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The Just Joans
Has Anybody Seen My Boy?

Two new songs from glum sibling centric Glaswegian indie rockers. The Just Joans, formed in 2005, are built around the tempestuous relationship only siblings can have, here provided by Katie and David Pope. Has Anybody Seen My Boy shows them capitalising off the energy of 2017's You M...view item »

Mikey Collins

Mikey Collins was the drummer in indie-pop heroes ‘Allo Darlin’. Hoick is his debut solo album and but for a little help from ‘Allo Darlin’ guitarist, Paul Rains and Tigercats’ Laura Kovic he plays all the instruments himself. For this album musical...view item »

The Smittens
City Rock Dove

I knew it! The Smittens are a twee indie pop band out of Vermont with a nice line in jangly indie charm but you know what they are obsessed with don't you? What in fact all twee indie pop bands are obsessed with. Dirty grinding filthy sex. They talk about nothing else in the press release. It's all sex, sex sex with these people...view item »

Jessica’s Brother
Jessica’s Brother

The debut LP from London trio Jessica’s Brother arrives courtesy of Fika (Tigercats, Allo Darlin’...view item »

Freschard & Stanley Brinks
Midnight Tequila

Midnight Tequila is the second collaboration between French indie chanteuse Freschard and former Herman Dune frontman Stanley Brinks and follows on from their 2014 effort, Pizza Espresso. Here you’ll find a collection of songs that have an irresistible late ...view item »

Stanley Brinks

Sometimes you just run out of ideas and names and you call your album Peanuts. I'm okay with it though Stanley Brinks certainly doesn't need my approval. The songwriter's been having a blast recently, making folksy good-time records with the Wave Pictures; this solo record offers an all a...view item »

Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures

Raging through the European calypso-folk-underground, Herman Dune has been making cheerful singalong songs since the 1990s. After changing his name to Stanley Brinks, his music has become less organized and even more endearing. Wakefield, taken from his new album My Ass, and b-side Dol...view item »

Math and Physics Club
Lived Here Before

Flawless sons-in-law 3-man incarnation of the word ‘adorkable’ Math and Physics Club are treating us to their 5th album already. Lived Here Before features more of their sweet and nostalgic indiepop, using acoustic guitars, plain and well-chosen bass-lines, and the occasional ukulele to paint a perfectly rom...view item »

The Just Joans
You Might Be Smiling Now...

Delicious poppy alternative rock songs from this Scottish outfit, combining simplistic lyrics with a soft harmonic vocal backdrop, and lots of atmosphere and space making sonic devices like tambourines and hand claps. It's emotionally open and draws, delightfully, on alternative 90s indie and 60s girl groups....view item »

The Just Joans
No Longer Young Enough

The Just Joans are another winsome indie-pop band who are doing pretty well for themselves now that people like twee-pop again. For ten years they have been making the kind of heartfelt music that will appeal to fans of Magnetic Fields and the Pastels and here discuss the realisation that you'd prefer a quiet night in than going...view item »

The Hayman Kupa Band
The Hayman Kupa Band

When dreams come true  - part 435. Darren Hayman was watching Emma Kupa's band Standard Fare one night and thought to himself "I'd like to be in a band with her". So he made it happen at here it is. The two songwriters shared ideas, wrote songs together then asked a couple of musician pals to help flesh out...view item »

Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums
Better Friends

Bill Botting was the bass player of Allo Darlin’ until their recent dissolution, but he’s now back in action fronting The Two Drink Minimums, which also contains Darren Hayman and Jonny from The Wave Pictures, among others. Bette...view item »

Making Marks

Follow up to their debut single ‘Ticket Machine’, Making Marks' limited seven inch ‘Barcodes’ out on Fika Records is a summer indie pop hit, jangle guitars and male/female split vocals in a style akin to Belle And Sebastian...view item »
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Enderby’s Room
Enderby’s Room

Enderby’s Room is the project of Dan Mayfield, a violin player whose cropped up alongside Daniel Johnston and Allo Darlin’ among many others over the years. This band, named for an Anthony Burgess character, is an intimate ensemble sketching out the ...view item »

Enderby’s Room
My Old Friend

Enderby’s Room head honcho Dan Mayfield seems like a good egg. Having played fiddle for Daniel Johnston and The Wave Pictures, he also runs a project called School of Noise that encourages children to experiment with unusual music-making techniques. That same willingness to engage others a...view item »

Stanley Brinks and The Old Time Kaniks
Vieilles Caniques / Nouvelles Caniques

This new album from Stanley Brinks will appeal to fans of Herman Düne, because Mr Düne is in fact Mr Brinks! Here he teams up with Norwegian folk group The Old Time Kaniks to explore a pleasing avenue of calypso-folk that he takes to like a duck to wat...view item »

