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Coast/Range/Arc is a collection from ambient pioneer Loscil inspired by the coastal mountains of the Pacific North West. It is a typically beautiful collection of hazy beatless pieces devoid of clutter and perfect for getting your mind into a tranquil space. This new version on Kranky features new artwork and an additional track. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (KRANK229LP)
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Endless Falls

Taking his name from the ‘looping oscillator’ function in the Csound program, Canadian ambient artist Scott Morgan has been recording as Loscil for two decades. Endless Falls was his fifth studio album for the Kranky imprint, and recorded in part with Destroyer’s Dan Bejar, and it gets a double-LP re-issue. 

Less Bells
Mourning Jewelry

The second album from Julie Carpenter’s project Less Bells, examining grief and what it can drive human beings to create, Mourning Jewelry evokes the very best of ambient electronica and orchestral music. It also lightly steers towards a more blues-based, American sound in terms of its decorative detail. 

Tim Hecker
Dropped Pianos

Dropped Pianos is a kind of companion LP to Tim Hecker's Ravedeath 1972 album consisting of piano-based instrumentals. Where Ravedeath is grand and lush, dropped pianos is stark and cold and a more minimalist work of sketchy pieces that nonetheless stand up on their own accord and add to the ever growing catalogue by this fine musician.  

Windy & Carl
Allegiance and Conviction

Allegiance and Conviction is the twelfth album from Michigan space rock / ambient duo Windy and Carl. It is their first in 8 long years following 2012’s We Will Always Be. Despite the time lag since their last album, the pair have lost none of their ability to create beautifully layered music that carries itself with both grace and power.

Aix Em Klemm
Aix Em Klemm

Aix Em Klemm represents an ambient music side-project from Stars Of The Lid and A Winged Victory For The Sullen’s Adam Wiltzie and Labradford’s Robert Donne, dating back to the mid-Nineties when the two groups toured together. Beginning life as a tape exchange project, the music gradually mutated into their self-titled debut album Aix Em Klemm, released in 2000 and now re-issued on vinyl. 
  • Vinyl LP (KRANK044LP)
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Tim Hecker
Ravedeath 1972

This isn’t the brutal sensory blast that the amazing title might suggest. It’s creepy pipe organ/piano/synth drone music, recorded in a church in Reykjavik. Super unnerving, but equally beautiful and engaging. It’s one of Hecker’s best works for sure, and is released on double LP and CD on Kranky.

Windy & Carl
We Will Always Be

Will Always Be is the thirteenth album by Michigan ambien/drone duo, Windy & Carl. Formed in 1993, the pair take their influences from 4AD bands of the ‘80s. Their guitar-based ambience is heavily influenced by Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins. Windy & Carl in turn have gone on the be an influential act with bands such as Landing, White Rainbow and Growing citing their music as inspirational.

MJ Guider
Sour Cherry Bell

Her second release for Kranky under the moniker MJ Guider, Sour Cherry Bell sees Melissa Guion push the instrumental combination used on her 2016 effort Precious Systems to their absolute limit. Constructed gradually in rehearsal spaces and her home studio, it’s an intoxicating mix of dream-pop, shoegaze and ambient music. 

Lotus Plaza
Spooky Action At A Distance

Slowly we unfurl, like Lotus Plaza. Lockett Pundt from Deerhunter is behind this project, and there’s certainly some overlap between the dreamy guitar-pop of ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ and Pundt’s other band - not to mention Atlas Sound, the solo gamble of Pundt’s fellow Deerhunter(er) Bradford Cox. However, ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ also leans more heavily into the classic shoegaze modes of Ride than any of Deerhunter’s records do.

A I A : Dream Loss

AIA: Dream Loss was the first of a two part album series released by Grouper (aka Liz Harris) in 2011. The album continues her journey into deep ambience and distorted slow moving dream pop and has been compared to the earlier similarly muffled and spacey sound of Flying Saucer Attack. Long out of print, these two albums have received essential re-issue courtesy of the good people at Kranky.   
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A I A : Alien Observer

AIA: Alien Observer was the second part of a two part album series by Liz Harris (aka Grouper) and is the marginally more accessible of the two discs. Here Harris uses her voice to create vocal drones and loops that mesh with her simple, organic instrumentation. As always it's superbly crafted groggy and sleepy ambience with moments of true beauty by one of the most important ambient artists of her day.   

