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The Molochs
Flowers In The Spring

Now, now, look at you now, Flowers In The Spring-do. The Molochs aren’t Travis - who is? - but the Californian group certainly share an ear for melody with the Glaswegian group (‘Sing’ is an anthem and if you think otherwise then you’re wrong). This is an LP of laid back, '60s-in...view item »

Traps PS
New Chants

Sometimes press releases can actually muddle things up for a rather than simplify them. What do you mean when you say the band is ‘questing for an expression not yet known’, or 'matriculating the madrigals of mayhem'? Why have you spent a paragraph comparing said artist to Johnny Major-Shakin’-Bacon? Who even is that? A...view item »

Vicktor Taiwò
Joy Comes In Spirit

Vicktor Taiwò attempts to combine twin loves of pop music and experimental on a record of inner belief and self-actualisation. His debut, Joy Comes in Spirit, gambles on its bedrock of singer-songwriter soul with amorphous deviations. Tunes stretch and expand, taking on retro game music, rap and 808...view item »

The Buttertones
Midnight In A Moonless Dream

Innovative Leisure may be best-known for their more beat-orientated output - BADBADNOTGOOD, Nosaj Thing etc. - but there is some fire in the belly of the LA label too. This is exemplified by The Buttertones, a ramshackle rabble who bear the influence of bands like The Gu...view item »

Holy Fuck
Bird Brains

Holy Fuck let us check in on how they are doing with this nice little four-track EP of new jams. Bird Brains shows that they’ve still got it: that knack for mashing together crunked-out dance rhythms and jagged noisy bits into an addictive whole. 10 inches of Holy vinyl, released by Innovative Lei...view item »

Mint Field
Pasar de Las Luces

Mexican duo Mint Field have been working on their album Pasar De Las Luces (Passing Lights) for two years. In this time they have honed their dream pop-meets-shoegaze sound which also takes in Krautrock and Yo La Tengo influences along the way. Double vinyl LP, CD and cassette tap...view item »

Pinky Pinky
Hot Tears / Pinky Pinky

Fresh outta high school, LA all-girl rock three-piece Pinky Pinky impressed the likes of Dave Grohl, Weezer and The Strokes with their RSD 2017 release. Riding high on wave of satisfaction and acceptance from alt. rock royalty they tear into 2018 ...view item »
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De Lux
More Disco Songs About Love

Album the third from De Lux, the loveable pair from Los Angeles. More Disco Songs About Love delivers fully on the enticing promise of its title, grafting ‘proper’ songs about real things onto fully-fledged funky dancefloor business. The party lives on with these guys, with even Mark Stewart...view item »

Nosaj Thing

Los Angeles based producer Nosaj Thing brings his fourth full length album to Innovative Leisure. Well renowned for his innovative depth pushing emotion and warmth into his electronic productions and not sitting in a single genre. Featuring tracks with Steve Spacek, Kazu Makino, and Zuri...view item »

Pinky Pinky
Pinky Pinky EP

If there's one place to thrive as a musician, it's LA. This proggy three-piece seem to have embraced the West Coast environment with their self-titled, and not plinky plonky, Pinky Pinky EP. If nothing else, this four-track offering - co-produced by Hanni El Khatib and Johnny Bell - is an assured slab of...view item »

Lavender (Night Fall Remix) feat. Kaytranada and Snoop Dogg

Collaborations are rarely more effective than this. The coming together of the rapidly ascending Kaytranada and rap veteren Snoop Dogg makes Lavender (Night Fall Remix) by BADBADNOTGOOD a perfect fusion of hip hop and electronica. Its video als...view item »

Hanni El Khatib
Family / Penny

Produced by Dan Auerbach, the sleeve screams out. The Black Keys one also gets a writing credit on the A side. I thought it was fading out but I’d touched the knob with my knee. I wouldn’t have minded if it had, this is the type of bluesy rock sludge that doesn’t really enter my listening wa...view item »
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Korey Dane
Chamber Girls

