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Rhea Sylvia

Rhea Sylvia, the first of three EPs that Baton Rouge group Thou will release before 2018 is out, is so bloody loud. Goodness gracious it’s loud. Oh me oh my is this one loud. Hooooo boy. Their combination of various heavy metals - mainly s...view item »

Gouge Away
Burnt Sugar

Sometimes the easiest way to tell people that you're a guitar band is to just name yourselves after a Pixies song. Such is the case for hardcore Floridians Gouge Away, whose album goes fearless and reckless into a scorched-earth landscape. Produced by Jeremy Bolm of post-hxc band Touche Amore, the reco...view item »

Birds In Row
We Already Lost The World

We Already Lost The World; Songs called things like ‘We Count So We Don’t Have To Listen’; Out via Deathwish Inc. (Converge, Deafheaven); this isn’t going to be a cheery one, is it. But it is an impassioned and often powerful performance from French group ...view item »

The Dusk In Us

Their first album in five years, The Dusk In Us is the latest release from Converge. They certainly remain a big part of that metal and maths rock scene and they always will, however this record almost takes a Dillinger Escape Plan turn - for the better may I add - which gives the whole record an added kick. Available on black v...view item »

Do Or Die

New York based hardcore band Burn have had burst of activity in the 80s, 90s, early 2000s and now, with an EP on Bridge Nine and this new album on Jacob Bannon’s Deathwish. Produced by Kurt Ballou Do Or Die brings back and updates the raw energy of 90s hardcore through its groove ...view item »

Wear Your Wounds

Wear Your Wounds is the ongoing solo project from Jacob Bannon of Converge based around lo-fi recordings. Gathering players such as Kurt Ballou and members of The Red Chord, Sleigh Bells, and Hatebreed to contribute. Heavily inf...view item »


Belgium-based Oathbreaker’s Rheia is going to be an expansion on their impassioned crusty hardcore sound. Moving from God City/Converge’s Kurt Ballou to being mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley who did Deafheaven and Loma Prieta you can be a...view item »

Three: Architects of Troubled Sleep

Dark, potent, crust-punky metal from Canada’s Cursed. Three: Architects of Troubled Sleep is the band’s final album, initially released in 2008 shortly before a cruel robbery tore the band asunder. It might be their fiercest album too, with each track kicking up a tight gnarly maelstrom from which pained how...view item »


If you are one of the black metal kvlt elitists who thinks that the genre became stale after they stopped burning churches, stop reading this now (although the album's pink cover has probably put you off already). For everyone else who has even a slight leaning towards heavy music, I encourage you to read on and delve into the sheer delight that...view item »


Emotional hardcore band Frameworks return with a second full-length, sounding both more emotional and more hardcore than ever before. The heartfelt anguish of the frontman can’t be disputed as he howls his throat raw over the actually-quite-pretty instrumental tracks, and the whole thing has...view item »

Harm Wülf

Harm Wülf is the solo outing of G. Hirsch, the main man in Blacklisted. He doesn’t sound happy on Hijrah, although it may just be the roughness of his voice giving that impression...view item »

You Fail Me

Converge reissue a couple of old favourites via the Deathwish Inc. label. Originally released in 2004, You Fail Me is one of the best examples of the legendary band’s cutting metalcore brutality, pushing through twelve tracks in only thirty-five minutes. This vinyl version also includes a bonus track exclusive to ...view item »

Audio Noir

Bossk hail from Kent, where they try to defy the inherent conservatism of the county by getting nice and heavy with their music, synthesising post-rock and post-metal musics into some varied instrumental atmospheres. New album Audio Noir is released as a CD or as a fetching &...view item »

Death Index
Death Index

Death Index is a new band, formed from members of a wide range of bands that includes Merchandise, Sgurd and Neon Blud. This self-titled debut album places itself somewhere between aggressive, feedback and guitar-heavy post-punk and seething Suicide-esque synth ...view item »

Cult Leader
Lightless Walk

Cult Leader rose from the ashes of metal band Gaza. Lightless Walk is their debut album and follows the release of two EPs, Nothing For Us Here and Useless Animal. The Salt Lake City three-piece play a chaotic, doom-laden and aggressive version of rock. The album was produced by...view item »

Chrome Over Brass
Chrome Over Brass

Chrome Over Brass is, believe it or not, a solo project, the work of Alex Garcia-Riviera, the drummer of American Nighmare. Here he records knotty, proggy guitar and bass sounds and frantically throws technically impressive drum patterns over the top. Makes for a very intense ride. LP on Deathwi...view item »

Loma Prieta
Self Portrait

Loma Prieta are a hardcore band from San Francisco’s Bay Area who were formed in 2005. They follow the creative traditions of other Bay Area bands such as Bread & Circuits, Mohinder, Yaphet Kotto, Indian Summer and Funeral Diner. Their...view item »

Axe To Fall

Converge reissue a couple of old favourites via the Deathwish Inc. label. Dating from 2009, Axe To Fall is considered one of the group’s most accessible releases, whilst still maintaining a powerful post-hardcore harshness. First time ever pressed to vinyl, and pressed to mustard coloured vinyl at that....view item »

Cult Leader
Useless Animal

Following their acclaimed, 2014 Deathwish debut, ‘Nothing For Us Here’, Salt Lake City’s Cult Leader are back with a three track sonic assault. The two original tracks ‘Useless Animal’ and ‘Gutter Gods’ are a monolithic barrage of distortion and heavy riffs while the B side, is a respectful cover of the ...view item »

Self Defense Family
Heaven Is Earth

Punk’s most versatile band Self Defense Family is returning with their fifth album. With their rapidly varying line-up, the band formerly known as End of a Year have recorded Heaven Is Earth in four major indie studios across the US. Get ready for a raw, pure, (post-)punk effort that will overwhel...view item »