The Original Faces

Check this one out Grouper fans! Liz Harris has formed a band, as in ‘an actual band’ band. Harris’ unmistakeable vocals can thus be heard over a sort of shoegaze/indie-pop backing. Helen still maintains an essentially mystic nature, but it is very welcome to hear a whole new side to Harris. The Original Faces is released by Kranky.

Brian McBride
The Effective Disconnect (Music Composed for Vanishing of the Bees)

Brian McBride you'll know as one half of Stars of the Lid and if you like their slowly unfurling brand of ambience you are going to adore this solo work. It's a soundtrack for a film about those wonderful if sadly disappearing creatures bees. McBride has produced an elegant work of forlorn instrumentals with a far reaching sadness and where the sound of silence plays a part as big as the sound of his instruments.  

Christina Vantzou
No. 3

Classic Kranky material here from Chistina Vantzou’s third record, for which she enlisted a 15-part micro-orchestra. Formerly involved with The Dead Texan, Vantzou here pulls those classical instruments (and several synths) through layer-upon-layer of processing, ending up with a smooth and shiny surface.

Steve Hauschildt
Where All Is Fled

Former glittering Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt’s new solo LP is a typically expansive suite of pieces, pulling in synthesis, field recordings and acoustic instrumentation to form some heady trips. Where All Is Fled wavers between abstraction and melodies, mostly hitting that sweet spot where neither dominates. On Kranky.

The Man Who Died In His Boat

Originally released in 2013, this album was recorded by Liz Harris alongside her best-known work, Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill. It’s in the same stylistic ballpark - ethereal, heavily reverbed electric guitar and vocals with dark and mysterious undercurrents, sometimes swimming into clearer focus when Harris switches to acoustic. Out of print for a while and now back on CD.

Cryptograms & Flourescent Grey

The early days of Deerhunter were spent sinking deep into the psychedelic void, with distorted guitars swirling around Broadcast-inspired rhythmic curiosities. Cryptograms is a mix of cerebral ambient wallpaper and visceral trance dream pop, with the supplementary Fluorescent Grey EP working as arguably their best and most concise work, a perfect marriage of their melodic inclinations and their self-sabotaging fuzz. The messy and crucial band they used to be.

Steve Hauschildt

Steve Hauschildt, formerly of synth-wizards Emeralds, is still going strong as a solo artist: this is his fourth solo record for the ever-excellent Kranky label. Strands is a particularly personal release for Hauschildt, as it engages with aspects of his Cleveland hometown. Expect all the graceful electronic pulsations you’ve come to love, arranged to perfection.

Common Era

Vinyl and CD reissue of Belong's Common Era, the first long player to be released since the celebrated but underexposed October Language. This album retains the fuzzed out ambience but augments the gorgeous, Hecker-esque wooziness with a more song based, shoegaze approach, replete with drums and vocals.

Pan American
A Son

Pan American is Mark Nelson, formerly of post rock group Labradford. A Son is his latest album, built on ideas such as tracking down his origins, looking back rather than forwards. It is inspired by working out how uncomplicated and straightforward music can be and a diverse range of artists such as June Tabor, The Carter Family, Suicide and Jimmy Reed. A Son is a fairly stripped back affair, on which Nelson feels as though he has been as emotional and honest as he can be.

Stars Of The Lid
The Tired Sounds of

Repress of Stars of the Lid’s 2001 neo-classical drone album, The Tired Sounds of. The way this album ebbs and flows is unlike much you’ll hear from music. It has far more in common with waves beating against a shore. The glacial pace of its changes suggest a timelessness. It sounds massive, and I feel.. small.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada EP

Godspeed's most succinct document, Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada consists of two compositions -- one named "Moya", dedicated to one of the band's founding members, which builds around intricate orchestration towards a simple, cathartic climax (hey dudes, it sounds simple, but it's post-rock). "Blaise Bailey Finnegan III" is the talking point though, utilising a chilling monologue to build political unrest ex nihilo. Terrifying and terrifyingly ambiguous, this is arguably the band's best work. Like Mr. Finnegan, we'll leave it at that.