Korey Dane, who is an excellent skateboarder as well as a musician, releases his second full-length album. Chamber Girls is a bright and bold set of invigorated indie, recorded pretty much live in the studio on analogue gear, for that extra punch. Chamber Girls is released by the Innovative Leisure label: CD an...view item »

Nick Waterhouse
L.A Turnaround / I Cry

Sounding as if it was dug straight out of the 60s archives, Californian singer/songwriter Nick Waterhouse crafts soul-filled rhythm and blues that you wouldn’t believe was only released in 2016. Sun-filled and uplifting music Ray Charles would condone. Taken from his Never Twice album, this limite...view item »

Harriet Brown

Proving Harriet Brown isn't just a stunning live act, is the eleven track expedition named Contact. Whether is that contact between slick vocals, groovy drum machines, generous synths or the luxurious production, this collection is destined for success. Overlook this wonderment ...view item »

El Niño & The Southern Oscillations
El Niño & The Southern Oscillations EP

El Niño & The Southern Oscillations, which sounds like a band but is actually Sam Posner, recorded this ‘meditation on the ocean’ next to the actual ocean, in a coastal cabin in Maine. Beautiful electronica is the name of the game. This eponymous 10” EP is released in a limited editi...view item »

The Buttertones

The Buttertones are all about that 50’s rock’n’roller vibe, you can almost hear the slicked-backed hair and sharp dressing. Gravedigging takes that template and gives it a little bit of an electric shock from the garage, leading to a cinematic set of fun cool guy music. This latest Buttertones...view item »


Canadian quartet BADBADNOTGOOD fuse jazz, krautrock and hip-hop on IV to sound something like what could only be described an incredible jam session between John Coltrane, Arthur Russell, Can, Herbie Hancock and MF Doom. IV is the follow-up to last year’s Sou...view item »

Hanni El Khatib
Savage Times

Hanni El Khatib decided to throw away all his past experience for Savage Times, forcing himself to explore new instruments and new ways of working. In other words, this is genuinely experimental music. After stacks of studio discovery, these are the finest 19 tracks from the sessions, presented on CD or as a triple 10&r...view item »

The Molochs
America's Velvet Glory

Out on Innovative Leisure (BadBadNotGood, Nosaj Thing, Holy Fuck), this release pushes the envelope rather less than the aforementioned, sticking as it does to Jonathan Richman-style proto-punk and skittering skiffle. America’s Velvet Glory (indee...view item »

Nick Waterhouse
Never Twice

Oh I know who this guy is. He's the recording genius that made recent records by the Allah Las and Ty Segall sound like they were covered in 60s dust. Now he's doing his own thing which is a cool but perhaps unfashionable blend of elegant 1950s r&b and club jazz, mixed with 1960s soul and boogaloo and taking...view item »

Khun Narin

Khun Narin is a Thai musician who received a bit of Western attention thanks to Youtube. With his Electric Phin Band, he plays a fairly excellent form of psychedelia, with long, spaced-out jams that centre on the phin, a kind of lute. II contains original tunes in addition to a few covers of Thai pop so...view item »

Holy Fuck

The first new music from Holy Fuck we’ve heard in quite a while! Happily, they’ve slotted right back into the kind of weirdo grooves we remember them being in, although the band reckon that Congrats is a more condensed form of their sound. Either way, it stomps and flares and sizzles and slaps, and is lots o...view item »

Faraway Reach

In approaching their second album Classixx wanted to feature numerous vocalists with varying styles and make themselves the constant that tied them together, so the aptly titled Faraway Reach features How To Dress Well, T-Pain, Passion Pit, De Lux, ...view item »

De Lux
Berlin Joe / Stranger Love

This single is pressed to 8” vinyl, because well why shouldn’t it be eh? That extra inch allows De Lux to stretch out a little more with these 2 tracks, 1 of them a Woody Allen-loving groove-fest and the other a cover of an old Classixx song. Berlin Joe / Stranger Love is re...view item »

