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Molly Nilsson
These Things Take Time

Molly Nilsson has made quite a name for herself since this debut album first came out on CD in 2008, so it’s only right that it’s finally seeing a proper vinyl release, with a couple of bonus tracks to bring it up to a mammoth 17 tracks, and a lovely screenprinted poster too. As for the record itself, while I don’t have...view item »

Molly Nilsson

Single contains two entirely exclusive new songs from Molly Nilsson, everyone’s favourite Swedish indie-synth-pop singer. These songs deal head-on with love and its consequences, via Nilsson’s much-loved cool and downbeat sound. Released in a limited edition of 800 7”s, each housed in ...view item »

Charcoal Owls
Tin Roof

Here's an album of hesitant, hangdog indie pop from duo Charcoal Owls, who feature Pheromoan Russell Walker and musician Tom James Scott. The compositions here are thin and insubstantial, with Scott's tentative lo-fi melodies matched nicely by Walker's vocal style, often sounding like a man who has long since give...view item »

Under The Yew Possessed

Night School have snapped up the re-release rights to Sorrow’s 1993 LP Under The Yew Possessed. A neo-folk outfit centred around husband and wife duo Rose McDowall and Robert Lee, the band serve up some nice ethereal jangles here atop which McDowall coos in a tranquil manner. It’s like a mor...view item »

Cucina Povera

Back at it with the sound art, constantly pushing the boundaries of music creation. Cucina Povera (originally from Finland, hence talks/sings in Finnish occasionally), is a Glasgow-based sound artist and Hilja is her latest release. If you're familiar with ASMR, you'll get that tingly hit straight to the back of your neck as soon as she opens he...view item »

Young Guv
2 Sad 2 Funk

The loveable scamps at Glasgow’s Night School (Happy Meals, Julia Holter) have locked down the latest LP from Young Guv. The Canadian artist has about a decade of releases under his belt at this point, but 2 Sad 2 Funk ranks among his best. Channelling Tor...view item »

The Space Lady
The Space Lady's Greatest Hits

“Ethereal street musician who plays space music wearing a winged helmet”, says the website. It’s pretty bang on. The Space Lady has been playing her strange electronic music for some thirty to forty years, and now has the Greatest Hits she deserves. Weird, spacey and fun. The vinyl has a...view item »

Aluminum Garage

Cleveland native James Donadio – also bravely known as Prostitutes – is back with 'Aluminium Garage', a thrilling EP that staggers joyfully between mid-tempo, early electro jams and modern techno. This is a multi-layered record, complete with sub-heavy kicks, blasts of bongo and deliciously warped piano chords. ...view item »

The Modern Institute
The Modern Institute

As I'm too stupid to make head nor tail of the wordy press release but what this appears to be is a "a project which examines the rituals of performance, the signifiers of bourgeois culture and the absurdities inherent in the middle class art gaze". Had a quick listen and yeah it's sound art, basically. Odd spoken word vocals over weird rhythms....view item »

Happy Meals
Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice is a shimmering record of fun-time synth-pop bounce, from Glasgow pop duo Happy  Meals. As well as making the music, the band have also been busily working away on making the actual physical albums: the whole edition of 500 LPs have been hand-painted in a rich marbled style by Happy Meals...view item »


James "Prostitutes" Donadio is back this week with another 12" of his weird broken techno filth on Night School. This one comes with a sticker that's even more unsavoury than the band name - it says "PROSTITUTES - true cleveland underground" on it and then there's a crude doodle of a face being chloroformed. Charming. Bit of a shame real...view item »

Molly Nilsson
Follow The Light

Molly Nilsson’s second album Follow The Light was originally released as a CDr in 2010, copies of which are now, of course, extremely scarce. But this slice of Stockholm-via-Berlin pop deserves to be enjoyed widely, which makes this Night School reissue on CD and (for the first time) vinyl) extremely welcome....view item »

Happy Meals

Minimalist disco and sultry synths are the order of the day on Glasgow-dwelling duo Happy Meals's debut album. Boyfriend / girlfriend Lewis Cook and Suzanne Rodden have been making sweet music together since high school. Cook is also a member of Scotland's premier Hawkwind tribute band, trivia fans! On vinyl or CD. Do you want fries with th...view item »