Sketches From New Brighton

Sketches From New Brighton is yet another set of delightful pillowy electronica from the inimitable Loscil (Scott Morgan). Morgan’s blend of downtempo electronics, ambient music and dub techno has influenced artists like Edward and Nicolas Jaar, but when he’s on form there are very few other artists who can craft soundscapes as wintry or as beautiful. And on this, his sixth LP, Morgan is once again on form.


For the twelfth Loscil album, inspiration has been taken from the photography of Alfred Stieglitz. This is a very wise decision, as the silvery shimmer of his cloud and sky photos meet their perfect sonic analogue in the sound of Equivalents, which drifts gorgeously along in classic Loscil / Kranky style.

Jessica Bailiff
Hour Of The Trace

Jessica Bailiff’s second LP Hour Of The Trace was one of Kranky’s early triumphs. Emerging in 1999, this record blends a few variant strains bubbling up in the contemporaneous international underground. Spiritualized’s bliss-rock vistas, Stars Of The Lid’s thousand-yard ambiences, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billie’s acoustic balladry and Animal Collective’s freaksy folksy style all exert pressure on Hour Of The Trace. An enigmatic and excellent album.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
F♯ A♯ ∞

Oooh, now this is a special one… F#A#∞ is the first ever album released by formative post-rock legends Godspeed You! Black Emperor, dating from 1997. The vinyl comes packaged with a coin flattened by being left on a Montreal train track (yes really) and various other trinkets, which adds to the mystery and inscrutable beauty of the music.

Earthen Sea
Grass and Trees

Jacob Long - a man also known as Earthen Sea and someone who looks like Warren Ellis if he’d started out on synths instead of fiddles - returns to Kranky with new LP Grass And Trees. Long states that his aim with these compositions was to simplify and declutter his practice, and that sense of order really benefits this record. The tracks of Grass And Trees pull back from dub techno until only the ambiences remain, kind of like early Nicolas Jaar with even fewer beats.

Tim Hecker

Here is another chance to Hecker. Anoyo emerges from the same sessions as his previous album Konoyo which means it is in collaboration with members of Tokyo Gakuso. Anoyo, however, is a starker album that is described as barren, desolate and skeletal. Music for solitude, a place which is increasingly required in order to get away from this hustle bustle world. 

Benoît Pioulard

An intimate album of warm melodic droning. Benoit Pioulard started the process of making this album by recording unexpectedly musical tones from animal or mechanical sources (eg. extractor fans), and then transposing those sounds to his guitar. Released on almost-identically-priced vinyl and CD by the ever-loved Kranky label.

Grid Of Points

Portland's Liz Harris AKA Grouper is one of only a few artists who consistently melts our collective hearts. Her 'Grid Of Points' album (like her previous record on Kranky, 'Ruins') is more stripped-back than her earlier work, with a greater emphasis on songwriting and delicate piano compositions. What was previously submerged in effects resonates with a newfound clarity; what was previously obscured is foregrounded, offering a clearer window into the heart and mind of the artist and revealing previously unheard details within her meticulously crafted, gorgeous compositions. And yet, there's still enough mystique surrounding her songs and fragile, ghostly, ambient soundscapes to make her work as intriguing as ever.

Tim Hecker

Master sonic architect Tim Hecker returns to Kranky with an album which takes inspiration from conversations with a recently departed buddy. 'Konoyo' was mostly recorded in a Japanese temple just outside Tokyo in collaboration with gagaku ensemble Tokyo Gakuso. Hecker manipulates their source sounds (strings, woodwinds, percussion) and re-shapes and sculpts the raw material into his own vision, focussing on negative space. The resulting sombre mood has a ritual/ceremonial weight - as though he were channelling communications from the great beyond.

