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I'll not beat around the bush here. I've got '90s rock in my veins. It's where I'm from. Phil was trying to argue that there wasn't time to review the new Unsane album, but I couldn't be having that, see. I saw Unsane live last year and they're still every bit as pummelling as they ever ...view item »

Butthole Surfers

In 1984, The Surfers released a live follow up to the self title. It starts with Gibby on the saxophone of Cowboy Bob, a tune to later appear on "SAC". It then continues to a better version of bar b q pope, its better cause Gibby is rambling several things in between Chorus and Verse. We then hear a hilarious version of the shah sleeps in lee Ha...view item »

Feral Ohms
I Fall / Sweetbreads

Feral Ohms take the currently-huge fuzzed-out garage rock sound back into the past, touring through the vibes of various rock / punk styles, all of them hairy and sweaty and messy and fun. This new 7” pairs a cover of The Damned’s I Fall with an original Ohms cut. What a bla...view item »

It’s Not Unusual

This five-song disc features a cover of the quasi-title cut that Tom Jones made most famous. Of course, the D.O.A. version of "It's Not Unusual" has an entirely different tone than that of the perpetually panty-showered Vegas crooner. Vocalist Joey Keithley revels in the schmaltzy track, extending notes with a throat-splitting caterwaul and enou...view item »

Jello Biafra with The Melvins
Sieg Howdy

In Sieg Howdy!, things are leaning towards a certain and indisputable single-minded album. It seems Jello learned how to put his burning speeches under the Melvins’ sludgy sound delivering some very powerful material of political doom! It is also apparent that Buzz Osborne has a better understanding of the unique style of Jello vocal expre...view item »

Jello Biafra with The Melvins
Never Breathe What You Can't See

Half the songs on here sound like Plastic Surgery Disasters-era Dead Kennedys. Which shouldn't be a surprise because the Melvins had offered to be Jello's backing band after the ex-Kennedys sued the crap out of him and reformed with a new singer (playing only the old songs) and right before Jello got his new band together. If you like the DKs or Je...view item »

Ex Girl
Endangered Species

EX-Girls' fourth proper album, their second to be released in the United States, is one of their strongest releases. The quickest way to sum it up would be: harmonised, heavy space rock collides with Gary Numan. The opening track, "e-sa-ya", features strings and a good heavy bass line, with operatic vocals in Japanese. Many bands from Japan are ...view item »

Punk Rock Party

I'm sure there's a bunch of punk bands that he easily could have done porno covers of, the only disappointment here was all the "clean" tracks that cluttered the end of the album. I would have rather had more songs covered, but hell, maybe you need to feel the need to play this album without losing your job at work, so the clean versions will ha...view item »

Jello Biafra and The New Orleans Raunch and Soul All-Stars
Fannie Mae / Just a Little Bit

Two choice cuts from the sole live performance of Jello Biafra and the New Orleans Raunch and Soul All-stars! The tracks on the Fannie Mae / Just A Little Bit 7” are from the same sweaty-happy show as live album Walk On Jindal’s Splinters, but are only available here. They capture the ex-Dead Kenned...view item »

Jello Biafra and The New Orleans Raunch and Soul All-Stars
Walk on Jindal’s Splinters

A long renowned one-off show at last gets pressed up to wax (and CD plastic): Jello Biafra and the New Orleans Raunch and Soul All-stars everybody! Walk On Jindal’s Splinters gives you, the listener, the sensations of this thrilling night of re-invented soul classics from the former Dead Kennedys ...view item »

The World / Inferno Friendship Society
This Packed Funeral

Cabaret crew The World / Inferno Friendship Society haven't released an album in so very, very long, so it's nice to see they've decided to come out of hiding (aptly, 'tis Halloween) to announce brand new music. 'This Packed Funeral' promises more deep, booming voices relating spooky and trippy stories through klezmer-infused...view item »

The Greatest Band Of All Time

Arnocorps' modestly-titled 2005 opus 'The Greatest Band of All Time' has finally made it onto vinyl thanks to Alternative Tentacles. This lot have been going strong for 14 years now and are one of several novelty Bay Area thrash/skatepunk bands to mix goofball concept comedy with genuine chops, the most notable contemporaries being ...view item »

Two More!

Some metal bands like Lord of the Rings, others like Vikings -- ArnoCorps is metal for people who like Arnold Schwarzenegger exclusively and maybe nothing else. Their new 7", 'Two More!', was originally only for download, but their combination of growled vocals and guitar riffage is now available to be held in your hands.   ...view item »

My Dad’s a Fuckin’ Alcoholic

This week Alternative Tentacles compile everything Frantix ever recorded onto a single easy to digest LP. Not too hard, you'd think, since these proto-grungers only got a couple of 7"s out before morphing into The Fluid, but with some unreleased shit thrown into the mix you're looking at 23 tracks on a single pl...view item »

Peace Creep
Peace Creep

Here's an EP of early-'90s style guitar rock from Christian Beaulieu of Triclops!, who also plays in Anywhere with Minuteman M-Watt and Mars the Drive-Through's C-Bix. This is back to basics grungey power pop with more than a small nod to Husker Du...view item »

Death Hymn Number 9
3rd Degree Moon Burns

Death Hymn Number 9 forms an ear-orgy of energy, noise and violence as soon as the needle touches the record with their 2nd album 3rd Degree Moon Burns. After coming across this record in a store I knew I had to buy it, despite only hearing it online two or three times and its only grown on me. The mumbled, screechy vocals on this record are an ...view item »

Butthole Surfers
Brown Reason To Live

What you will have, in your hands upon purchase, is the Rosetta stone of True Underground Music, an American original taking monstrous, hallucinatory baby steps to legend. Highlights: "Cowboy Bob" unreels like a horror-film soundtrack, all menacing bass and clashing guitars and horns, and ends with Gibby inexplicably proclaiming, "Aye Calypso." ...view item »

Jello Biafra & The Guanatanamo School Of Medicine
White People And The Damage Done

Not only is the great Jello still making music, he's aged as gracefully as cheddar (for lack of a better metaphor). Opening with the snappy, sharp-witted track "The Brown Lipstick Parade" all they way through the grand finale, "Shock-U-Py" this album is full of energy and a kind of carefully crafted sarcasm and mockery that could on...view item »

Pansy Division and Jello Biafra
Average Men

Much better is the infamous Pansy Division and their Jello Biafra voiced single, 'Average Man'. It's got dirty growling/chiming punk riffs and drums like a towering cliff face headbutting you in the chest. It's also got the former Dead Kennedy's fabulous deranged sneer all over the top with some seriously cynical spot-on lyrics concerning dull mind...view item »

Jello Biafra
Jezebel/ Speed Demon

Ant here with a grin from ear to ear looking at the sleeve for Jello Biafra's Jezebel / Speed Demon 7". One side has a pic of a naked woman with a dog on her lap lookng well chuffed and on the other is a shot of some poor blokes bonce with the most severe case of acne I've seen since I used to look at weird medical books with my mate Jim. Anyw...view item »