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The Bug

OK be quick on this one cos Brian is obsessed with The Bug. If you don't get one soon he's gonna take all the copies home and decorate his house with him. He is a man obsessed bless....... The new album is in on Rephlex and it's fucked up dancehall ragga. This is top stuff indeed. There's some m...view item »

The Tuss
Rushup Edge

In the absence of our man Ant, whose laying low with a tummy bug (get well soon kid) I've got the pleasure of announcing our album of the week. Norman's honour of the week goes to The Tuss aka Karen Tregaskin with "Rushup Edge" (Rephlex). It said to be the work of one Richard D James/Aphex Twin and on listening who could doubt it? Classic...view item »

Kode9/ Loefah/ Digital Mystikz
Grime 2

Remember that Grime compilation that I didn't like very much? I said it was harsh, mechanical, soulless & empty? Rephlex must have read my review (hehehe!) cos Volume 2 is here 'n' ya know what? It's wonderful. Everything the first one wasn't. Another 3 artists on here -  Kode 9, Loefah & Digital Mystikz all sh...view item »

DMX Krew
Wave Funk

Ed DMX. One of the Godfathers of British Electro (maybe THE Don!), this chap is always a total pleasure to listen to (he's also without a doubt one of the most versatile & exciting DJs i've ever danced to!) The Breakin' records boss has taken all the routes you could imagine, ranging from unabashed pop brilliance to tough party bangers &...view item »

Macc & DgoHn
Some Shit Saaink

This is the work of Robert Macciochi and John Cunnane and was previously released on the Subtle Audio imprint. The pair have been creating their vision of Drum and Bass since the mid- nineties and what a talented couple of producers they are. These tracks are driven by expertly crafted and edited breakbeats, as complex as they are, the...view item »

Dwayne Omarr
Multi Funk

Dwayne Omarr appears to be an unsung hero of the Electro-Funk scene having worked with various musicians and producers since being discovered around the late 70's but never taking that big step to centre stage. He's one of them super gifted types who's been playing multiple instruments since his being discovered as a child and has since worked h...view item »

The Shimmering Hour

The long awaited Wisp album on Rephlex is finally with us (CD only at the moment with double vinyl to follow). The CD has 14 tracks, 4 of which comprised the Katabatic 12". So I'm guessing the vinyl version may just be the other 10 tracks but who knows. He's a talented producer this chap with a good combination of fresh ideas as well as wearin...view item »

Pierre Bastien

Never really heard previous sonic endeavours from this chap. He’s a Parisian composer knocking on 60 years old whose first UK-released material was for Rephlex a decade ago. He builds his own idiosyncratic instruments from items such as Meccano, statione...view item »

Volume 2

Right. I still pop into my fave record shop of all time erm...all the time even though they really are quite sick of the sight of some blundering overgrown man child cooing over the latest Hague electro or fall rip off band or whatever. And the kind man at the desk lets me still bark some insane ramblings at him down an old defunct government bunke...view item »

Recordings For Rephlex

Just to damage my cranium I've stuck on HECKER's (Florian not Tim) 'Recordings For Rephlex' CD. I'm not gonna subject Brian to much of this as he'll probably explode too. If the gaffer gets back tomorrow morning and we're both exploded all over the office he won't be best pleased. If you're looking for some highly experimental s...view item »

Aleksi Perala
Mental Union

I've delayed my trip to Wales this morning in order to fully digest this riveting and breathtakingly sculpted double set from the man formerly known as Ovuca, a Finnish man, a clever and highly talented man. Like the ...view item »

Jodey Kendrick
Steel Erector

After Jodey’s ‘Plus Ten’ 2CD was hideously delayed you’d be forgiven for thinking Rephlex had fallen asleep on the job and then this cracking 2CD set arrives just a few weeks later and what an ace surprise it was too. If you’re familiar with Jodey’s sounds then you pretty much...view item »

100% Genuine

Are you looking for tips to help you find the perfect partner, then look no further. Rephlex records has kindly compiled some of the best dating service ads in the world. Every orientation, inclination and sexualisation is included. Find the love of your life today (or later this week depending on how fast norman can ship). If all fails, stick t...view item »

Jodey Kendrick
Indus Silver Club (J.K.)