Stanley Brinks and The Kaniks
Turtle Dove

Stanley Brinks, perhaps better known as Andre Herman Dune, follows two collaborative albums with The Wave Pictures by collaborating with Norwegian Folk group The Kaniks. Recorded on a remote Norwegian island and inspired by midnight swims and midnight beer drinking, Brinks and the Kaniks recorde...view item »


The Cosines (Alice Hubley and Simon Nelson) met in 2009 on a London tube train after attending a Stero Totale gig. Hubley asked Nelson to "go round and unblock her drains" and, a shelf, two curtain rails and a blind later they finally got down to the nitty gritty and formed a band.  Drawing comparisons to New Order and Stereolab, with some ...view item »


Quirky bedroom-recorded indie pop from Bristol's Nicol Parkinson, aka Palomica. With influences such as Jad Fair and Tori Kudo’s Maher Shalal Hash Baz clearly audible, 'Petito' takes pretty pop songs with vast lyrical content, then presents them against a backdrop of deliberately careless and brilliantly confusing instrumentation. Ava...view item »

Math and Physics Club
In This Together (EPs, B-Sides, Rarities, and Unreleased)

A real treat here for fans of Math & Physics Club, who have trawled the archive of material they have built up over their existence so far to collect together some of the rare gems you might have missed. That’s obscure B-sides, rare EPs, and even some tracks never previously released! All fitting together into a comfor...view item »
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Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures
My Ass

Stanley Brinks (who you might know best as the guy for Herman Dune) has built up a good working rapport with The Wave Pictures, and My Ass finds their collaboration in as fine a condition as ever. Several tracks have the names of cities, and wittily document experiences there. A jaunty ...view item »

Sally Shapiro
If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind

Sally Shapiro is a project fronted by a persistently anonymou vocalist and producer Johan Ageböjorn. Over a decade into their collaboration, they appear to be calling it a day, although the title If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind...view item »
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Christmas I & II

Sunturns are a group made up, seemingly, of all the Norwegian musicians who really like Christmas. For Christmas I & II is a set of original seasonal songs, boosted with a couple of covers (including of Low’s marvellous ‘Just Like Christmas’). Released on 1 white LP and 1 red LP on...view item »

Darren Hayman

English songwriter Darren Hayman returns with another album of stripped down songwriting in Florence. With 14 albums to his name Hayman offers a steady hand of experience and a DIY aesthetic. Written and recorded in his friend’s apartment in Firenze, Italy, it’s a homely collection of acoustic guitar numbers...view item »

Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures
Berlin / It's Complicated

Ex-Herman Dune member Stanley Brinks spent time touring with the likes of Jeffrey Lewis and K Records supremo Calvin Johnson before deciding to settle in Berlin. Brinks has recorded four albums with The Wave Pictures, including the forthcoming record My Ass...view item »

Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures

First impression from the opener 'One Minute of Darkness' when I put this CD on is that this sounds almost identical to some of the early Herman Dune stuff from back when they were just two guitarists and a drummer, although instead of the playfully intertwining guitar work there are lead guitar breaks which are...view item »
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Owl & Mouse

With the sweet Australian voice of Hannah Botting, Owl & Mouse are treating us to another album. Gentle pop songs emerge from careful orchestrations on Departures, the band featuring an expanded cast of musicians. A great record for when you really need to bury your melancholy. Or for when you like pretty songs, of ...view item »
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Azure Blue
Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea

‘Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea’ is the final album release in the trilogy that began with ‘Rule Of Thirds’ from Azure Blue, the brainchild of Stockholm’s Tobias Isaksson (Laurel Music, Irene). Following in the rich, analogue dreams of the first two records, Azure Blue’s own production skills have added aest...view item »
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Isle Of Dogs

From the first chords, you know this is a scrumptious indierock treat. 2012’s Isle of Dogs is finally reissued on vinyl for everybody who missed the boat the first time, right as Tigercats’ second album (Mysteries) is released. What convenient timing for all you fans of lighthearted and honest indie...view item »


The sixth cassette from indie pop label Fika comes from Swedish chillers Slottet who've got that whole post Postal Service pop sound sewn up. 'Servants' features five effortlessly smooth minimalist synthpop numbers that blend soft synths, laid back beats and super mellow vocals. The results sound very much like The Postal Service but also br...view item »
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The Smittens
Love Record Breaker

Queer politics with a fun twee indie twist, The Smittens are a 6-piece from Burlington, Vermont. This mini album marks something of a turning point for the band as it features singer Dana Kaplan as a girl for the last time (pre-transition, pre-new voice). It comes in one of six individual screen-printed sleeves and with a free download code. The...view item »
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Here's the first full-length from Alice Hubley's latest outfit Cosines, offering us an appealing take on twee-pop from a strangely krautrock-ish angle, with the rhythms and synth lines often lending a Kraftwerk/Stereolab feel to their catchy, personable pop songs in amongst some mor...view item »
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Owl & Mouse
Somewhere To Go

Limited edition 7” sky blue vinyl single (300 copies) includes mp3 download. Owl & Mouse was born as the solo project of Australian singer-songwriter Hannah Botting. After moving to London in 2008, Hannah taught herself to play the ukulele, and began writing vulnerable yet open-hearted folk-tinged songs. In early 2011, Hannah r...view item »
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Hey Sailor Boy!

