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When a friend pleaded with me to go and see Women at the Brudenell Social Club a fews years ago I could have not had any inkling of the breadth of influence their short-lived career would increasingly have. It seems that Women/Viet Cong is the go-to influence for todays young guns  ...view item »

Foreign Affairs

The fact that Connections feature people who were once in a band  famed for being the only non Guided By Voices band signed to Robert Pollard's  label Rockathon should give you an idea where they are coming from. They play a similarly ragged style of near pop glory that sounds like the band are playing really good songs blindfolded. 'C...view item »

Negative Scanner
Nose Picker

Chicago based four-piece Negative Scanner bring their sophomore album Nose Picker to us through Trouble in Mind. Rowdy, lo-fi, and filled with a snarling joy Nose Picker hits the ground running with opening track T.V. and doesn’t let up. DIY or die attitude (all their stuff is recorded in their p...view item »

The Love-Birds
In The Lover's Corner

Here's a weird thing. This record by these San Fran power poppers has been mastered by Norman Blake from Teenage Fanclub. Nice of him to get involved but I never had him down as a mastering engineer. Could he be the Taylor Dupree of guitar pop? Anyway his name gives a fair idea of where this is coming from. Crystalline guitar po...view item »


Limited to 500 copies on coloured 12” vinyl from Trouble in Mind. Break-away experimental solo project from Chicago based Whitney Johnson (Verma). Soothing and explorative mixing of classical music and modern electronica elements, with tape loops, oscillators and violas backed by virtually-not-there ghostl...view item »

En Attendant Ana
Lost and Found

Trouble In Mind (Ultimate Painting, Mikal Cronin) present the debut LP from insouciant Gallic group En Attendant Ana. The band hit on a good formula on Lost And Found, bringing together those early rock and punk styles that the French are so fond of with shoegaze, ...view item »


This bright collection of electronic textures -- sustained in the background, restless and ever-moving in the foreground -- comes from Fancisco Borjra, known proudly as Holograma on his newest release. A one man band (but with electronics rather than percussion and a harmonica), Borja sets ambient soundscapes in the back and then lets his melodi...view item »


We drank some particularly strong coffee today; so it goes, Omni would say. Jumping about the place like an over-piqued collective of office drones mid mass-walkout, their guitars work themselves into a frenzy and thrive on it. Their last record, the snarkily titled ‘Deluxe’, was a fine blueprint to riff-spangled indie rock. This one...view item »

Negative Houses

Scattering the ashes of the moody Disappears contingent into a new band, FACS will of course use their dejected, mundane rock to quietly upset you. I’ll level with you: this goth boy band is pretty much just Disappears redux, minus one Damon Carruesco, who left the band and all the gloom endearing it behind. What you’re hearing in &l...view item »

Olden Yolk
Olden Yolk

Over he trots. Our very own office Golden Retriever Ian with more records to review. "You might like this" he says.  By gum he's right, It's lovely. Exactly my kind of thing. It's sparkling acoustic guitars and clipped production remind me of the best of the Hoboken sound. I'm talking the Feelies and early ...view item »

Salad Boys
This Is Glue

Kind of fitting as we were talking the other day about whether people still sniff glue. Well... do they? I've also been playing guess the riff on opening track 'Blown Up' which so naggingly familiar that I'm sort of going insane -I think it's the Buzzcocks  - possibly 'Ever Fallen In Love'. It's also the ...view item »


Lovely loveliness is really the only way I can describe the Sunwatchers, whose most recent record of sun-dappled psych noise miasma comes with a promise to “stand in solidarity with the dispossessed, impoverished and embattled people of the world”. It feels like a large political statement for a record with pretty much nothing on its...view item »

Dick Diver
Melbourne, Florida

Ever since Robert Pollard fell asleep on his night watch shift, jangle pop has made its way across the globe, and Dick Diver -- named after a character from a Fitzgerald novel, which isn’t necessarily any less embarrassing than it just being a crude joke -- gladly took to it. A band formed out of the ...view item »

Klaus Johann Grobe
Spagat der Liebe

Summer dream pop: because we are dreaming about the possibility of summer. It could happen! You never know! In the interim, I’ll be typing as a way of keeping my hands warm. Klaus Johann Grobe are a band and they let you know that by laying down a groove on “Ein Guter Tag’, because you must first get things going and then let e...view item »

Ultimate Painting
Dust On My Eyes

Well this is nice. It’s two totally exclusive unavailable elsewhere tracks from pretty darn nice indie-poppers Ultimate Painting. We already know them from such albums as last years ‘Dusk’ where we found that  their charming understated indie rarely fails to satisfy. Lovely stuff. ...view item »


