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Mountain Caller
Chronicle I: The Truthseeker

You know when an album has the word 'chronicle' in the title it's going to be interesting. Mountain Caller are a London-based group who are reportedly a "rich amalgam of progressive rock, post-metal and doom". Their debut record 'Chronicle I: The Truthseeker' is based around a character called The Protagonist (Chris Nolan's obviously been taking notes) who sets "forth on an Odyssean journey to rediscover her memory and her voice". Intrigued? Out on New Heavy Sounds. 
  • CD (NHSCD032)
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP032X)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition


Japanese stoner / doom metal duo Blacklab return with their second album, Abyss. Their first album, Under The Strawberry Moon, compiled a set of recordings from the band’s formative years meaning there was a range of styles and influences on display. Here, they set out to define their sound. It mixes fuzzed out, chugging grunge-punk riffage with vocals that stretch from ill-tempered grumpiness to thrapple-tearing screams via liltingly sweet singing. 
  • CD (NHSCD030)
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP030X)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition


EMBR are a doom metal band with a difference from Birmingham, Alabama. One of the main differences with their version of doom is singer Crystal Bigelow who sings like she’s trying to reach the whole world from the top of a mountain, whilst controlling the waves, weather and seasons. 1823 is their debut album and follows three EPs that have made a big noise, in both senses of the word, in the metal underground. It’s taken them 6 years to get to this point due to their drummer, Eric Bigelow, receiving a long-awaited kidney transplant, so they will no doubt be delighted. 
  • CD (NHSCD031)
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP031X)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Sky Valley Mistress
Faithless Rituals

Sky Valley Mistress come, leather clad, from Blackburn and make the kind of blistering modern rock ‘n’ roll that we’ve seen in recent years from Jim Jones Revue, Rival Sons, Royal Blood, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Eagles of Death Metal. Faithless Rituals is their debut album. On New Heavy Sounds.
  • CD (NHSCD029)
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP029)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Cold In Berlin
Rituals Of Surrender

Cold In Berlin mix fuzzy, goth-flavoured detuned doom rock with post punk. They're based in London, so I have no idea if they know what the temperature is in Berlin. They claim to be influenced by music released in the 20 year period between 1973 and 1993 along with things outside music such as Asian extreme films, early 20th century European literature, the work of documentary maker Adam Curtis. This all pours into their latest slab of wax, Rituals Of Surrender.
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP028X)
  • CD (NHSCD028)
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP028)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Yn Ol I Annwyn

Reaching at least the top 5 of our annual “Doom Metal Band Name” ranking, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard releases have always been a sure bet for fat riffs iced over huge, sluggish beats, with a few synthesizers added for flavor. Yn Ol I Annwyn is Welsh for Return to the Underworld, which is exactly what the record invites you to do.
  • CD (NHSCD026)
  • Vinyl Double LP (NHSLP026C)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Transmaniacon feat. Lydia Lunch and Maya Berlin
The Strange World Of Suzie Pellet

Transmaniacon take their name from a Blue Oyster Cult song and describe themselves as 21st century schizoid people of the blue planet, which references a King Crimson song. It’s clear to see their prog influences, however, the music they make is a heavier brand of prog rock. They have teamed up with Lydia Lunch and Maya Berlin to bring to life The Strange World Of Suzie Pellet in the form a concept album. Suzie Pellet is a character created by horror/fantasy artist and novelist, Ian Miller. Transparent green/mustard half and half vinyl, limited to 300 copies of CD on New Heavy Sounds.
  • CD (NHSCD025)
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP025)
  • Coloured vinyl


The label’s called New Heavy Sounds and they’ve released hard-bitten takes from the likes of Black Moth and Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard. No prizes for those who suss out that Ascend, the second LP from Vodun, probably isn’t a folk record. For a three-piece with no bass instrument, the group make a pretty massive noise here. There’s also a nice grooviness to the drums that prevents tracks like ‘Spirits Past’ from becoming too rote. Sabbath, Zeppelin and that.
  • CD (NHSCD022)
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP022)

