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Simon Whetham
Is the Water Supposed to be This Blue?

Here’s a smashing little mini CD on the Rural Colours label by Simon Whetham. Usually Simon deals in field recordings and art installations but this release sees him creating a piece of music created with an old guitar he owned as a teenager. It’s a splendid sound he’s happened upon with the guitar almost chiming like a piano i...view item »

Of Adam Sleeping in the Lap of God

Having mastered the kind of ambient drone that seeps into you so that the serenity saturates your very bones, Martin A Smith & Tim Hooper return as Map165 to reorganise entangled sounds and atonalities to make more of the same beautiful evocations. Of Adam Sleeping in the Lap of God is their latest work: a suite in ...view item »

Isnaj Dui

Isnaj Dui, aka experimental musician Katie English, presents her new full-length Poiesis. True to form, she continues to blend sparse motifs created from all sorts of electronic and acoustic sources. Her trademark Orientalist flute is present, if less so than previously. Slow and artful, English covers a spectrum from p...view item »

Guenter Schlienz

The 18th album from Guenter Schlienz is his first for the Rural Colours label, now up to RC082. Schlienz named the work Peace after noticing lots of friends ending their emails with the monosyllabic signoff. He then began to think what it meant; the recordings are the result of meditations on Peace, tranquility and...view item »

Leigh Toro
Layers of Ash

Leigh Toro has Layers of Ash released on lovely Rural Colours (RC081). For his third -- if you don’t count his Flotel releases on Expanding Records -- granular sounds are frayed round the edges to make textural distortions that highlight the contrasts and contradictions between abrasive frequencies and more subtle...view item »

The Last Sense To Leave Us
A Tribute To Pauline Oliveros

A collection curated by Keiron Phelan (Littlebow, State River Widening etc)and Oliver Cherer (Dollboy) of tributes to the late electron composer Pauline Oliveros. Featuring the likes of Neotropic, Isnaj Dui, the Hardy Tre...view item »

Northern Exchange
The Loveliest Lanes We Knew

Northern Exchange were a short-lived duo, operating from either side of the Pennines. They only put together one EP in their time, with three short tracks, and here it is. The Loveliest Lanes We Knew is a sweet set of songs, made with minimal means and (apparently) a deep love of Young Marble Giants. A ...view item »

Sam A McLoughlin
The Dawn Trance

Performed on homemade instruments and found objects, and a small selection of analogue synths, Sam McLoughlin crafts incredibly sweet soft percussive jazz, that brings you into his personal space and dreamlike state. If you love you lofi near minimal percussive jazz such as Charles Hayward, Crackle ...view item »


‘Three’ is, of course, the third album by Littlebow. Katie English (Isnaj Dui, The Sly and Unseen) and Keiron Phelan (Orla Wren) ply their ceaselessly shapeshifting musical melange, now with added vocals and harp from Brona McVittie. Joyous times for the summer and...view item »

Sophie Cooper
Count The Days

Exciting new outing from key Todmorden scene-mover Sophie Cooper, usually known for her experimentally-tinged guitar songwriting. On Count The Days though, she brings out her trombone, for a looped-up droney memory-scape that fills the length of a 3” CDr with wonderful power. Just 70 copies, each with hand-printed...view item »

The Declining Winter / Isnaj Dui

Absolutely gorgeous looking hand numbered split 12" on Rural Colours with screen printed sleeves and additional postcards. The Declining Winter side consists of seven stripped back pop songs recorded in a remote cabin producing a raw, evocative sound that reflects the environment it was made. Overleaf Katie English aka Isnaj Dui puts away her fl...view item »

Chihei Hatakeyama and Good Weather For An Airstrike
Falling Sun

Getting Chihei Hatakeyama to play on your record is a sure-fire way to make things just that little bit more serene, his work sounding potently organic through the use of acoustic guitars, piano motifs and little electronic flourishes. On Falling Sun, he joins forces with the equally hushed Good Weather For An A...view item »

Caught In The Wake Forever / The Sly and Unseen

This 12” split sees the combined talents of acoustic/experimental musician Fraser McGowan aka Caught In The Wake Forever and folk duo Katie English & Jonathan Lees (The Sly and Unseen). This LP captures the former’s reflective and melancholic songs and the latter’s understated extroversion; the result is a captivating colle...view item »

