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Amusement Parks On Fire
All The New Ends

After plenty of time away - their last LP was released way back in 2010 - Nottingham art-grungers Amusement Parks On Fire have returned to the fray recently. All The New Ends...view item »

For Against
Mason’s California Lunchroom

Mason’s California Lunchroom was For Against’s second album for the Rainbow Quartz label, their fourth album in all. It was originally released in 1995. The band, who hail from Lincoln, Nabraska, moulded their darkwave sound through being influenced by a lot of independent British music that was around in the early &...view item »

For Against

US post punk band For Against returned to the fold in 1993 after a five year hiatus with their third album, Aperture. Following in the footsteps of bands signed to Factory and 4AD, it could be argued that their take on darkwave foreshadowed bands such as Interpol. Reissue LP and digipak CD on Saint Marie....view item »

For Against
Shelf Life

Pioneering darkwave/post-punk band, For Against, have been plying their trade on-and-off since 1984. Shelf Life was their 5th album and was originally released in 1997. They take their influences from early 4AD and Factory bands which was odd for a band from midwest USA at the time. Reissue LP and digipak CD on Saint Marie....view item »

Presents For Sally
Colours & Changes

Presents For Sally are a band much enamoured with slightly lo-fi production, jangly indie, and the aesthetics of shoegaze. Their second record, Colours & Changes, presents their most developed work yet, with each track pulling together a host of instruments and voices to make satisfyingly-textured indie rock / pop. ...view item »

Amusement Parks On Fire
Our Goal To Realise

It has been almost a decade since Amusement Parks on Fire have released anything; now they are back with a single that is brilliantly constructed. Shoegaze saturation and a clever use of meter help it sit above the music of their peers, and the sense of nostalgic, summery Ash-like pop rock is there, in buckets, ...view item »

Static Waves 6

Texas based shoegaze/dreampop label Saint Marie Records release their sixth installment of their Static Waves series. Bringing tracks covering the length and breadth of their roster from previous releases, but most importantly, 15 of the 22 tracks are previously unreleased, including tracks from Loveblind, Stati...view item »

Amusement Parks On Fire
Road Eyes (Deluxe)

Amusement Parks on Fire: a post-rock band so good at doing shoegaze they got accused of ripping off Dino. Jr that one time. In actual fact they just know a good chord progression when it rings in their ear, so we can forgive them for that. Here's a deluxe reissue of Road Eyes for all who want ...view item »

Dark Matter

Since 2007 ex-Curve member Dean Garcia has been ploughing a shoegaze furrow with SPC ECO. Icy electronic textures and loping beats give knowing nods to Massive Attack, whilst Rose Berlin’s heavily autotuned vocals provide Dark Matter with a suitably emotionless overlay. Out on CD and vinyl from Saint Marie....view item »

Lotte Kestner
Off White

Anna-Lynne Williams was the singer in US dream-pop band Trespassers William and has previously worked with the Chemical Brothers. Now she records under the moniker of Lotte Kestner. Musically she can be likened to Aimee Mann fronting Talk Talk or The Red...view item »
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Trespassers William

Slow team Trespassers William reissue one of their many requiems just in time for RSD: 'Anchor' is early days for the band, back when they were teens trying to one up Slint in the race for prodigal indie rock talent. These tracks see the band begin to traverse their twin sounds: wide-open ambient 'scapes and plain but plaintive indie pop so...view item »

Mark Van Hoen

You may remember Mark van Hoen from such experimental electronics projects as Seefeel and The Locust, or from. On Nightvision though, he returns to solo work to follow up on rec...view item »

Secret Shine
Singles 1992-1994

Secret Shine were a Bristol band who had the (mis) fortune to be signed to Sarah Records. Although this got them a ready made audience it also made folks overlook that they were a quite hefty shoegaze band and not all that twee. This collection rounds up  the Greater Than God EP and Ephemeral and ...view item »

The Sand Collector's Dream

A ten track release from the really really sad (apparently) US based band Carta. Their fourth record that makes you want to think about every little thing you've ever said or done to anybody and apologise with your hearts' greatest meaning. The Sand Collector's Dream is available on Vinyl LP and is released on Saint Mar...view item »

When The Sun Hits
Immersed Within Your Eyes

Nottingham band When The Sun Hits make huge sounding songs. Over the six tracks on their new EP, Immersed Within Your Eyes, they dabble with early-Verve style swells, gaze at their shoes and link stuff together with ambient passages akin to that of Seefeel or early Aphex Twin. B...view item »

Crash City Saints
Are You Free?

