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Nacreous Clouds

By way of celebrating its ten-year anniversary we have a lovely remastered reissue package of Celer's 2008 album Nacreous Clouds. Recorded by Will Long and Danielle Baquet in response to inspiration in the form of a peculiar meteorological phenomenon: polar stratospheric clouds. These bright and vivid formations can be observed from below -- usually found at polar extremities, at very low temperatures high above the Earth. Long's third album was recorded both digitally and using tape loops. CD remastered by Stephan Matthieu and with new artwork in a 4-panel, reverse board ecopack, on Two Acorns.

On or Near the Surface

Will Long returns under his Celer moniker for this release -- in fact it's a bonus track from his 'Alcoves' album. On or Near the Surface is representative of Long's shadow-filtered work as Celer; sun-dappled ambient reigns supreme, chords refracted as shafts of light penetrating cool, clear shallows at a lake's edge. However, all is not as it first seems... On 'pale white' 7" square flexi.


Celer is Will Long’s long-running ambient drone project, a reliable source of pleasing soundscapes and luscious minimalism. Alcoves finds our Will in a particularly watery mood, mixing synths and field recordings together with sublime precision. Alcoves is a cassette release on Cellar Door Tapes.

In the End You'll Just Disappear

Fair enough. This was made by Will Long in Tokyo as part of an installation of three speakers facing the centre of the room. Each speaker played a different part (high end or low end) which meant that the music should be perfectly mixed if you stood in the centre of the room. Now you can hear the whole thing on your very own CD player. 


Deep, deep ambience from Will Long’s project Celer. New album Callisto draws inspiration from two memories of ‘seeing beyond the stars’, a suitably heavyweight setting for a suite of dream-drift and space-shimmer like this one. One long forty-six minute track will draw you all the way in. CD release on Two Acorns.

Sky Limits

'Sky Limits' provides true ambient soundscapes that ease in and out of frame like Stars of the Lid, but more hints of the real world filter through via eclectic samples and field recordings that sound reminiscent of Godspeed's 'Lift Yr Skinny Fists'. Celer have made a beautiful, tranquil record to set your own experiences to, but do occasionally remind you of where he's coming from too. 


Tempelhof is touring music, as you can see from the track titles identifying where and when Celer made each piece. Certainly, there is a transitory, shifting feel to some of this material: droning ambience like the background music to the non-places encountered while travelling. Edition of 300 CDs on Two Acorns.


Celer, continued as a solo project since 2009 by Will Long, continues to create long, warming ambient drone. Akagi was produced for a live yoga event and consists of two reel-to-reels overlapping looped chords. With very minimal changes put on the two elements’ volume and filters throughout, the piece forms a constant, and at the event Long witnessed many people actually falling asleep.

Inside the Head of Gods

Twenty odd minutes of gentle organ music by acclaimed ambient sorts Celer to accompany an exhibition of the pantings of Taichi Kondo for his exhibition 'What's my name?' at Finale Art File in Manila, Philippines. Pressed onto a simple CD made in an edition of 300 for you to enjoy possibly whilst perusing the paintings. 

How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I've been a liar all my life

How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I’ve been a liar all my life is the highly poetic title of Celer’s new record, a deep ambient exercise through time, memory and place. Four tracks that apparently derive much of their character from being forgotten about on old formats for years. On White Paddy Mountain.

Il Grande Silenzio
Il Grande Silenzio

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Yui Onodera & Celer
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