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Young Guv
2 Sad 2 Funk

The loveable scamps at Glasgow’s Night School (Happy Meals, Julia Holter) have locked down the latest LP from Young Guv. The Canadian artist has about a decade of releases under his belt at this point, but 2 Sad 2 Funk ranks among his best. Channelling Tor...view item »

The Space Lady
The Space Lady's Greatest Hits

Remarkable collection of songs from a lady who wandered the streets of San Francisco in the late 70s doing oddball covers and spreading peace and love. The theft of her accordion led her to replace it with a then state-of-the-art Casio keyboard which created an incredibly contemporary retro-futurist sound that recalls ...view item »

Aluminum Garage

Cleveland native James Donadio – also bravely known as Prostitutes – is back with 'Aluminium Garage', a thrilling EP that staggers joyfully between mid-tempo, early electro jams and modern techno. This is a multi-layered record, complete with sub-heavy kicks, blasts of bongo and deliciously warped piano chords. ...view item »

Cucina Povera

I once referred to this as 'sound art'. Will I be referring to it after I have listened to the record all the way through? We shall see. The record starts with the track 'Demetra' and it really is just a collection of soothing and soft vocal noises over, well, soothing and soft music. The rest of the record pretty much follows suit. It can almos...view item »

The Modern Institute
The Modern Institute

Members of Golden Teacher collab with some guy called James Stephen Wright on this clear plastic record to attempt to subvert the middle class art world and it’s pompous chin-stroking and performance rituals. Maybe they’re talking about the jazz night at Seven Arts in Chapel Allerton, Leeds’...view item »

Happy Meals
Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice is a shimmering record of fun-time synth-pop bounce, from Glasgow pop duo Happy  Meals. As well as making the music, the band have also been busily working away on making the actual physical albums: the whole edition of 500 LPs have been hand-painted in a rich marbled style by Happy Meals...view item »

Molly Nilsson
Follow The Light

Each and every Molly Nilsson record to date has been presented with an album cover of sparse and curious shapes shaded only in black and white. Not to get all self-righteously obvious about it all, but it’s a good summary of the music she makes. A skewed indie pop that’s far and away better than anything ...view item »

Happy Meals

Happy Meals are a musical and romantic partnership from Glasgow who have casually stuck out this really enjoyable mini album on the consistently fine Night School. Not Night People. I often get the two muddled together. 'Apero' begins with a blissed slice of analogue dream-pop and disco that straddles the posts between the dubby star gaz...view item »

Higher Moment / Amnesia

AMOR is the Glaswegian live disco group that most notably (surprisingly?) features Richard Youngs, with the rest of the outfit being made up of Luke Fowler, Paul Thomson...view item »

Person L

After a number of releases on Moniker, Dania Luck moves her Stacian project over to Night School for the second full length. Mixing coldwave, John Carpenter atmospherics and cold dystopian electronics with a huge sense of digital disconnection, Person L touches on an off-kilter game sou...view item »

Molly Nilsson

Single contains two entirely exclusive new songs from Molly Nilsson, everyone’s favourite Swedish indie-synth-pop singer. These songs deal head-on with love and its consequences, via Nilsson’s much-loved cool and downbeat sound. Released in a limited edition of 800 7”s, each housed in ...view item »

Bomber Jackets
Centurion Travel EP

Curious little lad, this one. Totally loving the riso printed Bill Kouligas sleeve art (he’s the dude who does all those sexy Pan sleeves) with smartly dressed people clambering over geometric shapes in redscale. As for the musi...view item »

Molly Nilsson

Sunshine in black and white. That’s what Molly Nilsson’s music tends to sound like to me; bright, beaming and full of colour, I imagine her downtempo pop songs to be disguising a whole spectrum of the rainbow behind the gray scale. ‘Imaginations’, her new record for Night School, makes few upgrades on her signature sound,...view item »

