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Argentinian producer Ailín Grad makes something of a departure from her more frenetic tapes for Orange Milk, Memory No. 36 Recordings and outlines, with a delightful snack size CD EP on Sun Araw’s always reliable Sun Ark label. ‘Serum’ comes in five little micro doses and exudes an exquisite, serene energy. Ailín&...view item »

Air Traffic Control Quartet
Blue Raspberry

A blue raspberry. That'll be the day. What a time to be alive, indeed. Air Traffic Control Quartet is an avant-garde prankster's delight, a chase scene happening in a maze, parkour performed in an MC Escher painting. Using obscured melodies, harpsichords, storm samples and weird film motifs, this record truly has somet...view item »

Sun Araw
The Saddle of The Increate

Sun. The Sun, The Sunnster, Sun is back! With a brand new album on Sun Ark! Here is your favourite nonsense conjurer, in full swing, fiddling with his machines like a drunkard trying to use keys. “This one’s gonna sort of try to be a 4/4 house groove” but oh no, there it goes again, falling off the grid onto the floor with a co...view item »

Rob Magill
The Owl and The Pussycat

The Owl And The Pussycat is the first vinyl release for Rob Magill, a resident of Southern California who seems to be able to turn his hand to most arty things - musical composition, playing every instrument under the sun, poetry, painting and even owning his own label. He began recording in 2010 and has since made 50 a...view item »

SK Kakraba

SK Kakraba is part of a mighty lineage of Ghanaian Gyil players; the Gyil being a kind of xylophone. Yonye is a fantastic collection of solo recordings, the buzzing sound of the instrument giving the traditional songs an almost electric tang to them. Plenty of life and energy in this record, which is out on Sun Ark....view item »

S. Araw "Trio" XI
Gazebo Effect

Sun Araw might be one of the most tenacious abstract artists around, but he’s also one of the prettiest sound sculptors we have. Call it psychedelic, call it noise, call it stupid, but his lopsided music always has cracks of beauty. Rarely accumulated through completed melodies, his best sounds seem to swarm in with the brevity of a half-t...view item »

Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group
Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group

This is out on Sun Araw’s new label and features M. Geddes Gengras and a member of Boredoms. The three of them convened at a Rotterdam’s legendary The Worm studio – a grotto of vintage synths and hard-to-find analogue e...view item »

Sun Araw
The Inner Treaty

My second visit to the stoned, glistening kaleidoscopic world of "Cammy Stalls" this week.....but this initially seems a more abstract, disjointed and bizarre listen than some previous musical moves he's busted. I was picking shit 'n' stuff in the stockroom the other evening with this on ...view item »

Sun Araw
Ancient Romans

Nearly didn't get enough of these to squeeze out a review so big-ups to the lads in distribution world for scraping a few up and mailing them our way. 'Ancient Romans' is the newie from Sun Araw a.k.a Cameron Stallone, everyone's favourite psychedelic tro...view item »

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