WHOAH Jamiroquai have got amazing! JK's done this great 'ISC' 12" on Rephlex. These seven tracks showcase the workings of a fine acidic electro mind and couldn't sound much more 'Rephlex' if they tried, expertly mixing Kraftwerkian retroisms with the finest production values from the here and now. Some of the best, most stipped down stuff I've...view item »

The Third Eye EP

Ahhh I can remember the first time I put the needle on this record back in 2002. It was a moment I will never forget - and I do forget a lot of shit as my brain is slowly turning to mush. I had picked up the Transllusion material on the short lived Tresor sub-label Supremat and fucking loved it but when this cam...view item »

808 State

One of the most thrilling things about embryonic Acid house was the fact it actually still sounds really fresh today. Analogue, delirious & mad as badgers, not to mention influential as fuck it is. 808 State took the Detroit sound & added a further UK psychosis to it, claiming that the flow of really quality acid records from the...view item »

808 State

Rephlex have done the right thing and reissued 808 State's classic 'Quadrastate' album. It starts with 'Pacific State' which I must admit I never really liked. The anthem on here for me is 'Let Yourself Go (303 mix)'. Probably all the 808 State tracks I like most featured Gerald Simpson. Timeless acid house techno and early breakbeat action. I reme...view item »

Caustic Window

Worthy of a mention now is the re-issue of the Caustic Window compilation on Rephlex. On 3-piece vinyl and CD, this is a personal fave of mine. The Right Hon Rev Richard D James is responsible for this (or was 10 years ago) and it's his 3 ep's all joined together with wobbly Techno-Glue. ...view item »

AFX (Aphex Twin)
Chosen Lords

The long awaited 'Chosen Lords' CD on Rephlex has just arrived. That's the AFX (Aphex Twin) Analord compilation for those of you have been on another planet for the last year or so. I have to say I was sceptical of this at first as there are only 10 tracks selected from a possible 40 something....view item »

The Tuss
Confederation Trough

The uber geeks have been jamming the web forums with speculation that the new The Tuss Confederation Trough EP is a Richard D James production. I must admit when I first heard it I immediately thought it sounded like the Analord tracks. It's credited to Brian Tregaskin. It's pretty good actually...view item »


Steinvord is a mystery, even to Rephlex who release his records. No-one knows his name, where he comes from or how exactly he makes his tracks. Reckon it's safe to say from this debut 12” that he's rocking the old laptop as the tracks are immensely complex as with the majority of Rep...view item »

Katabatic/Summoners Hollow/Hexenringe/Cultus Kl

Exciting me immensely this week is a surprise new release from New Yorker Wisp. With previous 12"s on Terminal Dusk & Sublight/Hymen to his name, as well as countless MP3 files, this latest 4 track EP package must represent the pinnacle of his talents so far. The music's comprised mainly of hugely melodic, symphonic & beautiful modern ...view item »

Kerrier District
Kerrier District 2

Following the Amen Andrews v Spac Hand Luke face-off from the other week Luke Vibert returns under his Kerrier District moniker for an EP simply entitled 'Kerrier District 2.' This is a 6 track CD of funk-tasticelectronic neo disco which is also split over two slabs of vinyl. The first cut is the one for me which sound...view item »

Pro 188

Freeeeeeeekin freaky freak freak!!!! My head feels like it's going to explode....What a busy week, Its never freakin ending. Before my head explodes I really ought to tell you how freakin good the new D'ARCANGELO 12" 'Pro 188' is. Freakin fantastic. Head straight for the flip for an extended piece of electro and emotional synt...view item »

DMX Krew
Wave Funk Volume 1

DMX Krew are no strangers to a fine quality release and 'Wave funk volume 1' is no exception. This 12" release is the first installment of a larger body of work that will appear later in the year as a double CD set. Everything on this tasty slab of wax is worth a listen and will no doubt have a few folk shuffling in their chairs come release d...view item »

The Criminal Minds

Smart move from Rephlex issuing these recordings that have vanished into early UK hip-hop mythology. This uncompromising underground crew (originally formed in 1985) are tight, backed by dope beats, raw and tough like The Bomb Squad/ Public Enemy. These tracks come from an era when in ...view item »

Volume 1

Who is David Barnard? He's apparently a reclusive chap from Wiltshire but once again, the Rephlex mystery trail deepens with the usual dickhead bloggers having fits as to whether this is actually RDJ. It's sounding less like him than some of the J.K. tunes also out this week. The opening tune 'F-Tron' is a smart cosmic house/disco thing that may...view item »

Jodey Kendrick
Plus Ten

Now this dude really is something. Rephlex laid virtually dormant for a while because they just don't follow the fashion train whatsoever. They gave the world the seminal Grime comps then they left it all the heck alone. I feel that's because they don't want to compromise the classic Rephlex sound. Now, Jodey K IS the Rephlex sound, his last EP ...view item »

Paranormale Aktivitat

Weird how this was reviewed in The Wire magazine as a Drexciyan offshoot project (& almost critically mauled as a result!) even though it's merely Gerald Donald's guiding hand & inspiration that has steered these three Berlin-based femmes noir into this particular glacial, frosty project they're slinking through. Basically if you've not ...view item »

The Bug, Soundmurderer, Various

Firstly we got some copies of that Manhunt thing on 12". We had some and sold out super quick like so hre's some more. On Rephlex, dead limited and featuring remixes from The Bug, Soundmurderer, Bogdan and the DMX Krew. A motley line up if I ever saw one and terribly good.....Disturbed fun fo a disturb...view item »

