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Exploring Self-corrosive Noise With Coquette

One of the premium original dons of Japan’s noise music history, brutal screamlord Masonna, here receives a grand comprehensive reissue box: all seven of the big man’s tapes originally released on his own Coquette label. As it's incredibly unlikely that you already own all of this (original editions were as slender a...view item »

Atrax Morgue
Black Box

A very large portion of extreme sonic brutality from Atrax Morgue, the Italian industrial power electronics brutalist. Black Box gathers up reissues of nine different relea...view item »

Skin Crime X Wilt
The Horror Of Fang Rock

Another cheery release from Urashima Records (Merzbow, The Haters) here. Skin Crime are probably the only recording artist currently operating to profess a fascination with ‘the theme of gothic horror as it relates to 18th and 19th century lighthouses’. Righto. Anywa...view item »

Controlled Death
Symphony For The Black Murder

If Symphony For The Black Murder is meant to be a pun on ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, then it’s an oblique one at best. Still, Controlled Death - a new project from Japanese noise O.G. Masonna - gets a lot closer than The Stolling Rones did to accurately ...view item »

Sein Zum Tode

Necrofilia (originally Nekrophilia)  was a short-lived collaboration between Italian industrial / harsh noise dealers Devis Granziera (aka Teatro Satanico) and Marco Corbelli of Atrax Morgue. In a similar vei...view item »

Atrax Morgue
Cut My Throat

This looks to be a reissue of the 1996 Slaughter Productions CD by Italian noise brutalist Atrax Morgue. Cut My Throat’s two LP-side-length pieces (now presented on a...view item »

The Rita
Toe Cleavage

The Rita has always been festishistic, obsessive, harsh and monumental, but  I’m not sure we’ve seen such extreme explorations of these themes from the project before. Toe Cleavage (now there’s a direct title for you) is a seven-cassette set of endlessly howling harsh noise wall, packaged in a woo...view item »

Atrax Morgue
The Pain Is Severe

Sheer brutality from 1990’s Italy. Atrax Morgue was an industrial / power electronics project that only interested itself in the darkest of subject matters, engaging in representations of sadism and violence like a self-proclaimed connoisseur. Harsh synthetic noises and raw threatening vocalisations. Remastered vinyl relea...view item »

Progetto Morte
Progetto Morte

An ominous, synth-powered opus from the distorted minds of Marco Corbelli and Walter Piano. This is a beast of a record—suitably frocked in black vinyl—that uses rasping electronics, discordant vocal effects and throbbing, industrial bass to explore death, decay and alienation. Probably not one for the school run....view item »

M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi)

We're always proud to still stock cassette tapes and REMS/MECAT by M.B. (or even known as Maurizio Bianchi) is possibly a reason why. Limited to 99 numbered copies, this seven tape set is presented in a wooden box and contains a collection of mind melting drones and ambient soundscapes combined with ind...view item »

Atrax Morgue
Early Experiments of Intense Pathological Sounds

Here’s a massive portion of auditory nastiness from Atrax Morgue, the Italian industrial noise and power electronics project with a specific focus on psychopathic thinking and violence. Early Experiments of Intense Pathological Sounds is a wooden box containing seven cassettes recorded in the mid-90’s, each ...view item »

Mauthausen Orchestra
Anal Perversions

The final release of Mauthausen Orchestra’s first go-round is 1985’s Anal Perversions, a record that delves into the usual M.O. themes of extremity. A howl of nihilistic power electronics with themes hidden somewhere in the din about properly unpleasant sex violence. Very narrowly limited re...view item »

Dead Body Love / Atrax Morgue
Dead Body Love / Atrax Morgue

Good old fashioned harsh noise from two dedicated practitioners, Dead Body Love and Atrax Morgue. Fierce, full-frequency rumble and distortion cranked to the max. This split LP is released in a silkscreened edition of 199 on Urashima, each copy containing “a sheet from The American Journal of Forensic Medi...view item »

The Rita
The Lilac Fairy

The Rita is a project truly committed to harsh noise, often tending towards harsh noise walls. As with most Rita albums, The Lilac Fairy has an intense and festishistic focus on the female form (here the tutu), though it’s worth noting that The Rita is now a two-piece, featuring a...view item »


Edwidge is a harsh noise project themed around the actress Edwige Fenech, with sounds contributed by an all-star noise line-up that includes The Rita, Sewer Election and Kakerlak. If you know those names, you know that this is the hard stuff, a torrent of harsh ...view item »

