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Leon Vynehall
Nothing Is Still

Well, Leon Vynhall wrote a book. In the mid 20th century Vynhall's grandparents emigrated to New York, a journey he has found incredibly inspirational. The sum is Nothing Is Still, an album, a novella, and more. What's more it features most of an orchestra. Vynhall's debut album is nothing if not ambit...view item »


Taking its cues from UK Garage and embracing the visceral power of rave, Northern Irish electronic duo Bicep have had critics falling over themselves to praise their self-titled debut. Glue is the second single to be lifted from it and it has been likened to FSOL and Orbital in their pomp. 180g ...view item »

Days to Come

This album will definitely fall through the cracks even though it's easily one of 2006's best releases. While DJ Shadow is running around out churning out hypha garbage, Bonobo weighs in with this masterpiece, full of lush orchestrations, dope beats and excellent vocals. Days to Come gives you that late 90s trip-h...view item »

Peggy Gou

A rising star of the international club scene for the past couple of years, 2018 might be the year that Peggy Gou explodes into the public consciousness. It certainly will if she keeps making records as good as this. After graduating from Ninja Tune sub-label Technicolour, Gou’s first EP f...view item »

Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra

Following the single release of ‘Audio Track 5’ last September, Ninja Tune now offer up an entire LP of Darren “Actress” Cunningham’s collaboration with London Contemporary Orchestra, which first performed at the Barbican in 2016 (helpfully, ‘Audio Track 5’ is track 8 he...view item »

The Bug
Box ft. D Double E / Iceman ft. Riko Dan

The Bug gets busy with two of Grime’s most heavyweight microphone lords on this explosive 12” for Ninja Tune. Now I’m most definitely not an MC - but if I were; the two I would fear most in battle would most likely be D Double E an...view item »

Opal (Four Tet Remix) / Helix

My God look at this thing. Bicep's slithery piece of electronic brilliance remixed by none other than Four Tet. The original is a cracker but you don't get that here. Instead you get the 'Tet mix and an original (I Presume) called 'Helix'. Not actually sure as I can't find anything on the whole wide internet.&nb...view item »

The Cinematic Orchestra
Every Day

The Cinematic Orchestra album is coffee table lounge jazzy background music in a Zero 7 ish way. Nice in places and boring in others. Overall better than most and what they do... they do terribly well. Every Day is on CD and LP...view item »

Kid Koala
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Everytime I listen to Kid Koala's work, I'm always struck by how well he exhibits what's missing from hip-hop today: irrelevance. No, I'm not talking about the "funny-guy," Colt 45-drunken gangsta-mack who pays thong-clad ladies to let him harass them in his $2 million videos, I'll taking about a DJ who actually found and samples Winnie the Pooh as...view item »

Young Fathers
Cocoa Sugar

Once causing me to choke on a shreddie when seeing them being announced as Mercury Music Prize winners, Young Fathers are one of the very few winners of that mystical prize to actually be any good and also to keep making good records and not immediately going down the spout.  Part of the reason for this is the self contained environment the...view item »

Helena Hauff
Have You Been There, Have You Seen It

German DJ and producer Helena Hauff is back on Ninja Tune with a tidy 4-track EP of analogue tracks, apparently improvised and recorded at her studio in Hamburg. There’s no doubt the lady knows a thing or two about programming the Roland TR-808. Her beats are super crisp o...view item »

Nabihah Iqbal
Weighing Of The Heart

Need to get through the dark winter months? Nabihah Iqbal is here to help you survive, with her warm and dreamy debut album on Ninja Tune. Formerly known as Throwing Shade, we already knew she had an eclectic style. The Weighing of the Heart promises lots of post-punk influences combined with gentl...view item »

Congo Natty
Jungle Revolution

Congo Natty returns with this gorgeous release and, folks, his alias "Conquering Lion" is surely well-deserved. A major name of jungle music, unfailingly making massive tracks with the biggest names of the UK scene, in Jungle Revolution gives us several interesting tracks (UK All Stars, Jah Warriors, Get R...view item »

The Bug

'Freakshow' is an apt title for the opening cut on this double 10" set. When I first heard this tune I wasn't so sure about it, it sounded kinda chaotic and messy but Danny Brown is pretty intense so it took a couple listens to get my head round it. The Bug is in usual savage form dr...view item »