Justin Walter
Unseen Forces

Justin Walter plays the EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) ‘wind-synth’ that is mainly seen in the hands of the Sun Ra Arkestra’s Marshall Allen these days. But Unseen Forces doesn’t hide the instrument in a large ensemble: it puts the EVI out there solo, in a set of semi-improvised and sometimes re-sequenced performances. A pretty unique record, out on Kranky.

The Deep End

The Year Zero for Mary Sutton’s debut LP as Saloli was a performance at a clothing-optional soaking-pool sauna. In attempting to make music for people relaxing in hot bubbly water, Sutton came up with these sounds of warm, tranquil beauty. The generative point of The Deep End encourages comparisons with Yamaneko’s Spa Commissions, but the sounds here lean more towards the New Age reissues of Seance Centre. Out via Kranky (Tim Hecker, Dedekind Cut).

Benoît Pioulard
Temper / Precis

The first two albums by Benoit Pioulard, dating from 2006 and 2008 originally, get a nice double LP reissue here from Kranky. Temper and Precis showcase a talent apparently fully-formed already: these homemade-feeling songs, dripping in characterful fuzz and electronic tweaks, immediately draw you in to Benoit’s intimate world. Two albums in one package!
  • Vinyl Double LP (KRANK123LP)
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Benoît Pioulard

Benoît Pioulard may have concentrated a little more on his drifty ambient side in recent years and monumentally gorgeous it is but Lasted was the moment he blended his sonic explorations with glorious songwriting. It has a beautifully autumnal feel as if Jose Gonzales or Elliott Smith had been smothered head to foot in leaves fallen from sycamore trees. A beautiful record. 

Less Bells

The location of Joshua Tree, California is important to Solifuge, the full-length debut by Less Bells. The dichotomy of summer monsoons and starry nights that the desert landscape bring inform the dramatic and desolate qualities of the music. The woman behind the project, Julia Carpenter, made the music by reshaping a classical string piece through a process of cut-ups before transposing the passages for the synthesizer. LP and CD on Kranky.

Tim Hecker
Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again

'Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again' is the debut album from the widely celebrated ambient musician Tim Hecker. It gave the world their first taste of his unique take on the genre, all atmospheric and noisy with hints of off-kilter sounds and drones bubbling underneath. Cascading waves of distortion and throbbing bass ease into lush, harmonious passages. An excellent first record from the ever-reliable musician.


Forma return to Kranky (Grouper, Tim Hecker) for their latest LP. Semblance is another fine record from the Brooklyn group that combines their penchant for minimalist composers like Steve Reich and Jon Gibson with a contemporary modular sensibility. The likes of ‘Three-Two’, while not exactly being techno, have as much pulse and movement as any DJ tool. The trio maintain the control and focus of the best art-music ensembles throughout Semblance. Lovely artwork too.

Christina Vantzou
No. 4

This latest LP from Christina Vantzou is a bit of a love-in. Getting together with Angel Deradoorian, Forma's John Also Bennett, Clarice Jensen and a fair few others, the Belgian composer allowed her collaborators to add or delete parts at will. Surprisingly, the record doesn’t feel cluttered, coming across more as the work of a hive-mind operating under Vantzou’s guiding hand. Tracks like ‘Some Limited And Waning Memory’, for instance, are full of the ambient minimalism and open spaces that characterised her three previous albums.

Tim Hecker
Radio Amor

A new opportunity to experience the earlier work of beloved dronester Tim Hecker with this reissue of his 2003 second album Radio Amor. This one is focused and powerful, with perhaps a little less of the mellow counterpoints to the harshness that we find on later Hecker albums. Must hear stuff if you don’t know it already. On Kranky.

Earthen Sea
An Act Of Love

Earthen Sea is the solo project of Jacob Long, also of the punkish outfit Mi Amo. The music he makes as Earthen Sea however is fairly different, being a form of dub techno that leans so far into ambient music that at times you can just forget about the dancefloor. Big wam sweeps of sound will swallow you up white the 4/4s keep you moving. New album An Act Of Love is released by Kranky.

