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Weed Diamond
Carry On & Sweater Kids

This album is an amalgamation of two releases: an EP and a cassette. An EP and a cassette together at last. These guys are from Colorado, U.S.A. and I quite like their schtick. They sound lo-fi one moment, I reckon a bit Guided By Voices, the next they might sound very psych-y and jangly a bit like a bonged out Americana garage band. It's pretty...view item »

kevin Greenspon & Nicole Kidman
Already Dead

Lordy, that Nicole Kidman has let herself go. Here she teams up with no-fi shout/strummer Kevin Greenspon for an EP of child like punk pop songs. For the uninitiated think Moldy Peaches covered in fuzz and playing on top of a rusty casio keyboard. One track sounds like ...view item »

Cloud Nothings
Turning On

I was totally ready for this to be vaporous, barely-there ambient stuff given the name and the fact that Phil said earlier that there's loads of that sort of stuff in this week but it's actually not like that at all. It's strummy, trebly, riffy, poppy and punky indie rock all the way muthafunners, like BLLLLAOOW! Apparently he (for it is the...view item »

Ancient Crux
Stage Fright

If my info is correct Ancient Crux is the work of Travis Von Sydow, a youth in revolt who also plays with LA punk dudes Rapid Youth. He's jamming all the t'ings and doing all the stuff here so he must be a talent.... Right? RIGHT! This stuff is giving of gothic shoegaze type vibe with hints of that surf-pop, Roy Orbison aping sound you might exp...view item »

School Knights
Rush s.k.

I kinda like this label. They introduced Cloud Nothings to me who have been floating my boat for a wee while now. They chuck out these limited CDR releases and the majority of the ones I've heard are dynamite. School Knights is a chap from Weed Diamond and here he's teamed up with Zack Roif to make a strong 4 track power-punk-pop EP. It's not a ...view item »

Kevin Greenspon & Cloud Nothings

Don't know much about this little entry into the Norman records shop and archive facility but I've been informed by the lads that it's on the same label as the recent Weed Diamond record we've had in stock. There are five tracks by each artist beginning with Kevin Greenspon who trades in upbeat, emotive indie rock i associate with the mid-ni...view item »