Under The Strawberry Moon

Winners of my favourite album art for the year, please say hello to Blacklab, an Osaka local band who make barely decipherable evil. With a few of the layers in their musical trifle consisting of fuzzy texture, they top everything off with a big helping of doom. The lo-fi production and noisy carelessness that sums up Under the Strawberry Moon is indicative of their unflinching, uncompromising attitude. Cool. 
  • CD (NHSCD024)

Saboteurs Of The Sun

Londoners Limb are back with this snazzy orange/green vinyl, their third album on New Heavy Sounds, a driving record packed with heavy fuzz, sludgy doom and bubbling synthesisers. Throw in some screaming organs and reverential choruses and you've got yourself a swampy, intergalactic party. A groove-filled listen. 
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP021)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • CD (NHSCD021)

Grave Lines
Fed Into The Nihilist Engine

Grumpy and full of existential humdingers, heavy riffers Grave Lines made these hard-edged doom tunes to explore the deep web of the human psyche. A band that loves to cross the bridge between dissonance and melody, Fed Into the Nihilist Engine is one of those metal albums constantly usurping its dynamics. Agh. Yes.
  • Vinyl Double LP (NHSLP023)
  • CD (NHSCD023)

Ex People

London based stoner sludge four-piece Ex People bring the heaviness of Electric Wizard and Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard with and up beat groove of Kylesa and Raging Speedhorn. After a few self released outings they have been snapped up by New Heavy Sounds for a their debut full length. In good company.
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP020)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (NHSCD020)

New Heavy Sounds Volume 3

  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP013)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Noeth Ac Anoeth

If you are going to form a stoner doom outfit, you might as well go all the way right? Hence this band from Wales, who’ve titled themselves Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard. Noeth Ac Anoeth fits just three large numbers into 50 minutes, stretching out their heaviness. Jessica Ball’s vocals set them apart somewhat though. 300 copies only of the transparent frosted vinyl edition.
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP018)
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  • Limited edition
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  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP018)
  • Limited edition


London stoner rockers Limb channel their inner Kyuss with their second album Terminal. Scuzzy, fuzzy and packed with hypnotic hooks it’s a confident collection of total bangers. It sounds like playing your Electric Wizard records at 45rpm, which can only be a good thing. Out on CD and Transparent white and cosmic purple haze vinyl from New Heavy Sounds.
  • CD (NHSCD017)
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP017)

Black Moth
Condemned To Hope

Having been pillars of Leeds’ underground music scene for the last decade or so, Black Moth finally got the attention they deserve in 2012 with their debut full-length 'The Killing Jar' being praised by the likes of Kerrang. 'Condemned To Hope', however, is an altogether mightier beast. With help from Jim Sclavunos (Grinderman, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Cramps) this album transcends all of their influences; turbulant, beguilling and riff heavy, it retrofits 60s garage rock at its most sinister.
  • CD (NHSCD014)
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP014)

The Darkening Plain

Transmaniacon were initially a collective of musicians assembled to provide the score for a film of John Shirley's book 'Transmaniacon', also drawing inspiration from Blue Oyster Cult's 'Transmaniacon MC'. The film ended up being canned, but the musicians continued on to make this pummelling sci-fi concept album from its discarded remains. It's a hard, slow stoner-prog monolith full of twist, turns, dystopian paranoia and huge doomy riffs, mixing the classic hard-rock/proto-metal of bands like Steppenwolf, Cathedral, Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath with a thick modern stoner sound a la Sleep.
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP015)
  • CD (NHSLP015)


Well, I tried Googling these guys’ music, but all I found was Youtube videos of medical professionals. So I am left no choice but to go out on a limb here and say that their self-titled album will an album filled with Limb’s half-sludge-and-half-minimal-bleakness sound that we’ve come to appreciate.
  • CD (NHSCD012)

Antlered Man
This Devil Is Them

  • CD (NHSCD011)

Cut Yourself In Half

  • Vinyl LP (NHS010LP)
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  • CD (NHS010CD)

Gift of The Sun

  • Vinyl 7" (NHS009)

Black Moth
The Killing Jar

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Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Y Proffwyd Dwyll

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Black Moth / XM-3a

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Bad Robot Man

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