Mortal Vision
Nacht Musik

Mortal Vision is the twisted solo work of Japanese experimental legend and harsh noise grandfather Hiroshi Hasegawa and Nacht Musik is a berserk blast of manipulated distortion and screaming guitar hiss. Urashima continue their stunning run of pressing the roughest, most abomina...view item »

Hal Hutchinson

Hal Hutchinson joins the incredible Urashima label roster with his sheet metal odyssey Mangraft. Somehow this artist transforms a range of scrap metal into a dense, rich, subtle and violent symphony of noise, industrial and ambient music. This is limited to 99 hand-numbered copies on black 140 g...view item »

Crash At Every Speed
Vehicular Manslaughter

Black vinyl. Black label. Black inner. Black sleeve. The blackest freeform noise about car crashes that you’ll hear this year. Crash at Every Speed aka Texas noisenik Richard Ramirez specialises in high signal feedback. What that means is Vehicular Manslaughter is an abrasive, experimental...view item »

Remblandt Assemblage

Remblandt Assemblage, the ridiculously rare 1981 cassette from undisputed icon of harsh noise Merzbow, arrives on 140 gram black double vinyl for the first time ever. This incredible early recording combines found sounds, tape manipulation, bleak drones and, of course, dense pulsing waves of noise. It’s al...view item »

Lowest Music.2

Listen back to the earliest outings of the Japanese noise king Merzbow with this reissue of Lowest Music.2, which dates back to 1982! Masami seems to be mostly working with tape loops here, and he hasn’t quite moved into full-bore ultra-harsh territory yet: so strange to hear a Merzbow ...view item »

Mauthausen Orchestra

Classic brutalist industrial power electronics from the 1980’s, reissued on vinyl in a deluxe sleeve. Mauthausen Orchestra were Italian luminaries of this grimy scene, and Murderfuck is an album big on the idea of ‘sonic torture’. You know the deal: lots of high grinding tones and distorted tape. Reiss...view item »

The Haters
Future Cheers

Remarkable early work from The Haters, the noise / art sonic destruction troupe led by GX Jupitter-Larsen since 1979. Future Cheers has plenty of object smashing on it, as well as grinding electronics and feedback: all the key ingredients of original noise. First released as a super-limited run cassette...view item »

Bizarre Uproar
Likainen Ehtoollinen

Only the harshest of the harsh from Finnish noise-dude Bizarre Uproar. Likainen Ehtoollinen was initially released in a strictly limited cassette edition in 2008, but now gets the premium vinyl treatment. Has it aged well? Well, it still makes for a brutal listen, all feedback and screaming and (presumably) some transgr...view item »

Vidna Obmana
No Sacrifice

Vidna Obmana is the alias assumed by Belgian artist Dirk Serries. Although he found his feet in the industrial cassette scene of the ‘80s, Obmana has now been a prominent figure in the ambient scene for 20 years releasing a skip load of albums. No Sacrifice sees him returning to h...view item »

Atrax Morgue
Ripper Box

Urashima offer up this somewhat deluxe box-set of Atrax Morgue reissues. 3 1990’s albums are represented here, each seething with furious and nasty Italian power electronics, built on the darkest of themes. The Ripper Box is made up of 3 remastered LPs, 2 CDs containing the audio from the LPs, and a booklet contai...view item »

Maurizio Bianchi / M.B
Neuro Habitat

I was a little scared by this one. Mainly ‘cause of the full frontal brain shot (still in head) on the cover. Don’t get me wrong. I like brains. I’d be almost useless without mine, I just don’t want to to see one. EVER! ...view item »

Atrax Morgue
Necro Box

The Necro Box compiles releases from almost 20 years of extreme power electronics, harsh noise and industrial drone from Italian artist Atrax Morgue. Not only was the artist incredibly prolific, dabbling in every imaginable form of intense music, but much of his work is now impossible to find. This incredible se...view item »

The Complete Recordings

Kranivm was a briefly-burning project from the mid-90’s, a dark and stormy delving into industrial ambience with strong overtones of latent violence and general nastiness. The Complete Recordings gives us just that, spread over 3 cassettes in a hand-numbered box. Limite...view item »

Mauthausen Orchestra
Sexual Depravity and Pleasant Atrocities

Sexual Depravity and Pleasant Atrocities gathers up some impossible-to-find examples of original 1980’s power electronics / noise by Mauthausen Orchestra. One disc each for Anal Perversions, Host Sodomy, Bloodyminded and 2nd Movement, all containing the most ‘transgressive...view item »

Listen and Die!