Michigan based Crash City Saints return for their second full length seven years after their debut. Are You Free plays out like energised shoegaze, think My Bloody Valentine meets The Smashing Pumpkins in a catchy down-beat fashion. Features a guest appearance by Simon Raymonde...view item »

Children of the Stones
The Stars & The Silence

Children Of The Stones are somewhat of an indie supergroup. Led by Mark Van Hoen (Black Hearted Brother, Seefeel), the band features former Slowdive and Mojave 3 man, Neil Halstead on guitar, Rachel Davies of Esben & The Witch, Martin M...view item »
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Snow In Mexico
Juno Beach

Renowned for their deep mixes, Italian producers Snow in Mexico are showcasing their compositional qualities once again. On their third release Juno Beaches, the two are displaying the near infinite possibilities of the Roland Juno synthesizer. This release is limited to 250 pressings, so don't sleep on it!...view item »

Patrik Torsson
At The Line of The Border

Yawn..........from the press release comes this little gem, "vocals were laid down while sitting half-folded in an armchair". God does it sound like it. Music doesn't come more stupified than this. Come on lad, get up out of the chair! Not half way out of the chair, all the way out of the chair! Sing like you mean it, not like you're mut...view item »

Piano Magic

2016 finally marks the rebirth of Piano Magic’s seminal album Disaffected on vinyl. Moving from strictly post-rock oriented songs, the band changed it directions towards a more poppy sounds. Passing under the UK radar but gathering significant attention in continental Europe, Disaffected was somewhat of a cult hit...view item »
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Under The Milkyway... Who Cares

Formed by Dark Orange’s Dirk Ritter, Seasurfer take dreampop and add a (post)punk grit and drive to it. Resulting in a washed out My Bloody Valentine meets Placebo where the guitars are barely audible under so much reverb and delay they become glorious dro...view item »

Secret Shine
There Is Only Now

Secret Shine existed in an usual place during their early years  - a shoegaze band on Sarah Records. Therefore they were obviously ignored by the mainstream press but were a little too noisy for Another Sunny Day fans. Now is probably the ideal time for them to return as everyone is no...view item »

Sleep To Dream

Sleep To Dream started getting made in the early 2000s, but difficult band stuff meant that Whimsical dissolved before it was completed… Until now! The reformed band have recently returned to the lost record, taking original parts and rounding them out with brand new recordings, with lovely classic indie-pop resu...view item »
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Static Waves 5

The 5th compilation released by Saint Marie records, showcasing the breadth of their dreampop and shoegaze love affair, covering all aspects of the genres and the diversity within it. 17 tracks, 13 of which are previously unreleased, including tracks from Seasurfer, Bloody Knives, Resplandor, an...view item »

The Bilinda Butchers
Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams

Naming yourself after the My Bloody Valentine guitarist pretty much tells listeners all they need to know and in the case of this San Franciscan trio it would be pretty accurate. They play homage to the great and good of '80s indie music from C86 to proto-shoegaze with a string of charmingly fey tunes but they add a fe...view item »
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It’s great when you hear trip-hop done well, filling the gaps left by Massive Attack et al. SPC ECO (Pronounced Space Echo) do it with feverish charm, and don’t miss a beat. Whilst you are tempted to say ”Hello again 1997 era Portishead, always a pleasure.” they do breath...view item »


Top notch shoegaze from the fellow who formed the excellent loveliescrushing and the bizarre Astrobrite. This was originally released in 2007 when the last thing that would get you any notice was to be a shoegaze band. However now it's ok again a lot of this stuff is being re-issued and piped out to a rabid gang...view item »
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Jeff Runnings
Primitives and Smalls

Jeff Runnings is usually busy working with his group For Against, but he’s taken some time out to make his solo debut under his own name, Primitives and Smalls. Shiny synth-pop with an 80’s feel is the name of the game, and Runnings is a pro at it. The album is released by S...view item »
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The High Violets
Heroes and Halos