Everyone is having a great time in the other room, congo-ing around the place to Melt Yourself Down. I’m stuck in the wendy house in the corner with the rest of the week’s releases. First up Cosines, from London, feature the lady part of Arthur a...view item »
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Commuter Love (single)

Alice Hubley and the gang return with a second 7” for Fika. Nice to see they’re continuing to pay tribute to Kraftwerk with the sleeve design. A-side ‘Commuter Love’ is a commuter blues number with a riff that merges Norman Greenbaum’s &lsquo...view item »
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Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures
Orange Juice

THE VINYL IS LIKE A MASSIVE ORANGE!!! This is the guy from Herman Dune with The Wave Pictures. I can hold my hands up and say I’ve never really been a fan of either but this is massively catchy. You’ll never be able to stop singing it. Over a ramshackle ...view item »
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Making Marks
A Thousand Half-Truths

Making Marks are a Norwegian quartet who make gentle indie-pop with boy/girl vocal harmonies and shuffly rhythms. Pleasantness is the order of the day, lots of catchy, wistful melodies and earnest lyrics. The songs are stripped back and almost folky in places, although sometimes with a not very folky synthesizer to give those uplifting vocal har...view item »
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Azure Blue
Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt

Here’s some widescreen Swedish synthpop on Fika courtesy of Azure Blue, aka Tobias Isaksson. This is his second album, a polished collection of smooth romantic synthpop which is wistful and economical and reminds me of Future Islands and Th...view item »
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Darren Hayman & The Short Parliament

Former Hefner fellow Darren Hayman is back with an album of seventeenth century folk songs that follows on from his critically acclaimed album ‘The Violence’. Available in a deluxe packaging featuring a lush booklet of Darren’s notes, lyrics, and image...view item »
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Victoria and Jacob

“Somewhere between Kylie Minogue, Young Marble Giants and The xx”, lies the press release. It possibly, at a push, sounds a little like Kylie Minogue, nothing like the others. Yes everyone it’s festival season and Victoria and Jacob have managed ...view item »

Making Marks
Ticket Machine

The press release reckons Belle & Sebastian and Paul Simon but there’s a very very worrying influence at play here, I can barely utter the words I’m so disgusted by it all. Oh...here goes...The ...view item »
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The Smittens
Believe Me

Aahh some nice fluffy indie pop to counteract the brittle intensity of the last album I’ve had to listen to. The Smittens are a delighfully happy bunch of indie poppers from Vermont, USA and from what I hear it’s qui...view item »
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Harper Lee / Cats Run Free

There used to be a band called Harper Lee but this is not them. This is actually by Tigercats but their name is not on the front cover so I wouldn’t know. I...view item »

Red Shoe Diaries
When I Find My Heart...

For my final review from my vantage point at the towers overlooking a chimney, a billboard and a Mental Health Unit (into which I've at various points been 'escorted' following review-based violence) a band named (according to Dave) after a borderline soft porn David Duchovny vehicle. A r...view item »
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Moustache Of Insanity
Album of Death

As a man with a history of facial hair and mental illness, I suppose I was the obvious candidate to review this album. It's a pretty charming little oddity by a couple of guys who play in Darren Hayman's band as far as I can tell. They play slightly shambolic twee pop with lots of cheap synths and geeky lyrics which seem to be predominantly abou...view item »

The Spite House Plot

Twee Romanticism from the band who are known as Amida. The name Amida comes from a Japanese painting, and these indie rockers definitely have a sort of art school vibe. They have a definite C86 style thing going on. It's all nice chord structures and sweet as apple pie keyboards. The lyrics have a sort of winsome feel that slackers and bedwe...view item »
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Moustache Of Insanity
Moustache Dammit!!!

This is part of a series of tape releases from Fika records that all come with a Christmas tea bag, a cake recipe, a pin badge and a free download. As you can imagine it's as cute as it sounds and oozes power nerd indie pop cool. Moustache Of Insanity have entered my radar before and i think they are a very charming entity. They mix classic stru...view item »
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Lost Summer Kitten
Not Another Sad Song

I can't tell if the pitch on this is a bit wired because of the duplication process or if it is supposed to sound so wonky, regardless I like the ultra low fidelity of this. These guys/ladies have somewhat of an infectious bittersweet and melancholy pop sound which I find rather endearing. Handmade cassette to be listened to while eating cake (r...view item »
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