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High Line

SUSS hail from New York city and play a brand of ambient country music. It is influenced by the likes of Ry Cooder, Bruce Langhorn and Daniel Lanois. High Line features a mix of classic country instruments such as pedal steel, harmonica, mandolin and, of course, the good ol’ guitar with manipulated electronic sounds. A refreshing take on what ambient music can be.
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Spinning Creature

CUP is a collaboration between Nels Cline of Wilco and Yuka C Honda of Cibo Matto. It may seem like an odd collaboration at first, but when you learn that they're a married couple, it makes way more sense. They combine elements of electronica, folk and rock to create their sound which finds the sweet spot between experimental and accessible. Spinning Creature is their new album.
  • Vinyl LP (LPNS117LE)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Lip Talk

Debut album from Lip Talk, aka Sarah K. Pedinotti. D A Y S represents Pedinotti’s exciting imagination with an array of song characters and sound styles, with jazz, psychy-rock and R&B pop all having a role to play. But what comes out isn’t a melange of styles but a strong and personal statement. D A Y S is released by Northern Spy.

Shilpa Ray
Door Girl

Shilpa Ray’s album cover to Door Girl may make it look like a soundtrack album to a John Hughes film in the vein of Pretty in Pink or Ferris Buller’s Day Off, but I wouldn’t say that to her face. It’s a bile ridden album of bucolic punk rock, with Ray spitting and gurgling over you until you’re crying like a little wuss in the corner. Fun.
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  • Northern Spy

Larkin Grimm
Chasing An Illusion

With a decade-long history releasing meandering tapestry records, Larkin Grimm has long since laid the ground for Chasing An Illusion. Her ominous songs bridge corners of genre including hints of neofolk, jazz and a backwards pastoral Americana, while her lyrics here stand as her most direct and confrontational, staring contests shot through warped musics.

On Fillmore
Happiness Of Living

On Fillmore is the duo of Glenn Kotche and Darin Gray, who between them have played with amazing artists from Chris Corsano and Jim O’Rourke to Wilco. Happiness Of Living includes yet more musical collaborators, all adding up to an impressive suite of spontaneously-composed and texturally-varied music. Nourishing stuff, on Northern Spy.

PC Worship
Buried Wish

Here they are, the guitar band I always think make electronic music. It's in the name -- you expect retro synths and what you get is in fact weirdass indie rock, a little deviating from the proper stuff and a little fried for punk music. PC Worship continue to break the time continuum just a little bit by improvising solid psychedelia with a wash of noise, which on this album concludes tape loops and the like. Buried Wish is a step up, or sideways, or through a wormhole.

Cuddle Magic

Cuddle Magic is a big six-piece group with experience across the musical spectrum (reaching Amanda Palmer on the one side and Fred Frith on the other). Ashes / Axis has the gang playing around with pop flavours, in which bright and lovely melodies are delivered on a bed of weirdo textures. Great stuff, on Northern Spy.

Horse Lords

Horse Lords are a bold Baltimore band who do that thing of pulling a whole sackful of genres and styles together and somehow making the results sound great! Third album Interventions has sharp saxophone blasts and La Monte Young-inspired just intonation guitars laid down over hot, groovy West African rhythms, plus occasional musique concréte derivations. Impressive stuff that swallows the mind.

Oneida and Rhys Chatham
What's Your Sign?

Some years in the making, here is the collaboration between one of New York’s finest guitar-centric experimental composers Rhys Chatham and the glorious Oneida. With What’s Your Sign?, both parties mesh beautifully together into a swirl of repetitive super-sound: a joy for Oneida and Chatham fans alike. Out on Northern Spy.

Padang Food Tigers & Sigbjorn Apeland
Bumblin' Creed

Padang Food Tigers come from the UK, and Sigbjørn Apeland comes from Norway. Collaborative record Bumblin’ Creed is a subtle thing, with pieces slowly growing themselves into tender webs of spiritual folk-drift. Organ, guitars, Apeland’s harmonium, and large doses of magic. Out on Northern Spy.

Okkyung Lee & Christian Marclay

One-woman improvisational cello-storm Okkyung Lee played live with turntablist and artist Christian Marclay during a Cafe Oto residency a few years ago: the performance is now being released by Northern Spy. Amalgam is a jumpy, flickery set of sound-shards bounced back and forth between the two musicians: high-grade improv from an unusual pairing of instruments.

Cloud Becomes Your Hand
Rest In Fleas

Cloud Becomes Your Hand are a New York band so adept at playing their instruments that they can afford to have fun with it. Tightly interlocking rhythmic-melodic patterns power forwards with plenty of colourful touches thrown in: cartoonish vocal interjections, surprising samples, MIDI percussion. But Rest In Fleas sounds great, a big ball of bright energy. Out on Northern Spy.

Bird Names
Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun

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New and unexplored territory from Zs. Xe is the new set of noises from the group in it's current 3 person format. Taking ideas of minimalism, the avant-garde, jazz fusion and an assortment of rhythmic concepts - they have woven a tapestry of sorts based around drums, percussion, the guitar and the saxophone. This is for fans of the future - so climb into the sonic space ship with an open mind. Out on vinyl LP and CD from Northern Spy.
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  • Northern Spy