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Modeselektion Vol. 04

A good four years after Modeselektion Volume 3, the latest instalment of the much-loved Monkeytown Records series rolls into view. This time it’s dropping in collaboration with Ninja Tune and features a line-up full of big-hitters. Alongside the obligatory Modeselektor entry we ge...view item »

Modeselektor / Peder Mannerfelt / Lory D / Solid Blake
Modeselektion Vol. 04 EP3

Selekt life with this four-track curation via Modeselektor which features four different body-shaking dancemakers at work; the group themselves, to start things off, plus noise thriller Peder Mannerfelt, Larry D and Solid Blake. How about that for a...view item »

Lone / FJAAK / Radio Slave / Claude Speeed
Modeselektion Vol. 04 EP2

Modeselektion Vol 4 EP 2 contains tracks by Nottingham’s Matt Cutler under his Lone alias, German dance trio, FJAAK, Germany-based techno and house producer Matt Edwards, AKA Radio Slave (also produces as part of the duo Rekids with James Masters) and Scottish genre-blende...view item »

Rødhåd / Vatican Shadow / Kasper Marott / Fadi Mohem
Modeselektion Vol. 04 EP4

Berlin-based dub, techno and house practitioner, Rødhåd, the dark and powerful Vatican Shadow, AKA American, Dominick Fernow, Danish dance guy, Kasper Marrot and German technohead Fadi Mohem each contribute a track to the latest in the taste-making Mode...view item »

Brainwaltzera / Actress / Skee Mask / rRoxymore
Modeselektion Vol. 04 EP1

Monkeytown and Ninja Tune are releasing Volume 4 of their revered Modeselektion series as four separate 12” EPs. EP 1 throws together the mysterious Brainwaltzera, Actress AKA Darren J Cunningham, German DJ Skee Mask and French futuristic funkster, rRoxymore. 12” EP ...view item »


Gajek is no stranger to electronic sound explorations, citing influence from Germany's elite players from the last four or five decades. These strands have been pulled together to create an enthralling work of dizzying beats, sublime textures and borderline ritualistic grace that isn't afraid to get dark either....view item »

Mouse On Mars

Never-ending sonic technicians Mouse On Mars recover from their 21st birthday celebrations in time to showcase this new tracker where they embrace their love of footwork, juke and chopped house music. During an open ended recording process loads of artists help them realise their dreams including Junior Boys and...view item »

II (Deluxe Tour Edition)

Despite his name, Moderat is not an artist to be enjoyed in moderation. That’s why II has been reissued with a bonus CD & DVD, which we are only too happy to sell to you. On the first cd you will find bonus tracks, on the second you will find instrumental versions of CD 1, and on the DVD you may even encounter...view item »


Modeselektor and Apparat playing live as Moderat. Covering tracks taken from all three albums, and recorded during their tour for III. Released on CD and digital in 2016, now for the first time this live album has been made available on lush double vinyl, packaged with an exclusive pict...view item »

Dark Sky

London duo Dark Sky return to Modeselektor’s Monkeytown imprint for their second full length album Othona. After releases on 50Weapons, Tectonic and Black Acre these two share similar traits to their label boss, incorporating as many aspects of electronica as possible, dropping dancefloor heavywei...view item »

The Final Experiment

Shed has been producing stern but smart techno music for many years, though it’s been half a decade since his previous full-length.The Final Experiment masterfully toes the line between four-to-the-floor club workout music and spacier atmospheres. CD and double LP release on Modeselektor’s M...view item »

Robot Koch

As producer Robot Koch relocated from Berlin to L.A.  he was inspired by an Alan Moore quote about the universe being a four-dimensional site in which nothing changes or moves and that every moment that has existed up until now and will exist in the future is part of one big Hypermoment. Hypermoment...view item »

Omar Souleyman
Darb El Hawa

Omar Souleyman should be familiar to you by now: his deeply infectious dabke-party style has been making waves outside his native Syria for years. The Darb El Hawa single, accompanying recent studio album Bahdeni Nami, features a remix from Cole Alexander of Black Lips, as if t...view item »

