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The Cradle
Bag Of Holding

What a fine collection of bric-a-brac: bones, miscellaneous netting and shards of rusty metal. What more could you ever ask for? Bag Of Holding is the latest release from The Cradle. Here are nine tracks glued together with all manor of musical elements from pop to orchestral. Available on vinyl LP and released on NNA Tapes. 
  • Vinyl LP (NNA114LP)
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Booker Stardrum
Temporary etc.

NNA Tapes (Kalbells, Matthewdavid’s Mindflight) drop a record of intriguing percussion experiments from Booker Stardrum. Having spent time thumping tubs for artists such as Lee Ranaldo and Weyes Blood, Temporary Etc. sees Stardrum taking flight from behind his kit. His loping beats - somewhere between ?uestlove and Eli Keszler - are augment by dreamy synth textures and ambient drones. Lovely stuff.
  • Vinyl LP (NNA116LELP)

Lea Bertucci
Metal Aether

NNA Tapes (Matthewdavid, Kalbells) reunite with Lea Bertucci for the NYC composer/performer’s latest LP. The four tracks of Metal Aether run the gauntlet of contemporary classical techniques while demonstrating the composer’s command of whatever she turns her hand to. Beginning with the busy, Steve Reich-indebted woodwind work of ‘Patterns For Alto’, the record hinges on its two lengthy middle sections. ‘Accumulations’ is a thirteen minute mish-mash of humming chamber instruments and a screeching violin anti-solo, while the drones of ‘Sustain And Dissolve’ do as the title says. Things close out with the distorted dawn chorus of ‘At Dawn’.

Strange Paradise

On Strange Paradise, Tigue, who are loosely described as a percussion trio, utilise drums, vibraphones, gongs, synths and other found items that make interesting sounds to create a soundscape that changes subtly in tone and rhythm as each musician reacts to one another’s actions. LP on NNA Tapes.
  • Vinyl LP (NNA112LP)

Nate Young
Blinding Confusion

  • Vinyl LP (NNA059)
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Erica Eso
129 Dreamless GMG

NNA Tapes (Matthewdavid, Anthony Child) front the new LP from Brooklyn ‘microtonal pop’ group Erica Eso. While there are numbers in which the five-piece explore the tones between the tones - the Perfume Genius-meets-Kid A ‘Mirror Stage’ tracks and close-harmony take ‘Vaccination Free’, for instance - there are also tracks here that could pass for new Frank Ocean material. Or tUnE-yArDs at least. ‘Gun-Metal Grey’ and ‘Fire Is The Mouth’, we’re looking at you.

Special Forces

NNA Tapes (Birthing Hips, Matthewdavid’s Mindflight) team up with sonic collagist Ahnnu for the first time since 2013’s Battered Sphinx. It’s another album of sequencing explorations from the LA whizz, with found sounds, faraway ambiences and art-music techniques combining to form a record of curiosity and beauty. Click through if you’ve enjoyed recent stuff by Yves Tumor.
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  • NNA Tapes

Ryan Power
They Sell Doomsday

Ryan Power has been quietly getting of with creating meticulously detailed music for several years now. Hailing from Burlington in Vermont, the songwriter, producer and "musician's musician" has built a reputation for well-crafted music and creative lyrics over seven albums. They Sell Doomsday references but expands upon the reach of his previous work making it his most ambitious album to date.
  • Vinyl Double LP (NNA104LP)
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  • CD (NNA104CD)

Ten Flowers

Kalbells is Kalmia Traver of Rubblebucket, working solo for the first time. Ten Flowers is a kaleidoscopic suite of playful and colourful electronics, dotted with percussions and field recordings and, of course, Kalmia’s voice, which weaves itself all around and about. Released by NNA Tapes, although it isn’t available on tape: only CD and LP editions!
  • Vinyl LP (NNA101LP)

Tredici Bacci
Amore Per Tutti

Tredici Bacci is the ensemble of Simon Hanes, indulging his deep love for the old soundtrack sounds of the great 70’s Italian studios. Amore Per Tutti is a set of cool high-drama big band music to accompany imaginary films. Released by NNA Tapes, though on vinyl rather than the label’s usual cassettes.
  • Vinyl LP (NNA095LP)

Battle Trance
Blade of Love

Four tenor saxes! Four! That's how Battle Trance get things going. In 2014 they did Palace of Wind and with very visceral malice knocked us all off of our seats, and Blade of Love, with its breathing and squeezing and often actual playing, continues to show how this quartet have developed their very physical relationship with their instruments. They often eschew the traditional ways of playing in favour of making sounds that relate to the real world -- those that can rarely be heard in standard musical idioms.

AJ Cornell & Tim Darcy
Too Significant To Ignore

Exciting stuff here, as Tim Darcy, the lithe frontman of Ought, teams up with improviser AJ Cornell for a tape of abstract atmospheres and paranoid spoken word. This is the kind of experimentation we’d like to see more indie names getting involved with: it is very interesting to hear Darcy’s lyrical observations in such a different context. Too Significant To Ignore is released by NNA Tapes.
  • Tape (NNA089CS)

Qasim Naqvi

Qasim Naqvi plays drums in the band Dawn of MIDI, but here he strikes out solo for a release on the generally excellent NNA Tapes. Preamble shows off a more compositional side, using plenty more than just percussion. And apparently, NNA are issuing CDs now as well, for those of you who scorn the cassette.
  • CD (NNA084CD)

Ornate Circular

Wanda Group returns with Ornate Circular, a dense slab of field recordings and tape manipulation from this prolific artist. On this cassette for NNA Tapes, DIY musique concrete and lo-fi drone is filtered through Louis Johnstone’s unique perspective and wry sense of humour. Wanda Group samples everything from radio interference to signal processing, and then twists it up until there’s nothing left.

Olivia Block
Aberration Of Light

Olivia Block, experimental composer extraordinaire, gives us a distilled audio-only version of a gallery installation she recently presented. Aberration Of Light carefully leads us up the pathway from silence to a deep, all-encompassing electroacoustic drone over the course of half an hour. Cassette from NNA Tapes.


Following a period of solo exploration, trip metal pioneer Drainolith (Aids Wolf, Dan’l Boone) follows his 2012 LP  ‘Fighting’ with this latest release ‘Hysteria’. Created over two years, in various studios with the help of producers ‘Boone brothers Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and Neil Hagerty (Royal Trux), ‘Hysteria’ moves into even more weird territory with fuzzed out blues guitar, a plethora of erratic electronics and disorientating percussion with a streak of 80’s death metal influence.

Guerilla Toss
Gay Disco

Imagine a band called Guerilla Toss who have released on the likes of Tzadik and Digitalis. Yup that’s what they sound like. Gay Disco is a chaotic, skronk-jazz, surrealist attack from all angles. It’s joyously angular and bubbling over with hyperactive energy. Loud, raw and unpredictable - for fans of not knowing what the hell is going on. Out on vinyl LP from NNA Tapes.

Blanche Blanche Blanche
Wooden Ball

  • Vinyl LP (NNA055)
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Oneohtrix Point Never / Rene Hell

Freddy Ruppert

Eli Keszler/ Keith Fullerton Whitman

Ryan Power
I Don't Want To Die

  • Vinyl LP (NNA044)
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Diamond Catalog
Magnified Palette

  • Vinyl LP (NNA032)
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Caboladies / Oneohtrix Point Never