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Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Blood Lust

Weirdly enough when I was growing up as a oversized-tee-wearing, long-haired grungey good boy, I always dreamed of being in a band called the Deadbeats. I bet there’s been like 20 or 30 bands with that name already though. This particular one have Uncle Acid at the helm and this LP i...view item »

Electric Wizard
Witchcult Today

The minute you drop the needle on this lysergic behemoth of a record the trance begins…you are hit in the face with a wall of monolithic fuzz and drum patterns that thump along like the relentless undead in a b-movie. Everything about this record screams of the occult, from the horror references (H.P. Lovecraft - Dunwich Horror, ...view item »

Orange Goblin
Coup De Grace

Orange Goblin are yr authentic british stoner metal band, as heavy and, well, as stoned as the day is long. Coup de Grace is their 2002 fourth album, and it is such a consummate riff-chugging stoner metal release that John Garcia himself, of the legends Kyuss, even lends a hand on two t...view item »

Orange Goblin
Thieving From The House Of God

Orange Goblin are yr authentic british stoner metal band, as heavy and, well, as stoned as the day is long. Thieving From The House Of God arrived in 2004 as the band’s fifth album, and it found them adjusting to a smaller four-piece line-up. Of course, this merely focused the group’s riff-chugging power fur...view item »

Orange Goblin
The Big Black

Orange Goblin are yr authentic british stoner metal band, as heavy and, well, as stoned as the day is long. The Big Black was their third album, first released in the year 2000 following production sessions with Billy Anderson. Cosmic weight is all over this release, from the space artwork to track titl...view item »

Electric Wizard
Let Us Prey

Electric Wizard, evil doomslayers who would legalise drugs and murder if they could, first released 'Let Us Prey' in 2002. It was their fourth record and the follow-up to their renowned genre centrepiece 'Dopethrone', continuing the onslaught of punishing riffs and raw, relentless drumming. The record's been out of print for half a decade but it...view item »

Rock N Roll Music

Just so they didn’t accidentally filter out any of the natural raw power of their stage performance, Italian rock band Giuda recorded their latest aptly named single, Rock ‘N’ Roll Music, live. The band have one foot in the ‘70s classic rock camp, whilst the other is firmly rooted in UK punk. If you like ...view item »

Coven’s Will

Any guesses? Yep that’s right, Coven’s Will by Witchskull is heavy riff-chugging stoner metal! Coven’s Will is positively dripping with mystical supernaturalism and overdriven guitar chugs, the kind of thing that could overwhelm an unprepared mind. All the way from Australia, but sounding like...view item »

Opus Eponymous

Firmly old-school hard-rock from Ghost (the Swedish version). Opus Eponymous was first released in 2010 (not, as you might have guessed, 1978), and is now reissued as a picture disc. Lots of devil-worshipping lyrics over the chugging riffs, and some track titles that are in Latin too. On the Rise Above label....view item »

Age Of Taurus
The Colony Slain

Let me tell you, being a Taurus ain’t easy. You live in constant fear of change, of disruption, and of movement. The last thing we need is an epoch in which the defining characteristics are shared with the bull sign. But doom-metallers Age Of Taurus clearly think differently. On The Colony Slain, their follow-up L...view item »

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Pusher Man

Sounding more like the 60 incarnations of Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper than having just released the album from which this track is taken in 2015, Cambridge’s Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats bring back the heyday of heavy metal without a hint of tongue-in-cheek. Cover of Iron Maid...view item »

Electric Wizard

Dopethrone is considered a genre defining classic (stoner, sludge or some kind of equally esoteric metal sub-field - I wouldn't call in "doom" in the same vein of early Anathema or My Dying Bride though) so I got it upon recommendation from the bass player in my band. There are ...view item »

Supernatural Alliance

Octopus are a heavy psych rock band from Detroit and are not to be confused with several other bands from the annals of musical history with the same name. They are helmed by former Electric Six guitarist J Frezzato. Their intention is not just to peek inside the doors of perception, but to blow them wide open a...view item »

Septic Tank

Band: Septic Tank. Album: Rotting. What else could it be but high-speed angry hardcore punk!?! Septic Tank are in fact 90’s veterans, with members of Cathedral and Repulsion among their numbers. They now return to bludgeon 2018 with eighteen tracks of entropic fer...view item »

