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Thrift Shop

More electronica (I'm sick of using that word can anyone think of an alternative) coming at ya on Piehead by way of the group Phasmid. Thrift Shop is a limited edition of 211 copies. Falls directly between say, Opiate and....hmmm erm I am Robot and Proud. By jiminy theres a lot of it about. ...view item »

Hot Pixel

Firstly, we have the 2 latest installments in the Piehead 3" singles series. Just gets stranger & stranger this does! Volume 4 is a 4 tracker by Selfservice called 'Hot Pixel. Atmospheric in places, mainly instrumental, darn poppy in other parts. Can't think who this reminds me of but f...view item »

I Luv On Your Grave

Pies. Love them or hate them you just can't ignore them. We have a new 3" CD on Piehead by Theblameshifter. This is dark, beaty, claustrophobic electronic music. Quite scary actually. Reminds me of being lost in a futuristic city. As usual its limited to 211 copies. I Luv On Your Grave is CD only...view item »

The Air Grows Small Fingers

Speaking of electronica, Volume 6 of this years Piehead series is in by Mnemosyne. Am not sure how it's pronounced and nor did I know what it meant. Now I do though after the wonderful t'internet and I can inform you that Mnemosyne was the goddess of Memory and the inventress of words in Greek mythology. And if that wasn't ...view item »

Uprox Detox

That super-duper Piehead records have sent us the latest installment in the 2004 limited CD series. By Portland, this starts off as mad with the Clangers drying themselves off after swimming by standing under an industrial hot air blower before setting off to a banging Aphex Twin gig 18,000 ...view item »

Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks
Window Pain

Piehead records return with the 1st in a fresh series of CDs limited to the utterly bizarre quantity of 211. (can someone tell me the significance of this??) Reverting back to good ol' 5" size discs, this is by Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks & sounds like a load of nicely constructed ambient...view item »