Tim Hecker

'Mirages' is one of ambient musician and noise thrill-seeker Tim Hecker's earliest works, originally released in 2004. Back in the days of its initial release, Alien8 described the record as a "death metal ambient classic in waiting", which sums up the harsh, often dissonant soundscapes Hecker was interested in making in his early days. This record is glitchy, choppy and above all blunt, an unsentimental take on a musician who has gone on to make some of the most emotive ambient music out there. It's good to be evil sometimes, Tim. You can now grab 'Mirages' from Kranky/Alien8 as part of a lovely reissue initiative. 

Stars Of The Lid
Gravitational Pull vs The Desire for an Aquatic Life

Gravitational Pull vs. the Desire for an Aquatic Life is, I have to say, a pretty fantastically appropriate title for a Stars of the Lid album. Captures the elemental, slow-moving feel of their drone compositions, not to mention their profound beauty. This is their second album, from 1996, on Kranky Records.
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'Ruins' is the newest record by drone folk artist Grouper. Recorded in a house near a lost, deserted village in Portugal, under the usual reclusive conditions that Liz Harris writes music, the record is the closest her project has gotten to capturing actual songs, each performed on a piano and recorded immediately to a 4-track. 'Ruins' finds Harris either performing spectral ballads, fashioned after her ambient leanings, or thrumming on the piano like it's just another part of the natural environment. It's arguably her sparsest record yet -- right down to the incidental recordings of rain and animals chirping -- and the closest the listener will get to hearing Harris' voice upfront.

Dedekind Cut

Named after the mountain lake town he now calls home, 'Tahoe' is electronic producer Fred Welton Warmsley III’s latest journey into immersive and synthetic music taking in pensive mists choral melodies, field recordings and drone pieces taking in both classical and contemporary influences. 

Stars Of The Lid
And Their Refinement Of The Decline

Stars of the Lid's seventh studio album saw a slight hesitation in what appeared to be a progression further into orchestrated ambience. The previous LP's rich, stately tone does make up a lot of the character, but a return to the exploration of non-musical, abstract sonic nuance is where the magic is here, still wonderful in repress.

Stars Of The Lid
The Ballasted Orchestra

Stars Of The Lid’s second (or third depending on how you’re counting) LP gets a timely reissue courtesy of Kranky. The importance of The Ballasted Orchestra continues to grow more than two decades on from its 1997 release. Subsequent milestones such as William Basinski’s The Disintegration Loops and The Caretaker’s An Empty Bliss Beyond This World owe a huge debt to the thousand-yard ambiences here.

MJ Guider
Precious Systems

Influenced by the landscape around her New Orleans home, Melissa Guion has made a record of pastoral drifting electronic haze that coupled with her dream like, affected voice makes the whole thing sit somewhere between Grouper and early Cocteau Twins. Therefore she is almost the perfect artist for Kranky. On initial listen this has something to suggest that it could have lasting appeal to fans of rural psychedelics.  


Anjou is born from the ashes of Virginia's staple post-rock band Labradford, bringing together guitarist and singing man Mark Nelson with bassist Robert Donne for their first collaboration in a good minute. With Labradford all but disbanded, 'Anjou' is a good chance as any to recreate their magic, bringing together stunning ambient textures with a conflicting dose of noise. They're joined by Steven Hess, who has helped feel the noise for Fennesz, as well as Nelson's seminal instrumental project Pan•American. 


Slowed, ethereal and majestic debut album from Stockholm’s Demen. A solo project by Irma Orm, who is a person of few words and leaves the music to speak for itself. Standing somewhere between The Haxan Cloak, Julianna Barwick and oOoOO, Orm’s debut full length pushes to near overbearing tone, with ringing somber chords.

First Narrows

First Narrows was the third Loscil album to be released and, now over a decade old, it certainly deserves its first outing on wax. The album is a wonderfully polite work of gentle computer sound, processed acoustic instruments and beats that are alarmingly hypnotic, perfect for drives, late nights and subdued social happenings. Check out “Sickbay” for a great case in point, which wraps layers of soothing, wide pads over skittering rhythms and soft syncopations of smokey keys. Lush.