The High Violets have many years of dreampop experience (this is their fifth album), meaning that they can be truly relied upon to provide that special woozy feeling to the listener. Heroes And Halos has learned all the lessons of shoegaze, and marries them to proper pop structures. CDs and a limited edition of 250 viny...view item »

Bloody Knives
I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This

Bloody Knives are an intense proposition, producing what might be considered to be shoegaze via a noise-rock approach. The soundfield is saturated with layers of distorted guitars, delicate vocals floating in the middle. But too much filth is laden on for bliss-out relaxation to be an option. I Will Cut Your Heart Out For Th...view item »

Static Waves Volume 4

Saint Marie Records present their fourth annual Static Waves compilation to date, again pooling an impressive quantity of material only from the label’s roster. Most of the 33 tracks here are previously unreleased, so fans of artists like Static Daydream, Bloody Knives and Orange ...view item »

Secret Shine

A slice of classic shoegaze gets the reissue treatment on Saint Marie. 1993’s Untouched saw Bristol’s Secret Shine in full swing, effects pedals blazing. Their first and last album originally out on the legendary Sarah Records boasts a crateful of pop hooks all lovingly wrapped up in MBV soundscapes. Ou...view item »

Lotte Kestner
The Bluebird Of Happiness

Lotte Kestner’s 2013 album The Bluebird Of Happiness is getting a well-deserved reissue on Saint Marie. This is a beautiful, subtle thing, the kind of record you might find tucked away in a small forest nook. First ever outing on vinyl for this album, pressed to the heavyweight 180g stuff for good measure....view item »
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Spotlight Kid
Ten Thousand Hours

Cool cover art on this one. Cool music too from Spotlight Kid who bring us Ten Thousand Hours. The title gives it away to be an expansive, building and crashing shoegaze album in the style of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. The drifting female vocals give a feeling of Slowdive...view item »

Static Daydream
Static Daydream

Static Daydream’s eponymous debut contains 11 tracks of noise-pop that are drenched in reverb and distortion with catchy hooks. Static Daydream are a duo made up of ex-Skywave and Ceremony founding member Paul Baker and his girlfriend Jamie Casey. Static Daydream ...view item »
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Presents For Sally

Take a deep breath of the 90’s air and put on this new 7” from Presents For Sally, who seem to have arrived fully formed from the early part of that decade. They really seem to have nailed the indie-pop-rock production touches of the era, and are pretty competent with it too. Wishawaytoday is released by Sai...view item »
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Wrapped In Plastic

The credits for this album list each member of Blindness as playing their ‘proper’ instruments (vocals, bass, guitar), but each is also credited with ‘noise’. This bodes well. Wrapped In Plastic is a record of bright electro pop swathed in shoegaze atmospherics and driven by stern drum machines. ...view item »
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Girls, Be Serious (three of three)

Girls, Be Serious (Two Of Three) is a fresh missive from atmospheric group Elika. The feel of the sound is that everything has a little cloud of reverb around it, meaning that only the drum machine feels like it can be held onto. This is no bad thing: the vocals, synths and guitars swirl together into a pleasing sonic m...view item »
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Bloody Knives
Death EP

How you get 6 tracks onto a seven inch record is mind boggling but Austin’s Bloody Knives have managed to squash these tracks into this their third EP out on Saint Marie Records, they blend a strange concoction of high energy synth rave with soft floating shoegaze vocals. Opening track ‘Nothing Can Save You Now’ hits yo...view item »
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The Cherry Wave

There’s something a little special about Scottish bands. It could be something in the water or whiskey but Glasgow’s The Cherry Wave have got it. On the face of it a simple slice of shoegaze, Avalancher soon reveals itself as a multi-layered animal of catchy, reverb drenched wigouts with just the right amoun...view item »
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The Millia Pink & Green

