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Edinburgh Leisure
Die Gefahr Im Jazz

You might remember ********, the rudely named duo from Domino’s Weird World sublabel. One of them, Ailie Ormston, has been doing some fab solo electronic music on the side. Here’s what the other one, a T Fraser, has been up to. Edinburgh Leisure is a duo with Keith Farquhar and takes unconventional “idle authorship” approaches to instrumentation (everyday objects), lyricism (RhymeZone) and fair use (hacked Apple device sounds, etc.). This lot are always worth checking out.
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Paul Vickers And The Leg

A chance meeting of two veteran acts from the British alternative rock scenes around ten years ago - Edinburgh-based quintet The Leg and ex-Dawn of the Replicants frontman Paul Vickers - produces a fourth collaboration album between the two artists, and the first on their new home of Tenement Records. Jump sees them indulge in yet more idiosyncratic indie with touches of punk, folk and reggae. 

Dominic Waxing Lyrical
Woodland Casual

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Clean George IV
God Save The Clean

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Somewhere To Jump From

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