AFX (Aphex Twin)

AFX then!!. I shat myself when I heard he was re-mixing 'Run The Place Red' by The Bug Ft. Daddy Freddy. I mean, WHO better in the world to do such a job? It's all too much! Called the 'Smojphace' e.p,.this knocks Kid 606 & Knifehandchop's heads together, eats their powerbooks ...view item »

The Bug ft. Warrior Queen
Aktion Pak

Oh & Rephlex up the ante with the long awaited new 4 track Bug 12" 'Aktion Pak' which features a wee lassie by the name of Warrior Queen. There's a CD too with instrumental versions of old tracks. Brilliant stuff indeed! You all know my obsession with Kevin Martin's dancehall ragga project. He started the ba...view item »

AFX (Aphex Twin)
Analord Vol 6

Analord 6. Oh yes. The ginger one keeps the slabs-a-coming. Who's got a binder then? Hahaha to everyone who hasn't got one (only joking.....). I've cut mine up for table mats. It's made of string & dog poo anyway! This volume has 4 (&1/2) tracks of lovely analogue genius that could truly be made by no-one else. 'I'm Self Employed...view item »

Aleksi Perala
Boom Blaster

The third in a batch of 12"s on Rephlex comes from Boom Blaster which is another of Alexi Perala's (Ovuca, Astrobotnia) pseudonym's. It kicks off on kinda a gangster tip with sounds of gunshots. It gives off a slow motion, hip hop feel with the atmosphere of old dark jungle and comes complete with gangster movie vocal samples and obligatory &q...view item »

K Rock
New Deal

K-Rock- New Deal 12" on Rephlex. electro tastic and it's got a free 7". More like hip hop proper electro than the current crop of electro clash type folks....view item »

Bogdan Raczynski

After a truckload of releases on Rephlex in a fairly short period of time Bogdan Raczynsci re-emerges after a hiatus. It's good to have him back. He definitely has his own sound. Although so much has changed in the scene since he went quiet 'Alright' lacks the impact of his earlier stuff. It's still a load of crazy braindance fun though. With hardc...view item »


And yet more joy....The new Rephlex compilation, 'Rephlexions' is out and the all star cast of Braindance manipulating monkeys includes Bogdan R, Cylob, DMX Crew, Amen Andrews, Global Goon & an EXCLUSIVE track from some duffer called AFX. Loads of other lesser known acts over 19 tracks ...view item »

DMX Krew
Many Worlds

Bloody hell. If these next two weren't tailor made for Clint's temporary replacement Skeleton Unit then I'm a brass monkey. Rephlex, still recovering from the Analord onslaught now have two - TWO! DMX Krew LP's on the loose, (Collapse Of The Wave Function Volumes 4, Many Worlds) Ranging from icy retro electro i...view item »

DMX Krew
The Collapse Of The Wave Function

Bloody hell. If these next two weren't tailor made for Clint's temporary replacement Skeleton Unit then I'm a brass monkey. Rephlex, still recovering from the Analord onslaught now have two - TWO! DMX Crew LP's on the loose, (Collapse Of The Wave Function Volumes 4 & 5) Ranging from icy retro electro isolation, to morphing el...view item »

Bochum Welt
ROB (Robotic Operating Buddy)

Rephlex have put out a smashing Bochum Welt 2CD set which collects his early long out of print 12"s for the label together with new stuff. 'ROB (Robotic Operating Buddy)' is an incredible 31 tracks in all ranging from classic early Braindance to current dirty electro sounds. Gianluigi Di Costanzo is a wicked producer, his melodies are great an...view item »

Black Devil Disco Club
Timing, Forget the Timing

If you fancy things a tad easier on the legs, then the long awaited re-issue of  the legendary Black Devil Disco Club single (licenced by the ultra canny Rephlex who pipped the hapless Morgan Geist to the post - natch!) is here at last. Over 2x12"s & CDs, this is a strange, hypnotic sli...view item »

Vibert Simmonds

Gene Simmonds from Kiss has stopped making rock music and traded in his gear for a 303 and is now making acid tracks with Luke Vibert...erm that's not strictly true like. Vibert / Simmonds is actually Jeremy Simmonds AKA Voafose that had an album on Rephlex and did some gear on Rising High back in the mid 90's. 'Rodulate' has been dug out of the Re...view item »

Bochum Welt
Robotic Operating Buddy (Interlude/ Saint Remix)

Rephlex are putting out a 2CD compilation of all of Bochum Welt's material for the label. As a taster there's a limited 10" sampler 'Robotic Operating Buddy'. This is early to mid nineties classic sounding electronics with a fat break beat Aphex-ish melodies and a synth that reminds me of the Gak EP on Warp. Deep warm and spacey. Hits the spot...view item »

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