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Charlie Parker
The Mercury & Clef 10-inch LP Collection

As you'll probably already know, Charlie Parker was a virtuoso jazz saxophonist and prominent exponent of bebop. ‘The Mercury & Clef 10-inch LP Collection’ contains a quintet of records which with Parker wowed critics and fans - 1950’s 'Charlie Parker With Strings,' 1952’s 'Bird' and 'Diz and Charlie Parker Plays South of the Border', 1953’s 'Charlie Parker With Strings (Vol. 2)' and 1954’s 'Charlie Parker' (he really liked making sure everyone knew that it was him playing on his records, didn't he). Each LP is faithfully reproduced here, with new liner notes by jazz pianist Ethan Iverson, an essay by American author David Ritz and comprehensive recording session notes the added bonuses.
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Nina Simone
Pastel Blues

'Pastel Blues' by Nina Simone was originally released in 1965. The most notable tracks bookend the LP - opener ‘Be My Husband’, sparsely produced with just voice, handclaps and hi-hat, and the classic closing track ‘Sinnerman’. Alicia Keys counts 'Pastel Blues' among her favourite ever albums, and I'll wager she's not the only one.
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Nina Simone
I Put A Spell On You

'I Put A Spell On You', by - of course - Nina Simone, was released in 1965, just four months before her next album 'Pastel Blues'. This LP is packed with Nina Simone classics, such as the title track (her version of the Screaming Jay Hawkins classic) and one of her most famous songs, ‘Feeling Good’. Seriously, who doesn't love this record?

Clifford Brown & Max Roach
Study In Brown

If we know anything about jazz, it is that the artist's name is legally bound to be featured in album titles, as pun or otherwise. So, we bring to you 'Study in Brown', on which the trumpet ace Clifford Brown leads one of the great hard-bop outfits including other luminaries such as Max Roach, sax player Harold Land and Richie Powell. Luxury reissue on Acoustic Sounds.  

Sarah Vaughan
Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan's self-titled debut was once reissued as 'Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown' to highlight the presence of the great trumpeter. Seeing as the album is dominated by Vaughan's incredible voice, it probably makes sense that, for this Acoustic Sounds reissue, the album is once again credited solely to her. Still, the chops of such lauded jazz musicians shouldn't be overlooked, and they certainly get chance to toot amongst these grooves. 

Stan Getz and João Gilberto
Getz / Gilberto

Getz / Gilberto is a 1964 collaboration between Jazz saxophonist Stan Getz and Brazillian guitarist, songwriter and bossa nova pioneer João Gilberto. The album blurred the lines between Jazz and pop adding elements of bossa nova. Includes the world renowned song The Girl From Ipanema which features vocals from João Gilberto’s wife, Astrud.
  • Vinyl LP (868802)

Louis Armstrong and Oscar Peterson
Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson

Landmark meeting between two legendary bandleaders. Oscar Peterson was Verve's 'house pianist' but takes a back seat along side the Oscar Peterson Trio (bassist Ray Brown and guitarist Herb Ellis) to let Armstrong take centre stage. The focus is certainly on Louis Armstrong's distinctive vocal style but he does find time for some of his trumpet solos as the gang blast through interpretations of the Great American Songbook.
  • Vinyl LP (868785)


As our boss prepares once again for this eight day festival and gets his candles all nicely lit, we have a collection of new and original Hanukkah songs by the likes of the Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, HAIM, Jack Black and I for one am delighted to see Craig Wedren of the mighty Shudder to Think on the list. חנוכה שמח to all. 
  • Vinyl LP (842515)

Sonny Rollins
Sonny Rollins - On Impulse!

A re-issue of Sonny Rollins On Impulse! - a utilitarian title given to jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins’ first album for Impulse! Records. Teaming up with the likes of Ray Bryant, Walter Booker and Mickey Roker in 1965, the star took on five jazz standards of the time, and the results were some of his most dense and electrifying performances of his career. 
  • Vinyl LP (7757383)

The Velvet Underground & Nico
The Velvet Underground & Nico

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Field Report
Summertime Songs

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The Velvet Underground
Another View

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The Velvet Underground
White Light / White Heat

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