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Toby Hay
New Music For The 12 String Guitar

You must remember Toby Hay's exceptional collaborative LP with Jim Ghedi from last year? Well now he is back solo and armed only with his 12 string guitar. The entire album was recorded in Peter Gabriel's Real World studios in a wood room and the result is a spangling new set of solo guitar (mostly) originals featuring Hey's expert picking of the full bodied guitar.   
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  • The state51 Conspiracy

Formatted Excess

Have they really called themselves that? And how do we ask for it in store? Well, as usual Google has the answer for everything and first up, this is a shadowy, Parisian vaporwave styled beatmaker about whom little is known except that you apparently pronounce it N-Five-X-Z. Doesn't really make it any easier but at least saves white people some embarrassment at the counter.  
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  • The state51 Conspiracy

The Hurdy Gurdy Man

Donovan’s ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’ is one of those songs that you had to be there for. While it was probably quite profound upon release in 1968, to modern ears Donovan’s glottal-stopped ‘hurdie-gurdies’ make a period piece of this beatific jangle. Good thing, then, that the LP holds up better than its title-track. Donovan had gone out with The Beatles on their famous trip to India, and there’s a transcendental flavour to Hurdy Gurdy Man’s 60’s pop-rock that is similar to what the Fab Four did when they returned from their jaunt.


Barabajagal was Donovan’s 7th album. It finds the Scottish folk/pop singer/songwriter in a rockier than usual frame of mind. The title track featured Jeff Beck on guitar and laid down a bluesy/psych-rock groove, with Superlungs (My Supergirl) and the exploratory psychedelia of Atlantis providing some of Donovan’s best moments. The album was produced by Mickie Most and was originally released in 1969. Reissue LP on The State51 Conspiracy.

Dan Michaelson
First Light

Dan Michaelson is without his band The Coastguards but with the use of a full orchestra on his new album First Light. However, the lush instrumentation, arranged by Arnulf Lindner, doesn’t hide the stripped back nature of his earlier work and also takes influences that set him on his musical journey such as Townes Van Zandt, Lee Hazlewood, Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake. Gatefold LP and CD.

Saulius Petreikis & Domas Strupinskas

Saulius Petreiki and Domas Strupinskas’s album Lietava presents an array of sixteen traditional folk instruments from their native Lithuania, all of which have fallen out of regular public use and some of which have scarcely even been recorded before. This album succeeds as a set of compositions and as a work of cultural archaeology. Released by Thestate51 Conspiracy.