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Peter Brötzmann / Juhani Aaltonen / Peter Kowald / Edward Vesala
Hot Lotta

Reissue of Hot Lotta, a one off meeting between some of the greatest minds in German and Finish free jazz. Recorded in 1973, this is a truly savage example of what my jazz hating colleagues would call 'difficult sax music'. You can get a good idea of what this sounds like by looking at pictures of headliner Peter Brötzmann playing his instrument.

Mirel Wagner
Mirel Wagner

  • Vinyl LP (SVR054)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Cold War on the Rocks ‐ Disco and Electronic Music From Finland 1980‐1991

Cold War on the Rocks ‐ Disco and Electronic Music From Finland 1980‐1991 is a kind of Nuggets for Finnish Dance music. This is part two in a series - the follow up to Satan In Love. All the tracks come from obscure one-off 7” singles, in some cases by artists who are better known for working in different genres. They range from the relatively normal sounds of orchestral disco to the more unhinged and experimental electronic sounds.

Brutal Africa – The Heavy Metal Cowboys of Botswana

An incredible document of rock music in the southern African state of Botswana, Brutal Africa captures some of the country’s tiny but vibrant scene. These 11 songs, from pioneering grandfathers of the scene like Metal Orizon, were captured during the filming of the 2018 documentary ‘Freedom In The Dark’ over a three year period. 


Futuristic synth / disco / rave lads K-X-P with a deep dive into ideas of 'depth of time, non-linear time and escapism'. Far from being a po-faced, academic, or and aloof work, this album promises to be a thrilling electronic joy-ride. IV is only three tracks long, which offers a sonic cohesiveness that is a joy to hear. On Svart.

Dance For Your Life – Rare Finnish Funk & Disco 1976-1986

Lordi. HIM. Apocalyptica. When one thinks of Finnish music, the words ‘funk’ and ‘disco’ are not ones that immediately spring to mind. The people at Svart Records - despite being a label that largely releases prog and metal - are out to change those perceptions. They’ve brought together eighteen choice morsels from the discotheques of 70s and 80s Finland. A lot of the tracks have a charmingly skew-whiff, Gilbert & Sullivan-esque flavour to them.

Witch Mountain
Witch Mountain

The obscenely metal Witch Mountain use their lovely crystal fonts and blue colours to fool you into believing their new record is going to be chill. It is not: a doomy experience that feels like a culmination of their long ascent to the top of the genre, they're here joined by new singer Kayla Dixon, who apparently loves Judas Priest. Legend.

Satan In Love ‐ Rare Finnish Synth‐Pop and Disco 1978‐1992

The colourful catalogue of Finland’s Svart Records spans material old and new, but seems to specialise in scarce gems from the forested country’s underground music history. In this case, we have a tour de force of several decades’ worth of Suomi synthpop and disco. ‘Satan in Love’ by Emilia is a notorious inclusion and alone speaks volumes of the quality on offer. Loistava homma!

Real Delusions - The Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1987-1991

All the very best material from Finland’s apparently explosive late 80’s metal underground, gathered up by the experts Svart for you to tuck into! Real Delusions - The Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1987 - 1991 delivers on its premise in spades, with twenty tracks from the likes of National Napalm Syndicate, Dirty Damage, and Stone. CD and double LP editions.
  • Label(s):
  • Svart

50th Erection I ‐ Collected Works 1967‐1970

This would appear to be (part one of) the comprehensive Sperm experience, comprising multiple albums, EPs and previously-unreleased selections from the earliest years of these Finnish avant-nonsensers. 50th Erection 1 collects all the material from the years 1967 to 1970, including a solo LP from Sperm founder Pekka Airaksinen. Some very intriguing experimental performance sound going on here. Reissued on two CDs or four LPs, from Svart.


The first ever album from Circle, which forced the world to take note of their heavily driving Finnish krautrock sound. Meronia was first released in 1994, and consequently lasts for an hour and a quarter. You can pick up the CD or the vinyl version, although be aware that only vinyl-getters will hear the last bonus track… Joint release by Ektro, Full Contact and Svart.


Siinai are one of the most interesting contemporary bands coming out of Finland right now, and they just gifted the world with their third album, titled Sykli. The group inhabit the rich tradition of synth-prog-psychedelic music, with arpeggiated electronics mixing with post-rocky instrumental structures, building up some fairly epic tracks for listeners to lose themselves in. Sykli is released by Svart.

