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Mutant City Acid

For their first full-length in eight years the ever-reliable Posthuman pair freshen up their hard-hitting acid sound with a little injection of story. Spawned from the Balkan Vinyl EP series of the same name, Mutant City Acid is a sonic imagining of one of those Bladerunner-style cyberpunk future-cities. The retro artwork and concept match up with the duo’s where-were-u-in-’92? club sound.

T&K Crew
Memory Child

Posthuman’s Balkan Vinyl imprint (Mark Archer, Perseus Traxx) drop an EP centred on T&K Crew’s ‘Memory Child’. The original is acid (it’s always acid with this lot) with a nice techno bite to it. Three remixes each give the tune a different spin. The label bosses pare back the 303 to create a bleeping electro-house delight; Kirk Degiorgio takes us to Chicago; and the ‘Acid Tool’ re-rub is - who’d have guessed? - yet more acid.
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Wake Up

The usual no-BS fare from Balkan Vinyl here. Label bosses Posthuman break out the 303s and the 909s and set to work making some party-starting techno jams. Both the original and ‘Acid’ versions of title cut ‘Wake Up’ are jacked to the high heavens. ‘Jet Set’ does a similar thing using little more than a drum machine and a short vocal loop. Closer ‘Usurpate Acid’ ups the tempo to 160 bpm in order to create a nice acid-juke vibe.

Chevron / Posthuman / Matt Whitehead / Granary 12 / Nightwave / Han Do Jin
Metro Jaxx Vol. 1

The acid revival continues apace with the latest drop from Posthuman’s Balkan Records. This six-track release sees six artists who all have acidic tendencies be given explicit permission to indulge. As such we get timeless bits of 303-philia like Nightwave’s ‘Acid Mouse’, Matt Whitehead’s ‘Transmit Frequency’ … in fact, pretty much everything here is going to sound great in the club at 3AM.

LFO / Luke Vibert / Plaid / Andreas Gehm / Global Goon / B12
Balkan Vinyl Allstars

The acid freaks at Balkan Vinyl celebrate hitting a quarter-century of releases with this compilation of hard-to-find and previously download-only fare. In the form of contributions by LFO, Global Goon and the late Andreas Gehm, there’s plenty for the house heads to love here. Elsewhere we get quirky junglism from Luke Vibert, a quick rave fix by B12, and Plaid’s soft way with a 303.

Boring Kingdom

Acidulant (Neil Hales to his accountant) is both a fully paid-up member of Acid Freaks Anonymous and a qualified aircraft pilot. I wonder if he's mates with Gary Numan. Anyway, 'Boring Kingdom' is something like his 21st 12" EP, this time for Balkan Vinyl. He's still making his Roland TB-303 work hard on these 4 slices of hand-crafted, machine-tooled acid house and techno. An edition of 202 copies! Clever.

It’s A House Thing

Understated acid need never leave us, a sentiment expressed through this Posthuman repress. Originally released in a run of 303 (of course), it has that Paranoid London sound, with a distinct nod to Chicago anthems of the late 80s and early 90s. Altern8's Mark Archer provides a remix that pushes the acid taste further.

Drvg Cvltvre / Nehuen / Mark Broom / Han Do Jin
Mutant City Acid 4

Acid is the party that never stops, and the fourth record in Balkan Recordings’ Mutant City Acid series would like you to remember that. The four producers here each give their 303s a good going over for their entries. Drvg Cvltvre and Han Do Jin opt for creeping unease; Neuhen’s entry is a fun, bouncy roller; and Mark Broom’s ‘Connection’ is one of those eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head club wedges that never go out of fashion.
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  • Balkan Vinyl

I Love Acid Thirteen

There's nothing quite like acid. No, not the stuff that melts the shit out of your skin - the sort of deep, squelching house bangers that make you want to throw your limbs around as if you were getting coated with a barrel-load of the burny stuff. I Love Acid Thirteen is for the lovers of the aforementioned - Posthuman have a knack for crystal clear production and insurgent beats.

Ben Pest
I Love Acid Eleven

With previous contributors to the I Love Acid series including Luke Vibert, Cardopusher, Perseus Traxx, Jerome Hill and Affie Yusuf the 11th comes from Ben Pest and is everything every acid head cries out for - All hardware, all funked out 303 squelches… Hugely limited pressing (303 copies, obviously)

Mutant City Acid 2

First things first, the best thing about this compilation of mad acid goodness is the fact that the 12” has been pressed in edition of 303 copies. Yes! The tracks, from Hardfloor, Warlock, Shinra and Acidulant are all very fine bangers, each taking a slightly different spin on the beloved genre. Mutant City Acid 2 is on Balkan Vinyl.

Luke Vibert
I Love Acid Twelve

Acid royalty Luke Vibert returns to the I Love Acid series for his second installment. Two all analogue/all hardware acid jams fit for every hardcore acid head out there… let me know if you find any other kind. Limited to 303 copies, physical versions only, hand stamped and what not. Old skool. All true.

I Love Acid Ten

Release the tenth from I Love Acid. Four hot-and-heavy dancing tracks from experienced acidic producers DJ Pierre, Luke Vibert, Hardfloor and Posthuman, none of them wasting any time cutting to the squelchy chase. Pressed to 180g vinyl in an hand-numbered edition of (oh yes) 808 copies! On Balkan Vinyl.

Mutant City Acid 3

Back to the oldskool with this one. I’m not kidding! - No digital release, only 303 copies, hand numbered.  Pounding TB303 exploration tracks, cos who doesn’t want more of that? Exactly. Four tracks of squelching madness from Cardopusher, Perseus Traxx, Paul Mac, and Posthuman. Get it while you can.

It's a House Thing EP

It’s A House Thing, declares the title of this EP from Posthuman, the bosses of the Balkan Vinyl label on which it is released. It certainly is ‘A House Thing’ with these four tracks, which bounce along on a classic house rhythm. Vivid lashings of acid too, very welcome. Includes a remix of the title track from Mark Archer.

Mark Archer / Ben Pest / Posthuman / Chevron
Mutant City Acid

A pulse-racer with four tracks across two sides, Mutant City Acid is a fine introduction to the Balkan Vinyl label. With 303’s galore it’s packed with analogue acid, with Mark Archer and Ben Pest flexing their funky bones, whilst the slow techno of Posthuman and uptempo sampling of Chevron provide a varied finish to the flip side. Out on 12” vinyl from Balkan Vinyl.

Mark Archer
Armageddon Remixes Part 2

We all need our time to prepare for the inevitable end of the world, but Mark Archer has definitely done his best with his 1991 track Armageddon. To make sure he was ready, it has now been remixed 9 times, with this specific 12” (#2) featuring work by The Hacker, Rennie Foster, KiNK, and Neil Landstrumm.

Mark Archer
Armageddon Remixes Part 1

We all need our time to prepare for the inevitable end of the world, but Mark Archer has definitely done his best with his 1991 track Armageddon. To make sure he was ready, he’s had it remixed 9 times, on this specific 12” by Radioactive Man, DJ Marky, Ceephax Acid Crew, Mark Broom and Nightwave.