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Here we have a reissue of Starfucker’s debut full length album on Badman Recordings from 2008. This trio from Portland make undeniably fun, upbeat electro-indie-pop, and their debut is simultaneously laid back and sundrenched whilst being a solid party starter. Re-packaged with brand new artwork and a bonus track....view item »

The Builders And The Butchers
The Spark

Portland's The Builders And The Butchers have delivered their fifth album, which they've named The Spark. The band place a strong emphasis on performance, and are apparently quite a thing to behold live on stage; and sometimes off stage.. Animated is the word. Expect plenty of anthemic, sing-along tunes. The g...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Rock 'N' Roll Singer

He's indie rock's most formidable and canonical arsehole. Before he was quite as annoying and reminiscent of Grampa Simpson on one of his go-nowhere rants, he was slightly more redeemable and a better songwriter to boot. Rock 'n' Roll Singer was his debut record under his own name, following on from slowcore sadsaps ...view item »

My Morning Jacket
Acoustica Citsuoca

While the songs with the band "The Bear" and "Sooner" are good and terrific live performance, it's when the band leaves the stage to Jim James that the EP really defines itself. Alone with his acoustic guitar and his indescribable, plaintively melancholy voice Jim James causes the hair on the back of your neck to stand straight up. "Bermuda High...view item »

Sigur Ros, Arab Strap, Various
Shanti project Vol 3

Badman Records release a lovely comp CD called Shanti Project Volume 3. The title may give away the 2 previous compendiums which we've had before. It's a charidee compliation with all projects going to the Shanti Organisation (who provide, help, practical assistance and emotional support to folks in need) so it all seems jolly  wort...view item »

The Red Thread
Ship In The Attic, Birds In The Subway

This album very much has its own sound. Some might say that it shares a musical space alongside artists like The Sadies, Calexico (but more upbeat) and the Pernice Brothers. I loved the song "Wax Museum" from the very first time I heard its...view item »

N Lannon
Chemical Friends

This is an incredible album that just gets better and better every time I listen to it! It ranges from heartbreaking to groovy to sort of spacey and atmospheric, moving through songs in a way that flows but also brings surprising twists and turns. He's a great songwriter with a voice that is intimate and humble. It’s a must-have for fans o...view item »

The Red Thread
Tension Pins

This CD is so very pretty. It hasn't left my car in a while. I can't really define what it sounds like, because there seems to be a plethora of styles and influences, but it all comes together in a perfect sound on this album. I hear early REM, Elliott Smith, ...view item »