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Monster Rally
Flowering Jungle

Their last album was bloody brilliant so we have high hopes for this one too. Their sound is a laid back easy listening take on exotica and Dilla ish sampledelia. Here they are inspired by the sounds of 50 years worth of nature documentaries which sounds a perfect fit for their lovely brand of gentle cut up lounge music. &n...view item »

Monster Rally
Mystery Cove

Mystery Cove is the blissfully exotic, surf-ready record from LA-incepted Monster Rally. Using hip-hop beats upon relentless waves across the West Coast, Ted Feighan captures the zeitgeist of lazy Californian summers. Sun-bleached and playful psychedelia at its most experimental....view item »
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Dim Peaks
Time of Joy

It’s a strange contrast going from reviewing the mind-bending new Oneohtrix Point Never offering to this thoroughly pleasant bit of twinkly Americana-pop by Dim Peaks. It’s all gently plucked guitars and tasteful shuffling arrangements strongly reminiscent of The ...view item »

Young Hunting (L.A)

Harmony laden and incredibly laid back, meticulous, measured, sweet and woozy. The good thing about “Hazel” by Young Hunting is that there’s not much else like this around at the moment, Young Hunting stand alone. “Into Yr Mind” is beautifully executed, like all the songs on here, and is reminiscent of ...view item »

Chosen Atmospheric Pieces

Portland based producer Marius Libman’s Copy project is a slow builder, with large gaps between releases he re-approaches his writing technique to develop his electronica which is steeped in chiptune cheekiness. A break away from the playful 8-bit tones of his previous releases, while the forms are still p...view item »
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Empty / Every Mt

If you like the rich musical traditions of both the Appalachian mountains and the North African deserts, you’ll fall absolutely madly in love with the music of Ohioan, who takes in aspects of both and makes something new. This vinyl release of Empty / Every Mt is green and ‘bone’ coloured, and is relea...view item »

Colossal Yes/ The Good Fear

OK, this one's a themed split 7", bands from opposing geographical areas are paired up with artwork provided by local photographer from said locations. Really like the photo's on this one so that bit of the theme is working out fine but what of the music? Lets see...The A side is by Oakland residents Colossal Yes who ply their trade in emotive r...view item »
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Monster Rally
Crystal Ball

Monster Rally, the project of a young American only 23 years old at the time of this recording, is great enough to warrant this reissue from Gold Robot: not only onto vinyl, but onto see-through sapphire vinyl. Oooooh… Crystal Ball predicts a future of exotic samples seamlessly blended together into a woozy whole...view item »
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Roman Ruins
Source of Pride

Cyan Haze On Milky White Colored Vinyl.  Source of Pride is the second full-length album by Roman Ruins (Graham Hill). The album continues his exploration into the distinctive yet evolving sound of his solo recording project. The songs on Source of Pride formed as Hill moved his family from Oakland to New Orleans, where he now lives and wor...view item »
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The music on this record was composed and performed alongside two midnight screenings of George Lucas' THX 1138 in December 2013 at Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn, NY. The bulk of the recordings were subsequently captured live on the 3rd of January 2014 at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY. Each theme explores one or more motifs – but the thirt...view item »
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Ned Oldham
Let 's Go Out Tonight

If you went out with Mr Oldham, he would probably treat you to a night of maudlin sincerity, cajun chicken and maybe regale you with whimsical tales of Americana. If you didnt know already (as I didnt) this is the brother of folk meister Will Oldham, and he has enough meloncholy in his bones to make a grown man cry. Well if you don't cry you may...view item »
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Roman Ruins

Everything on this label comes on coloured wax with download codes. That's because they care about you. Instantly you feel loved and that's no bad thing. This oranged up beast is one of the chillwave variety. Smothered in 80's synth washes and that acceptable cheese sound of chill wave I'm immediately thinking Washed Out and folks like Toro Y Mo...view item »
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