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Noise Mass

Merzbow's previously unavailable 'Noise Mass' from Room40 will keep the boys at Immerzbox and Merzcast busy. It was recorded during one of the most fruitful periods of Masami Akita's storied career, which produced the classic Venereology. Here Akita worked using a mixture of random objects and self-made instruments.

Yann Novak
Slowly Dismantling

On Slowly Dismantling by Yann Novak, he deconstructs ambient music, slowly. It reflects change and his own experiences growing up and coming out. The cover shows Hotel Washington - a building that served as a home to a LGBTQ+ community in Madison, Wisconsin where Novak grew up. The building burned down when he was 17, leaving him wondering, at a crucial stage in his life, how the place could have helped him. This cathartic album shows that liberation through change is possible. 

Siavash Amini

How do you feel about the night? Is it frightening or is it comforting? Is it familiar or strange? Iranian electronic composer Siavash Amini has had the night on his mind recently, resulting in 'Serus' an album for Room40. Based on the music here, Amini's relationship with the night is fraught. Unless intense and volatile drones sound comforting to you.

Chihei Hatakeyama
Forgotten Hill

Forgotten Hill by Japanese musician Chihei Hatakeyama is an album inspired by his trip to the Asuka region of Japan. The trip gave him strong feelings which he has attempted to recreate as sound. In the 6th and 7th centuries, the Asuka region was home to the capital of Japan, now its is forgotten land, ruins surrounded by rice fields. It made Hatakeyama think about the past, future and present and where, how and why they might meet.

Todd Anderson-Kunert

Room40 have been on an excellent run of late, with releases from artists like Siavash Amini, Kevin Martin (The Bug) and Merzbow all emerging on the label in recent months. This hot-streak continues with Conjectures, the latest LP from Australian ambient/drone composer Todd Anderson-Kunert. Composed entirely on a Moog System 55, this set of tender synthesiser ambiences and gently hissing electroacoustics is a woozy delight. Anderson-Kunert claims influence from Eliane Radigue, Sarah Davachi and Stephen O’Malley, and after listening to Conjectures you’d be hard-pushed to prove him wrong.
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Erkki Veltheim
Ganzfeld Experiment

The Ganzfeld, or 'total field', effect details humans' tendency to perceive patterns in formless sensory information. An example of this is imagining melodies during the 'holocaust section' of a My Bloody Valentine concert. It's an effect that Erkki Veltheim has explored on his new album 'Ganzfield Experiment', where he has attempted to induce 'an ecstatic experience... that transports the audience outside of their rational, everyday selves.' Out on Room40. 
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Luís Fernandes

Normally accustomed to working with acoustic musicians like the wonderful Joana Gama, and on a series of film scores, Portuguese composer and musician Luís Fernandes, breaks into a solo career with a mysterious new album titled Demora, recorded in a series of live, improvised takes with a modular synthesiser. 

Kevin Richard Martin

Kevin Richard Martin is of course the man behind Techno Animal, God, King Midas Sound and of course The Bug. This strike out under his own name is the debut on wax of a new work which was made to document the feelings Kevin had around the delivery, receipt and early days of his first child. The record is therefore tumultuous, emotional and at times heartbreaking. Lawrence English realises a long held dream by releasing it on his Room40 label.   

Nicola Ratti
The Collection

Bellows band member Nicola Ratti caught our attention with the excellent Pressure Loss release on Where To Now? and now shores up on the ever-essential Room40 with a new suite of refined, rhythmic minimalism. The pitter patter of Ratti’s percussion is austere, but there’s a sense of fun rubbed into the wobbles and creases between all the microscopic details.
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Rafael Toral
Moon Field

Highly skilled and storied Portugese sound artist Rafael Toral makes a welcome appearance on Lawrence English’s Room40 label. The sound field Toral employs on this latest album is stark and clinical, but the tones vibrating within are etched deep with studious character, whether it’s a measured guitar drone or a clipped sax ramble.

Anthea Caddy/ Thembi Soddell