Big fat super-box of classic vintage. Originally released as a cassette box-set in 1997, Listen and Die! is a full 4-and-a-half hours of power electronics from Italy and the US: all the transgression and aggression you could possibly hope for. 199 copies of this 6-LP reissue on Urashima, including replicas of the original artwork....view item »

Maurizio Bianchi / M.B

Urashima here embark on a series of reissues, documenting selected moments from the history of horrifying Italian noise / power electronics, all in crisply stark monochrome sleeves. Maurizio Bianchi made CMRS / OPEA early on, ususing an unconventional set-up, and initially showed it only to close friends. In 2015 though...view item »

Lyoto Music
Lyoto Music

Urashima have embarked on a series of reissues, documenting selected moments from the history of violent Italian power electronics / noise, all in crisply stark monochrome sleeves. Lyoto Music’s self-titled collection throws up a classic industrial pile of screaming feedback vomit, perfect for the heads. Only 199 copies ou...view item »

Mauthausen Orchestra

Urashima have embarked on a series of reissues, documenting selected moments from the history of horrifying Italian power electronics / noise, all in crisply stark monochrome sleeves. Mathausen Orchestra’s Necrofellatio is themed around violent sexuality, channeled, naturally, through feedback and high-pitched sho...view item »

Mauthausen Orchestra
From Homicide To Slaughter

Urashima here embark on a series of reissues, documenting selected moments from the history of horrifying Italian noise / power electronics, all in crisply stark monochrome sleeves. Mauthausen Orchestra’s From Homicide To Slaughter was once a tape, but is now a limited edition LP, searing high-pitched noise tearin...view item »

Bizzare Uproar

Working from deep within the tradition of ‘wow, such transgressive’ power electronics / harsh noise, Bizarre Uproar have been doing their thing for twenty-three years! And Amputaatio is their latest emission. Sounds pretty rough and bleak, naturally. 99 silkscreened vinyl copies on the Urashima label....view item »

Valkoinen Kohina

Compilation of unpleasant and violent Harsh Noise from Finland (Valkoinen Kohina is Finnish for White Noise of course). Includes such family favourites as Edge of Decay, Unclean, Snuff, and Silence of Vacumn. Exclusive tracks from all six artists! If you are loo...view item »

Gelsomina / Bizarre Uproar
Ala Tee Huorin

Previously released in an edition of 54 double-cassette sets, Älä Tee Huorin is now being flung into mainstream availability with… an edition of 99 LPs! Well it’s progress… These are two collaborations between Gelsomina and Bizarre Uproar and a solo track from each, and the...view item »

Jason Crumer
Ottoman Black

‘Ottoman Black’ is 35 minutes of precisely crafted, meticulously executed, symphonic composition of dreadful noise anxiety conceived with a vast depth of experience informed, technological creativity by savant noise artist Jason Crumer. This is a dark and disturbing look inside the blood and guts of a very strange individual, not one...view item »

Climax Denial
In The Absence of Self-Control

Climax Denial is the brainchild of power electro protagonist Alex Kmet. Kmet is a veteran explorer ten years deep and ‘In The Absence Of Self Control’ is his first full length release under this name. The album features all new material brought to light by the undeniably harsh Italian noise label Urashima. The record is a dark, ambie...view item »

The Rita
Queen Sheets

Harsh fucking Noise from The Rita, in a set of works created in response to the sculptural art of Megan Miller. Queen Sheets is thematically inspired by nylon, and the original sound sources beneath the dense walls of noise are of nylon rubbing against brick in Miller’s piece. 199...view item »

Maurizio Bianchi / M.B
Voyeur Tape

Densely textured industrial tape experiments from Italian sound pioneer Maurizio Bianchi. Originally released back in 1980 Voyeur Tape consists of two sidelong pieces of abstract noise, field recordings and manipulation. Reissued here by Urashima on vinyl in screen printed sleeve. Limited to 99 copies....view item »

Maurizio Bianchi / M.B
Cold Tape

Originally recorded in 1980 Cold Tape gets the vinyl reissue treatment from Italian label Urashima. Featuring two sidelong works of field recordings and electronic play, it’s an immersive journey from Italian industrial pioneer Maurizio Bianchi. It’s dark, buzzy and texturally dense. Out on vinyl LP from Ura...view item »

The Passion of Rubbers

The Passion Of Rubbers gets a vinyl reissue in all its noisy glory from Italian label Urashima. If you don’t know what to expect from harsh noise merchant Masonna then here’s as good a place to start as any. Rubbery, abrasive, ear-splitting noise that sounds like the worst trip imaginable. Twenty years on an...view item »