Cold Cave
Full Cold Moon

Vinyl on Deathwish inc..Having been through the hardcore scene being a vocalist for American Nightmare and Some Girls, Wesley Eisold reimagined and reapproached his musical output in creating Cold Cave. A distinctly 80s sounding electronic synthwave outfit. Full Cold Moon...view item »

Fucked Up
Year Of The Hare

Prolific hardcore punk band Fucked Up have released over 80 recordings and collaborations on various labels including Arts & Crafts, Matador and Jade Tree since they formed in 2011. The latest installment in their series of Zodiac themed releases ‘Year Of The Hare’ is a 21 minute composition of frantic soundscapes created using p...view item »

Touche Amore / Self Defense Family
Self Love

American post hardcore, screamo kids Touche Amore from and confrontational American/British post punk outfit Self Defense Family have morphed together into a fifteen piece super group to create ‘Self Love’, a record which is the perfect hybrid of Self Defense Family’s cynical brutality and Touche Amore’s powerfully emotiv...view item »

Creative Adult / Self Defense Family

Creative Adult experiment with Dischord influenced, occasionally psychedelic noise plus cutting social commentary and dark, angular vibes. Hailing from the California North Bay Punk rock scene their musical roots are planted firmly in their hardcore background. Hardworking punk collective Self Defense Family are storytellers with an an evol...view item »

Violence Violence

A good bit of furious hardcore to kick you into touch. Violence Violence (so violent they named it twice) is the 2010 debut album from Ceremony, reissued on affordable vinyl by Deathwish Inc. for all who missed out the first time round. The best part (aside from the rad sound) is that the album is so short that it fits ...view item »

Self Defense Family
Indoor Wind Chimes

Post-hardcore emos Self Defense Family continue their tirade with another entry into their 'Island Series' recordings. This particular 7" has a gritty little photograph with the Scottish flag brandished on it, and consists of two new tracks, the desparate and chaotic "Indoor Wind Chimes" and "Cottaging", their most narrative work yet. The 7" was...view item »

Touche Amore
Live On BBC Radio One: Vol 2

Post-hardcore act Touche Amore released 'Is Survived By', their emotive collection of new-era skramz, last year. While touring behind the record in the UK, they stopped in for their second ever performance on Mike Davies' Punk Show on BBC Radio 1. The result is the raw, intuitive recordings evident on 'Live On BBC Radio One: Vol 2'. ...view item »


Crust punks and/or noisy rockers Coliseum just turned ten, so Deathwish are celebrating by reissuing their previously out-of-print 2006 record -- it's self-titled, by the way. The record was originally produced by Sebadoh's Jason Loewenstein but has been remixed back to full health by Toxic Holocaust's thrashing Joel Gri...view item »

Cold World
How The Gods Chill

'How The Gods Chill' is the latest Cold World record to blend hardcore and hip-hop together forl Deathwish. It features tributes to a variety of rapcore, punk and metal acts, calling back to Biohazard, Only Living Witness and Life of Agony - Blacklisted's George Hirsch even appears on record. It also stars a variety of guest spots ...view item »

Young & In The Way
When Life Comes To Death

Ferocious metal kids Young and in the Way are seriously angry and seriously proficient at being angry, and I don’t want to suffer their vengeance. When Life Comes to Death sounds like they would love to make me, with eleven songs about how life is always reduced to death. Metallica, much? It's more hardc...view item »

Cult Leader
Nothing For Us Here

Total righteous chaos from Cult Leader. Nothing For Us Here is the six tracker crust-a-thon from these Salt Lake City Chaps. Fitting in with the Deathwish roster, Cult Leader follow on from the likes of Converge, Botch and Cursed. Taking brutality to a new level with harrowing vocals and a mass of guitars...view item »

Live At The BBC

Metalcore's old guard Converge converged upon the BBC recently to record a session in August 2010, the results of which can be digested now on this lovely green 7" on Deathwish which plays four songs at 33rpm. I'm particularly enjoying the choppy first half of 'Damages' with some sweet rhythmic interplay between the drums and some crunch...view item »

Petitioning Forever

After a few independent releases beforehand, this is kinda Converge's real debut. They find their own identity here, and it's taking hardcore punk and putting it in a metalcore context. This is their most punk album, and it really works in their favor here. The album is incredibly hard hitting from the opening song which is one of the best songs...view item »

Touche Amore
Is Survived By

Touché Amore's sound is a beautiful juxtaposition of quiet and loud. The guitars twang and strum clean tones while the drums hammer the song forward. The bass creates subtle harmonies while the vocals scream emotional and musical dissonance. The melodies of the music are contemporary rock turned punk, but the lyrics freeze human experienc...view item »

Cold Cave
Oceans With No End

Cold Cave are back! I’ve always had a soft spot for this lot and their relentlessly chilly synthpop stylings. The press release says it’s for fans of American Nightmare and New Order. I can hear the New Order thing but sonically this has absolutely zilch to do with the angst-ridden gothcore of ...view item »

Touche Amore / Pianos Became The Teeth
Gravity, Metaphorically / Hiding

Being a big fan of Touché Amoré, I guess it wasn't a surprise that I found this split with Pianos Become The Teeth fantastic. It does everything: quiet and thoughtful, up-tempo, angry, sad. Despite being short, it shows off both band's musical capibilities and song-writing skills brilliantly. The emotional and lyrical content is ju...view item »

Touche Amore
Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me

Although the sheer level of growth that is witnessed on Parting The Sea is more than enough to make up for a more processed sound and somewhat mind numbing centre section. Touche Amore have trimmed up more and have presented us thirteen tracks filled to the brim of angst, loss and death anxiety all within the manageable time frame of not even ha...view item »