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More Than Machine Remixes

More Than Machine is an old 90’s track by Runningonair that was never actually finished or released, featuring drum loops and computer-voice text. Rather than leaving it to gather dust for eternity though,...view item »

Howlround, Kemper Norton, Olan Mill, Stephen C. Stamper, Clive Henry

Sometimes Runningonair put on a gig and produce a limited accompanying CD for the night, and this is one of those, from a show in Winchester this April. And would you look at that line-up! All winners, but of paricular note is Howlround, alias BBC sound scientist Robin the Fog, and also the heartbreaking soundscapery of Olan Mill....view item »
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Joe Evans and Craig Burston
Systems out of Chance

This two disc set is super nice with its mix of classical piano, ambience and field recordings that recall the likes of Nils Frahm, Alva Noto and Ryuchi Sakamoto and William Basinski's excellent 'Variations For Piano And Tape'. Joe Evans also records as Runningonair and contributes all of the audio production here while Craig Burston has created...view item »


The people of Winchester don’t get masses of opportunities to see experimental music, but the occasional series of ‘Ology’ gigs make up for that by being extremely high calibre. This Dendrology CDr showcases one of those great line-ups, with Robert Curvengen, Plurals, Jennifer ...view item »


'Fluviology' is a pretty mysterious release on Runningonair's behalf, but it compiles the work of five different recording artists, bringing together the found sounds work of Serbastiane Hegarty with the fluid experimental folk of Delphine Dora, along with two cuts from Sophie Cooper and one from Joe Evans. ...view item »
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Stephen Christopher Stamper

Here's a rather droney album from Stephen Christopher Stamper. As I'm learning from the liner notes, the idea for the record came about by chance - Stamper was in the process of digitising some old tapes of musical ideas from two decades ago when he accidentally sent the recording through his live set-up of digital filters and delays, transformi...view item »
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Guy Birkin
Tintinnabuli Mathematica Vol. I

Guy Birkin is back with another album of process-oriented computer music which I'm finding just as baffling as his last one. Check out the press release if you want to know the head-scratching technical details. I've read them but they just made me a bit more confused if anything, and I don't even think I'm much of a dunce usually. It's somethin...view item »
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The Runnningonair label serves up a nice little comp CD which was released for a show they’ve done/ are doing. I can’t possibly tell you which! It is/was available at the show and a few have been made for mail order from selected outlets. Each of the artists playing the show contributed a ...view item »


The consistently impressive cerebral minimalists at Runningonair have sent us another of their ridiculously limited CDs, this time from duo Regolith. These are process-oriented compositions with electronic and minimal orches...view item »
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Joe Evans
Ecliptic Plane

Here's a new thing on Runningonair which comes with a bonus DVD as well for you fans of the DVD format. The release is about the solar system and the music and videos have been created with this in mind. In fact some of t...view item »
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The Instrument

According to its press release, this LP is based around theatrical improvisational techniques. I'm genuinely uncertain as to what that means in the context of the music and what the difference is between those and musical improvisational techniques but what I can tell you is that this alb...view item »

Guy Birkin

Hey, minimal-heads. Here's one for you from sound artist Guy Birkin, with immersive tones and cut up found sounds. Each package here comes with two different versions of the album - the original, regular version, and a second unique one on which three of the tracks have been uniquely rendered for each individual copy to demonstrate how, acco...view item »
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Steven Christopher Stamper
Begin Anywhere

This is one of those nice brown cardboardy foldy things on Runningonair and it's hand numbered of 100. So there's the physical facts sorted. This is Mr Stamper's debut release and what you get is 11 tracks of experimental electronics and recordings. Electro acoustic business is afoot here...view item »
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Selected Works '94 & '00 Unselected Works '94 - '97

Click Continue EP

A recyclopak is summat I just invented. I can't keep up with the various fangled forms of CD packaging that are thrown at us on a weekly basis. I'm gonna patent an eco-friendly jobber out of dried cat poo, old teabags & afro hair clippings. Sit on that you trendy designer types. Anyway, this CD is 6 versions of the 'Click Continue' tune. It ...view item »

Out Of Process

This came out last year but as we've just got a bunch of new titles from the label (Runningonair) we thought we'd get this in as well. I've not heard of Runningonair before so it's all new to me. The 1st release on the label is actually by Runningonair and it's 10 tracks of well crafted bedroom electronics. Largely constructed with rhythms and p...view item »