Maurizio Bianchi / M.B
Industrial Tape

Dark and oppressive experimentation from Maurizio Bianchi. Recorded in 1980, Industrial Tape is one of his earliest releases and shows a desire to pile on the layers of dirt to find something new and unique. Re-released on 140g vinyl with silver on black silkscreen sleeve. Limited to 99 copies on Urashima....view item »

Vidna Obmana
The Ultimates Sign of Burning Death

Early experiments with tape loops from the ambient lifer Vidna Obmana. The Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death was the first ever tape from Dirk Serries. Initially released in 1985, it gets the reissue treatment here on 140g black vinyl with deluxe silver silkscreen on black card sleeve. Out on Urashima. Limited to 99 copie...view item »

Maurizio Bianchi / M.B
Atomique Tape

Mushed, macerated and mangled field recordings from the early days of Italian pioneer Maurizio Bianchi. Recorded back in 1980, Atomique Tape is full of industrialised ideas and as such is a rather dark and oppressive listen. Intriguing nonetheless. Pressed on 140g vinyl with screenprinted sleeve on Urashima....view item »

The Complete Recordings

Slaughter Productions deliver another deeply unsettling one from the cassette archive, this time from Kranium. Hefty set, is this. Spread over three LPs and presented with an attention to detail only someone with a “stunningly perverse fascination with sex, violence, and death” could muster. A death-...view item »

Atrax Morgue
Collection in Formaldeide

This is a vinyl version of an album which came out in 1994 on cassette which came with a syringe needle signifying that the music was an injection of death. This time you get the needle, a pair of latex gloves and a mini fanzine. Nice. The sound of the album is designed to terrify, a series of scary electronic wibbles, low end hums and repeated ...view item »

A Breed Apart

With a screenprinted cover of a woman tied up and gagged (sort of about time the depiction of these type images is stopped isn't it?) this album by John Balistreri and his project Slogun are was originally released on cassette by Slaughter Productions) in 1996. The music is horrific noise with distorted disembodied voices. Limited to 99 copies. ...view item »


Now this is terrifying. Sheets of insane white noise. Brutal endless swathes of distortion hammering away at your senses. Originally released in 1995 on tape it has now been re-issued on vinyl with deluxe screen printed sleeve. Thankfully limited to just 99 copies so there's not too much chance of you buying it accidentally. ...view item »

Alo Girl

Occasionally a noise record lands in my pile. Today two have. Alo Girl's 'Bangkok' is the first. After some dialogue which entails a frank discussion with a Thai working girl and her punter we enter into what some call harsh wall noise territory. This sequence occurs again in later stages except the relentless grainy rumble is subsumed, at least...view item »

Atrax Morgue
Mechanic Asphyxia

Man ranting about plastic bags in a sinister voice over a weird frequency of electronic drone that catches you in the throat a little. This is the kind of record your Granny would describe as evil; your entire family clubbing together to buy you a portable padded cell. I like the evil exorcist meets Philip Best vocals when he gets extra upset ab...view item »

Atrax Morgue
Pathogenesis # One

Here's a 2 track 7" packaged in 12" packaging hand numbered and limited to 99 copies. It's all silkscreened up and packaged in nice black on black packaging for maximum evil affect. Pathogenesis # one consists of 2 tracks which were include din compilations on Slaughter Recordings (his own label). This is seriously harsh stuff and a...view item »


The mysterious N. What can you say about N.? He hails from Italy and he makes darkside power electronics smothered in evil, violence and chaos. We've no idea but we'd like to assume that no kittens were harmed in the process of making this record. If kittens were harmed then we humbly apologise for stocking this bad boy.  This sexy ...view item »

Black Leather Jesus / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
Black Leather Jesus / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

Harsh noise yo! Richard Ramirez’s Black Leather Jesus, known for their dedication to total noise, here team up with doom metallers Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. One track each, and then one track together on the other side of this nicely designed LP. Only 99 copies, so if you want to descend into the dept...view item »


Gorgeous slow moving churns of crackly grainy sound with a dub techno feel despite the complete lack of beats. Gorgeously hissy late night hauntology. For fans of The Caretaker, Celer, Gas etc. Just 99 copies in beautiful silk screened sleev...view item »

Nyodene D
Mouths that Reap the Harvest

What kind of band do you think would name themselves after the fictional, highly toxic chemical that causes disaster in Don DeLillo’s post-modern novel White Noise? If you guessed Death Industrial with a hint of Power Electronics, you’d be correct! Latest LP Mouths That Reap The Harvest brings the horror of industrialised ag...view item »