Anjou are of course two thirds of legendary ambient post-rockers Labradford and under this unassuming moniker are free to tinker with their vaporous soundscapes consisting of the two 's's - synths and space. This is their second album following on from their well received self titled debut. Expect lots of sonorous, liquid compositions from these masters at work.  

High Plains

Collaborative project between classically trained cellist Mark Bridges and Scott Morgan (probably better known as his solo moniker Loscil or as the drummer and saxophonist for Destroyer). Since working together on an endless generative music app in 2015 a future project was looming, in the form of High Plains, 9 tracks of low level neo-classical pieces blending cello, electronics and field recordings.

Benoît Pioulard

The second LP from Benoit Pioulard arrives via Kranky (Brian McBride, Tim Hecker). As it was on 2006’s Précis, so it is again with Temper. This is another set that blends the electronic and the acoustic into tracks of quiet feeling and gentle motion. Think Panda Bear but if he had been in, like, The Postal Service instead of Animal Collective.

Steve Hauschildt

Sequitur was the second solo album from Emeralds synth botherer Steve Hauschildt. Using just synths, drum machines and effects the musician carved out a much wider scope of sound than on his solo debut Tragedy & Geometry. The result is a lush and evocative work on which Hauschildt uses his machines to pack an emotional punch. His music is very much always gorgeous and Sequitur is one of his best.  

Monument Builders

Drummer and saxophonist for Destroyer but If you haven’t heard any of Loscil’s 12 albums this is as good a place as any to start. Warm synthesis, subtle dubby chords meet field sampling in an ambient space-capturing setting, a sense of place and the grandeur within it. Droney, but so very musical.  

Triple Point

Normanology 101: In the world of science, the ‘triple point’ is the moment at which a material is in flux between its vapour, liquid and solid states. The term proves to be an apt title for Loscil’s 2001 debut LP, a record in which sounds slip-slide around and textures come with soft edges. The micro-house of Jan Jelinek, Boards Of Canada-aping electronica and a dubby ambient style that prefigures Jay Glass Dubs are all to be found drifting across Triple Point. This record was the first to emerge from Loscil’s fruitful partnership with Kranky.

Stars Of the Lid/ Jon Mccafferty
Per Aspera Ad Astra

Per Aspera Ad Astra, the collaborative record between ambient composers Stars Of The Lid and abstract painter Jon McCafferty, is just as magical a listen now as it was back in 1998 when Kranky first released it. Come to think of it, this is probably why Per Aspera Ad Astra’s been given a reissue. The Texan duo worked on this music as McCafferty painted in the same studio, with each responding to the other as they went. It makes for some of the group’s most inspired music - The Caretaker and William Basinski were probably paying attention to this thing the first time around.

Benoît Pioulard
The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter

On his sixth release for Kranky Benoît Pioulard weaves delicate candyfloss pop melodies through a hazy wooden shack in the sun setting. Reflective and at peace pop songs that let you just take a minute for yourself. Delicately plucked guitars and satisfyingly found sound-like percussion takes you away from it all.


New one on Kranky looks, from the outside, somewhere between a new Pallbearer record and some psych venture -- in reality it's an ambient behemoth, sprawling its Kosmische excursions over a double album that sounds like Harold Budd partnering up with Steve Hauschildt in a three-legged drone race. On this record Forma add artist and musician John Also Bennett to their roster, who most recently offered up a remix for Christina Vantzou's latest record. This record is a tale of two stories, choosing to build a bridge between modular experiments and neo-classical composition. Less techno, more thoughtful slumber.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven

Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s excellent second album, first released back in 2000. Awing in its scope and ambition, and uniquely optimistic and joyful within the band’s discography. I’ll never forget when I first heard the trumpets creeping in during ‘Storm’, or on ‘Sleep’ where a New Yorker fondly remembers Coney Island at its peak. Truly special.
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Scott Morgan’s fourth Loscil album Plume took a different approach to previous efforts, using harmonic roots as a platform for live improvisation in the studio, with editing kept to a minimum. The ambient drone/electronica that Morgan deals in swells and recedes slowly throughout and proves itself adaptable to change. 

