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Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma - almost certainly no relation to France and Chelsea centre-back Kurt - drop a new four-track EP via Cascine (Korallreven, Chad Valley). EP III is another one of those retro-ish, ‘80s-ish, Italo Disco-ish synth things which pass for indie music these da...view item »

Erika Spring

Scars is the new 5 track EP from Au Revoir Simone member and Jenny Lewis collaborator, Erika Spring. It is her second solo release following on from her 2012 self-titled EP. If the title track is anything to go by, this EP eschews the electronic pop of Au Revoir Simone in favour...view item »

Daniel T.

In a former life, a decade or so ago, Southern California native Daniel T (Terndrup) was one half of Cosmic Kids who drew upon a very wide range of musical inspirations as well as, of course, the vastness of the cosmos. Daniel has long been a crate digger and a collector armed with an impressive knowledge of all...view item »

S&S Presents: Dreams

This collaborative release between Cascine Records (Chad Valley, Korallreven) and blog Stadiums and Shrines features eighteen excursions into all areas of ambience. They cast their net wide on S&S Presents: Dreams - Buchla wizard Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith...view item »
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Half Waif

Third album as Half Waif  from Nandi Rose Plunket. Lavender allows Plunket to show of her classically trained chops. Her voice swoops and rises in a unpredictable but controlled fashion, over everything from plaintive piano to more aggressive electronic productions. Released on C...view item »

Chad Valley
Imaginary Music

For his third LP as Chad Valley, Oxford musician Hugo Manuel decided to follow his pop instincts. Ditching the collaboration-heavy approach of his previous record, Imaginary Music...view item »

Mt. Si

Taking possible cues from the lushest of 80s Japanese synth pop, '911' is a supremely glossy, rich exercise in future-retro pop music. The slightly Balearic feel sits tightly with an atmosphere of city lights, technicolour discos and dreamlike mind states. Comes on 12" with an instrumental remix and B-side 'Annie'....view item »
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Mode is the second album from synth-pop four-piece Brett (also know as The Dance Party) and the synths are even lovelier and the falsetto vocals even higher. The group are obviously influenced by 1980s synthesizer textures, but they also draw on modern pop productions and s...view item »

Half Waif
Probable Depths

Half Waif (the solo project of Nandi Rose Plunkett, also spotted in the band Pinegrove), released Probable Depths...view item »

Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma are a four piece from New Zealand and Willowbank is the name of a wildlife reserve in the band’s hometown. It was devastated by an earthquake in 2011 and is still on the mend. Yumi Zouma’s soothing pop should aid in its...view item »

Sleeping In My Own Bed

Ah my own bed. One of the main reasons why I can't keep a relationship together. Can't sleep in anyone else's. Oh no. Anyway here comes soft voiced crooner Morly aka Katy Morley who offers delicate and and refined soulful r&b influenced pop with hints towards Lapsley and Amy Winehouse. Polis...view item »

Yumi Zouma

Straight outta New Zealand, Yumi Zouma present their debut full-length album, following on from a handful of singles and EPs. Yoncalla is a super-sleek set of synth-pop, pulsing with a subtle, early-on-a-summer-evening kind of feeling. The kind of music to make y...view item »

Chad Valley
Equatorial Ultravox Addendum

Chad Valley prepares dance floor friendly electronica with keening vocals and punch the air synth motifs and here we get a vinyl re-issue of his earlier EP now with two tracks added and a remix which appeared on the zombie flick 'Warm Bodies'.  His live set is described as 'the best in the business' by the confident press r...view item »

Half Waif

Half Waif is the solo project of Nandi Rose Plunkett, bringing her many various influences (traditional Indian music, classical singing, Celtic music, Messiaen) together into a thrilling blend. form/a is predominantly electronic-pop in terms of textures, but the songcraft and chord stru...view item »

Air Pacific EP

Four mid-tempo doof-wedges from the man born Taylor Freels here. With tunes entitled ‘Cinnamon Boys’ and ‘Easy Going Greg’ don’t go expecting doom-techno or anything like that. That said, these tunes are fun, affable and just as enjoyable in your room as they would be on the dancefloor. The title track whizzes and p...view item »

The Legends
It's Love

From Sweden with love, Stockholm band The Legends deliver an album of characteristically smooth songs about love and life. It’s Love is their fourth studio album and the first since Johan Angergard turned forty. Fans of his Labrador label won’t be disappointed with these lush, emotional recordings. Out on vi...view item »

Something More Holy EP

Morly, probably best known as the former singer for Gayngs, shows that her soulful voice isn’t her only musical asset with these solo recordings: her productions are inventive and subtle. This release gathers together last year’s debut solo EP ...view item »

Mt. Si
Limits EP

Satisfying electro-pop side-project, brightening the days of the band members, who spend their day-jobs in Superhumanoids, Kisses and Classixx respectively. Together, as Mt. Si, they manage to sound like a lot more than a way to kill time, with Limits’ 4 tracks ea...view item »

Airbird & Napolian
Mr. Foolish

Producers Joel Ford (Ford & Lopatin, Ejecta) and Ian Evans (Napolian) have teamed up as Airbird & Napolian. The pair met whilst working for the highly regarded Software label. Collaborating on Mr. Foolish allowe...view item »

Chad Valley
Entirely New Blue

Chad Valley, in this case, is a writer of colourful and openly expressive pop songs and not a manufacturer of children’s toys. His second album, Entirely New Blue is a complex album of depth and maturity showing that he is progressing in the right direction. His career thus far has seen him collaborate with the li...view item »

Yumi Zouma
The Definitive Collection

Collecting Yumi Zouma’s first two EP’s, The Definitive Collection showcases the high calibre of songwriting from a band still in its infancy. With a cover of Air France’s It Feels Good To Be Around You, they’re not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeve. Compose...view item »
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Night Lines

Presented over four tracks as a noir fairytale, ‘Night Lines’ EP is the fourth release by Kyoto native dream pop artist Cuushe, due for release on New York/London based independent alternative record label Cascine. Using her light, mesmerizing vocals as the main instrument, Cuushe builds a haunting soundscape of the darker side of mo...view item »
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Yumi Zouma

Chillwave and deep house are finally joined in a highly underrated marriage, thanks to Yumi Zouma. With angelic vocals and hip-swinging beats, II further continues their rise to the top, all the way from end-of-the-world New Zealand. Everybody knows music from islands is the best music, and they’ve got two of 'em!...view item »
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Ice Choir
Pure Holiday

'Pure Holiday' is pretty self-explanatory, really: two cuts ready for that time when you can yell "T'is the season!" unironically in public and everyone will be really into it because their warm coats are making them feel less glum about the punishing cold weather. Uh, yeah: the man responsible for these tunes is Kurt Feldman, Mr. Synth Pop, who...view item »
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Minus Tide

Lemonade bring their glitchy electronic pop back home with their third record, 'Minus Tide'. It boasts a predominantly percussive sound and also brings the band's production values to the forefront. Autumnal chillwave vibes for all....view item »


Kamp! are a Polish synth pop act who make strong melodic hooks and let their vocals fade into the background like another instrument. They keep doing what Kamp! are wont to do on their new 'Baltimore' EP: make night-time synth jams. "Early Days" is the first track to be released from 'Baltimore' and shows off a darkened versi...view item »
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Imagine calling a band Brett. Just imagine. Out of Washington (DC not Tyne and Wear) they peddle an in-vogue style of 80’s influenced post chillwave pop. Opener “Chalon’ sounds like Small Black interpreting Heart’s ‘These Dreams’, it has a...view item »