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Boy Scouts
Free Company

Boy Scouts is the name under which Bay Area singer-songwriter, Taylor Vick, makes her music. Her second album, Free Company, was produced by fellow singer-songwriter, Stephen Steinbrink. After a decade or so of experimenting and honing her craft, it seems that she has found the right producer, the right balance of instruments which allow her voice to be the star.

Hot Water Music
Shake Up The Shadows

One might think that Floridian punks Hot Water Music are just be wanting to churn out their greatest hits on tour in their 25th anniversary year, y’know, make a bit of easy cash, they’ve been doing the hard work since 1994, after all. But no! They have recorded a brand new 5-track EP and it’s called Shake Up The Shadows. It’s the band’s first new music since the  Light It Up LP in 2017.

Hot Water Music
A Flight and a Crash

Late 90s punk-rockers Hot Water Music (not to be confused with classic 90s hip-hop outfit Cold Water Music) are reissuing some their most successful albums. On A Flight and a Crash you can hear the band starting to get the hang of the classic call-and-response choruses. The record is back out on vinyl for what is probably the 17th time.

Richard Reed Parry
Quiet River of Dust Vol. 2

Richard Reed Parry is of course part of that colossus of a super-indie band Arcade Fire, but there has always been more to his musicianship than that. Quiet River of Dust Vol.2 is the second part of his newest solo work, which draws considerably on folk and composed music for a really rather rich song-suite. Out on Epitaph.

Mannequin Pussy

Philadelphia group Mannequin Pussy bring you their third long player, Patience. Never thought I’d find such a phrase as “deeply attuned to the power of their own physicality” in a press release, but here we are. It means they play well and with a lot of emotion; it's turbulent music for turbulent times, brewing in a broth of indie rock seasoned with punk and shoegaze.

Plague Vendor
By Night

Rock music alert! Plague Vendor are a completely unashamed rock band, and By Night is unashamedly rock music. Their music brings to mind words like 'explosive' and 'dynamic'. There's is a rock utterly slathered in feedback and overdrive resulting in chords that hardly give you room to breathe. On Epitaph.


New album from mid 90s alternative rock band Quicksand, their first in 22 years after splitting in 1995. Made up of members of Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, Youth Of Today, Absolution, and Deftones. For fans of Rival Schools, Thursday, At The Drive-In, Rise Against et al. LP and CD released through Epitaph.

The Drums

Now where have we heard that title before? What they lack in originality though they make up in....um.....um....ah I know... explanations for band member departures. This is their second album since founding member Jacob Graham left to 'concentrate on his puppetry' and sees Jonny Pierce draft in a drummer for the first time. The press release bleats that this is their best collection of songs yet.   

Glen Hansard
This Wild Willing

This particular Norman Records™ description writer initially read the title of Glen Hansard’s new LP as This Wild Willy, which would have really been something if it were true. It’s not though - it’s called This Wild Willing and it’s another set of well-heeled, classic-sounding rock and folk tunes from the Once actor. Among this run of Van Morrison-isms we get the occasional sky-scraping post-rock atmosphere, which is cool. Free willy.

La Dispute

Fourth album from Michigan post-hardcore rockers La Dispute. On Panorama that band continue making very earnest and emotionally accessible hardcore that isn't afraid to experiment with more post-rock structures. See the spoken word delivery and loud-quiet-loud of single 'Fulton Street I'. On Epitaph.   

Hot Water Music
The New What Next

Florida punk rock outfit Hot Water Music gifted their album The New What Next to the world in 2004, and now its back, in a nice new vinyl re-pressing. Notably this was the record where the band started bringing falsetto harmonies into their melodic emo-tinged songwriting. Reissued for the band’s 25th birthday by Epitaph.

Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music’s sound is one of gruff force, but it’s a force rich with melody. The band are going to be celebrating 25 years together next year with a world tour and reissue campaign. 2002’s ‘Caution’ is one of three LP’s being re-released by the label Epitaph, a 13-track LP of tune-driven punk rock.  

Cass McCombs
Tip of the Sphere

Cass McCombs has been knocking about for many years now and is one of those artists where two albums don't sound the same. He is continually tweaking and pushing his sound into new territories and on this his 9th album he has recorded the songs in on time and place ensuring that the album is his most consistent statements of intent. 

What Chaos Is Imaginary

The excellent Girlpool return to the fray with their third LP. What Chaos Is Imaginary finds the band building on the good work of 2017’s Powerplant. That means they have emboldened their post-grunge/indie-punk sound with a newly classic songwriting sensibility that nods to Girls. Tracks such as ‘Where You Sink’ have a cool My Bloody Valentine thing going on.
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Nothing like a reissue to build momentum for a long-overdue reunion. In anticipation of their first studio album in 14 years, original riot grrrls L7 are reissuing their self-titled debut. L7 set the stage, back in 1988, for a wave of high-energy girl bands in the 90s and might be considered a punk monument, back out on Epitath.

Richard Reed Parry
Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1

While Richard Reed Parry has previously explored neoclassical textures, Quiet River of Dust Vol 1 sees him move into exquisite songcraft matching Beach Boys harmonies with electronic pulses and songs culled from both the British and Japanese folk tradition. He's also a member of twenty plus-headed stadium rock beast Arcade Fire which should help his solo works find a deserved audience. 

