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Neana’s debut for Night Slugs is a completely of-the-moment, completely absurd mash of Baltimore Club aspirations, industrial arrangements, pitch shifted R&B cut-ups and grime's immediacy and production values. Continuing their run of essential club re-configurations, Night Slugs have put out another 12” vinyl of...view item »

Club Constructions 7

It’s been three years since the last Club Constructions release. DJC steps up to bring his rough and ready, straight-to-dancefloor bangers. The mysterious DJC joins the ranks of Jam City, L-Vis 1990, Lil Silva and Helix in this fascinating...view item »


Extremely limited 12” vinyl, white label funny business from the Night Slugs label and Neana. This producer precisely captures the much-hyped Night Slugs and Fade to Mind sound. The edges of bootleg, edit and original material are blurred together in a playful mash-up of d...view item »

Jam City
Earthly Versions

Jack Latham takes his ever-evolving Jam City project on an excursion to the dancefloor with new EP Earthly Versions. Matching the heady four to the floor vibes of his increasingly notorious live shows, this thumping collection adds balls the beauty of previous releases. Out on vinyl 12” from Night Slugs....view item »

Jam City
Dream A Garden

Dream A Garden is more than a piece of advice, it is also a description of the album itself: with airy vocals and dreamy synthesized accompaniments, it sounds like Jam City is dreaming a beautiful nocturnal garden packed with lights. Pretty and elusive, this follow-up to Classical Curves is hard to describe, but no...view item »

Bok Bok
Your Charizmatic Self

Careful not to confuse this with the Bok Bok that featured The Fall drummer Karl Burns which we were selling on Record Store Day. This is a different proposition altogether. A duo who make a suprisingly enjoyable blend of musics you may not necessarily ever think about putting together. Due to the vague labelling/me being stupid I've listened to...view item »

A/B Till Infinity

Night Slugs moves fast and gets it done, and A/B Till Infinity sees Egyptrixx mark a return to the label, bringing his audio-visual experience back to enforce his ideal world of hypnotic, trance-inducing and yet strikingly melodic music. 808s a plenty, but some gr...view item »

Bible Eyes

Something about the packaging for this one really caught my eye. I mean I wasn't all like "wow that looks bodacious" or anything but there was something about it that intrigued me because I just couldn't really imagine what it might sound like 'cos it seemed to contain a bit of an unusual combination of visual signifiers. Like, "that lettering w...view item »