This one’s a bit of a departure for Trouble In Mind - Alex Cuervo (Hex Dispensers, Blacktop, Field of Snakes) has put together a selection of chill-laden synth instrumentals with obvious debts to the likes of John Carpenter, Goblin and ...view item »

Mountain Movers
Mountain Movers

A little bit melancholic and a little bit thought provoking, s/t. is the latest release from  Mountain Movers. A band that started from a small and quiet affair, that have blossomed into a piece of well earned art on the indie-rock hidden gems wall of fame. A cracking addition to their rapidly growing arsenal of mu...view item »

Morgan Delt
Barbarian Kings / Black Tuna Gang

This is deeply psychedelic. I’ve not come across Morgan Delt before today but I just put the needle down on this record and there’s all sorts of weirdness going on, backwards guitar melodies, crazy processed vocals and woozy rhythms kind of like Portishead and Candy Claw...view item »

Jack Cooper

Blackpool. I love/hate it. I have a particular fascination with the North West Coast of England's seaside resorts. See also: Lytham, Morecambe, Southport. There's something otherworldly about all of them but Blackpool is the one you'd prefer to peer at through a telescope whilst sitting far enough away not to be sprayed in vomit.  Like More...view item »

Ultimate Painting
Green Lanes

Imagine a cheery Lou Reed strutting down Stoke Newington high street on a sunny Wednesday morning. “How ya doin’ Mr Postman”, “Good to see you Mr Dealer”, he’s full of vitality as he flips an apple in the air. This is the image that Jack Cooper (Mazes)...view item »

Greg Ashley
Pictures of Saint Paul Street

With a career spanning back into the 90s through the moniker of several bands, including The Strate-Coats, The Gris-Gris and The Mirrors, Greg Ashley has no intention of stopping yet. Pictures of Saint Paul Street is his latest venture, and one that critiques modern day society under the guis...view item »

Doug Tuttle
Peace Potato

I played this three times in a row the other week. Partly because it's good, partly because I couldn't think of anything better to put on after it. It says something for Doug Tuttle's lovely pop tunes that after the third play I still wasn't sick of it. Though I'll concede, a forth play could have been pushing it.  The opener here i...view item »


Rays are an Antipodean garage post-punk outfit making their debut with this self-titled full-length. They have the thrusting heft of Australian punk rock, but also the indie-pop-melodic sensibility of the New Zealand Flying Nun guys, and boy, what a combination it makes. Rays is released by Trouble In Mind....view item »

The Paperhead
Africa Avenue

The Paperhead are purportedly proponents of the endemic psych revival, so initial skepticism had me believe that they wouldn't be anything special because, let's face it, a lot of these bands sound the same. Then I listened to the first track from the band’s new LP, ‘Africa Avenue’ and their take on early British psyche...view item »

The Paperhead

Nashville trio The Paperhead craft a deliciously off-centre brew of familiar acoustic backings, over which a rich palette of instrumental splashings lean in and out. This, their latest in a neat handful of albums, is reminiscent of Van Morrison’s more direct offerings, with a slightly melancholic Moody Blues swagger....view item »

Ultimate Painting

Ultimate Painting are an example of one of those times where the side project becomes the main band. These members of Veronica Falls and Mazes would be hard pressed to find time for any other musical projects these days with the runaway success of this prolific thing. If st...view item »

Ultimate Painting
Ultimate Painting

I think someone has stolen the promo for this, I thought I'd pinched it but apparently not so. That is always the sign of a good record. Promo theft by eager ears. Two dudes build these ditties, one from Veronica Falls and the other from Mazes and they is baking a K...view item »

Morgan Delt
Morgan Delt

Morgan Delt's debut 7" 'Barbarian Kings' was an absolute feast of broken-sounding psychedelic weirdness so it's exciting and daunting to finally have his debut full-length on my CD player to try to comprehend, digest and describe in bite-sized review form. Even aside from the aforementioned single, which appears early on in all its hazy east-mee...view item »

Dick Diver
Calendar Days

Calendar Days was initially released in 2013 by Melbourne’s Chapter Music: now it sees reissue, courtesy of Trouble In Mind. Dick Diver’s sound is a bright and melodic kind of indie pop: touches of 90’s slackerism but fronted by distinctly Australian-accented vocals. Pretty welcome on a rambly kind of ...view item »

Chook Race
Around The House

They made this in a SINGLE DAY! Surely it takes even more than a single day to play all these songs. Ian has already mansplained to me that Chook means Chicken in Australian to I think I'm on board with what is going on here. They make scrappy but perky lo-fi Australian pop with nods to the Go Betweens, ...view item »