Ela Orleans
Circles Of Upper and Lower Hell

This is a record so monolithic and burdened by context that I’m afraid the google doc I’m typing into is going to become my purgatory. Ela Orleans is a Norman favourite, of course -- her deeply felt and emotively gothic pop music has been creeping in and out of this office for many a year, and so ‘Circles of Upper and Lower Hel...view item »

Rose McDowall
Cut With The Cake Knife

Rose McDowall was a member of much-loved indie darlings Strawberry Switchblade, and Cut With A Cake Knife compiles songs that were originally intended for that group's second album. Instead, McDowall recorded them herself over 1988 and 1989. Lovely and bright indie pop from a...view item »

CC Dust
CC Dust

This lot are from Olympia, Washington but just as easily could be from 1982 West Germany. They play an 80s referencing style of synth pop which also uses bass and guitar in order to give it a bit of rock pump. Singer Maryjane Dunpheis a growler so she too adds a Bonnie Tyler-esque rock edge to the opening ...view item »

CC Dust
Shinkansen No. 1 / New Ways

It's like Savages covering Gary Numan if such a thing could be imagined. Wobbly synths pulsing bass lines and words slung out by the sort of woman who would probably rip my head off if she saw the review I slopped out of their previous 12". Out of the two tracks I probably like 'New ...view item »

The Flexibles
Pink Everything

Nothing that Richard Youngs does should really surprise us so it’s par for the course that he’s formed a band with his pre-teen son Sorley who has apparently written ‘most’ of this debut album. Listening to the opening ‘Pink Everything’ I’m reminded of my o...view item »


San Francisco based David West has many faces, from his work as guitarist and vocalist for Rank / Xerox and Rat Columns as well as another electronic project Lace Curtain. Liberation is his latest, somewhat theatrical synth pop, and wouldn’t sound amiss wi...view item »

Billy Bao
Lagos sessions

Billy Bao’s Lagos Sessions is a furious mash-up of afrobeat, distorted drone and thrashing noise all wrapped up and packaged on CD by Night School. Even that ridiculous description does not do justice to the collision of improv, Nigerian percussion music and DIY noise-punk to be found here. Billy Bao is pu...view item »

All Tense Now Lax

Well, which is it? Tense or Lax? Judging by the impending percussion and escarpments of noise currently ushering my ears to an early grave, I’d say the former is where this resides. Southend-on-Sea must be a horrible place to live if it inspires these abrasive emotions, but thank you for being so shit and birthing this into the world. Now ...view item »

Paper Dollhouse

Against a sober yet rich electronic soundscape, Paper Dollhouse’s vocals are not just cardboard cutouts. They stand out like young girls’ imaginations, the dollhouse being just a background. Aeonflower, the group’s second effort, focusses on dyanmic music, and finding the balance between ambient music ...view item »

Divorce (Album)

Glasgow mentalists Divorce have been doing the rounds for a bit now, teasing us with all manner of juicy singles full of scratchy, unhinged psychopunk clatterings, but only now have they finally got round to dropping a full album of their anarchic disc-sander-to-the-face rantings. It’s f...view item »

Yong Yong
Greatest It's

I very much enjoyed Yong Yong's debut cassette (now available on LP on Night School), really trippy and minimal but thoroughly melodic with it. It's a pleasure, then, to have another long-player in the office from them. If anything this is even more minimal than the first tape, broadly evoking a cross between the dubbed-out fever drones of ...view item »

Golden Grrrls
Golden Grrrls

After a couple of singles and a tape, shamblepoppers Golden Grrrls finally have a full-length LP ready for public consumption, and an infectious little concoction it is too. The trio knock out tumbling, busy pop songs with a C86-style unselfconscious abandon which belies the constant stream of inescapa...view item »

Group Rhoda
Out Of Time - Out Of Touch

Group Rhoda is, somewhat confusingly, the solo project of Mara Barenbaum, who uses synthesisers, analogue effects and drum machines to craft brittle, precise minimal pop songs inhabited by her haunting, echoed voice. It’s got a bit of a modular post-dub warmth to it which is a littl...view item »

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