Forest Swords

As portrayed on the photographic illustration on the cover, that’s probably the best way to meditate; lying on the ground, sun-baked but stony-hard (the ground, I mean), with a bloody great boulder balanced on your table-shaped legs. Or maybe it’s about joy, pain and spiritual self-enrichment through suffering and catharsis; all them...view item »

The Bug
Zim Zim Zim

This redder than red 12” fills in a blank from Angels & Devils in the form of ‘Zim Zim Zim’, a pretty dangerous track that’s like being socked in the face by the biggest bug ever. It features Jamaican dancehall dude Burro Banton on MC duties, spitting acidic phrases that hit just as hard. As a result, it fe...view item »


Bicep have been in the dance scene for some time, so their debut album has been a while in the making. Known for their Feelmybicep blog and the subsequent club nights and level of the same name the duo have been rinsing clubs across the globe with their own productions as well as dipping into their extensive collections.  ...view item »


Her last release sold out really quickly and had a horse on the cover. Not sure if these two things are related but we'll find out with this latest release (no horse).  This is in fact a vinyl re-issue on Ninja Tune of her breakthrough 2015 album and perfectly showcases her hazy and housey take on pop and r&b.  ...view item »

Pluto's Beating Heart / Eleven

After self releasing and a couple of 12”s on Blip Discs, London based producer O’Flynn makes a move onto Ninja tune with his latest two tracker. After garnering praise from Four Tet and Bonobo he builds on his percussively focussed sound, building it up to a euphoric-synth laser reac...view item »


Bicep. What an awful name for producers. The hyper-machismo imagery is made much worse by the fact that all their URLs are /feelmybicep, jeez. I’m sure it’s all tongue in cheek perhaps maybe, but I’m also sure that you’d have to know the guys to get that. Anyway, enough silly rants, they're...view item »

Jordan Rakei

Jordan Rakei is the young New Zealand multi-instrumentalist musician who is going to dominate your smooth summer listening for years to come. His very nice voice is supported by a rich bed of (almost entirely self-played) instrumentation, creating jazzy soul songs that you can just sink into. His ...view item »

Nathan Fake
Providence Reworks: Part I

Should probably give that new Nathan Fake album another listen then, huh. You barely blink and a remix 12” is out with the likes of Overmono, Norman favourite Huerco S and Olga Wojciechowska doing the transformational stuff, as well as a bonus tune from the Faker himself. ...view item »

Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra
Audio Track 5

Sure, why not? Sounds like a good fit: experimental techno producer Actress follows up the phenomenal AZD on a collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra, offering new pieces as well as older cuts in a new framework. His penchant for loop-based work is here joined with...view item »

Human Energy

Well he’s had a good run hasn’t he? Ten years of making under-the-radar wildly inventive electronica before the superb double whammy of ‘Room(s)’ and ‘Vapour City’ brought him to a much deserved wider audience.  But it seems there’s something very wrong here. First up t...view item »

The Invisible
Patience (Remixes)

One of the UK’s grooviest acts employ some groovy people to make their groovy music even groovier. For instance, Chaos in the CBD shifts Patience standout ‘Love Me Again’ from a sun-drenched r&b cut to a punchy club jam that sounds like Theo Parrish attempting two-step. The vinyl a...view item »

Nathan Fake feat. Prurient

In a slightly surprising collaboration, warmly hazy electronica merchant Nathan Fake has teamed up with blackened noise-pain dealer Prurient. Degreelessness still sounds bright, but it has an anxious undercurrent to it, partly articulated by Dom Fernow’s distant mutterings. B-side...view item »


You’ve got me out here at the review station reviewing electronic music? You idiots. You stupid idiots. It’s like when you see that one shit guy in the platoon of a war movie. Let’s hope I can ride this thing out on enthusiasm alone, though, because this Actress record is very interesting and extremely lovely -- I’ll say ...view item »

The Bug vs Earth
Concrete Desert

Those who were tantalised by that recent collab 12” from these two are about to start drooling little doom-dub pools onto the floor, cuz they’re back with a full set of heavy music to jiggle your innards, on Ninja Tune, which I still find very weird. Oh it’s got a kick drum on it? We’ll take it. You’re gonna be the ...view item »

