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After a season out of the spotlight, the celebrated Lotic returns to Tri Angle (Adult Jazz, Forest Swords) for their debut LP. Power retains certain elements of the deconstructed club sound that helped put Lotic on the map back in the mid-2010s while also bringing in ne...view item »


22-year-old Berlin-based Texan producer J'Kerian Morgan aka Lotic follows up 2014's acclaimed 'Damsel In Distress' free mixtape with an impressive debut for Tri Angle showing off his trademark spectral melody and shuddering low-end to compelling and often moving effect. Experimental yet accessible, 'Heterocetera' ...view item »

Dear God

Young South Korean Bostonian mmph (one Sae Heum Han) wanders through uneasy drama-scapes on his debut mini-album Dear God for Tri Angle. Momentary brushes of stereo-flitting textures, stop-start percussion and other sounds processed beyond recognition are guided by ebbs of cinematic synth and sampler. Serious stuff....view item »

Plasty II

More hyper-mutated electronica from Tri Angle oddball Hanz here. Those who enjoyed Plasty I will get similar kicks off of the follow-up. Throwing together Dabrye-style hip-hop, IDM, club deconstructionism and music concrete, Hanz’s sound is a dense slop. Tracks like 'Clutched' bri...view item »

Plasty I

Inspired by all things cinematic, North Carolina-based producer Hanz’s latest vinyl release ‘Plasty I’ is a vivid smorgasbord of choppy trip-hop, crescendoing Spanish strings and searing post-techno. And like the movies, this record is also a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, culminating in the tense pulse of ...view item »


serpentwithfeet is Josiah Wise, a singer with experience in the classical, neo-soul and R&B worlds, plus The Haxan Cloak, the electronic producer. blisters is a short, five-song EP that puts Wise’s beautiful and theatrical voice in the midst of billowing and v...view item »

Katie Gately

All made up from Katie Gately’s huge libraries of field recordings, chopped, stretch and skewed into monstrous, and at times unsettling..what is this? Avant-pop? It’s heavy, but with bizarre catchy rhythms and vocal hooks, all layered to the verge of chaos. Sounds somewhere between Hidden by These Ne...view item »


Houston producer Rabit has an electrically-fired approach to club sounds, throwing in a teeming soundscape of clicking audio detritus along with his hammering beats. Communion, his first full-length for Tri Angle, is not only the most developed his sound has been to date, but is also the most emotionally charged, fuelle...view item »

Balam Acab

This guy Alec Koone is only 20 years old and, with an acclaimed EP under his belt already, and here's his totally slick and ambitious debut album. What this guy does, right, is that he plays this like electronic dance music, right, but it's slow and full of syrup-thick ...view item »

Adult Jazz
Earrings Off!

After their success with Gist Is in 2014, gaining adoration from Bjork and David Byrne (not the worst fans you could have) Adult Jazz have taken pages from their experimental endorsees and moved way into leftfield electronic experimentation. Bizarre off-kilter synths and horns coupled w...view item »

Brood Ma

Brood Ma’s new full-length DAZE is aptly titled: the club-filling heavy rhythms at the core of these tracks are swathed in a mass of digital noise and swirling effects, making for a disorientating listen. Apt, as 21st century cultural warfare is one of Brood Ma’s stated themes. Still danceab...view item »

Roly Porter
Third Law

On Third Law, Roly Porter untethers from the experimental dance music he made with Kuedo as half of Vex’d. As he floats further into uncharted territory, what remains is vast immaculate drones, ominous organs and sub-bass pressure. This is extremely heavy music for those who like their sound design mixed with noise; think ...view item »


Tri-Angle aren’t a label for the feint of heart. North Carolina based producer Hanz melds the sound of Death Grips, raw free form punk energy of This Heat into a loose hip hop production mentality. Sampling without any rules. Ranging from heavy head nodding of Count to the disconc...view item »


Houston dude Rabit produces a really mighty set of tracks for this 12” on Tri Angle Records. Nigh-on Industrial percussion mixes with gun-shots and other sounds of rhythmic chaos on ‘Bloody Eye’, a brief but immense track that sets the tone for the rest of Baptizm. Grime instrumentals from beyond the U...view item »

Idle Hours

Boothroyd's first name is Peter and he's a producer of electronic music out of Manchester. 'Idle Hours' is his first EP, and it's being released via Tri Angle. The record shows off Boothroyd's interest in making music that is cinematic in scope but fragmented and damaged in practice, recorded with the most primitive means possible to fit with hi...view item »

Punish, Honey

A producer working tirelessly for Bristol's Young Echo group, Vessel is following up his first solo record of dark electronica with 'Punish, Honey'. Not interested in repeating himself, Vessel has turned to industrial and acoustic sounds for his second record, deigning to create something heavier and rawer and equally confrontational....view item »

Holy Other
With U

Haunting sounds and slow frequencies that swallow your mind like a easy to down tablet your thing? If so you should check out the new full length-er (?!) from Madchestahs finest or if you will most holy Holy Other (I nearly keep typing Holy Otter... hur hur...view item »

The Haxan Cloak

The cover on this looks uncannily like a Prurient sleeve, an indicator to the darkness that lurks within. This is the follow up to the well received self titled debut from Bobby Krilc on Aurora Borealis. An album high in many of 2012’s end of year lists. Imagine the slow motion dread of ...view item »