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Mind Crawler

Aw yeah, here’s another 7” from culty cheeseball ‘70s metallers Uncle Acid! ‘Mind Crawler’ is a highlight from their recent ‘Mind Control’ LP which showcases their Beatles-harmonies-meets-Sabbath-riffs (Phil says ...view item »

Electric Wizard
Electric Wizard

Often looked over as that Sabbath worship album they did before they found their sound, this record rarely gets the respect it deserves. The riffs are 100% killer, the songwriting is great and the overall vibe is something worth hearing. It's one of those albums you can really tune out to. This is much more than just a decent starting point for ...view item »

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
Check 'em Before You Wreck 'em

They say you shouldn't judge a record by its cover, and they're right, you only need to look at the amazing sleeve to Nils Lofgren's disappointing self-titled solo LP from '75 to see that, but some are pretty well represented by their art. A case in point is the new Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell LP on Rise A...view item »

Electric Wizard
We Live

'We Live' is the fifth record from soul-destroying metal band Electric Wizard, at this point on the fumes of doom after releasing 'Dopethrone' and its follow-up 'Let Us Prey'. This record has the same gruesome stoner precision, though it also marks a turning point for the band as backing players Mark Greening and Tim Bagshaw split, leading Jus O...view item »

The Electric Sleep

Canadian stoner metal at its finest, that is sHeavy. Known for their frantic vocals and relentless, endless riffs, the band have earned their place in stoner rock cannon. Thankfully, 2015 will see the reissue of their critically acclaimed The Electric Sheep from 1998, which was never released on vinyl. Until now, of cou...view item »

Electric Wizard
Come My Fanatics

Electric Wizard can appeal to a lot of people. They have the heaviness for the metalheads, the psychedelic edge for stoners, and the weird noises and ambiences for Radiohead fans. This is their 2nd best album, and it also comes with their impressive debut. Come My Fanatics is a lot heavier than their debut, and i...view item »

Inside The Skull

New heaviness from Beastmaker, who make their music with the fiery axe-driven approach hewn by the greats of heavy metal. Inside The Skull chugs hard through ten tracks of riffed-up metal horror-schlock, with song titles including ‘Nature Of The Damned’ and ‘Now Howls The Beast’. Out on Rise Abov...view item »

Ides Of Gemini

Having built a great reputation for themselves, Ides Of Gemini have released a ten-track record entitled Women. This release explores the vast areas of post-punk and proto-goth that has you questioning whether or not they are actually exactly the same genre or polar opposites! Available on Vinyl LP and CD....view item »

Galley Beggar
Heathen Hymns

Gallery Beggar have released an eight-part record entitled Heathen Hymns. A solid and genuine release that captures so many different areas of psychedelic folk music, many of which have never explored before! This release has been described as unequivocal triumph for creativity and is available Vinyl LP and CD....view item »

Beyond Spectra

Mixing Judas Priest riffery with a psychedelic groove, there is certainly a nod to their 70s heroes here, but Saturn’s sophomore full length hold their cannons facing firmly towards the future. Good old leather jacket and denim pants heavy metal come rock and roll here, hell… leather pants, V-shaped...view item »

Troubled Horse
Revolution On Repeat

Trouble Horse are a ‘proper’ old heavy metal / hard rock outfit from Sweden, doing the thing they love in correct style. With tracks like ‘My Shit’s Fucked Up’ and ‘Let Bastards Know’ (er, and ‘Track7’), they aren’t fucking about here: Revolution On Repeat will...view item »

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
Keep It Greasy!

Simply said, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell don’t give a damn, they just wanna play, drink, and stick loud music in your face. Hasting’s answer to Motorhead are crass and boisterous. So, grow those mutton chops, get your leather pants and bullets belt, and get on the road with some completely unabash...view item »

Blood Ceremony
The Eldritch Dark

Eldritch Dark is one of those time capsule albums – a near perfect facsimile of early 70s Magick infused rock like Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Uriah Heap or Black Widow. So if you feel a bit depressed about the fact that the last 40 years have only been and bloody well gone, simply drop this beau...view item »

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
Isobelle / Break Up

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell formed in East Sussex in 2008, and certainly carry the Black Sabbath, Deep Purple tone. But imagine them riding on Harleys on route 66 only stopping to drink and rock, probably not even stopping. A big riffy haze with psychedelic undertones. This two track 7”...view item »

