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Hisato Higuchi
Otomeyama Bottoms

Japanese lo-fi singer songwriter Hisato Higuchi brings you his latest album for the 8mm Records label. This is a delicate sound of one man and his guitar, so intimate you might as well be sitting on his lap, like the kind of thing you might play on your guitar late at night after a f...view item »

No Balls
More Is More

Looking for a record to tear you a new asshole? You just hit the jackpot baby! 8mm Records follow up the sonic assault of the recent Orchestra Of Constant Distress LP with an album from the one and only ...view item »

She Shells String Trio
Negatively Complicating a procedure That is Already Flawed

A trio of experimental wizards bring about this one: violinist Spencer Yeh combines with Mike Khoury, also a violinist dude, and to top things off, they bring in scattershot drummer Ben Hall (Graveyards). The record is meant to show off the intuitive and improvisational styles each artist could live off if they so chose, offering up three unique...view item »

Orchestra Of Constant Distress
Orchestra Of Constant Distress

Swedish super(noisy) group Orchestra Of Constant Distress are as direct as their namesake and are pretty successful at achieving it. Featuring members of No Balls, The Skull Defekts, Saturn And The Sun, and Brainbombs their self titled debut is almost puritanica...view item »

Gate & Control Unit
The Album

Both Gate and Control Unit make industrial music from weirdo electronics and abstract drones. Together on their collaboration, The Album, they raise the intensity levels to create freeform psych rock that isn’t afraid of a little harsh noise. This vinyl LP on 8mm records i...view item »

Regel #1

Always got time for 8mm so I slapped this on feeling fairly enthused. Not much going on though. The A-side runs a 45rpm and it’s a side of abstract blastbeats with scattershot drums and slowl...view item »

Los Doroncos
Los Doroncos

Here’s a Tokyo out-rock supergroup featuring members Les Rallizes Denudes, Maher Shalal Hash Baz and New Rock Syndicate. It’s limited to 150 copies and features four slow-paced bluesy jams with warm, meandering basslines and drifting psychedelic gu...view item »

Urabe Masayoshi / Fukuoka Rinji
Barcelona Express

Here’s one for the free music lovers and those who want to freak out their friends and neighbours. Guitarist Fukuoka Rinji and saxophonist Urabe Masayoshi have collected a series of recordings made in 2004 around Europe and Japan for a single brain-melting disc o...view item »

Joe Mcphee & Eli Keszler

I'm listening to this after the fiery and confrontational jazz-skronk that was the Jooklo Duo & Bill Nace album so it's actually sounding quite restrained, but we're still deep inside jazz corner here in reviewsville. On this one free jazz sax dude Joe McPhee has teamed up with percu...view item »

Majutsu No Niwa
Sylvania 7027 Live

Wish Brett was here to review this, he was the office Japrock nut and had a wide ranging knowledge of the scenes movers and shakers. This Majutsu No Niwa project is led by Rinji Fukuoka, a principle member of cult outfit Overhang Party (who the Brettmeister once tried forcing on us to no ...view item »

Burnt Hills
Lights Out

Burnt Hills are like the band that you should listen to when proper high. They have earth rumbling riffs and a slight leaning toward space rock. I thought they would be more psychedelic than this. They don't mess around with floaty, style ambient nonsense, or delay or “flange” ...view item »

Kawaguchi Masami's New Rock Syndicate
The Psychedelic Sounds of New Rock Syndicate

Kawaguchi Masami is a sturdy pillar like character of the Tokyo underground scene having plied his trade and shredded riffs in various musical outfits including Miminokoto, Broomdusters and LSD March. Here he joins forces with a new crew (Kikuchi Akira (bass), Kiyasu (drums) and Hasegawa Yohei (guitar on 'Dazzling Light' and '(Theme From) New Ro...view item »

C. Spencer Yeh & Jon Wesseltoft
Northern Resonance III/II

I wonder what would happen if C Spencer Yeh joined Does it Offend You, Yeah. Would it result in a big resounding NO? Or would it be a panting dog-esque yehYEAH!!!! My mind resembles a flattened field of sleepy mudge today, so please do excuse me. I've left this particular avant-drone record on at a reasonable volume so Business Lady can fully re...view item »

Maurizio Abate
Third Dimension Blues

The press release for this sucker says it's highly psychedelic. I'd have to agree with that one. It's a spacey / droney / bluesy / psych-ey thing which clocks in somewhere between MV/EE and Evan Caminiti / Barn Owl. It's essentially super intense drone music played with acid guitar and harmonica which builds pretty quickly and stays mega intense...view item »

John W. Fail
The 15,000 Day Boat Trip

If you wanna hear something truly bizarre this week then you'd be hard pushed to find anything as 'out there' as the self titled LP by The 15000 Day Boat Trip. Composed, performed and edited By John W. Fail (Cenotaph audio label, past releases on Dronedisco, Ultra Eczema, Lied Music, Spiral joy band), 'The 15000 Day Boat Trip' is a journey thr...view item »

Bill Nace
Too Dead for Dreaming

Scratching my skull to recall how the name Bill Nace is familiar to me, luckily before I reached my brain the answer that he plays in Vampire Belt with Chris Corsano prevailed. Oh dear! We have a poorly Business Lady and a slightly hung over Phil and it would appear that Nace's feedback is not agreeing with them. Oh yeah he's scraping away her...view item »