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Exploring Jezebel
On A Business Trip To London

Due to it’s sexually explicit material, this uncensored release from Exploring Jezebel comes with a warning that it is for ADULTS ONLY. As if that’s not already cool enough ‘On A Business Trip To London’ comes crashing into your deepest and most primal instincts from the blackest of black vinyl (no idea what this means bu...view item »

The Master Side

Straight out of the Boiler Room’s secret torture chamber comes a new vinyl-only offering from Regis on Blackest Ever Black - probably one of the blackest known labels. The Master Side is not one but two sides o’ sinister techno numbers. While the A-side is noisier and more energetic, the B-side goes for a mo...view item »

Dickon Hinchliffe
Red Riding: In The Year Of Our Lord 1980

Here for the first time ever on vinyl is Tinderstick Dickon Hinchliffe’s score to one of Channel 4’s instaclassic ‘Red Riding’ trilogy. Hinchliffe of course has scored plenty of films in and out of the Tindersticks in recent years but this is one w...view item »

Carla dal Forno
The Garden

Following on from her excellent LP of sonic gothic architecture for Blackest Ever Black, Carla dal Forno returns with a 12" of dubby introspections. Haunted hallways and sonorous drone pop are to be expected on this You Know What It's Like sequel, with a song tributing the great industrial weirdings ...view item »


Bremen are a duo from Sweden. Despite releasing on Blackest Ever Black, they aren’t techno boys: wow! Instead, they play a blackened form of minimal psychedelia, forging a direct link to some foresty nether regions of the mind. Eclipsed is their second for the label, and stretches out over 2 LPs....view item »

F ingers
Awkwardly Blissing Out

Quick reminder: Blackest Ever Black request you spend one night in a haunted house before you receive your purchase of any of their records. This newie from F ingers was spooked up with recording help from Samuel Karmel, Carla dal Forno and Tarquin Manek...view item »

Tarquin Manek / Martina Quake
Locks On Our Doors Not On Our Hearts

Lock On Our Doors… is a collaborative piece between Blackest Ever Black artist Tarquin Manek (F Ingers, LST) and English poet Martina Quake. Recorded on valentine’s day 2016, and using an array of electronics and synthesizers to back the prose, Manek proces...view item »

Silvia Kastel
Air Lows

Formerly half of prolific industrial-tinged noise rockers Control Unit (who collaborated with Smegma, Gate and Factrix among others), Italy’s Silvia Kastel has been developing her solo style over the course of a few low-key releases, leading to this debut ...view item »

Amateur Childbirth
Your Afterlife Is Cancelled

Amateur Childbirth is Ivan Matthew David, and Your Afterlife Is Cancelled is him confidently skewering religious cults, a different specific one with each ...view item »


After releases on Osiris, UVB-76 and A14, Bristol based producer Pessimist found a home for his dark twisted and techy drum and bass at Blackest Ever Black. Now releasing his first full length record with them as a self titled. Ten tracks of brooding dystopian D’n’B and techno deconstruction. Bleak and heavy, just ho...view item »

Sleep Heavy

The debut record from Brighton based down tempo R&B artist Jabu. Sleep Heavy is a great addition to a genre of music that is seemingly becoming more and more same sounding. How he combines soothing vocals with ambient drones and rhythmic beats is something more artists should look into doing. Available on vinyl LP a...view item »

The Composite Moods Collection Vol. 1: House Number 44

Dalhous are back on Blackest Ever Black and as melancholy as usual. The Composite Moods Collection Vol. 1: House Number 44 on double vinyl LP deals with the idea of how people live together closely for long periods of time. This is expressed musically with longform drones, degraded samples and i...view item »

Never Mind The Bucket

Never Mind The Bucket is a live recorded, compilation album from the band Officer!. The recorded setlist includes songs from the band’s album Dead Unique as well as some very well constructed covers. The album is both humorous and marvellously clever, showing Mick Hobbs&rs...view item »


Naaahhh is a sound project that seems to have pushed through to the other side of underground rave culture, simulating the vibes of the next day’s grotty hangovers with queasy electronic tones and textures. And yet Themes still sounds good enough that you’d actually want to listen to it! Vivid dark atmospher...view item »

People Skills
Gunshots at Crestridge

Jesse Dewlow is People Skills and Gunshots at Crestridge is the second album from People Skills. The record accommodates a wide range of sounds from the spectrum that is experimental-indie, including rock’n’roll slurs on the one end and malevolent aggro-electronics on the other. This...view item »

Ashtray Navigations
To Make A Fool Ask, And You Are The First

Leeds’ very own genuinely-psychedelic noise explorers Ashtray Navigations are releasing their latest statement on the Blackest Ever Black label, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone industrial techno. No, To Make A Fool Ask, And You Are The First is full-bore AshNav, moving through stran...view item »

Carla dal Forno
You Know What It’s Like

Carla dal Forno, who has previously been active in Tarcar and Mole House, has a thickly melancholy singing style that somewhat recalls Nico. Solo debut You Know What It’s Like is an album of highly personal songs, but, because this is out on Blackest Ever Black, i...view item »

Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards
Wreck His Days

This is the debut full length record from this curiously monikered and altogether mysterious collective. It's a wildly ambitious work that takes in astral psychedelics, blissed out dub, music concrete, pummelling soundtracks and what the press release describes as death jazz. Should appeal to fans of Arthur Russell, Swan...view item »

The Word As Power

Not, you may suspect, the kind of music one wants to hear on a hot summers day like this. Unless your reaction to the sun is to wrap a towel around your head and lie in a darkened room until it all goes away. Despite having released records since 1990 and collaborated with the likes of Clock DVA, Chris &...view item »