Lusus Naturae

Beastmaker are a new band who are deeply in love with the heavy British hard rock of years gone by: plenty of Black Sabbath is audible here, not to mention the pagany-horror aesthetic the band cloak their releases in. Lusus Naturae is available on CD or 180g red vinyl editions: from the Rise Above label...view item »

Blood Ceremony
Lord of Misrule

Blood Ceremony’s fourth album Lord of Misrule is so indisputably a classic-style British rock album that it delves into themes of paganism and mystik mythic old Britain. Plus lots of big riffs. The album is available on CD or 180g vinyl: take your pick from black, white and red vinyl versions. On Rise Above....view item »


Stones is the debut single from Los Angeles band Taarkus. The band are a six piece made up to two girls and four guys and have a penchant for slow, morose doom metal which is given a prog-rock twist with the addition of flute and organ. They take their influences from Black Sabbath, Cathedral...view item »

You Must Sin

You Must Sin is the debut single on Rise Above by Beastmaker. They are a three-piece who hail from Fresno, California and their sound incorporates the classic heavy, hypnotic, melodic and slow characteristics from doom metal. Fans of Pentagram, Witchfinder General and ...view item »

With The Dead
With The Dead

With The Dead are a supergroup, although they’re not so keen on the term. They are a heavier-than-heavy metal trio made up from Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening of Electric Wizard and Lee Dorrian of Cathedral and Napalm Death...view item »

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
The Night Creeper

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats have built up a large reputation since their origins in 2009, going down particularly well in the USA. The Night Creeper finds them riffing more riffily than ever before, recalling classic early heavy metal. Available on CD or as a double LP, with a variety of colours sprinkled throughout ...view item »


Old-school guitar licks all over this record from Horisont, a Scandinavian bunch. Oh, and the multi-tracked falsetto vocals are total classic heavy metal. I was all ready to dismiss Odyssey as a retread, but actually, the band evidently know and love this music, so why shouldn’t they make it? On Rise Above....view item »

In Memorium

‘In Memorium’ is an underground doom metal classic documenting one of the most influential bands of the nineties at a time when they were first discovering their explorative feet, carving out their unique voice through a host of rich influences. Long out of print, this limited edition double LP features a bonus rare and previously un...view item »

Celestial H-Fi

Fans of Sheavy have waited long enough: for the first time ever, their Celestial Hi-Fi album has been released on vinyl! They also get two bonus tracks to tempt them back into the stoner-doom lair of these Canadians. The artwork is also reprised from the original, although in this case I’m not sure that is such a ...view item »

Lucifer I

A new band with an old style, Lucifer are as devoted to the sound of early heavy rock as their name might suggest (even the album name is a self-titled and numbered affair: old school!). Lucifer are energetic and devoted to their music of choice, and boy does it sound like they are having fun. On Rise Above....view item »

Galley Beggar
Silence & Tears

Galley Beggar, hailing from bastion-of-a-certain-form-of-Englishness Kent, make a kind of pastoral folk-rock. I can’t think of that many contemporary folk-rock groups that are actually working within that tradition, so nice work guys. Silence & Tears is the group’s third album, released on Rise Above....view item »


Lucifer’s name places them squarely in the Sabbathian bracket of heavy-heavy amplified rock music, and they are all the better for it: why dabble in vagueness when you know your own game? Suitable combination of Gothic text and Egyptian hieroglyphs on the cover too. The Anubis 7” single (on coloured vinyl) i...view item »

The Alchemist

Starting out as a Pentagram covers band with a penchant for Roky Erickson they soon paved the way for a new breed of Swedish rock bands (see: Graveyard, Troubled Horse and Horisont) influenced by traditional hard roc...view item »

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Mind Control

Uncle Acid's previous album ‘Blood Lust’ triggered a flipper frenzy, with some copies of the first pressing going for frankly insulting prices on Discogs and eBay as collectors scrambled over one another to get a piece of the pie. I guess that’s a clear sign that ‘70s revivalism is alive and well, as this lot churn out a ...view item »

The Sorrows
Gonna Find a Cave

The Sorrows are one of history's finest freakbeat acts -- a genre tag that basically implies a reverence for the British Invasion, but with instruments played way louder. Pretty punk rock, guys -- the band covered "I'm Gonna Find a Cave', originally the work of Jimmy Radcliffe, a long time ago, but recently reformed to do just the same. This 7" ...view item »

