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Open Mind - The Best Of Blackfield

Long-serving rockers Blackfield issue a Best Of collection via Kscope. The band draw from a five-album discography for Open Mind, and the fifteen tunes here serve as a neat overview to the body of work Aviv Geffen and former Porcupine Tree member Steven Wil...view item »

Attack Of The Grey Lantern (21st Anniversary Remastered Edition)

At last we have a deluxe version of Mansun's 'Attack of the Grey Lantern'. This 21st anniversary remastered edition contains the original album plus on the deluxe edition 5.1 stereo versions, B Sides, radio sessions, photos and Paul Draper adolescent notebook. Features the 'classic' 'Stripper Vicar'.  ...view item »
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Paul Draper
Grey House

7” from former Mansun frontman Paul Draper, featuring two “fan favourites” from his recent album Spooky Action. A couple of decades after Mansun’s debut album disrupted 90s Britpop, Draper’s maximalist efforts here should appeal to the band’s devotees. Available on indies-only clear vinyl on K...view item »
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Paul Draper
Live at Scala

Once of Britpop middleweights Mansun, Paul Draper made a return to the fray in the mid-2010s with two EPs and a UK top-twenty album Spooky Action. This live record, recorded at London’s Scala (surprise surprise), sees Draper tear through his Jeff Buckley-ish solo stuff as wel...view item »

One EP

So, you’ve rocked out to Paul Draper’s first solo album, Spooky Action from August this year. Perhaps before that, his two 2016 EPs were your jam. Now you&rsquo...view item »

Tangerine Dream
Quantum Gate

Some 50 years in 'the biz' later, Tangerine Dream have never settled for less than innovation. Edgar Froese sadly left us in 2015 but his latest updated vision for the totemic band is now laid out for all to hear, on Quantum Gate. Remaining members Quaeschning, Schnauss and Yamane promise a contemporary evolution of the...view item »

Returning Jesus

First released in 2001, here is another chance for you to get your hands on Returning Jesus, a key statement from no-man. A sublimely subtle suite of art-rock songwriting with a smooth, lush, ECM-jazz instrumental palette. This reissue is available as a double LP or as a double CD, with the CD edition also including a s...view item »

Paul Draper
Spooky Action

The press release states that Paul Draper was frontman of one "one of the most iconic bands of the late '90s". The band they are talking about is - unbelievably  - Mansun. They did though have a large cult following who have followed Draper into his solo work ensuring that his latest shows were regularly so...view item »

Porcupine Tree

First released in 1996, Signify is the fifteen-track record from long running prog/psych outfit Porcupine Tree. A genuinely mesmerising affair, the record gives everything an indie-rock album should give- a classic blend of solid guitar riffs and deep, well thought-out drum patterns that align with the records&rsqu...view item »

Pink Floyd
London 1966/1967

This pair of vintage Syd-era jams from the film Tonite Lets All Make Love In London have been available in various collectible formats over the years, and now resurface as a ten inch. There’s not much evidence of psychedelic free rock that predates this, a fearless exploratory dive into uncharted territory armed with littl...view item »

Paul Draper
EP Two

Remember the band Mansun? They blessed the late 90s with an ambitious and unique style of alt-rock which rejected the Britpop formula that preceded it. Now their frontman Paul Draper is building up to a solo release with two EPs. EP Two is the second one... obviously. Expect hard-hi...view item »

The Anchoress
Confessions of a Romance Novelist

Confessions of a Romance Novelist is the popular debut album from The Anchoress, full of grand and ambitious pop music. This is the deluxe new edition of the album, released as 2 CDs or as 2 LPs, with both editions featuring 5 exclusive bonus acoustic tracks. The CD set also includes a handsome booklet. On Kscope....view item »

Paul Draper

EP One is the solo debut release of former Mansun frontman Paul Draper. Over the three tracks Draper gives us a revenge-themed rock ‘n’ roll blunderbuss, a 6-minute epic that could soundtrack a spy movie and a shimmering pop song. Mansun fans will be clammering to get their mitts on this....view item »

Wars of the Roses

Norwegian band Ulver have always been hard to pin down, and their eighth album is no exception, whisking their history of black metal, post-rock and ambience into a progressive, song-based whole. First released in 2011, this reissue of Wars of the Roses presses the music onto pure white vinyl. On Kscope....view item »

A Million Voices

Engineers lay the groundwork for latest album Always Returning with "A Million Voices", a single offering the kind of shadowy dream pop that absolutely deserves the Galaxie 500 stylised artwork each of their records are treated to. A ghostly excursion for those who consider...view item »
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Nordic Giants
Build Seas Dismantle Suns

Nordic Giants make the kind of post-rock that crush all their Texan and Canadian equvialents underfoot, leaving behind a big guitar-twinkling-shaped chasm. 'Build Seas' is their new EP, being released ahead of their behemoth of a new record, and continues to treat life like it's happening on the big screen, with huge bursts of everything fi...view item »
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Steven Wilson
Cover Version

Porcupine Tree mainman Steve Wilson compiles his six ‘Cover Version’ singles series as a complete 2LP. These 7”s are long sold out so no doubt this will be of interest to fans as they are, apparently, highly sought after. The album features six originals with six eclectic covers from...view item »
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Always Returning

Always Returning comes with a 2-Disc 24 page booklet media book with the second disc being an instrumental version of the album. Engineers, who currently comprise Liverpudlian multi-instrumentalist Mark Peters, celebrated  German ambient artist/producer Ulrich Schnauss and London based drummer and composer  Matthew Linley,...view item »

Distant Satellites

Some bands just keep going. Anathema's new release proves that they are one of them. Relentless in their exploration of the boundaries of metal and well-considered compositions, these UK rockers just don't give up. Distant Satellites continues on the same path of progressive and daring creation....view item »
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Messe I.X – VI.X

Ulver has returned with a grandiose dose of dark orchestral bliss. I like this album much better than Wars of the Roses. It seems much more mature and thought out. It sounds more like Ulver. It's interesting because both albums are very sparse and ambient, but somehow this one is so much better. This album is very fluid; it sounds like one giant...view item »

Crippled Black Phoenix
I, Vigilante

Supergroups eh? Here's a post rock one. Can they do for post rock what Emerson Lake and Palmer did for prog? Or what Tired Pony have done for......um........um..........Anyway this is the first time I've come across them. I've been told that past members include a Mogwai and a Portishead though the names on the current CD are less familiar. The ...view item »

Crippled Black Phoenix
A Love of Shared Disasters

Finally The debut long player from Crippled Black Phoenix 'A Love Of Shared Disasters'. The first thing that strikes me about this is how cinematic sounding it is. They've used a combination of modern and old Victorian equipment to achive the sound. There's a country feel running through the album at times. If you didn't already know the band fe...view item »