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Venetian Snares
Greg Hates Car Culture (20th Anniversary Edition)

Breakcore pioneer Aaron Funk, better known as Venetian Snares, has been known for his irreverent take on all manner of dance music sub-genres for over two decades. His 1999 12” EP Greg Hates Car Culture was his first official release, which now gets a 20th anniversary re-issue on CD and double-vinyl, complete with three previously unreleased tracks dating from 1997. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (TIMESIG003)


Joseph Fraioli’s recent revival of his Datach’i recording moniker continues with the project’s eighth studio album. Bones was written in the aftermath of the death of Fraioli’s father, leading to an intimate and spare album, but still one that deals in his trademark of exploratory electronica. On Timesig.
  • Vinyl LP (TIMESIG010)

Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois
Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois

Well I would never have put them two together but it is definitely the former U2 and Bob Dylan producer collabing with breakcore nutcase Aaron Funk of Venetian Snares. Both are, though, Canadian and those lads stick together. Funk did the drums whilst Lanois added pedal steel and weaved the unlikely sounds together. Sure to be one of the most unique records of 2018. Looking forward to hearing the snappily titled 'HpShk5050 P127'.  
  • Vinyl LP (TIMESIG008)

Richard Devine

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Joanne Pollock

As the debut offering of Toronto-born solo artists Joanne Pollock is a euphoric and intricate release, consistently caked in beauty. Stranger consolidates the hype around Pollock, which acclaims her as one of the most promising artists from across the pond. Off-kilter pop, with a refreshing sense of experimentation.
  • Vinyl LP (TIMESIG007)

Venetian Snares
Traditional Synthesizer Music

Venetian Snares is well known for his ludicrous break mashing at insane tempos and bizarre musical structures. Never shying away from a different approach Traditional Synthesizer Music is his take on the modular synth. Each track made from scratch and each element synthesized, and recorded in one take, then delete, move on to the next. It’s a different approach, but still the Venetian Snares chaos we all love.


First release under the Datach’I name by Joseph Fraioli in a decade: it may be that he was spending all that time building up the monstrous Eurorack modular synthesiser system that System was entirely recorded with. System is released by Venetian Snares’ Timesig label, and certainly carries a little of that project’s unhinged and experimental approach to electronic sound. CD / double LP.

John Frusciante

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Venetian Snares
Fool The Detector

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Speed Dealer Moms
Timesig002 EP

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Venetian Snares
My So-Called Life

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