What's Between

Well here’s a strange one that’s been thrust upon my review pile this afternoon, the former vocalist with critically acclaimed metal band (that’s right, I said “metal”!) Alter Of Plagues has branched out on his own to create Wife, a dark experimental electronic project that&rsq...view item »


There’s the usual post-it nano-review here: “Dark stuff on Tri Angle. Bit ‘difficult’”, it says. To expand on that, Fis seems to be the alter-ego of Oliver Peryman and there are four songs on here with quite evocative titles like ‘Womb Dreams’ and ‘Fever Sweats’. Music-wise we’re talkin...view item »

Sd Laika
That's Harakiri

Sd Laika of ‘Unknown Vectors’ fame has rematerialised! Triangle have managed to coerce this relatively reclusive artist back into the public eye with a collection of eleven tracks pillaged from the artists back catalog of unreleased recordings dating back to 2011/12, tracks the artist assumed would never see the light of day...but he...view item »

Evian Christ

24 year old Ellesmere Port native Evian Christ, AKA Joshua Leary first appeared in 2011 and has enjoyed an ever growing musical momentum ever since. From producing high profile artists such as Kanye West to collaborations with conceptual artist Matthew Barney to performing worldwide with Four Tet, Actress and Purity Ring to name but a few, this ...view item »

Clams Casino

I don't claim to be as up with the scene as I used to be but I've enjoyed almost everything I've heard on the Tri Angle label over the past year or so. Phil tells me that this new one is by one of the hottest producers in the world right now (he's sat on the radiator), New Jersey native Michael ...view item »


I’ve been looking and listening to this record for a few minutes now whilst mentally composing a complaint letter to the buffoons at Coastliner buses; primarily about the bus going the wrong way. Its taken me a while to work out who the record is by but even longer to try to work out what it actually sounds like. Fis is one Oliver Perryman...view item »

o Oo OO

Another slice of mythical space pop music from the newly formed and very intriguing Tri Angle label. You may remember we had a great Tri Angle 12" from Balam Acab in recently and this is shaping up to be equal in quality. This is definitely pop music but it's shrouded in oddness and mystery that leaves a lot open to interpretation. Like all good...view item »

Forest Swords

I just listened to the execrable new album from Money, or at least as much of it as the office could bear before Phil insisted I switch it off some way into track four. My despair has been eased somewhat by the fact that I have this absolute corker of a new album by Forest Swords...view item »

Evian Christ
Kings And Them

I struggled to compute the last Tri Angle record I heard so I was a bit wary about this offering from 22-year-old Merseyside youngster Evian Christ (sweet name incidentally), but I needn’t have worried as they’re ban...view item »

Evian Christ

I picked this up after Record Store Day on the basis that it was pretty cheap and I had enjoyed Evian Christ's previous EP and live performance when I saw him supporting Purity Ring. The single 20 minute long track on this record is much more ambient than anything on th...view item »

Order Of Noise

We got a new thing in on Tri Angle this week by new signing Vessel (not to be confused by Leeds angular rockers Vessels and old electronica dude Vessel on Expanding!) Unlike the majority of the Tri Angle releases this one jumped right out at me on first li...view item »

Holy Other

Holy Other return with their much-anticipated debut full length ‘Held’. After the uber-success of mini album ‘With U’ (a record tastefully described by ex-packer, serial artist offender and all round good dude Dave as &lsquo...view item »

You Know You Like It

London duo AlunaGeorge are the latest hopefuls to put something out on the mega cool Tri Angle imprint with this 12” single. It’s an update on the soulful house-pop of the ‘90s and I’m finding it equal...view item »

Our Loving Is Hurting Us

Christopher Dexter Greenspan is one of the big success stories of 2010. His oOoOO self titled debut kick-started the whole Triangle phenomena that resulted in a lot of people combining the words 'witch' and 'house' to define a new style...view item »

Lay Hollow

We’re finally getting into the swing of the summer here at Norman Towers and frankly some days it’s a right bummer having to tear ourselves away from our real, enjoyable lives to put in another few hours of looking wistfully out of our giant windows and thinking about the fun w...view item »

Water Borders
Harbored Mantras

Wow. Tri-Angle are whacking 'em out at the mo. After Ayshay last week we've got Water Borders this week. It's a non stop juggernaut pile-driving into your head right now so cover your face or something. Anyway when this started it reminded me a little of mid 80's Depeche Mode (Master &am...view item »


Now here we have something a little different from a label to date renowned for tripped-out beats, languid rhythms shifting sands of texture & spectral vocals. With Ayshay, the vocals take the baton and run with it, leaving all but this lass's layered and blended tones suspended amorphously in varying deg...view item »

How To Dress Well
Love Remains

Bound to be a winner. Bound to be. This is on the hip and cool Tri-angle label (Balam Acab etc.) and is caught along in the current trend for kids re-producing the sound of their parents records collection ebbing up through the bedroom floor when they were trying to nod off to sleep as children. So it fits in neatly with the Washed Out/Toro Y Mo...view item »

Balam Acab
See Birds

Man this is some deep stuff, Balam Acab are a strange and mysterious entity. This EP is out on emerging Brooklyn-based label Tri Angle so they might be New Yorkers but I couldn't say for sure. What I do know is that this is some seriously spaced out, dub inspired jammage. Musically it sits somewhere between dubstep and drone whilst touching on s...view item »