Isnaj Dui

We've got a lovely treat from the Rural Colours lot this week in the shape of the new album by Katie "Isnaj Dui" English, which comes housed in a beautiful three-panel card sleeve which I believe has been lino- and letterpress-printed by the artist herself. I do like a nice hand-printed sleeve. Sonically it's an ambitious affair, with fi...view item »

The Sly and Unseen

Here’s Katie English of Isnal Dui, Doomed Bird Of Providence and Littlebow fame teaming up with Jonathan Lees for this Rural Colours mini CD. The Sly And The Unseen is a project born out of generally jamming out various compositi...view item »

Object Studies - Metal

Here’s an album with a self-explanatory title. This CD, which comes in a beautiful folded card cover with an actual signed and numbered etching on the front, contains a series of studies made by Stuart Bowditch, aka Hybernation, where the sound for each track has been sourced from a single metal object. It really is that simple. It...view item »

Antecedent Conditions

I love my ‘Hibernate’ mug. It’s not actually my Hibernate mug, it belongs to the office but I do insist on drinking out of it at every opportunity. Coffee tastes better out of it somehow. Thank you to the nice people at Hibernate for such a wonderful mug. Hibernate, of course, is a label based ou...view item »

Chihei Hatakeyama
The Bull Head Emperor

Mind-blurring drone master Chihei Hatakeyama is a man you can count on to provide the most therapeutic of endlessly layered shimmers and hums. There’s three more of them on this CD here from Rural Colours. The epic ‘Dark Sea’ has a sustaine...view item »

Ben Fleury-Steiner

I’ve had a big pile of almost entirely brilliant records to review today and I’m getting somewhat euphoric about it all, perhaps I’m just in a good mood and they’re just regular records but I think I might just have bagged a pile of winners for a change. This one here is a CD of smoky ambient drones, rumbles and twinkles ...view item »

Two People in a Room
Endless Bummer

An ‘Endless Bummer’ by Two People in a Room could create a frisson of excitement if thought about a certain way, not that this album is likely to soundtrack any affairs of a carnal nature. It’s a duo of Berlin-based people Michelle and Rene. Rene is the man from ...view item »

Danny Clay
When the curtains of night are pinned back by the stars

I picked this one as it's wrapped with coarse string and I like string. Probably because I am gradually turning into Garfield, a lazy cynical cartoon cat beloved of millions. I have not quite reached Ron Swanson levels of Garfield-ness as yet though. More's the pity. Lovely local ambient parlo...view item »

Offthesky & Man Watching The Stars
Afar, Farewell

Here’s a new collaborative CD by Offthesky with Man Watching The Stars! I’ve not heard of Man Watching The Stars before but it is in fact Brendan Paxton shuffling about on violin. I’m intrigued by the name though as it’s a cool name....view item »

Wil Bolton
Amber Studies

Wil Bolton’s been a busy lad lately, I swear this is at least the fourth or fifth CD we’ve had of his this year if you include collaborations (on the likes of Distant Noise, ...view item »


Where do we go when talking makes no sense? Perhaps the universal language of music? Here Dominic Dixon utilises this very language; one that transcends words to articulate his feelings across four tracks, which clock in at just over ten minutes a piece. Instrumental loops are delicatel...view item »

Hidden Bek
We Got Skynet By The Balls Don't We?

A limited thing on Rural Colours now, this is a four tack job which touches down in sad, slow emotive rock fields. The closest comparison I can muster from the first couple of tracks is early Radiohead, early Doves & bizarrely, early My Morning Jacket too - I get this idea from the foggy, echo-laden disembodied vocal style. I think there's a...view item »

Johnny Powell
The Broken Leg Sessions

Johnny Powell you may recognise as a member of folky funsters The Dharma Bums. Here the Hebden Bridge resident presents four melancholic compositions on a wee small CD via the Rural Colours label. Powell's brittle voice takes centre stage on these tracks, his eerie holler is backed by minimalist guitar musing and the occasional electronic interl...view item »


Hey we got another exclusive guys! This one is a CD by d_rradio and fortunately it's fucking great so it's one we can be proud of getting. It's one of those cutesy 3" CD's on the Rural Colours label and we've got a handful of copies to sell! Fans of neo classical drone music take note as you've got something you're gonna want here! It's very rem...view item »

Jasper TX
Mute Harbour

We got a wee exclusive on these. These are sold as subscription packs with a bunch of other similar titles but we managed to score a handful of these little fellas on their own. You get 2 brand new long pieces of Jasper TX's goodness to absorb at your own leisure. If you buy one that is, if you don't then you've no idea on what you're missing ou...view item »