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Japanese Television

Another EP from the increasingly impressive psychedelic rock outfit Japanese Television. Recorded in a disused village hall in the wilds of Eastern England under the aegis of The Wytches’ Kristian Bell, III is constituted of five tracks of probing space-rock, primal garage-pop and krautrock rhythms. 

Mellow Drunk
One Thousand Lights

A special release on cola-bottle-clear vinyl for One Thousand Lights, the 2009 studio album from celebrated indie act Mellow Drunk, which followed six years after their previous effort and reminded everyone of their beautifully arranged melodic guitar pop. They've beloved on the West Coast, but can they take West Yorkshire?

Japanese Television
EP I & EP II Plus The Marc Riley BBC 6 Music Session

Japanese Television are a psychedelic space-surf band influenced by the likes of Hawkwind and King Gizzard. This does-what-it-says-on-the-tin release collects together their long sold out first EPs and adds in tracks from a Marc Riley session. Expect heavy motorik rock and sunny day surf on an album that serves as a nice stop gap before they furnish us with a debut LP. 

Grimm Grimm

My mum told me when I was a kid that ginormous wasn't a word and that I should stop using it. Well its in the dictionary and is the title of the debut album from Japan born Londoner Koichi Yamanoha so you are wrong mum, very wrong. Here Yamanoha blends all kinds of sounds together including future folk, electro-acoustic vignettes on an album which describes his journey so far both sonically and emotionally.  

Pete Um
As You Were

Rather bizarre one-person wonk from Cambridge confounder and Ergo Phizmiz & Friends member Pete Um. Accompanied by electronics that sound at times as if powered by a potato found behind the communal cooker (and at other times unmistakably contemporary in style), Pete’s lovably old-fashioned vocals tackle self-analysis of a surreal - if modest - sort along with other diverse subjects.

Man From Uranus & Jellica
Duck Wars

His solo work away from Vanishing Twin lives up to the absurdity of his name - Man From Uranus, joining forces with the equally mad Jellica, who is a chiptune master utilising Game Boys and Commodore 64s. Both parties match their childlike sense of humour and love for Jean-Jacques Perrey and Roger Roger. Hilarious electronics that Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band would condone.

Everything Breaks

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Japanese Television
Japanese Television II

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Japanese Television
Japanese Television

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Electric Creeps

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Looking Glass/ Vio/Mire

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Instant Memories

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Chew Me Up, Spit Me Out

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Sweetcure EP

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Blue On Blue
Blue On Blue

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