The second album from Raime lands with a bang: 8 tracks of precision-tooled bass-shudder and industrial wobble. Tooth feels like it has a huge amount of power kept tightly under control, the spindly guitar lines and post-dancehall dynamics acting as a straightjacket, keeping the tension high. A strong return, out on Bla...view item »

Af Ursin
Aura Legato

Auro Legato was initially released in 2005 by Af Ursin’s own private press imprint La Scie Doree. The limited run of 350 copies meant that, even as this album’s reputation grew, few were able to pick up this semi-abstract suite of drones, folk, jazz, and whatever ...view item »


‘Manbait’ is the new double LP release from Regis aka Karl O’Connor (Downwards records, Sandwell District collective, British Murder Boys). The record features several new versions of three original tracks, remixes of Raime, Vatican Shadow, Ike Yard and Dalhous, an alternate mix of Tropic of Cancer’s ‘Plant Lilies A...view item »

Secret Boyfriend
Memory Care Unit

The Blackest Ever Black label continues its search for the bleakest drone and synthesizer music with this release from Secret Boyfriend. On Memory Care Unit the artist explores live improvisation, but keeps the Coil-influenced dark ambient elements seen on 2013’s T...view item »

Tarquin Manek
Tarquin Magnet

Taquin Magnet by Australian Tarquin Manek is a timeless mix of folk-jazz ideas, delicate chamber dub and synthetic post-techno electronics. Although this is Manek’s first solo release on Blackest Ever Black, he has previously contributed as one half of Tarcar with Cara Del Forno a...view item »

Cut Hands
Festival Of The Dead

William Bennett's new record under the percussive Cut Hands moniker, 'Festival Of The Dead', is based around aggressive, deathly drums, as you'd expect by now -- it's the ex-Whitehouse member's third record under his new alias, and this particular branch of noise continues to sound more organic and rhythmic. ...view item »

F ingers
Hide Before Dinner

Spooky spooky business here from Fingers, a trio operating on the Blackest Ever Black label. Hide Before Dinner is a little like a Ghost Box album where the implicit threat and unease is made explicit. Electronics swath fragments of murmured songs about childhood darkness. A successful attempt to conjure a certain aesth...view item »

Mince Glace

Blackest Ever Black have spent 2014 moving away from electronic sad-sack tropes and this 12” vinyl from Tarcar is somewhere between the two points. A groovy little DIY electronics ramble with some sultry vocals, it’s not upbeat -- Nico’s The Marble Index is a good reference point -- but it’s more of an is...view item »

Six Six Seconds
Tearing Down Heaven

Six Six Seconds’ Tearing Down Heaven was first heard on a Downwards compilation a few years ago, but it was agreed by all involved that it was worth being released on a disc of its own. Here it is on a 10”, in all its dark, seething glory, backed with Reprise, a fresh return to the same territory....view item »

Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay

Available on 12” vinyl LP with full colour reverse board sleeve and printed inner bag or CD, on Blackest Ever Black. To help Blackest Ever Black raise the bar yet again they’ve brought in french avantgard trumpeter Jac Berrocal. Sucking you into his film-noir Dale cooper/Bohren und der Club o...view item »

Black Rain
Dark Pool

After the recent revival of interest in this old NYC project, spearheaded by Stuart Argabright, Black Rain deliver their first new album in 18 years. Dark moody experimental techno and futuristic EBM for fans of Carter Tutti, Severed Heads, Adam-X, Ron Morelli & L.I.E.S. plus yr dystopian sci-fi literary/celluloid classics.&nb...view item »

Raspberry Bulbs

Hardcore band Raspberry Bulbs' newest record, Privacy, was recorded swiftly and uncaringly to 4-track, hoping the recordings would stay up close in the face of their recipient and continue to fashion their punk rock after black metal's rugged, raw production qualities. It's possibly their last record for Blackest Ever B...view item »

Dead Unique

Blackest Ever Black have this week unearthed this gem of oddball indie pop which has languished unreleased for a staggering 19 years, having been shelved at the time for reasons nobody can remember. It's truly unusual stuff, with even our hardened post-it genie conceding: "Can't get my head round it. Horns but nice ones." The horns being nice ...view item »

Will To Be Well

Here's the second full-length to be released by Marc Dall and Alex Ander under the their Dalhous moniker, and one which sees them refining their understated synths'n'samples aesthetic in more of an airy, positive direction than previously over the course of a double LP. The most obvious, some might say lazy, comparison here would be to fellow ...view item »

Killing Sound
$ixxx Harmonie$ Version

Enigmatic Bristol bods Killing Sound have pinched the name of Kevin Martin's early vehicle for his Bug releases and like that noisy bearded sound system disturber they specialise in a dark, brooding bass music aesthetic. This single-sider is an atmospheric and rhythmic slice of portentous dubbed-out modern post-grime with dark ambient stylings....view item »

Visability Is A Trap

The duo formerly known as Young Hunting have a new EP here, with four originals on one side at 33 and a Regis remix at 45 on the other. I'm listening to the originals first and they open with a couple of detailed bits of cosmic synth ambience with shades of oblique darkness to them, gliding futuristic textures that of...view item »

Secret Boyfriend
This Is Always Where You’ve Lived

Hailing from North Carolina and part of a group called Boyzone (which amazingly isn’t the reformed Boyzone who recently popped the Jonathan Ross show to its very foundations, whilst at the same time wearing carefully manicured beards) what we get here is a messy strum that veers between Sentridoh like acoust...view item »

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