Moon of Death and Other Recent Works

Stalwarts of the Scandinavian underground, Hypnosis is an avant-garde project based around tiny manipulations and affectations on tape. Like the sounds of an empty, uninhabited natural landscape, Moon of Death and Other Recent Works is an unsettling meeting of sound and silence, both chilled and chil...view item »

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/Josh Lay/Wilt

The main track on one side of this album is an absolutely stunning monolithic sculpture of judgement day-style noise. I'm assuming it's by Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. Sorry if it’s not but, like, what are you gonna do, fly over the Atlantic ...view item »

Sshe Retina Stimulants
Krionika Soshiki

Here’s a crunchy and feedback-laden LP from not-for-the-faint-of-heart harsh noise specialists Urashima. It originally came out on tape in 1995 and is by SSHE Retina Stimulants. The SSHE stands for “Super Sound High Energy” and it’s the solo work of Paolo Bandera who was also in Sigillum S. ...view item »

Atrax Morgue
In Search Of Death

Atrax Morgue is the work of Marco Corbelli. The project is influenced by psychopathology: murder, violent death, sadism, necrophilia, schizophrenia and insanity. There’s a very clear Whitehouse influence with the unsettling machine noise, subject matter and...view item »


Haha, gotta love the press release for this one: "N. is loyal to the most obscure and malevolence side of Power Electronics sounds and concepts. Closed in a total nothingness and nihilism, N. creates minimal violent sound texture to express his exasperated no-sense of existence. N. is the genial work of an autistic mind, closed to the re...view item »

Sacher-Pelz (Maurizio Bianchi)

Noise archivists Urashima continue their unearthing of Italian noise pioneer Maurizio Bianchi’s intimidating back-catalogue with the other two of his four LPs which came out under his pre-M.B. ‘Sacher-pelz’ moniker in the late 1970s, described in the ...view item »

Sacher-Pelz (Maurizio Bianchi)

We’ve got a more mega-limited LPs in from the good noise historians at Urashima and this is one of two made by Maurizio Bianchi in 1979 under his Sacher-Pelz alias. To my palpable relief on this snowy and freezing morning, this isn’t one of ...view item »

Mauthausen Orchestra

This one on Urashima is a reissue of a cassette release from 1984 by Mauthausen Orchestra, and it’s a nonstop drone-scree of disembodied sounds and distant, hissing fuzz. Phil says it sound...view item »

Maurizio Bianchi / M.B

The boss ran out of the building to suck nervously at his cigarettes when I opted to stick this on at 9am. He was terrified it was gonna be a load of what he terms as “hideous noise”, something that our Ant finds anything but hideous. He hears symphonies for the soul in the blackes...view item »

Atrax Morgue
I Vizi Morbosi Di Una Giovane Infermiera

Another Italian, another sinister album, this time dedicated (and largely sampled from) cult Spanish underground director’s Eloy de la Iglesia’s no doubt controversial "I Vizi Morbosi di una Giovane Infermiera". Iglesia is well worth reading up about if you’re a cinemaphile, ...view item »

Mauthausen Orchestra
Host Sodomy

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be writing a review or a health warning for this one. Mauthausen Orchestra were/was active in the early- to mid-'80s making unsettling dystopian power electronics. There are plenty of pure harsh tones here, laid out in a kind of concretey mish-mash of flutt...view item »

Black Leather Jesus / Richard Ramirez

Got a split LP of harsh noise here from Black Leather Jesus and Richard Ramirez. I can't really tell which side is whose but the side that looks like it's probably A has a squall of feedback and hiss and some kind of power electronics I think...basically just really harsh and constant noi...view item »

Burial Hex
From The Rites of Lazarus

Burial Hex at 9:30 in the morning....I'm a lucky bugger me. This 'From The Rites Of Lazarus' is in ridiculously short supply (150 copies!) so anyone keen on the old 'Horror Electronics' should move fast if they want to acquire a copy. Now, this is a noisy record full of doom inspired noise and sharp tones that cut through the eardrum like fuckin...view item »

Josh Lay
Rotted Afterlife

Who IS this guy? This is some weird-ass shit & I like it. The opener appears to be some creepily warped recording of a school assembly dictating The Lord's Prayer, just pitched down enough in a Buttholes stylee to thoroughly freak you out. Oh, I didn't mention the scary wall of wibbling, screeing alien distortion that's laid over the top lik...view item »