The Hecks
The Hecks

Top three fake-out swearwords: darn, goodness, heck. You’d think this band of Sonic Youth ripping naysayers would go straight to the source and say one of the big ones, but they keep it on the downlow for their Trouble In Mind debut. I know I keep complaining about this, and long into the nights o...view item »

Beef Jerk

Australians Beef Jerk offer up their debut full-length for widespread commercial release following a self-release last year. Tragic sounds precisely zero like the sleek, clean kitchen units on the sleeve look: nope, this is jumpy, jaunty indie pop, with occasional dips into heavyweight lyrical subject matter. Out on Tro...view item »

Jacco Gardner
The End Of August / Notus

‘Swallows leaving for the sun tell me September has begun’, pines Jacco in the opening verse. Round here it's usually freshers vomiting up the city that marks the autumn dawn. Jacco Gardner is from now but you’d think he was from the '60s with these slices of whimsy. It was easier to write ...view item »

Klaus Johann Grobe
Traumhaft / Nicht Zu Stoppen

Klaus Johann Grobe’s debut 10” quite rightly grabbed our coveted Single of the Week trophy when it came out a few months ago so it’s nice to see to see that they’re back with a new 7” this week. The first side opens with a kind of rinky-dink organ sound which made me wonder...view item »

LP 3

Alto! are a band of Portland’s finest, with 2 drummers and a guitarist who has played with the brothers Alan and Richard Bishop. They tend to get into some messed-up gnarly jams, with afro psych-tinged guitar licks and layers of polyrhythms. LP3 is their first release away from th...view item »

Dick Diver
New Start Again

New Start Again is the debut full-length album of Australians Dick Diver. First released in 2011 by Melbourne’s Chapter Music, it’s now being reissued on Trouble In Mind. The sound is a sunny, rambling kind of indie pop: touches of 90’s slackerism but fronte...view item »

Doug Tuttle
It Calls On Me

Let's face it, despite his long Kurt Vile hair, former Mmoss man Doug Tuttle is a pop guy. Cascading opener 'A Place For You' suggests a mop top from the Elephant 6 collective with it's Apples in Stereo melodies and charming mid fi production. The guitars know how to sting and ja...view item »

Chuck Johnson
Velvet Arc

Chuck Johnson is an american guitarist who has honed his sound and perfected his modernist American fingerpicking style over two albums: 2013’s Crows In The Basilica and 2015’s Blue Moon Boulder. His latest offering, Velvet Arc, sees him returning to areas he traversed in bands such as ...view item »


Verma return this week with an LP on Trouble In Mind, who’ve been putting out a lot of good records lately. I’ve encountered this lot before on a 7” they did for HoZac but this is my first chance to get properly involved with their churning, volatile kraut-psych. The formula is fairly simple, singer Whitney Johnson soar...view item »

Peter Stringer-Hye
Sunday Girls EP

Nashville resident Peter Stringer-Hye has played in groups like D. Watusi and The Paperhead in the past. But now, he thinks he’s ready to strike out alone, with the Sunday Girls EP. It sounds as perfectly of a certain strain of 1960’s blues-folk-rock as his publicity photos ...view item »


Space rock is cool and/or overdone and you know it. Worrying about the ocean of stars this week is Verma, some sort of no frills space crew who have a strong focus on psych structure, but way more interest in making your trip emotive. The guitars tremble as much as they oscillate and distort, and the synths swirl desperately; the drums ...view item »

Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp
The Island

Despite being just four songs long and rotating at a swift 45rpm, this still manages to be a mixed bag. It's the guy from Mountains and the guy from Paranoid Cat doing their kosmichey thing together. Opener 'Sun Blind' has all kinds of random fizzing synths going on before an aco...view item »

Primitive Parts
Parts Primitive

There’s a dude called Robin in this band 10/10. Or… actually: Primitive Parts are your standard fare garage rockers, so standard fare that they actually borrow most of their constituent parts from other bands you may well admire for cunning chord sequences and thrashing choruses. Parts assembled from M...view item »

Salad Boys

DIY indie pop in that rich New Zealand tradition, that’s what we have here with Salad Boys. The album title, Metalmania, is a bit of a misnomer really. This debut full-length is a fleet-footed thing, bouncing poppy melodies along over a guitar / rhythm section churn. Satisfying stuff. Released by Trouble In Mind....view item »


Pridjevi are a Croatian outfit who use psych rock as their starting point but understand genres as a viscous swamp that needs to be waded through. This record is steadfast, circular and repetitive -- the kind we accuse of hypnotising us -- but it’s also full of diverse tricks and dislocating timbres. It starts on an estranged, half-tempo t...view item »

Negative Scanner
Negative Scanner

It’s no frills Wednesday at Norman HQ, which means no big ideas, no grand gestures and no eureka moments; just fast, furious work. In a segue that gives that opening sentence any semblance of meaning, here’s an album by toothless post-punkers Negative Scanner, makers of short stop songs with little more than well-thrashed drums and j...view item »