Break The Limit

Hard rock! Bring exclamation marks! Dude! Self-described "rock metallers", this hairy bunch are prepping a whole new record of nonsense. For now, though, we'll have to make do with this 7" of exclusive new material, which will surely hold us over with the following things: riffage, power, roll and rock. Though not necessarily in that order....view item »

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Runaway Girls

Psychedelic stoner outfit Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats return with a new limited edition single, 'Runaway Girls', made by the group to celebrate their first ever US tour, with the intention of being their biggest pop hit to date. It's fitteed with a rare acoustic B-side of old Uncle Acid tune; "Devils Work". Tracks:...view item »

Electric Wizard
Legalise Drugs & Murder

Three reasons why you'd be a fool for not buying the new Electric Wizard single...1. It's got Electric Wizard music contained within the grooves2. The sleeve pays homage to Black Sabbath's 'Masters Of Reality' - the best rock record ever made....view item »

Blood Ceremony
Let It Come Down

Flute folk metal from Toronto’s Blood Ceremony. Three albums deep with an Electric Wizard support slot under their belt, Blood Ceremony are rather difficult to dislike. It’s impossible not to refer to Jethro Tull but you sense that this is an influence worn on their wizard’s sleeve. Out on limited edition colou...view item »

The Oath
The Oath

The Oath are a trans-European rock and heavy metal band. Their members hail from Sweden, Germany, France and England. Their label, Rise Above, expect great things from the band and if the underground buzz is to be believed, they have every right to. Their eponymous debut is available on vinyl and CD....view item »

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
Black Sheep

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell's now-long-gone LP on Rise Above never failed to raise a smile when I had to pack a copy for an order with its preposterous anthropomorphic parrot-man photo on the cover. In fact it's my second favourite anthropomorphic parrot-man record sleeve of recent years, beaten only by Bikes' self...view item »

Church of Misery
Thy Kingdom Scum

Disco doom metallers Church of Misery are partial to heavy riffage and serial killers, having named nearly all of their songs after them. Thy Kingdom Scum continues their ascent to excellent surprise grooves and crushing evil. The band to listen to when all the serious doom bands start to bum yo...view item »

Iron Man
South Of The Earth

Initially a Black Sabbath cover band, Iron Man celebrates a quarter century with their fifth album of original material, South of the Earth, an album that benefits from dense and fuzzy performances from each member, creating a unpretentious slab of doom. On songs like The Worst and Longest Day", "A Whore in Confession" and "Hail to the Haze", yo...view item »

Age Of Taurus
Desperate Souls Of Tortured Times

I’ve been well out of the UK underground metal scene for quite a few years now so this is a real blast from the past for me, Age Of Taurus have been gigging the underground scene since 2009 when vocalist/guitarist Toby Wright formed the band over a love of classic doom metal bands like Candlemass and Trouble, ‘Desperate Souls Of Tort...view item »

Hidden Masters
Of This And Other Worlds

Rise Above Records are back this week with another brand new record that sounds like it’s been dug up from some vault of lost ‘70s hard rock treasures. This time it’s the stylings of Hidden Masters, an all-boy band who mix twangy psychedelic pop and folky prog with big Jethro Tull-esque harmonie...view item »

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Poison Apple

Here’s the new single from the elusive and heavily hyped Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats (are they just calling themselves Uncle Acid now?), ahead of next month’s new album. ‘Poison Apple’ is led by a heavy stomping glam riff and some sweet vocal harmonies. The things whic...view item »

Leaning On A Bear

I saw this lot in London last year opening for the exceptional Motorpsycho and El Doom & The Born Electric. Now, in the context of a bill of that kind of calibre anybody would look mediocre, this lot certainly did and it’s hard to hold that against ...view item »

Second Assault

Rise Above Records seem to have been really on the money when it comes to balls out ‘70s influenced psychedelia lately, unearthing bands I’ve never heard of who play music that sounds like it’s been lifted from the annals of history and placed Bill and Ted-style in the p...view item »

Mellow Candle
Swaddling Songs

don't like the sound of thr glue...and yet i really want this...view item »

Electric Wizard
Black Masses

Electric Wizard aka Leccy Wizoir aka Totally The Best Stoner Doom Band in the World Ever. Finally the masterpiece that is Dopethrone has been reissued on vinyl and it's more than ably accompanied by their seventh full lengther which sees their sound take its biggest shift in quite a while, I'd go so far as to say, what with the super lo-fi all-a...view item »

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