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Expo 70
Mother Universe Has Birthed Her Last Cosmos

Drone master Justin Wright, also known as Expo 70, is treating us to some old hard-to-find cassette drones: Woolgather Visions ...view item »

Expo '70
Solar Drifting

The material on Solar Drifting first appeared on a myriad of formats with an array of labels, including Eat, Sleep, Repeat and Trensmat. Now these bits and pieces of the Expo ‘70 world are collected as either CD or tape depending on preference. Weird and wonderful singles jams, dual released by Zoharum and Sonic M...view item »

Moon Rabbit

From Kohn comes this collection of recordings taken from his live shows. The artist name of Jürgen De Blonde, this album is an exploration of synths and psychedelic sounds of the mind, building up from almost nothing to a transporting harmony of calm and space. On cassette tape. Limited edition....view item »

Expo '70
July 18, 2004

Tenth anniversary edition of July 18, 2004 by Expo ‘70. Heavily influenced by Kosmiche and the surrounding ambient music, it’s a journey into the potential of guitars and FX. Think the beatless excursions of Popol Vuh and Ash Ra Tempel. Out on Cassette and vinyl LP from Sonic Meditations....view item »

Expo '70
Filer a l’Anglaise

Sadly it’s one of those weeks where we only have four days to do five days’ work, and everything is turning up towards the end just to make things even more inconvenient for us. Good records, too, and it’s so hard to do them justice when you’ve only got half an hour to jot down some thoughts while you’re tweeting ot...view item »

Expo '70
Beguiled Entropy

Everyone’s favourite mega-prolific spliff-jammer is back with a new LP of his slow-chunter radiance for you to stick up your life pipe. Opening with apocalyptic slow guitar dirge-rumblings and wet analogue bloop-loops, we then find ourselves in a sheet of what sounds like violin drone, t...view item »

Expo '70
Virtually From The Unknown

The reliable Justin “Expo ‘70” Wright is back this week with ‘Virtually From The Unknown’, his latest 12” slab with three lengthy tracks exploring his rise to universal fame and adoration through the medium of that slow psychedelic drone-rock choogling he’s so good a...view item »

Sounding The Deep
Return to the Quiet

While this is actually his fifth album, ‘Return To The Quiet’ is the first time Dave “Sounding The Deep” Williams has had his recordings committed to vinyl, thanks to good ol’ Justin Wright and his ...view item »

Laurentide & Cordilleran & Others

We've got this Sungod tape in from Justin Wright's Sonic Meditations label this week. In it Braden Balentine and Mike Sharp multi-instrumentalise their way around a va...view item »

Duane Pitre
Monolithic Youth

Not familiar with Duane Pitre though I'm pretty sure he's a sound artist/avant-garde composer type.  This tape features a new piece on side-A backed by a live performance from September 10, 2009 at the Community School of Mu...view item »

Koi Pond
So Higher

This is a very lovely looking record indeed, with bold black and silver designs screenprinted all over its gatefold sleeve. On the disc itself is the latest offering from Justin Wright's Sonic Meditations imprint, with two side-long psychedelic improvisations from New York trio Koi Pond, ...view item »

J.D. Emmanuel
Peaceful Kingdom Concert 1982

Plucked from private press obscurity with the re-release of his 1982 LP 'Wizards', JD Emmanuel is experiencing a significant increase in his profile of late, mainly due, I'm sure, to a renewed interest in New Age and purist synth music. Well, it only makes sense that more of JD's work woul...view item »

Inspired School Of Astral Music
10:10 Opening The Digital Door

This is on Justin 'Expo 70' Wright's label Sonic Meditations so at worst it's just going to be a bit slow-moving, right? Well, actually, yes. And let's face it, if things being a bit slow-moving puts you off then nothing on this label will be your cup of tea. If the idea of listening to ...view item »

Expo '70

We got a bunch of stuff in this week from Expo 70 including his brand new album Awakening. Well it's not a new album... it's a reissue of an old cassette that came out on Sloow Tapes back in 2009. But it's a new album to us as we've not had it before! It's an old school release as well as it's out on LP, CD and ...view item »

Expo '70
Centre Of The Earth

Listening to this is indeed like a journey to the centre of the earth. It's epic! You get 4 sides of ambient drone gear spread over a deluxe double LP which is totally lush looking. It's on the Sonic Meditations label if that gives you any insight as to what you're getting here. It's a totally intense spaced out dronefest which if you're a bit c...view item »

Expo '70
Psychic Funeral

We scored a tasty little batch of tapes on Sonic Meditations including two awesome Umberto horror jams and this Expo '70 beauty that originally came out as a limited double 3" CDr on Ruralfaune. The A-side comprises 'Black Candles', an unnerving dark ritualistic droner with Matt Hill playing Korg, bass and analogue drums. His synths evoke a simi...view item »

Aaron Martin
Night Erased Them All

I've not heard this chap appearing in ye olde analogue tape format before and certainly not heard him in this drone/dark ambient mode. I must say he turns his had to the style with a high level of competance. This was created as a sort of driving soundtrack for late night journeys along back roads of his native Kansas. It's evocative stuff to sa...view item »