Higher Moment / Amnesia

AMOR is the Glaswegian live disco group that most notably (surprisingly?) features Richard Youngs, with the rest of the outfit being made up of Luke Fowler, Paul Thomson...view item »

Person L

After a number of releases on Moniker, Dania Luck moves her Stacian project over to Night School for the second full length. Mixing coldwave, John Carpenter atmospherics and cold dystopian electronics with a huge sense of digital disconnection, Person L touches on an off-kilter game sou...view item »

White Of An Eye

Roxanne Clifford may now live in LA but she grew up in Manchester and if music is influenced by geographic location then she exemplifies that here by combining slick LA synth pop and the sort of taut bass and guitar lines of rainy city greats such as New Order.  This is going to be very sought after so do get in quick. &nbs...view item »

Rose McDowall
Our Twisted Love

Rose McDowell is the raven-haired Scottish lady responsible for one half of Strawberry Switchblade but who has since gone on to have an unusual idiosyncratic career. Here is her latest batch of dark and slightly unhinged pop emerging from her recent return to the live scene. Think the beautiful but bleak pop-noi...view item »

Bomber Jackets
Centurion Travel EP

Curious little lad, this one. Totally loving the riso printed Bill Kouligas sleeve art (he’s the dude who does all those sexy Pan sleeves) with smartly dressed people clambering over geometric shapes in redscale. As for the musi...view item »

Molly Nilsson

Swedish-born, Berlin-dwelling, world-travelling singer Molly Nilsson is deep into her career now, and she is still feeling melancholy. Imaginations puts her feelings into sweet synth-pop songs that swoon moodily in the way only Molly Nilsson songs can: cool, catchy, nostalgic and distant-eyed. Imagi...view item »

Ela Orleans
Circles Of Upper and Lower Hell

This is surely the most grandiose and bold statement in the musical career of the Polish born, Glasgow-based musician Ela Orleans. A varied amalgamation of all her previous work is presented as a sprawling double LP which is apparently loosely based on Dante's Inferno. Expect celestial ghostly pop songs, synthy textures and the grandest of grand...view item »

Strawberry Switchblade
1982 4-Piece Demo

Strawberry Switchblade were a beautiful sugar-sweet indie-pop band from the 80’s. In the intervening time their cult reputation has only grown, making the appearance of these early recordings particularly tantalising. 1982 4-Piece Demo, from before the band stripped down to a duo, is a previously unheard insight i...view item »

Rose McDowall
Cut With The Cake Knife

Rose McDowall was a member of much-loved indie darlings Strawberry Switchblade, and Cut With A Cake Knife compiles songs that were originally intended for that group's second album. Instead, McDowall recorded them herself over 1988 and 1989. Lovely and bright indie pop from a...view item »

Paradise / In Love An Arc

AMOR’s debut release Paradise / In Love An Arc impersonates a vintage disco single, but what lies within its grooves are just a little stranger than you might expect. AMOR is the four-way team-up of Richard Youngs, Luke Fowler, Michael Francis Duch...view item »

Helena Celle
If I Can't Handle Me At My Best, You Don't Deserve You At Your Worst

Not one but two excellent puns there, and with track titles like ‘I’m Done with 666’ and ‘Miming Swinging Baseball Bat’ one can expect a degree of wit on a record from someone who has also released music as, erm, Rick Ross. But If I Can’t… spins enjoyment and intrigue from humo...view item »

CC Dust
CC Dust

CC Dust make good old-fashioned synth-pop, driven by the cold-hearted relentless pulse of a vintage drum machine (the way it should be!). Maryjane Dunphe’s background in punk lends her vocals a strong edge, and musical partner David Jacques has a knack with the low-end grooves. Edition of ...view item »

CC Dust
Shinkansen No. 1 / New Ways

CC Dust are a new band with an old sound, fully embodying the heart and soul of 1980’s synth-pop. Shinkansen No. 1 / New Ways throbs with David Jaques’ melodic basslines and soars with Maryjane Dunphe...view item »

The Pressure

The voice of Roxanne Clifford is likely to be most familiar to you from her time as frontwoman for Veronica Falls. Solo project Patience is her new solo project, and this is her second single. The Pressure is high-end synth-pop that is set apart by Clifford’s rich vocals....view item »