Omar Souleyman
Bahdeni Nami

Having recently opened himself up to working with a non-Syrian producer in a regular studio with the Four Tet-assisted Wenu Wenu a few years ago, Omar Souleyman has since been working with a number of Western producers. Bahdeni Nami includes infectious productions and remixes from ...view item »


Most often, it’s debut albums that carry the same name as the artist. When it’s a later release, it’s about an artist capturing their essence. Such is the case with Funkstörung, whose self-titled fourth album sees the group focussing on their glitch-hop roots, doing what they do best. Why change a winning ...view item »

Mouse On Mars
21 Again

IDM students Mouse On Mars finally reach the ripe old age of twenty-one, meaning they can drink while playing electronica in the States. Good for them. Also: here's a record to celebrate their birthday. It's called '21 Again', and features stacks on stacks of collaborations from friends like Tortoise, Laetitia Sadier, Machinedrum, Erro...view item »

Alex Banks
A Matter of Time

Electronica artist and producer Alex Banks is all set with his debut record 'Illuminate', and offers up this 12" with a choice single from it, "A Matter of Time". It's the second of his collaborations with singer Elizabeth Bernholz, who gives the otherwise straight-up, bass-driven dance tune an emotive quality. On the flip, there's a remix ...view item »

Dark Sky

Mixing up dubstep and future garage, Dark Sky are a trio to be reckoned with, releasing 12" after 12", each impressing Modeselektor enough to enlist them first for 50 Weapons and now for their Monkeytown label. 'Imagin' is a more versatile work than the party-orientated output they've given us so far, bringing in a variety of other electronic ge...view item »

Modeselektor Proudly Presents Modeselektion Vol.3 / Pt.1

Modeselektor keep on Modeselekting: here is Volume 3 of the duo’s curated DJ series. This particular release is the first EP of the set, making it Part 1 of Volume 3… But don’t get confused, bass-centric electronic dancing sounds are here to sooth your mind and body, from Illum Sphere...view item »

Modeselektor Proudly Presents Modeselektion Vol.3 / Pt.2

The 3rd edition of the Modeselektor curated "Modeselektion" series will be released as a 3 way vinyl pack. It comes with an LP and 2EPs that are filled to the brim with exciting exclusive material from the hyperactive duo's favourites and a few very special newcomers. The second installment of the Modeselektions EPs has a slightly more four to t...view item »

Various, Modeselektor
Modeselektion Vol.3

Modeselektor’s Modeselektion Vol. 03 is the duo's next instalment of their endorsed electronics compilations.They do the work, so you don't have to. Combining the sublime (Fennesz) with the surprising (The Fall) a pleasing number of left field avenues are strolled. Like a mixtaped, double ...view item »

Alex Banks
All You Could Do

A bass-heavy single from rising British club nut Alex Banks. Featuring Elizabeth Bernholz of Gazelle Twin in full Beth Gibbons flow, All You Could Do is a moody, haunting track with a heartbeat-in-your-ears kick drum. Produced with a distinctly digital sheen it’s a perfect match for the Modeselektor-owned label. O...view item »

Last Time

Here's four versions of the same song. A song so good it's got a gatefold double 10" EP dedicated to it. The song in question is 'Last Time' by Moderat. It sounds kind of like if The National were a synthpop band, all stoical and brooding and worthy; breathy earnestness and detaile...view item »


Moderat (Modeselektor and Apparat) return with their second album, imaginatively titled II. I was a little underwhelmed by their first effort - perhaps because of my own unfair expectations about what the combined efforts of these three artists should ...view item »

Mouse On Mars

Mouse On Mars are back for their 11th album. It only seems like yesterday I was listening to Vulvaland and Ioara Tahiti (actually I was listening to Ioara Tahiti yesterday!). Yes I was buying Mouse On Mars records back in 1994! I have to admit to...view item »

Mouse On Mars

Believe it or not, this is in fact Mouse On Mars's tenth studio album!  These two certainly know how to churn 'em out, although it is in fact their first proper studio offering in six years!. They've released records on a slew of great labels over the years and now it's the turn of M...view item »

Thom Yorke/ Modeselektor

A thumping electro rhythm blasts out - the track builds with some muted synth, you can almost see Thom doing his head waving thing, putting his eye in the wrong place in preparation and....wait a minute... he's in. He basically scats over the track - just little squeaks really but it work...view item »