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Stanley Brinks

PEANUTS!!!!  "I was up to my neck in beautiful girls but I chose you" Stanley Brinks brags on opener 'Sweet Fanny Adams'. Lucky girl indeed. Her bearded beau has perfected the art of writing simple catchy songs sung in a voice that re-configures the word 'nasal'. He is blindingly in thrall to Jonathan Richman and has that travelling...view item »

Freschard & Stanley Brinks
Midnight Tequila

Midnight Tequila is the second collaboration between French indie chanteuse Freschard and former Herman Dune frontman Stanley Brinks and follows on from their 2014 effort, Pizza Espresso. Here you’ll find a collection of songs that have an irresistible late ...view item »

Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures

Brinks and pals have released two singles this week. 'Berlin' and 'Wakefield'. Weirdly I've been to Berlin but not to Wakefield. As I'm the only person on the entire planet to not like Berlin I've chosen Wakefield as the single to review. It's a perky little thing with the most depressing of depressing opening lines. "It rained all day in Leeds"...view item »

Math and Physics Club
Lived Here Before

Flawless sons-in-law 3-man incarnation of the word ‘adorkable’ Math and Physics Club are treating us to their 5th album already. Lived Here Before features more of their sweet and nostalgic indiepop, using acoustic guitars, plain and well-chosen bass-lines, and the occasional ukulele to paint a perfectly rom...view item »

The Just Joans
You Might Be Smiling Now...

The Just Joans are kind of like the Krankies set to indie-pop. They peddle sweet melodies that make the BMX Bandits sound like Slayer and sing on top of them with Scottish accents as thick as a porridge on a winter's morning. But if their winsomeness is sometimes set to 'grate' then their saving grace is a clutc...view item »

The Just Joans
No Longer Young Enough

The Just Joans are another winsome indie-pop band who are doing pretty well for themselves now that people like twee-pop again. For ten years they have been making the kind of heartfelt music that will appeal to fans of Magnetic Fields and the Pastels and here discuss the realisation that you'd prefer a quiet night in than going...view item »

The Hayman Kupa Band
The Hayman Kupa Band

This is a record for those who don't like singing. Prolific songster Darren Hayman is known for having a voice that only his mother (and his thousands of fans across the globe) could love. Here, he's joined by Emma Kupa who was in Mammoth Penguin and presumably sang quite ...view item »

Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums
Better Friends

You can tell that Bill Botting is a fun guy just by a quick glance at his moustache. He was in 'Allo Darlin' but is now having the time of his life making simple, tuneful and charming pop music. Just look at the picture of him alongside his band on the back sleeve. Has anyone ever been so happy? The really...view item »

Enderby’s Room
Enderby’s Room

Enderby’s Room is the project of Dan Mayfield, a violin player whose cropped up alongside Daniel Johnston and Allo Darlin’ among many others over the years. This band, named for an Anthony Burgess character, is an intimate ensemble sketching out the ...view item »

Enderby’s Room
My Old Friend

Enderby’s Room head honcho Dan Mayfield seems like a good egg. Having played fiddle for Daniel Johnston and The Wave Pictures, he also runs a project called School of Noise that encourages children to experiment with unusual music-making techniques. That same willingness to engage others a...view item »

Stanley Brinks and The Old Time Kaniks
Vieilles Caniques / Nouvelles Caniques

Stanley Brinks (aka a former Herman Dune dude) has eeked out a pretty decent career by being constantly on the road playing his reasonably good songs to legions of fans. Here he is joined by Norwegian folk two piece The Old Time Kaniks who supply banjo and fiddle to these simple rustic compositions. Brinks has a...view item »

Stanley Brinks and The Kaniks
Turtle Dove

Stanley Brinks, perhaps better known as Andre Herman Dune, follows two collaborative albums with The Wave Pictures by collaborating with Norwegian Folk group The Kaniks. Recorded on a remote Norwegian island and inspired by midnight swims and midnight beer drinking, Brinks and the Kaniks recorde...view item »