The Bug

Well I never. I just checked to see what Liz Harris-laced tracks were on the recent 'A&D' LP and blow me if it's not the lushly paced first track here, on this DJ's-wallet-abusing complementary double EP and you get ANOTHER UNRELEASED ONE WITH GROUPER SINGING!! Waaaah! Also, you get the dubz, without the vocals....view item »

Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake’s new album, his fourth, is the first time he has ever worked with vocalists; and what a pair of vocalists they are. Raphaelle from Braids contributes some swooning dramatism to ‘RVK’, while Prurient / Dominick Fernow contributes so...view item »


The last Machine Drum record, ‘Room(s)’, was one of the best electronic/dance type records of recent times. A near perfect encapsulation of everything great and good about underground electronic music...bits of garage, rave, trance, house, all put in a stew...with added guitars. It seems from the pr...view item »


Bonobo is a fairly reliable tunesmith. He makes pretty, cinematic music that generally hits the mark. Like many other electronic producers though he falls down when trying to add vocals to the brew. This is exemplified clearly on this his 6th album. The instrumental tracks are pretty much everything you'd expect and want from a Bonobo al...view item »

Last Night On The Planet

I’m so damn excited. I absolutely loved Letherette’s ‘Refresh’ 12” from earlier in the year. It reminded me of all kinds of house music I didn’t listen to in the ‘90s.  This excitement is popped like a balloon though on opening ‘Momma’ which mixes some...view item »

Love Songs: Part Two

London-based DJ and producer Romare returns with his 10-track album, Love Songs: Part Two. Romare's production style incorporates idiosyncratic usage of samples, steady beats, and a constantly evolving world of sound which never fails to sustain intrigue. Released as white vinyl double LP, ...view item »

Illum Sphere

Earlier days on the Fat Cat roster built to Manchester producer Illum Sphere finding his rightful home at Ninja tunes, and in Glass we find his second full length for them. A darker and more concise beat led outing, and probably as “straight up” as Illum Sphere goes, with a clear and defined...view item »

Sarathy Korwar
Day To Day: Remixes

Debut album from American percussionist and composer Sarathy Kowar was mightily well received, a glorious fusion of percussion, free jazz and Indian rhythms. The folks at Ninja Tune, quite rightly, thought some remixes would go down a treat, getting Tenderlonious, Photay and Emanative ...view item »

The Invisible
Life's Dancers (Floating Points Remix)

The Invisible’s lauded ‘Patience’ LP now yields a track with the full Floating Points treatment. Sam Shepherd drops the science (and a cello) to rework ‘Life’s Dancers’ into a fine space-funk epic. Plus he produced a new track on the flip. Busy boy. 180g black 12&rdqu...view item »

King Midas Sound / Fennesz
Edition 1

This record is the first in what King Midas Sound hopes to be a 4-part collaborative series, each with different artists, all on Ninja Tune. Edition 1 sees the unlikely pairing of the group with Austrian ambient magister Christian Fennesz to place KMS’ gothic odes to the approaching winter within the icy echo ...view item »

Space Dimension Controller
Orange Melamine

Thanks to the combined forces of Christopher Nolan, Public Service Broadcasting and a smattering of Ghost Box, we now live in a world obsessed with 60s space nostalgia. This means an influx of spacey synth music which cannot help but drop in countless samples from well-to-do Americans talking thr...view item »

Sarathy Korwar
Day to Day

Sarathy Korwar draws on the folk musics of his Indian routes, as well as the kind of jazzy electronics associated with Ninja Tune, who release his debut album in collaboration with The Steve Reid Foundation. The genre-blend is a great success, a deep and exciting engagement that avoids the common pitfalls of suc...view item »

The Invisible

Third album from The Invisible, which finds them returning with some friends in tow. Collaborators on Patience album include Jessie Ware, Annie Calvi and Floating Points, making it a pretty excellent summation of where this corner of the modern R&B-ish electronics s...view item »

Max Graef & Glenn Astro
The Yard Work Simulator

First of all, shout-out to the Simpsons reference. The Yard-Work Simulator is the wild collaborative work of Glenn Astro and Max Graef. Being put together in Berlin, it is sort of a given that this record would turn out danceable, but Astro and Graef’s approach is...view item »

