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3 Rensa

3 Rensa is a remarkable thing: an improvised collaborative group that features Merzbow without being a pure Merznoise outpouring. Nyantora and Duenn complete the trio, jamming lots of spacey electronics as well as guitar and drums (that’s Masami on the kit too). Redrum is a pretty psychedelic listen, featuring a distillation of a big wild jam. On Entr’acte.
  • Vinyl LP (E231)

Hanno Leichtmann & Valerio Tricoli
La Casa delle Chimere

Second collaborative album from creepy electronic experimentalists Valerio Tricoli and Hanno Leichtmann. On La Casa delle Chimere they manage to make music out of sounds you'd most likely hear on the folly track of a horror film. It's power is in how unsettling it is, and the degree to which they can maintain a sense of tension throughout their tracks. 

Musarc & Neil Luck
Bloody Sirens

Entr’acte have pressed up 200 copies of this LP documenting London's choral ensemble Musarc performing three works by London-based composer Neil Luck. Bold sound poetry and spoken word blur into surreal vocal soundscapes as the tantalising sonic qualities of the English language are elevated into profound new realms on this baffling yet compelling avant-garde work.
  • Vinyl LP (E228)
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  • Limited edition

Fuadain Liesmas

Outstanding, intricate, complex and mysterious works from a truly unique voice in electronic music; Chris Douglas aka Dalglish, Seaes, Scald Rougish, Rook Vallade, O.S.T etc. Like much of the best art, this music is born of pain - created in the turmoil of confusion and isolation. Edition of 200 copies on Antwerp’s Entr’acte label.

Plays and Sings for Money

This being Entr’acte, you know that an album titled Plays And Sings For Money isn’t going to be quite that straightforward. Kallabris instead presents a strange suite of murmured vocals (inspired by Swinburne’s 19th century poetry) and swirled brews of beats and electronics. It’s pop music maybe, but only from the perspective of the properly avant-listeners. LP on Entr’acte.
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  • Entr’acte

The Horde

Franck Vigroux and Ben Miller present their Transistor project on new album The Horde. They met in New York in 2009 and now the scuzzy, abrasive electronics of Vigroux meet Miller's huskily irascible voice for a potently furious sound that recalls the collaborative works of Mika Vainio and Alan Vega. Their live shows have laid waste to many a sound system and now they're coming to your stereo.
  • Vinyl LP (E212)
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  • Label(s):
  • Entr’acte

Gerard Herman
Gerard Herman

For this release on the diverse Entr’acte label, Gerard Herman focuses on minimalist electronics and dense electro-acoustic textures. On this self-titled vinyl LP the bass and drums of more traditional dance music are submerged in a thick soup of musique-concrete soundscapes and incredible radiophonic explorations.

Mike Majkowski
Swimming in Light

Double-bassist Mike Majkowski’s sixth album in eight years Swimming in Light brings to mind recent records from Mica Levi & Oliver Coates and Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement. That is, for each display of fingerboard virtuosity there is an equal and opposite exploration of tone where electronics serve to augment Majkowski’s idiosyncratic and exploratory playing.

Valerio Tricoli & Hanno Leichtmann
The Future of Discipline

Valerio Tricoli’s modern musique concrete tape machine magic is mixed up with Hanno Leichtmann’s seething electronic approaches and percussion, with fascinating results. The Future Of Discipline is so varied and slithering that it is hard to make sense of: just take the trip and allow the sounds to energise you. Edition of 200 LPs on Entr’acte.

Yves De Mey
Late-Night Patching 1

This record is the raw results of some Late Night Patching on the part of Yves De May, who worked out a basic modular set-up and then exploited it for all it was worth. The four tracks presented here have the heady tang of rave, but with the loose and jagged sense of adventure that on-the-fly play can being. 200 vinyl copies on Entr’acte.

Sam Kidel
Untitled (Movements)

Killing Sound/Young Echo/El Kid man Sam Kidel takes a dive into elongated synthesizer drone (incorporating fragments of prepared guitar) for this limited (200 copies) release from Entr’acte. The piece is inspired by the work of Belgian artist Henri Michaux, whose 1950-51 artwork 'Untitled (Movements)' lends the release its title.
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  • Entr’acte

Ben Gwilliam and Michael Vorfeld

  • CD (E97)
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Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Triptyque de l’oeil

  • CD (E99)
  • £10.99 £5.50 (saving: £5.49)
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  • Label(s):
  • Entr’acte