The Cosines (Alice Hubley and Simon Nelson) met in 2009 on a London tube train after attending a Stero Totale gig. Hubley asked Nelson to "go round and unblock her drains" and, a shelf, two curtain rails and a blind later they finally got down to the nitty gritty and formed a band.  Drawing comparisons to New Order and Stereolab, with some ...view item »


How warm. Are things allowed to be warm now? Economically, are we holding on to the warmth? On ‘Petito’, Palomica have rolled open summertime jangle and offered it unto us, the always happy recipients of the No Frills. Steered by ever-pleasant riffs and a politely nasal lead vocal, this record basically sounds like ...view item »

Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures
My Ass

Stanley Brinks isn’t a man. Well he is but his real name is something like Andre Herman Dune and for years he has made shambling lo-fi music that was invented to get folks with beards singing along at cool underground clubs. It comes as no surprise that backing band here ...view item »

Christmas I & II

I hate Clint so much. No editor should be delegating Christmas cheer to their underlings, and I’m now being asked to pre-emptively usher in the festive season by listening to a Norwegian supergroup dangle twee pop baubles from up on high. This thing really fucking twinkles, like Jens Lekman if he ...view item »

Darren Hayman

Sometimes the best songs come out of things done on the hoof.   Darren Hayman has a habit of recording quickly. He also has a penchant for themed records. Whilst this album doesn’t have a theme as such it was all recorded at a friends apartment in Italy. I understand the mentality that breeds that kind of cre...view item »

Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures
Berlin / It's Complicated

Ex-Herman Dune member Stanley Brinks spent time touring with the likes of Jeffrey Lewis and K Records supremo Calvin Johnson before deciding to settle in Berlin. Brinks has recorded four albums with The Wave Pictures, including the forthcoming record My Ass...view item »

Owl & Mouse

After Mates of State made their triumphant return to twee stardom this year with whatever that album they released was, I fear synths may once again become the currency of sickly-sweet indie pop. “Keep Your Eyes Open Wide” is early proof from Owl & Mouse, beginning their new record ‘Depa...view item »

Isle Of Dogs

Despite my love for C86 style indie-pop there’s still a lot of the stuff that gets my goat. For example, I’m the only person in the entirety of the universe that doesn’t get the Wave Pictures. A fact which means that this re-issue of the debut from popular indie combo Tigercats could...view item »


Here's the first full-length from Alice Hubley's latest outfit Cosines, offering us an appealing take on twee-pop from a strangely krautrock-ish angle, with the rhythms and synth lines often lending a Kraftwerk/Stereolab feel to their catchy, personable pop songs in amongst some mor...view item »

Darren Hayman & The Short Parliament

Former Hefner fellow Darren Hayman is back with an album of seventeenth century folk songs that follows on from his critically acclaimed album ‘The Violence’. Available in a deluxe packaging featuring a lush booklet of Darren’s notes, lyrics, and image...view item »

Victoria and Jacob

“Somewhere between Kylie Minogue, Young Marble Giants and The xx”, lies the press release. It possibly, at a push, sounds a little like Kylie Minogue, nothing like the others. Yes everyone it’s festival season and Victoria and Jacob have managed ...view item »

Harper Lee / Cats Run Free

There used to be a band called Harper Lee but this is not them. This is actually by Tigercats but their name is not on the front cover so I wouldn’t know. I...view item »

Red Shoe Diaries
When I Find My Heart...

For my final review from my vantage point at the towers overlooking a chimney, a billboard and a Mental Health Unit (into which I've at various points been 'escorted' following review-based violence) a band named (according to Dave) after a borderline soft porn David Duchovny vehicle. A r...view item »

Moustache Of Insanity
Album of Death

As a man with a history of facial hair and mental illness, I suppose I was the obvious candidate to review this album. It's a pretty charming little oddity by a couple of guys who play in Darren Hayman's band as far as I can tell. They play slightly shambolic twee pop with lots of cheap synths and geeky lyrics which seem to be predominantly abou...view item »

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