A bag of mushed up pears from Sway. The Millia Pink & Green was originally released in 2003 and sounds like they couldn't wait for Loveless Part 2, so they had a go at it themselves. Wall of sounds guitar production, blissed-out incomprehensible vocals and the straight drums aren't exactly that original but they giv...view item »
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A backwards looking release from shoegaze-inspired electro-MOR band Echodrone. Five sounds like Slowdive playing Depeche Mode covers underwater. It’s a little bit like a dreampop Smashing Pumpkins at times thanks to the swirling, distorted guitars and ethereal vocals. Out on CD from Saint Marie....view item »

Dive In

Energetic dreampop/punk from Seasurfer who are apparently German. You’d never tell from the vocalist who has a punchy American voice which cuts through plummeting guitar and some crazy drumming. It’s mostly loud and fun. 180g vinyl on a translucent blue with red splatter vinyl -- sounds good to me. ...view item »
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Static Waves 3

A soft meringue from a previous life materializes upon listening to Static Waves 3. Another compilation in the series which carries on with the 80's/90's renaissance. Full of dreamy-eyed bands following in the foot steps of My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Silversun Pickups general 80's pop sounds. Also there is a load of ...view item »
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Blind Mr. Jones
Tatooine (20th Anniversary Edition)

Escaping the peak of shoegaze and the attendant cliches, Blind Mr. Jones’ Tatooine arrives on CD as well as vinyl for the first time. A great mix of swirling melodies and chiming guitar lines, Blind Mr. Jones wrote songs as weightless and memorable as more well known shoegazers and they’ve got a flautist for...view item »
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Orange Yellow Red
A Rose Made Of Galaxies

The debut album of Orange Yellow Red, A Rose Made of Galaxies is a nice slice of pop, drizzled with a bit of shoegaze in places from the lead singer’s vocals and all that fuzzy guitar which swirls around -- a bit like bands such as Lush or Curve. However for the main part ...view item »

We Need Secrets
Melancholy & The Archive

'Melancholy & The Archive', the debut by Canadian shoegazers We Need Secrets, immediately recalls a myriad bands who liked drowning their tunes in that thing we call fuzz: the string bends on 'Melancholy' recall My Bloody Valentine, the happy melodies bring back the romantic pop Eric's Trip, and you can fill in the rest with your lo-fi indie...view item »
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The Last King Of England
The Last King Of England

I was not convinced with his Scottish accent in The Last King of Scotland, but I'm trying to keep an open mind about how Forest Whitaker will approach the English accent in the upcoming The Last King of England. What do you mean this has nothing to do with him and it's some sort of ghostly bedroom synthpop? I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talkin...view item »
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The History Of Colour TV
When Shapes Of Spilt Blood Spelt Love

Textured, layered soundscapes from The History Of Colour TV. Clear vocals are offset by fuzzy guitar, synths and strong drums. Very shoegaze, very nineties with a contemporary edge. Songs meander, bringing in genres which seem at odds with the sound but which sit beautifully with the feel of the track. Great for fans of early Bo...view item »
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Young Boy
Other Summers

The brilliant Saint Marie Records releases the debut album from Young Boy, ‘Other Summers’ is the brainchild of half brothers Alesandro Baris and Joseph Desler Costa of L’Altra fame and one formed over a long distance partnership between Italy and the US. Its sound lies somewhere between dream pop and eighties ...view item »
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Lilies On Mars
Dot To Dot

Flowing through various dream states with Lilies On Mars. Dot To Dot is the third album from the female duo. This one is full of psychy organs, spacey and melodic synths, tripped out vocalisations and a mixture of organic and programmed drums. Think Broadcast, Beach House and the good stuff. Out on C...view item »
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Blackstone Rngrs

Some far off & out vibes from Blackstone Rngers. Descendent is the new six tracker from the Texas group. This one is as dreamlike as it gets with the softly wailing vocals, no nonsense drums n machines and a mixture of synthesisers and guitars which both combine to creative vast walls of fuzzy no...view item »
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Saint Marie / Static Waves

Niels Nielsen
Welcome To The Promising Land of Hi5ers and Hopeless People

Russell Crowe is Niels Nielsen... he's got it all... a recording contract... cool friends.. .he's a man on the up... but a change of events will change his world... forever... when nothing is what it seems... when you don't know who to trust... you've got no one to turn to... you need a bastion in a sea of darkness... this summer Niels Nielsen w...view item »