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Tribute To Manzini

An interesting thing on City Centre Offices by Firewire called A Tribute To The Manzini. This is Carl Crack (Atari Teenage Riot/ DHR) and some other dude called Frederic Slater. It was put on Hiatus after Carl died in 2001 and it's been put together now with what was recorded at the tim...view item »

Where We're From The Birds Sing A Pretty Song

Yasume are two fellas called John & Gabriel who make nice melodic electronic music for the City Centre Offices label. And it's jolly good. I review this kind of stuff every week & can never think of anything original to say so I won't even bother. For less mental IDM fans who like Maps & D...view item »


The first time I heard 'Tides' by Arovane I went bananas with excitement. I still think that album is one of the best of the last few years. Unfortunately since that landmark disc Mr Arovane has seen fit to release a load of other records that have not managed to tickle ones fancy quite so much. So to read that this new record w...view item »

Denzel + Huhn

Denzel and Huhn are folks were originally in Tarwater or To Rococo Rot. I can't remember and I don't have the info handy. I think it's one of them but could be wrong. Anyway they have an LP out now (called Filet) on City Centre Offices and it's clicky wierd electronica. Fairly nice...view item »

Marsen Jules
Les Fleurs

Marsen Jules (not Gary....) releases his 2nd album through City Centre Offices this week. I seem to remember his last album being one of piano laden misery fests I can't usually get enough of.  His new one is chocca full of haunting wierd but rather lovely sounds.  The word soundscapes comes to mind..... It's not really ...view item »

Mark Van Hoen
Where Is The Truth

This chap has been around a fair while now, recording as Locust for R&S/Apollo as well as having stuff out on Touch and 4AD. This really is lovely, deep, emotional stuff. 'Where is The Truth' features vocals from Edisson Woods' Julia Frodahl and is gorgeous and deeply soulful with lush piano that sounds both dreamy and ghostly. This guy's alway...view item »

Ulrich Schnauss
A Strangely Isolated Place

Ulrich Schnauss. You've got to hand it to him, the boy knows his way around a melody. This is his new album on City Centre Offices and its big fluffy ultra-tuneful instrumental music thats just crying out to be used on car adverts across the globe. It kind of screams out "everythings ok, do...view item »

Flavour Has No Name

The lovely Static returns with his new full length on City Centre Offices entitled 'Flavour Has No Name' which is a 10 track affair of downtempo & chilled electronic pop. Very pretty & melodic with plenty of top notch guest vocalists ala R. Lippok, Valerie Lali Puna & Justine Electra...view item »

I'm Not A Gun
Everything At Once

Next is the brilliantly named I'm Not a Gun. New CD & record on City Centre Offices. This is a collaboration between John Tejada and Takeshi Nishimoto (no, me neither) and is quite excellent. Shuffly rhythms and twinkling, cavorting guitars. Noodles a bit but theres nothing wro...view item »

Dub Tractor
More Or Less Mono

Dub Tractor new LP/CD  called More or Less Mono on City Centre Offices. Mellow laid back electronic music. Theres a lot of this about but I can imagine enjoying this very much up on the veranda on a summers evening. Shit, someones singing. Hints of Arovane ('Tides' only), Pole, decent e...view item »

Running Water

Something we should have a week or 2 ago is the Cyne 12" on City Centre offices with the Four Tet mix on. He's busy innee?  Anyway the label confused me so much (as I'm a little hungover today) that I couldn't work out which track was which and who remixed what. I am an idiot I know. Decent enough al...view item »

The Remote Viewer
Let Your Heart Draw A Line

Remote Viewer have unleashed their new album on it and a right beaut it is. Sparse electronics punctuated with guest vocals from Empress superstar Nicola. This is just lovely. Tons of crackles and fizz aided by twinkles surrounded by melody aplenty and those oh so lush vocals. It's very intimate sounding yet packed with feelings o...view item »

I'm Not A Gun

The talented Mr Schnauss turns up on the new I am Not a Gun remix 12" along side mixes by John Tejada and Smglyssna. The original is pretty and summery guitar/electronic stuff, John's remix is housey, Ulrich's sounds like Ulrich's other stuff and Smglassna's is the only one th...view item »

The Remote Viewer
You're Going To Love Our Defeatist Attitude

The Remote Viewer have a new 6 track mini album out on CCO ably assisted by Nicola from Empress on vocals. Only heard a bit of it so far but what I've heard sounds gorgeous.  Atmosphere pouring from it's very arse, this is the dogs bollocks. I apologise for my crudity but it felt necessary to ge...view item »

Nacht EP

CCO release a quite frankly, lovely sounding E.P. of ambient like downtempo beauty. Slightly inflected with elements of jazz with a quiet layer of magnetic tape hiss but also reminiscent of the more lush & minimal moments of Tarwater's 'Silur' album. It's by Dictaphone & makes me want to curl...view item »

Ghost Boy

Static unleash a single on City Centre Offices which is the mighty pretty 'Ghost Boy' tune from their recent foray into long playing records, 'Flavour has no name' That's the one with Ronald Lippok from Tarwater intoning European-like over it. A 12" only affair, it contains a gentle, ...view item »

Morgan Caney & Kamal Joory

Some reviews for your ears. Not one but two brand new singles on City Centre Offices. First up is a single by M Caney and K Joory which sounds not enormously electronic and it sounds more like Richard Hawley. Singer songwriter 60's sounding stuff with a psychedelic B side. The other singl...view item »

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