Eero Koivistoinen Quartet feat. Philip Catherine
Jazz-Liisa 13

Belgium meets Finland in 1974 here with this juicy session of incisive melodic jazz. The guitarist Philip Catherine was in Finland for some teaching and he found the Finnish group Eero Koivistoinen to be the perfect foil to his stylings. Jazz-Lissa 13 is a great little document, reissued here in a rather snazzy sleeve. Vinyl on Svart.


On this meeting of worlds, techno is spiked with various other sources - krautrock, drone, cinematic synthscapes and electronica - to tell a sombre and unnerving story. Kaukolampi here explore a diverse range of moods and sonic environments, whipping the listener into a subdued, but significant hypnosis. 

Jess and the Ancient Ones
The Horse and Other Weird Tales

Jess and the Ancient Ones are a band who play in a firmly vintage mould, where riffs are chunky (and played on both guitars and organs), themes are occulty, and vocals are full-bore powerful. The Horse And Other Weird Tales is their third album, and it presents the fullest version yet of this juicy dark vision. CD and LP editions on Svart.

Opium Warlords

Atmosphere and destruction clash here in a cold whirlwind of out there bluesy doomed metal and exploratory abstraction. Evoking themes of folklore, solemn histories and distant lands, the album tells a story like a film or a quest, lurching through dynamic peaks and sombre lows, with all-powerful grace.

Impassable Fears

Juicy heavy darkness here from Gravetemple, the experimental power trio of key Sunn O))) man Stephen O’Malley, terrifying Sunn O))) and Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar, and all-round sound wizard Oren Ambarchi. Impassable Fears is a welcome return, a record that throbs with ferocious metallic power and sharp minimalist sonic details. CD / LP editions on Svart.

Jess and The Ancient Ones
Jess and The Ancient Ones

  Finnish label Svart have reissued and remastered Jess And The Ancient Ones 2012, self-titled cult classic. Initially regarded as proprietors of the 'occult rock revival' the band have since gone on to transcend the cliches of the genre,  but their debut LP still remains a celebrated favourite. As well as the original tracks, there are four bonus tracks added  - including a cover of Roky Erickson's 'Anthem - to make it even more of a must-have for fans of the album.

Hello Black Hole
In No Good Hand

Hello Black Hole, a trio hailing from sunny Helsinki, are a smoothly dark listening prospect, but with plenty of gnarls hiding beneath the surface. This is amped-up post-punk with production that puts the band right up in your face. Four track vinyl release In No Good Hand is released on the Svart label.

Kairon; IRSE!

Kairon; IRSE! (yes, a band with two different kinds of punctuation in their name) are a Finnish gang of spacey, shoegazey, but ultimately proggy rockers. Ruination is their second album of outer / inner space explorations, with grander ambitions and more complex song structures than ever before. CD and double LP editions on Svart.

Kairon; IRSE!

This tongue twisting album invokes a more anthemic fuzz than anything Kevin Shields had a hand in, resisting MBV’s beautiful obscurity whilst retaining the woozy audio bed crucial to the thicker end of shoegaze. Anthemic though, yes, as the band's approach leaves room for soaring highs and more direct dramas. Originally self-released, now issued on CD and 12”.

I Saw The Light, But Turned It Off

Rainbowlicker consider themselves to be a ‘laserpunk’, and in the absence of any other definitions, I’d say they suit the territory pretty well. The fuck-you attitude of the band is plenty punk, but the music is made up of shiny brash electronics. I Saw The Light, But Turned It Off is their debut album. Released by Svart.

Witchthroat Serpent

Witchthroat Serpent are a stoner-doom band (can you believe it?!) with thick wedges of occult practice in their aesthetic and hazy slabs of blackened guitar in their sound. Sang-Dragon wears its old-school heavy metal heritage proudly on its denim-patched sleeve: Witchthroat get it just right. Out on Svart, with some vintage-looking artwork.

III Part 2

Another installment in K-X-P’s continuing quest to produce a catalogue high-grade, minimally-titled, rhythmically-intense synth-kraut albums. III Pt. 2 follows up on last year’s III Pt. 1, and was recorded in the same sessions. Another dark and immersive ride from these Finns. CD release on Svart.


Baron are a British rock group who cast their gaze back to an earlier age of rock music, where a fascination with myth and mysticism crept around the edges of a lot of bands. Torpor is all about old time, old places, magic: plus thick guitar riffs and organ vamps. Released on the Svart label on CD and LP.

Jess and The Ancient Ones
Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes

Jess and the Ancient Ones make a surf and metal-tinged psychedelic rock sound and mix it with themes of an occultish nature. The Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes is the Finnish band’s second full-length album and follows on from 2011’s self-titled debut and 2013’s Astral Sabat EP.