Throwing Shade
House of Silk

The iconic Ninja Tune label with more from their newest signing, Throwing Shade. This producer makes a glossy post-internet, alt-pop that would fit on the PC Music label. On this limited vinyl 12” icy synthesizers and off-kilter beats frame the artist’s eerie disembodied vocals,...view item »

Ash Koosha

It's the return of Mr Koosha! Welcome back Ash, it must be at least six weeks since I last heard one of your records. "GUUD", Koosha's self-released debut LP which came out last summer, had just been given an overdue vinyl release on Olde English Spelling Bee waaay back at the tail end of February '16 and I was much honoured to review it on my s...view item »

Annabel (lee)
If Music presents: By the sea... and other solitary places

If Music is a tiny room of a record store in London Town, someone’s front room rather than a shop, it’s a great, welcoming place so do check it out. Here they present By The Sea… And Other Solitary Places by Annabel (lee). It’s a dark folk album with classical instrument...view item »

Jaga Jazzist
Oban / Oban (Todd Terje Remix)

A new album from Jaga Jazzist is on the way, and to whet our appetites, here is Oban, a nice little preview track pressed to transparent vinyl in a eye-scratching cover. But the real treat is the re-working from Todd Terje, which drives on and on into serious groove-town, Jazzist’...view item »

Illum Sphere
Second Sight

Veteran of the Manchester scene (and Hoya:Hoya cofounder) Illum Sphere lands his first tracks in almost 2 years, on the Ninja Tune label. Second Sight and its partner ‘Ritual’ are tightly oscillating mechanistic bangers, with a good deal of cold-wave synth lathered over the top. 12” vinyl on Ninja Tune...view item »


FaltyDL is back on Ninja Tune for two fresh new dancefloor rollers. Last year’s full-length In The Wild took things in a kind of experimental direction, full of ambience and build. That was very welcome, but a pro like FaltyDL wouldn’t squander the opportunity of a 12” on anything but ...view item »

Seven Davis Jr.
Kaytronik (Yoruba Soul Remixes)

Seven Davis Jr recently debuted with full-length album Universes. For this release, he’s handed over control to producers Kaytronik and Yoruba Soul to remix and reimagine a few cuts from the record. Sharp, energetic, sliced-up rhythm action from each of them, pressed to heavyweigh...view item »

King Midas Sound / Fennesz
Edition 1 (Instrumentals)

King Midas Sound and Fennesz delighted many fans of experimental music with their recent surprise collaboration on Edition 1. Now we have the instrumental versions. It seems almost a shame to strip away the wonderful vocals of Kiki Hitomi and Roger Robinson, but this do...view item »

Rich Prick Poor Dick

FaltyDL heads straight back for the dancefloor following the more esoteric sounds of his last album. Rich Prick Poor Dick is a tight little double-track package: the title track is driven by a fast-clicking drum pattern and supported by bleeding-through-from-the-next-room bass, while ‘RPPD 128 edit’ seethes ...view item »

Seven Davis Jr.

Seven Davis Jnr made quite an impact on Ninja Tune with the barnstorming 12" 'Wild Hearts' - pretty bold to then leave that off the album as it is a real killer tune. Having remixed Four Tet and of course being picked up by Ninja he has demonstrated some pedigree - you don't get those gigs by being a chancer, howev...view item »

Lee Bannon
Pattern of Excel

Lee Bannon is Jacob Bannon’s chill brother, the one who decided to chop audio into lovely little worlds as a reaction to his brother’s angry angry ways. That’s bullshit, because J is actually a nice guy maybe. It’s also bull that they’re brothers, what a desperate joke. Lee does make samplyscapes though. For...view item »

Jaga Jazzist

Jaga Jazzist have sailed their Norwegian ship through a wide variety of genre waters over the years, and their latest, Starfire, finds them docking in a land of space-funk. One suspects that band leader Lars Horntveth’s move to Los Angeles has found him absorbing the energies of some of Flying Lotus...view item »

Living Fields

Ninja Tune roll another release off their Ford motors like talent factory. This time its Portico, you may remember them from their previous name of, Portico Quartet. They are supplemented with Joe Newman of Alt-J & Jamie Woon adding vocals to the leftfield experimental sounds of the band. Having been nominated in the past fo...view item »


