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Marco Lucchi
Le Je-ne-sais-quoi et le Presque-rien

We're on double reviews. Mike on the main speakers, me on the headphones. This record is so quiet I can hear Mikes record louder than mine. Its disconcerting but I'm a pro, I'll rise above it.  What we have here is a beautifully packaged disc - it looks like one of those Hibernate th...view item »

Redness + Perplexity

Celer is one of the most prolific and consistently enjoyable artists putting out records right now, with every one a pretty much guaranteed excursion into gorgeous drifting textures and slow-developing melodies. You know what to expect from Will Long by now, ...view item »

While Shadows Sweep Across The Lawn

Takahiro Yorifuji returns to grace the UK ambient drone underground again, this time on the Somehow label, one of a small number of quietly committed imprints devoted t...view item »

Augustus Bro
Number Stations

Ambient i Jakobstad? Javisst! Sällsynt i och för sig, men inte helt nytt. Under mitten av 1990-talet spreds en C-kassett vid namn Tellus, All About It, innehållande inspelningar gjorda av Anders Gustafsson. Metalbandet ...andOceans bifogade en bonus CD till sin andra utgivning The Symmetry of I - The Circle of O. Även den fy...view item »

Pleq & Lauki
The Anatomy Of Melancholy

Here we have a track that begins with more unnerving, brittle and faintly jarring orchestration that suits the unsettled times we live in, strings like shards of frost slicing across your spine, somehow you want more and more as it hurts in a really nice way. This CD then dives into many ...view item »

Life Line

Still in ambient corner! Well I thought I was as this is a Somehow release but it's actually very different for the label. I was expecting a load of driftiness but what I got was my headphones full of strange swirling electronic noise. Lots of wobbly electronics coated in some nice ambience. It reminds me of some of the old electronica/early...view item »


I am the king of ambience this week. Kinda weird since all I've been doing is listening to Shellac all week at home. Sometimes you just gotta rock! It's not gonna happen listening to Josco though as it's all ambient everywhere and no doubt next week that's all I'll be listening to at...view item »

Saito Koji

According to the press release Saito Koji recorded this two part drone epic during a time of 'horrendous stress' in Fukushima which I'm assuming must allude to the nuclear power station accident/s there over the past month or so. Having read that, it's incredibly difficult not to let the notion completely influence your listening experience of t...view item »

Last Roadpost And Alone

Here's a new CD on Somehow Recordings. As ever it's in one of their oversized cases and it's insanely limited. I know nothing about Alonefold re who or what they are? I'm guessing they're human and you can probably imagine given the labels output you're gonna be in for some floaty time. And that would be a correct assumption as you get 5 tracks ...view item »

Mark Hakonen-Meddings

More lovely, ultra soothing audio here beginning with some gorgeous piano keys on 'Viiva' and then wandering into more mysterious, highly evocative territory with 'Vilja' as enveloping ambient sounds swirl and fill the air with the overall effect being both comforting yet  ever so slightly un-nerving This track is really building a sense of...view item »

The Wintering Land

This label are churning them out right now yet are retaining high quality control and it is quickly becoming thee boutique label for ones ambient fix. These five recordings by Mark Walters were recorded during the exceptionally harsh UK winter of 2010-2011 and are soundscapes inspired by the effects of the weather on the countryside landscape. I...view item »

Saito Koji

I'm always stumped when I have to review a one track CD. I mean, what do you write? You can't really do 'Wave' justice in words. As the title suggests, this is like being submerged under slowly lapping waves of languid fuzzy bliss. The slowly repetitious nature of this baby works you into a really becalmed lather! Working brilliantly as both a v...view item »

Letters From Us- Aug To Dec

Somehow Recordings close the year with a label compilation which sort of acts a sampler for what they have been up to for the second half of 2010. A period which has seen the status of the label grow from it's first release and has now obtained a cult following. Included are tracks from Joshua Carro, Nobuto Suda, Listening Mirror, Alessio Baller...view item »


Here a lady named Suzanne constructs a collection of six dark ambient works under the banner 'Fall'. The first segment features some sweet rainfall amongst the more ominous burgeoning sound sculpture. By the second 'movement' I'm tingling with trepidation, but not exactly terror, because there's a haunting druid-like beauty within these moody so...view item »

Alessio Ballerini
me And

Lush sound design, deep drone & ambiance from this talented producer. Long lingering washes of sound & gentle crackle give way to a track which demands the title "post-shoegaze shimmer of loveliness". This tune radiates both warmth & power, it fluctuates between neo-classical style drone & epic post-MBV style fuzzscapes. How much...view item »

Listening Mirror

Something mellow now. Listening Mirror are a new name to me and (I think) this is their debut release for the Somehow Recordings label. As ever these suckers are limited to 30 and we only get a handful so they rarely hang around for too long. Listening Mirror are Jeff & Kate and they make pretty sounding atmospheric ambient music and you'd b...view item »

Cezary Gapik
Vol. 51

Here's a new CD on Somehow Recordings who are the latest ambient drone kids on the block. Apparently this Polish chappie (also known as Cezar for mates only I presume) used to be involved in punk but listening to this you wouldn't get that at all. For your money you get a CD in a fat plastic case filled with ambient drone soundscapes which are a...view item »

Joshua Carro
A Cyclic Symphony

Somehow is a new label and they're doing wee runs of ambient/floaty/droney works in editions of 50 in slightly oversized CD packs. Here's the 1st of their choice morsels by a chap called Joseph Carro who is a sound artist from Phoenix, Arizona. 'A Cyclic Symphony' is split up into 6 parts and the whole album is full of those lush drones and tone...view item »