The Flexibles
Pink Everything

The Flexibles are a fuzzed-up weird-punk trio made up of Andrew Paine, Richard Youngs, and his pre-teen son Sorley Youngs, because why the hell shouldn’t R...view item »


San Francisco based David West has many faces, from his work as guitarist and vocalist for Rank / Xerox and Rat Columns as well as another electronic project Lace Curtain. Liberation is his latest, somewhat theatrical synth pop, and wouldn’t sound amiss wi...view item »

The Church / My Own Invention

The voice of Roxanne Clifford is likely to be most familiar to you from her time as frontwoman for Veronica Falls. Now, Patience is her new solo project, a vehicle for some high-grade synth-pop. The Church / My Own Invention is Clifford’s debut solo single, and is...view item »

Billy Bao
Lagos sessions

Billy Bao’s Lagos Sessions is a furious mash-up of afrobeat, distorted drone and thrashing noise all wrapped up and packaged on CD by Night School. Even that ridiculous description does not do justice to the collision of improv, Nigerian percussion music and DIY noise-punk to be found here. Billy Bao is pu...view item »

All Tense Now Lax

All Tense Now Lax is a busy, tightly plotted work of tough-to-classify sound, piling up acoustic instruments, snatches of human voice, abstract electronics, field recordings and more, all deftly processed by Liberez main man John Hannon. Things get pretty intense. Released as CD or LP, on the Night Scho...view item »

Sally Dige
Hard To Please

Here’s the debut album from Canadian Sally Dige. Hard to Please is a mix of dark, 80s inspired synths and Italo-disco with pulsating bass and Dige’s classic, deep 80s voice. It’s sensual and smooth in places and dingy and grimy in others - it’s the 1980s for sure, but it's got its own sou...view item »


DIY mainstay and Night School label owner Michael Kasparis takes his industrial strength synth-punk project Apostile to the next logical place by self-releasing his debut full length LP. You may know him as a member of Please or perhaps The Lowest Form but anyone who has stumbled upon his releases for Clan Destine and Goaty Tapes will...view item »

Paper Dollhouse

Against a sober yet rich electronic soundscape, Paper Dollhouse’s vocals are not just cardboard cutouts. They stand out like young girls’ imaginations, the dollhouse being just a background. Aeonflower, the group’s second effort, focusses on dyanmic music, and finding the balance between ambient music ...view item »

Molly Nilsson
Solo Paraiso - The Summer Songs EP

Don't know much about Swedish born/Berlin based synth pop singer songwriter Molly Nilsson but I consider Night School to be trusted source of under the radar/publicity shy artists so it comes as no surprise when I fire up 'Solo Paraiso - The Summer Songs EP' and find it chocker with hidden lo-fi pop gems and blissfully nostalgic jams ...view item »

Divorce (Album)

Glasgow mentalists Divorce have been doing the rounds for a bit now, teasing us with all manner of juicy singles full of scratchy, unhinged psychopunk clatterings, but only now have they finally got round to dropping a full album of their anarchic disc-sander-to-the-face rantings. It’s f...view item »

The Space Lady
Major Tom / Radar Love

I haven’t encountered The Space Lady before but apparently she played on the streets of America since the late ‘70s, starting out in Boston and later moving to San Francisco and self-releasing her only album back in 1990 before retiring shortly before the turn of the millennium. Mr Kasparis at Night Sch...view item »

Yong Yong
Greatest It's

I very much enjoyed Yong Yong's debut cassette (now available on LP on Night School), really trippy and minimal but thoroughly melodic with it. It's a pleasure, then, to have another long-player in the office from them. If anything this is even more minimal than the first tape, broadly evoking a cross between the dubbed-out fever drones of ...view item »

Love Cult
Know EP

Love Cult are back following a good LP on Public Information, but this time they're on Night School with a 12" EP which expands on their subtle, creeping weirdness. They inhabit a space in between the kind of mogadon driftstep peddled by t...view item »

Sally Dige
Forget Me / Losing You

Just one important letter away from ‘dirge’, this sounds like Toyah Wilcox. Always odd that she ended up marrying Robert Fripp. It just doesn’t make sense, like when Victoria Wood and The Great Soprendo got together. What we have here is a take on very early ‘80s gothy pop, the sort of thing that was produced by t...view item »