Escape From Witchtropolis

Alex Cuervo could start a no frills garage punk outfit as quickly as you could put two pieces of bread in a toaster, but his Espectrostatic project has taken a lot more tinkering and thinking through. Here, he takes his love of synth music and tries to get in with the crew, hoping his electronic, Kraut-influenced drones will be good enough to ge...view item »

Hiiragi Fukuda

Two sides of cool improvised jams from Hiiragi Fukuda, one with guitar and one with a monophonic synth. A fun and playful sound, grabbed with whatever equipment was to hand, that also digs deep into spacey vibes. Seacide was first sighted on a limited cassette, so this proper vinyl / CD release on Trouble In Mind is mos...view item »

Greatest Songs Of The Resonars

Psychedelic power-popsters The Resonars have been peddling an impeccably observed brand of ‘60s psychedelia since way before it resurged in recent years. If you rewind all the way back to 1998 this lot were whacking out Beatles/Who/...view item »


On splattery red vinyl we have Seraphastra, the debut solo release from Chicago based noiser Whitney Johnson on Trouble In Mind. Such a splatter usually spells a tripped out garage noise band or some deeply disturbed noisetronica, but there's little trouble to be found on Seraphastra despite the zombie vomit that's co...view item »

Negative Scanner
Ambitious People / Evening News

Phil just posted this 7" in my reviewhole saying I'd like it because it's a punky thing on Trouble In Mind. He's correct in his assessment that I like punky things and Trouble In Mind, so what's going on here? Their singer has quite a striking voice - androgynous and belted out with vigour in a way that reminds me of some of the recent ...view item »

Water Near a Bridge

The on-form Trouble In Mind drop this tasty morsel of Antipodean psych-prog from Krakatau this week. This threesome employ drums, bass and organ in their pursuit of cosmic new-age meditations and surprising jam rock diversions. When they do head into the more ambient cosmic side of things like on 'John Stoat' it's deeply hypnotic, all la...view item »

The Soft Walls
No Time

The first album by Dan Reeves' Soft Walls was an instant office fave; I don't recall hearing it due to the paucity of copies actually available. Both formats sold out in two seconds flat. I've been given the task of throwing a few words about his newie on the increasingly popular Trouble in Mind, a label concerned with only the best in lo-fi psy...view item »

J.C. Satan
Italian Summer / I Don't Feel Like Dancing

Trouble In Mind have made a deal with JC Satan and this week put out the French psych-poppers' latest single 'Italian Summer'. It's a pleasantly stomping little thing full of hi-gain guitars and loudly delivered vocal harmonies which it's hard not to compare to Thee Oh Sees, but with a bit more of a slacker t...view item »


Ahhhh, fuzz. Not to complain about my lot in life or anything but Perfect Pussy 7" aside I've not heard enough distorted guitars this week...until now! Trouble In Mind have sprung to the rescue with this triumphantly enjoyable debut by London bedroom pop newcomer Tyler Zypreska, whose opening instrumental 'Shooting Chickens' has fuzz by the buck...view item »

Greg Ashley
Another Generation Of Slaves

Greg Ashley seems a bit vexed out about something. I'm not sure what, I mean he's got his record deal with Trouble In Mind and he seems to have a lot of friends who want to play with him but still, something's just not right. He's telling us all about it on his new album 'Another Generation of Slaves' which imbues his ...view item »

Doug Tuttle
Doug Tuttle

Former Mmoss man Doug Tuttle has dusted himself off after their demise and crafted this debut album under his own name, although I think it's fair to say that he's pretty much picking up where he left off with that '60s-loving beat combo. 'Doug Tuttle' is packed with dreamy, hazy psych-pop from the ...view item »

Jeffrey Novak
Lemon Kid

Cheap Time frontman Jeffrey Novak drops his third solo effort this week, and it’s a rambunctious trip through the psych-pop backwoods as you would expect from this chappie, only this time round he’s reined in his more anarchic instincts to put together a collect...view item »

Wrong Words
Everything Is Free

We’ve got a big pile of psychedelia in this week from Trouble In Mind, including this sophomore album of ‘60s/'70s-flavoured power-pop from The Wrong Words, taking Big Star/Replacements...view item »

Jacco Gardner
Cabinet Of Curiosities

There’s an awful lot of psychedelia knocking about nowadays which owes a huge debt to ‘60s pop, and Dutchman Jacco Gardner is no exception, deftly crafting a dreamy and drugged out concoction which owes clear debts to the slightly pastoral UK psych-pop sounds made all those years ago by the likes of ...view item »

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