Ninja Tunes seemingly relentless release schedule continues apace with this contribution from Romare. Archie Fairhurst has taken inspiration from collage artist Romare Bearden to come up with both his production alias and a style of making music. This is the debut album from Romare and to say it is hotly anticipated is possibly an unde...view item »

Beat Spacek
Modern Streets

Ninja Tune gift us with another project from musical polymath Steve Spacek, who's out and about here under the slight and rather half-assed alias Beat Spacek. Here, he tries his hand at being a bona fide solo artist, making simpler electronic tunes recorded straight up with easily accessible technology...view item »

Jaga Jazzist
Jaga Jazzist - '94-'14

Post-rock wasn't always this drab; there was a time when it could sound like it was made by a jazz band living in a beanstalk. Jaga Jazzist's inventive and ever-curious sound infused nu-jazz with the climactic disciplines of Talk Talk and Tortoise. They're pretty old now, though, and this year m...view item »


Following releases on Ramp and Planet Mu, Slugabed is back on Ninja Tune with some slinky bass infused electrofunk, in parts it recalls some DMX Krew stuff, the bassline is ultra funky and snakes around the tune, playing the lead roll commanding control of hips and asses. The b-line is s...view item »

Dorian Concept
Joined Ends

‘Joined Ends’ is the new LP from Austrian musician and producer Dorian Concept, AKA Oliver Thomas Johnson, via Ninja Tune. Presenting his most singular vision to date: bigger, bolder and ultimately better than anything he’s previously done, notable fans include Flying Lotus, Zane Lowe, Annie Mac and Bonobo to name a few. ...view item »

The Bug
Angels & Devils

‘Angels & Devils’ is the fourth album from Kevin Martin as The Bug. Once again he’s assembled a stellar cast of vocalists to contribute to, and complete his vision. It could be said that this record is sorta split into two halves. An Angels half a...view item »

Vapor City

Machinedrum has a long and varied history, initially pricking our then soft Norman ears years back with a kind of Prefuse 73 like avant-hop style that won him some of our very special plaudits. It wasn’t until 2011’s ‘Room(s)’ however that Machinedrum real...view item »

Hardcourage (Album)

Falty DL has been causing an increasing stir, his work on Planet Mu becoming increasingly accomplished, not least the Love Is A Liability long player that is increasingly looking like a classic in its genre. So what of the move to Ninja Tune? Well Dre...view item »

The North Borders

Bonobo is the master of sunny, warm, chilled out, slightly jazzy instrumental electronica so it comes as a surprise to find some slightly bland vocals adorning the opening track. It’s very nice in a kind of sad Postal Service way but also has the electronics &...view item »

Black Sands Remixed

Cold, tired and desperate for something to lighten the mood one particularly grim Friday, we chanced upon this remix CD the other week and I think everyone enjoyed its warm, melodic charm. First of all I ain't heard 'Black Sands' itself  so I'm not going to compare the two records, sa...view item »

Amon Tobin

I'm reviewing this from a promo CD copy. Man you gotta love the extent that labels go to these days to prevent piracy - our promo copy is apparently watermarked and traceable with a unique ID code and it has a funny warning sticker on it. It is necessary though because I may well be tempted to upload the upfront audio to the ...view item »

Black Sands

From the Chinese strings that kick off "Prelude," you know you're in for something special with Bonobo's Black Sands. Black Sands is the culmination of several years of work for Bonobo. Throughout his career he has produced albums that seem as if they were the stepping stones to Black Sands. His previous albums had elements of greatness embedded...view item »

The Bug
London Zoo

Funny. Not only Leila comes back to top my Summer then my fave bassbin basher Kevin Martin muscles in on the Dangerous Brian appeasing act (an act brought in by my beleaguered gaffer who really could do without me stamping round the office shouting obscenities every day!) Yes, welcome to The Bug's London Zoo, the gates have been semtexed...view item »

Amon Tobin
Out From Out Where

My Brazilian god of bits of wire and samples is back with a whole brand new album. You probably don't know what I'm on about and I wouldn't blame you for thinking that. Ninja Tune's biggest act Amon Tobin has a long player rammed with tunes/ sounds which could only eminate from his godly paws.Bi...view item »

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