Nick Waterhouse
I Got Lost (Old Place Pt I & II)

Nick Waterhouse has that classic rhythm and blues sound going on, marshalling his tight band into funky shapes. Here we have both the vocal and the instrumental takes on Waterhouse’s latest number, dripping with sleek attitude. I G...view item »
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Wall of Death

Wall of Death’s band name clashes pleasantly with their album title Loveland doesn’t it? The album title seems to have it here, with the record fitting comfortably into the warm and bright side of psych-rock as opposed to the crushing death-fuzz side. In fact, Loveland is a lush, gorgeous thing. Rel...view item »

Korey Dane

Korey Dane apparently wrote this brace of songs while hitchin’ around the good old US of A, and the consequent record, Youngblood, is thus filled with down-home American stories of hitting the road. Dane’s songwriting shows that he obviously had a great time, and has fixed himself up with so...view item »

Tijuana Panthers

Tijuana Panthers seem rather proud of Poster, the album seemingly representing a step-up from the torrent of material they used to release. Still though, these twelve songs were recorded in just a couple of days, and the energy of that timescale certainly comes through. Poster is released by Innovati...view item »

Do You Feel OK?

Superhumanoids have a track on new record Do You Feel OK? titled ‘Norwegian Black Metal’, but don’t be fooled: this group would not go down well on a black metal bill. No, this is really an electronic-dance-rock band, a bright and anthemic thing to make people move and smile. Released by Innovative Lei...view item »


Innovative Leisure follow up Nosaj Thing's 'Fated' album with Gossamer's 'Automaton'. LA based producer Evan Reiner uses field recordings, experimental recording techniques, synths and samplers to create atmospheric music that will appeal to fans of Boards of Canada to Four Tet. Inspired by the likes of Delia Derbyshire and Vangelis, Automa...view item »

De Lux

Wrap your ears around the modern funk adventures of L.A two-piece De Lux. Filtering the wit of Talking Heads and ramming it through a contemporary kaleidoscope Generation is all urban panic and 21st century anxiety wrapped up in shimmering nu-funk gems. Out on CD and vinyl double LP from Innovative Leisure....view item »

Nosaj Thing

Available on 12” Vinyl or CD on Innovative Leisure. Nosaj Thing’s debut album Drift was heralded as a landmark record, and quite rightly so, pushing texture and melody into the foreground. After leaving 4 years before his follow up Home Jason Chung seems more eager to refine his sou...view item »


With floaty synths and steady, dreamy beats, this record will surely leave you enraptured. A sound of carelessness and nonchalance, delivered with the greatest attention to detail, Tropics’ latest is enticing and fresh. Get it while it’s hot and still available on vinyl - this could be a record to remember....view item »


'501-415' is a fine slice of authentic West coast 60's garage pop, all dinky guitar patterns, laconic Dylan-esque lyrical flow and sumptuous psychedelic shimmer. A totally gorgeous, effervescent track chosen as the lead taster from their second album. For fans of BJM, Triptides and top drawer 60's revivalism. The real deal....view item »
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Hanni El Khatib

Stripped-back garage rock, with a dash of hypermasculine rock and roll and a touch of the blues from San Francisco-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hanni El Khatib. On his third album and still heavily influenced by his work with Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. On both vinyl and CD....view item »

Bass Drum Of Death
Rip This

Garage rock duo Bass Drum Of Death are based around the songwriting of frontman John Barrett, who returns here with his second effort, 'Rip This'. The record continues the band's dedication to a guitar sound dedicated first and foremost to raw power, though this time Barrett brings drummer Len Clark in to do some real collaborative work....view item »