III Part 1

The unhinged Finnish electro-rockers unveil their third album. Hot on the heels of their dancefloor-orientated 'The History Of Techno' 12", their latest full-length builds on and surpasses its predecessors with cosmic chants, hypnotic beats and thick synth ooze aplenty. Along for this bizarre ride is Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic/Ø) who contributes his trademark noise to epic album opener "Psychic Hibernation". Released by Finnish label Svart, the vinyl edition is limited to 350 copies only.

The Exploding Eyes Orchestra

The Exploding Eyes Orchestra originally began life as a side project for Thomas Corpse (Jess And The Ancient Ones songwriter/guitarist) and has since evolved into a full band featuring five of the original seven members of JATAO. ‘I’ consists of material edited from several lengthy recordings made in Finland in 2013/14 resulting in strong, deliberately crafted compositions influenced by soulful classic rock.

Flesh Throne Press

Apparently utilising six guitar amps and cabs for each take, Flesh Throne is nothing if not heavy. Bombastic UK doom-duo Pombagira’s sixth album is a riff-laden slowcore piece of work that dredges up the lowest frequencies it can muster. Think Dopethrone-lite. Out on CD and 2LP vinyl from Svart.


Finnish psych supergroup Atomikyla unites guitarist/vocalist J Vanhanen and bassist T Hietamaki from Oranssi Pazuzu with drummer J Ramanen and guitarist/vocalist V Ajomo from Dark Buddha Rising for a thunderous foray into nightmarish bad trip territory. The quartet take the heaviest elements of both outfits and meld them into a single unstoppable entity on this limited (350 copies) vinyl LP.
  • Label(s):
  • Svart


Unhinged Finnish weirdness from a supergroup featuring members of Reverend Bizarre, Op:l Bastards and Imatran Voima. Tahtiportti blend droning chants, rudimentary electronic pulses and primitive rhythms with guttural vocals from the Stygian depths. Disorientating and addictive in equal measure. Svart strikes again!
  • Label(s):
  • Svart

The House Of Capricorn
Morning Star Rise

Hail Satan and let him play some riffs on our album, please. The House of Capricorn are pitching themselves as hell's house band, their stoner and doom inclinations making for an album of lethargic punishments with no end in sight. Morning Star Rise is their third record and it would never end, so thanks for doing the band a favour and turning them off at the end.

Sleep Of Monsters
Produces Reason

From the singer of Babylon Whores, Ike Vil, comes this new occult rock album by Sleep of Monsters, rumoured about but only just released in the UK. With Sami Hassinen on guitar, drummer Pätkä Rantala, and keyboard player Janne Immonen alongside Mäiha on bass and guitar mastery from Uula Korhonen. Vinyl and CD.

Lotus Thief

Some metallic ‘nanas and custard from Lotus Thief. Rervm coincides with the recent trends in progressive metal. It's got elements of stoner, sludge, black and prog metal. To be honest, it sounds a lot like a post-rock band but with thrashy bits, more sci-fi bleeps, bloops and monotonous vocals. It's out double vinyl LP and CD from Svart.

Bog Oak
A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife

With a title like that, you can only hope to be treated to some Satanic inclinations. Bog Oak does not fail to deliver, delivering music that will make you second-guess all you thought you held holy. Sympathizing with obscure metaphysics from the Middle Ages, A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife makes the occult accessible.

Witch Mountain
Mobile of Angels

Witch Mountain offer up some relatively clean, star-gazing doom metal with the amazingly titled 'Mobile of Angels' -- is that like a mobile phone, a mobile home, or what? 'Mobile of Angels' has a few different sonic twists, but provides an overall elegiac sound compared to the doom metal that surrounds it. Gorgeous, uplifting vocal harmonies seep through the onslaught of sustained guitar chords and steady drumming -- the lead vocal itself recalls the way Thou's sinister doom metal classic 'Heathen' was counterbalanced with comforting, clean singing. 

Opium Warlords
Taste my Sword Of Understanding

A record named Taste My Sword Of Understanding, by a band named Opium Warlords: take a guess. You got it, doom-heavy metal! This release, heralded as the last for this particular moniker (though Sami Albert Hynninen, for it is he, has others), is a strange one, sometimes rather abstract, sometimes rather unsettling. Interesting medieval-violence painting on the cover too.


Finnish avant-garde at its finest, Kuolemanlaakso really can’t be arsed with any kind of boundaries. Between death metal and some kind of progressive acoustic folk, Tulijoutsen is all over the place without losing your attention. Impressive piece of Finnish craftsmanship, oozing with direct consequences of living with a daily average of two hours of sunlight.