Railways Ltd. Each is held c...view item »

Fabio Orsi
High On Shards

Ooh, look at this! It’s a 10” on Time Released Sound from Fabio Orsi, lathe cut by the legendary Peter King, with painstakingly handmade covers, each one hand-altered and stencilled from a 60-yea...view item »

Saturday Drones

This is literally a CD of drones that Phil Edwards and Wil Bolton made exclusively on Saturdays during 2011, which is a lovely idea I think. Not just for a record but for a nice way to spend your Saturday afternoons. Actually altho...view item »

Pleq/ Spheruleus
Quietus Gradualis

The Time Released Sound ‘Chocolate Box’ series rolls on with a bodacious collaborative effort from two leaders in the field of ambient music - Pleq...view item »


Time Released Sound are known for the sheer attention to detail they put into their limited CD releases, and this one has been put out in a mega-limited “chocolate box” 2x3” CD edition which we're still not...view item »


Got another newie in from the ever-reliable Time Released Sound today, available in both insanely-fancy-packaging and slightly-fancy-packaging editions, as is the TRS way. This one's from mysterious “sound sculptress” Iden Reinhart, aka Strie, and it's a gentle neoclassical-tinged ambient collection which ranges from lush, heartstrin...view item »

Maps & Diagrams
Get Lost

Well he's a bit silly isn't he, the man with all his maps AND diagrams and he still went and got all lost? Just kidding, it's nice to have a new full length outing from this legendary purveyor of classic ambient electronica and melodic IDM. Opening with some brittle, crackly ...view item »

Joe Frawley
13 Houses And The Mermaid

It's my lucky week. Phil is letting me review the new CD on Time Released Sound instead of doing it himself like he usually does. What a treat. Here on this one, with the usual classy limited handmade packaging, there's five songs of gorgeous experimental neoclassicism mixed with found so...view item »

Wil Bolton
Quarry Bank

Here's another lush CD on the Time Released Sound label!! These things are about the most amazingly packaged things you'll ever see! There's 2 editions o' this one...a standard CD version or a mega limited (100 only) CD in a hand stitched bag (built with fabrics and thread made at the mil...view item »

Evolution of the Human Heart

Well, the first thing to mention about this is the packaging. As ever with Time Released Sound it's a total thing of beauty. The time it must take to put these things together scares me! Each CD comes with a filmic referenced, torn out and hand worked/collaged double sided not...view item »

Paper Relics
Over Exposure

In case you're not familiar with this label you should be. The packaging is awesome! Each release comes out in the fanciest packaging I've ever seen a label do. The limited versions of these come with individually handmade books which are all different. I can't comprehend how long it must take to do 'em and I was half tempted to get 'em all ...view item »

A New Popular Star Atlas

This is one of those releases you pour over for about ten minutes before even taking the disc out!! Wrapped up in a map of star constellations & including a pocket star finder (helpfully a 5" disc!!), this is quality ambience of the highest order. Immediately you're drawn into a soothing aural cocoon by this Belgian...view item »

David Newlyn

The packaging from Time Released Sound releases is among the most gorgeous I've seen. In this case a 3" CD mounted to an old shellac record. The term brittle certainly reflects both the nature of the packaging and the audio. Followers of David's music will be familiar with his releases on Octoberman, ...view item »

Alessio Ballerini
Music from The Puddle

These things are insanely packaged but then you'd hope so for the price. The Shaula one on the label is probably the nicest thing I've ever seen. It's brilliant when there's such attention to detail with packaging. I loves it I does. This CD by Alessio is part of the puddleoid series where the CD comes with a polaroid in a translucent envelope a...view item »