Allah Las
Had It All

I am in absolutely no doubt that LA beat combo The Allah La’s have nailed the sound that they are after. Its a note perfect replication of the mid 60’s beat pop/r&b that they obviously adore. The Animals, Rolling Stones early ...view item »
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Worship The Sun

Last time out Allah La's had nailed that 60's worshipping garage sound but didn't quite have the songwriting to match. That record sounded totally beautiful though and its a shame to read the studio they used has closed. Still, 'Worship The Sun' still has that authentic West Coast sound that references The Byrds, Love and The Animals and will si...view item »

Khun Narin
Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band

It all began when someone posted a clip of this band on youtube with the caption  “MINDBLOWING PSYCHEDELIA FROM THAILAND”. What could be seen was a group of musicians who lived in a remote village hundreds of miles away from Bangkok playing some heavy, heavy psych. This led to American producer Josh Marcy contacting the band wit...view item »

Jim-E Stack
Tell Me I Belong

Born and raised in the culturally rich environs of San Francisco, the now Brooklyn-based artist born James Harmon Stack cut his musical teeth as a jazz drummer, but it wasn't until he entered the world of solo production at the age of 16 that he found the freedom necessary to write and record how he wanted. Following time spent in New Or...view item »

Tijuana Panthers
Wayne Interest

Happy surf pop garage is always welcome during these rainy days. If you need some sun etched into beautiful vinyl grooves, Tijuana Panthers’ Wayne Interest is just what you need. Packed with short songs brimming with bright melodies and upbeat singing, this record would make even the British summer feel ...view item »

D Tiberio

My ear got caught by this from the get-go, its a lush sounding album of nocturnal electronica/ deep instrumental hip hop full of warm bass, synths and loping, staggering beats. 'Raver 5' has that whole Flying Lotus/Machinedrum vibe. 'Let Her' is  darker with ...view item »
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The third album from the three jazz/hip-hop lads (jazz-hop?), BadBadNotGood, or BBNG, create moody, dark hip-hop instrumental beats through some excellent drumming, piano and bass playing. It’s exciting, live music which, like the best instrumental hip-hop from the likes of J Dilla and ...view item »

Nick Waterhouse
This Is A Game / It No. 3

Longing for those old R&B sounds, Nick Waterhouse brings an upbeat 7” single to make you swing. While the sax and trumpet lay down the tune, Nick explains how he feels about life: This is a Game, and he loves to play. Play with that 60s sound while shredding some sweet solos on the guitar....view item »
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De Lux

Skateboard tricksters Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco make up LA duo De Lux. Voyage is their debut album. Their sound can be described as new romantic punk meets LCD Soundsystem with elements of Talking Heads and Brian Eno. If you didn’t know any better you would ass...view item »

Nick Waterhouse

Holly is Nick Waterhouse’s second album. The soulful blues Waterhouse plays maybe surprising to those who are aware of his roots in the Californian psych-garage scene that spawned such acts as Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin. Think more Van Morrison and Mose Allison and you're on ...view item »

Crystal Antlers
Nothing Is Real

I’ve got a lot of time for Crystal Antlers. Their first couple of LPs on Touch and Go and Recreation Ltd both went down a treat and now we’ve got this new one in our office with the group apparently now stripped back to a thr...view item »

Bass Drum Of Death
Bass Drum Of Death

With a name like that, you can only expect the very most of Bass Drum of Death.  A noisy swagger dripping from this self-titled release, this is rock. For a second album, you can hear changes going on in John Garrett’s head, songs bubbling to the surface in the wake of his debut. Great in its own right, and a...view item »

Freddie Gibbs

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Lazer Sword
Lazer Sword

I'm a big fan of complex kick/snare combo, synthesised piano and funky sounds. These guys have that in spades. Quality is exactly what you would expect from these fine gentlemen. Crazy chopped up beats and sci-fi reverb effects blended with vocal loops and the occasional lyrical track, which is always so far off centre it's not even in the same ...view item »
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Machine Drum
Let It (ft. Melo-X)

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