Joyce Manor
Million Dollars To Kill Me

One of the best bands to emerge in the recent revival of Good Old-Fashioned Proper Emo, Joyce Manor’s fifth LP sees the group take the big leap into adulthood. The songwriting on Million Dollars To Kill Me is more mature, more considered, and wiser than anything they’ve released previously. Even among their eloquent and impassioned contemporaries - Martha, Joanna Gruesome, Mitski - Joyce Manor stand out.

Render Another Ugly Method

Mothers attempt to carry the acclaim that came the way of their debut LP When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired over to the sophomore. Render Another Ugly Method is another collection of erudite, unusual indie that frequently changes gear and turns into full-on noise-rock. Imagine Ought and St. Vincent and Hella and it’s kind of that. Good record.
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  • Epitaph

Curtis Harding
Soul Power

35 year old guitarist, singer and songwriter Curtis Harding settled in Atlanta, Georgia after travelling all over the US with his family as a kid. Those travels helped gather musical inspiration for Soul Power, where he fuses southern garage rock with soul, blues and indie to make a soulful yet gritty rock album. Soul Power is available on vinyl LP and CD.

The Hives
Barely Legal

Eek. They couldn't get away with an album title like that in 2017. This was the debut album from the band Alan McGee promised us would be our 'new favourite band'. They weren't but they had a good career anyway and this re-issue celebrates the 20th anniversary of this record of blistering punk music.   

Touche Amore
Stage Four

An unexpected move from LA band Touché Amoré here: if this was the first you’d heard from them, you’d be unlikely to guess that they have been a howling punk band for most of their career. And yet Stage Four is a sweeping suite of songs that are sung as songs, with the grace and careful construction of a band like The National. Nicely done. Out on Epitaph.
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  • Epitaph

The Dusk In Us

Their first album in five years, The Dusk In Us is the latest release from Converge. They certainly remain a big part of that metal and maths rock scene and they always will, however this record almost takes a Dillinger Escape Plan turn - for the better may I add - which gives the whole record an added kick. Available on black vinyl LP, indigo vinyl LP and CD and released on Epitaph. 

Proud To Be

Reissue of the 20th anniversary vinyl edition of DFL’s debut album for the Epitaph label, originally released in 1995. Pure, and seemingly bottomless hardcore punk energy, just what epitaph were notorious for. Featured Adam Horovitz of Beastie Boys. 20 tracks in under 30 minutes, that is how you do it.
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Jeff Tweedy
Together At Last

Fans of Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy's positively sweethearted oeuvre will be pleased to hear he's got a new solo record out! This time, instead of releasing a lengthy double-album of new tunes with his son on drums (so dad rock it hurts), he takes old and often classic Wilco material and strips it down. A solemn, acoustic record, Together At Last brings together songs from the humble country beginnings of Tweedy's band to their experimental, canonical outer reaches, putting them all in the same intimate context. And we promise you it's him on the cover, not Neil Young.

Los Angeles Police Department
Los Angeles Police Department

Since being a member of LA indie rock band Warm Weather, Ryan Pollie has gone it alone as the not google friendly Los Angeles Police Department, and has been signed to Anti-/Epitaph. A wondrous twist on indie pop, there’s elements of lo-fi, Bowie, Feist, acoustic guitars with synth, and scandinavian pop. Great, weird, and fun.

Joyce Manor

Sad about not being in high school anymore, Joyce Manor write wilfully pop-punk tunes in as few minutes as humanely possible (usually one to two), jangling betwix thrash to make infectious, heartfelt torch songs. This one is called Cody and follows up the lyrically silly but riff-sad Never Hungover Again. Expect a similar outing of short 'n' sweet punx nuggets about nothing in particular.

You Fail Me

Converge reissue a couple of old favourites via the Deathwish Inc. label. Originally released in 2004, You Fail Me is one of the best examples of the legendary band’s cutting metalcore brutality, pushing through twelve tracks in only thirty-five minutes. This vinyl version also includes a bonus track exclusive to this release.

Glen Hansard
A Season On The Line

The actor man who wants to be a musician trope is epitomised no better than in Glen Hansard, who has released some pleasant Americana records and deftly tributed the music of Jason Molina like no other. This is an actual new EP of material to follow on from 'Didn't He Ramble', tied into RSD for ease, probably, featuring two live "favourites" that now worm their way into an official release.

The Garden

The Garden hail from California, premium territory for punks. They describe themselves as part of that genre, but there is a lot more to the group than that, as they dabble in electronics too. The band is a two-piece, and the two are twin brothers: a close relationship that gives them intuitive bass / drums chemistry. haha is on Epitaph.


Bright Eyes man Conor Oberst returns to his post-hardcore project after a substantial time away. Payola is crammed with energy, angst and anger at the world that has entrenched itself since they’ve been away. Available as CD, or limited edition deluxe LP with excellent cover art on a die cut sleeve with a bonus booklet.

The Blackout
Children of the Night

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The Sidekicks
Runners in the Nerved World

Built To Spill meets Snow Patrol, to be honest: the desperate and strangely gorgeous vocals Steve Ciolek offers up for Runners in the Nerved World recall the canon indie yelps of Dough Martsch, while the rest of the Sidekicks offer a mix of uplifting Superchunk-grade guitar wailing and the euphoric, anthemic alt rock of the dudes who made "Open Your Eyes". It is a good mix. 

Plague Vendor
Free To Eat

A well-referenced garage-rock debut from California natives Plague Vendor. At times deadpan like a stateside Mark E. Smith and others yelpy in a Jack White sort of way, there’s plenty to like here. With a lyrical toe submerged in the occult and a tongue in the cheek, Free To Eat is a refreshing ride. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Epitaph.
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  • Epitaph