Terror Bird
All This Time

Vancouverite Nikki Never is back under her Terror Bird alias with some more chilly synthetic bedroom goth-pop business, this time on the excellent Night School. For the uninitiated, Never’s is a spacious, languid aesthetic dosed with reverbed simple drum mac...view item »

Divorce / Singles

In my first week at university, I almost took someone I’d met at a fresher’s party to a Divorce gig. They were up for it at first, then they listened to the band online and decided that actually they were busy… Music to dispel friendship with. Obviously the gig was brilliant, because Divorce a...view item »

Golden Grrrls
Golden Grrrls

After a couple of singles and a tape, shamblepoppers Golden Grrrls finally have a full-length LP ready for public consumption, and an infectious little concoction it is too. The trio knock out tumbling, busy pop songs with a C86-style unselfconscious abandon which belies the constant stream of inescapa...view item »

Sea Lions / Golden Grrrls
Tour Split

I went to see lo-fi indie-popsters Sea Lions and Golden Grrrls at Leeds’s excellent autonomous space Wharf Chambers the other week and they both totally charming so it’s nice that they d...view item »

Group Rhoda
Out Of Time - Out Of Touch

Group Rhoda is, somewhat confusingly, the solo project of Mara Barenbaum, who uses synthesisers, analogue effects and drum machines to craft brittle, precise minimal pop songs inhabited by her haunting, echoed voice. It’s got a bit of a modular post-dub warmth to it which is a littl...view item »

Golden Grrrls
Golden Grrrls

I got off my shiny metal arse and saw these Golden Grrrls (and boyyy) two or three days ago at the Leeds’s marvellous autonomous DIY social hub that is Wharf Chambers and they were totally charming, so it’s nice to have this eight song tape in today’s review pile so I can further get my ears around their lo-fi ‘60s-influe...view item »

Yong Yong

This cassette tape here is totally cryptic. It’s taken me about five minutes to even figure out who made it. Who did make it turns out to be Yong Yong, a duo from Lisbon who make music which has its roots in synth drone but encapsulates a whole lot more within its weird, spacious s...view item »

The Rebel
Titrack Luxury Or Bums On A Rock

Esoteric folkpunkshamblecore here from that cult lo-fi derange-bot The Rebel, purportedly made in 1993 (when tapes still sold several squillion copies rather than the 200 max they do now) His sound, for the uninitiated, takes its cues from rickety psycho repeat-o rock; Buttholesy freak-style psychedelia; rudimentary samples; bent cheap keyb...view item »

Julia Holter

All I bloody hear is Julia Holter this, Julia Holter that. I can't even get on the bus without someone or other murping on about her as the new face of experimental pop. Well you can hardly call this pop but it's a thoroughly engaging listen from start to end. Re-released as it was meant to be (the original vinyl edition was an abridged version)...view item »

Love Attack / Meating

Fuck me. I was absolutely gutted when I heard Glasgow's insanely fine Divorce had split, losing barking rottweiler singer Sinead and one of the scratchy lasses on guitar. Options were tossed around and thank hell they opted to carry on with a new singer as a stripped down 4 piece because this new single is serious...view item »

Terror Bird
Outside / When I Grow Up

Hot on the heels of Terror Bird's recent LP on Vendetta/Night People comes a new 7" on new London/Glasgow based label Night School. You'll be at least half are familiar with T.B and her ice cool 80's synthpop by now, yeah? Primarily operating from skeletal electronic beats and synth patterns the music excels as a result of her strong voice and s...view item »

Golden Grrrls
New Pop / The Red Sea

Golden Grrrls come out with all guns blazing for their second 7” for London/Glasgow based label Night School. A-side 'New Pop' sounds like a genuine statement of intent in terms of straight-forward indie rock songwriting. Feel like I've been alive to long to appreciate this one as t...view item »

Golden Grrrls
Beaches / Date It

This is the debut 7" from new London/Glasgow based label Night School and it's a fine way to begin a new venture. Can't really tell you a huge amount about these kids other than they are know individually as Rauri, Eilidh and Lorna and they are from Glasgow. Oh, and i believe this to be their first 7" outing. They write dream pop inspired garage...view item »

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