Christopher Bissonnette
Pitch, Paper & Foil

Christopher Bissonnette patches in his analogue synthesiser once more for this new outing on Kranky. While plenty have been tutting about ‘peak modular’ recently, with Pitch, Paper & Foil Bissonnette shows that a clear vision and tight control can achieve wonder without going bleep-mad.

Ken Camden
Dream Memory

Kranky continues to pedal its alternative lullaby lifestyle with Dream Memory, a beguiling abstraction of guitar norms by Ken Camden, who attempts to bring together the disparate timbres of guitar and synth. This records alien technological drone is offered estranged vocal flourishes by Angel Olsen and Emily Elhaj, though their voices are processed to the point of algorithm, so don't seek them out.


Reverb-heavy slowness from Bay Area lifers Valet. A collaboration between Honey Owens, Fauria and Mark Burden, Nature is a shimmering shoegazey effort that’s as expansive as it is organic in sound. Fans of the My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive revivalist aesthetic take note. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Kranky.


Some deep meditations from Disappears. Irreal is the new full length from the Chicago group. This record is brimming with undertones of angst and frustration just waiting to boil over. Spanning a lot of influences, it evokes elements of Krautrock, trip-hop and electronic dance music done with a live band. "Another Thought" sounds like a Massive Attack vocal meets Soulwax synths with some tribal rhythms. Pick it up on vinyl LP and CD from Kranky.

Sea Island

A vital cog and immortal player in Vancouver's alternative music scene -- having played drums  for Dan Bejar's Destroyer while also making an endless slew of ambient works -- Scott Morgan is better known as Loscil. 'Sea Island' is a new record of sorts, collecting loose but original material Morgan has made over the last two years. Some of these pieces were composed with spare studio time, while many of them began life as live works. 'Sea Island' proves Morgan to be a master of synthesising electronic drones with an acoustic discipline -- Kranky, innit?

Christina Vantzou

Christina Vantzou has worked as a visual artist alongside Stars of the Lid and the Dead Texan (where she contributes as a musician also). but makes potent ambient through the orchestral process as well. No. 1 is her first solo record, a collection made on synth and transposed by the Magik Orchestra into an acoustic incarnation. Lots of strings; lots of heart-strings.

Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker’s 2012 album Virgins found the ambient wunderkind working with live ensembles and acoustic instruments more than previously, and also has a lofty, quasi-spiritual sense to it. Those instruments are sometimes clearly distinguishable, and sometimes smeared and abstracted by digital processes, just the way Tim likes them. On Kranky.

Recurring Dream

Recurring Dream, the new LP from Chicago band Implodes, is a monolithic listen. Across the eleven tracks here the band tap into all of the most grandiose rock genres. Black metal, shoegaze, noise and even a little John Carpenter-flavoured industronica each have a big part to play. It’s not dissimilar to Tool and Sikth.

Things We Lost In The Fire

On Low albums, the heart flutters and then stops altogether, the hushed harmonies of Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker slowing into nothingness -- whether over delicate strums or ascendent and doomy rock fanfare. Things We Lost In the Fire is arguably the band's opus, offering each iteration of their sound at its most emotional devastating.

Tim Hecker
Harmony In Ultraviolet

Harmony In Ultraviolet still sounds out as one of Tim Hecker’s finest achievements: a particularly grand and coherent suite that shifts seamlessly between sparse drone and shuddering noise. One of the immersive greats of the 2010’s, this is an album you can really allow to carry you off. Available from Kranky.

Tim Hecker
An Imaginary Country

A 2009 example of the very fine work of Tim Hecker. An Imaginary Country is the album wherein Tim explicitly set out to conjure up the impression of a whole landscape using his washes of sound, and he pretty much nails it: this country is definitely one I’d like to visit. Colourful and bright and lush abstract electronic music, on Kranky.

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